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Flight Attendants Finally Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets


Flight Attendants Finally Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets


Being a flight attendant is an incredibly rewarding job. You will be able to see most of the world during your travels. You will also meet various interesting people whenever you are abroad. This can be incredibly fulfilling for people who want to experience new things. However, flight attendants oftentimes encounter interesting scenarios that happen to them regularly. This can lead to some interesting stories that you will most certainly want to read about. Here are some of the best-kept secrets that flight attendants have finally spilled the beans about.

Mobile Devices

On almost every flight they always ask you to turn off your mobile device whenever the plane begins to take off. You might paint a picture in your head that the plan could inexplicably explode or cease to function if your phone is on. However, the truth is is that there is no harm in having your cellular device on whenever the plane takes off that will cease its functionality. The reason that they ask you to turn off your phone is that it can interfere with air traffic control frequencies. This can cause some annoyances for the controllers who are trying to help the plane get off the ground.

Diet Coke

Ordering diet coke is a problematic thing for most flight attendants. Diet coke is extra carbonated and takes a lot longer to become settled after it has been opened. This is especially true whenever your plane is 35,000 feet above the ground. What’s worse is that most people who order diet coke on planes are oftentimes very demanding about their fizzy drink. It is just another complication that flight attendants have to focus on whenever they are pouring a drink for their passengers. However, most passengers just have to understand that it will take a bit longer for the coke to settle and should practice patience.

Can Crew Members and Passengers Date?

Most people are not allowed to date in the corporate field. It adds too many complications to business and creates rifts in relationships. However, most airlines do not have any kind of policy of airline attendants dating passengers. Though airline attendants are constantly trying to get unwanted attention off their back, they can pick a partner who is a passenger if they want to. Airline attendants deserve to date whoever they please and may fancy a frequent flyer who has been eyeing them for some time.

What Exactly is The Mile-High Club?

Most people associate the mile-high club with sexy shenanigans that happen in the airplane bathrooms. There have been dozens of films over the years that showcase this kind of behavior whenever you’re in the air. However, it’s not all that it is cracked up to be in the real world. Having sex in the bathroom is not unheard of. However, it is incredibly difficult to make happen to consider flight attendants are constantly on the watch for this type of activity. Though it is not illegal to have sex in the bathroom, passengers who commit this act can reap charges of indecent exposure.

Let’s Talk About Airplane Food…

One of the most common talks over the years in the industry is about how bad airplane food tastes. It can be incredibly dissatisfying to someone looking for a decent meal. Most airplane meals are pre-packing to help preserve them longer. It should be noted that these meals are actually similar to the meals that astronauts normally eat in space. The truth is that these meals have n0 nutritional value and are loaded with sugar and carbs. We would recommend that you take more snacks with you on the plane to avoid having to buy these meals.

Air Marshals

These guardians of the skies keep our airlines safe whenever they are flying. You will more than likely never be able to recognize an air marshall or even know where they keep their gun. Though they mostly fly incognito, we have seen more and more air marshalls on planes ever since 9/11 happened. However, not every single plane has an air marshall on them. Flight attendants always feel safer knowing that there is an air marshall on board who can protect them from any threatening activity that can happen.

What Does The Crew Do While They Greet Passengers?

Flight attendants while always greet passengers whenever they enter a plane. While we may see this as a courteous act, it is actually used as an assessment of who is going to be on the trip for the next couple of hours. Flight attendants will greet and briefly interact with their passengers to gain some insight on who is boarding the plane. This is done to profile any potential passengers who may present problems or be a potential terrorist threat. This is done for precautionary measures.

Should I Become a Flight Attendant?

Many people ask this question whenever they are considering becoming a flight attendant. A nomadic lifestyle is appealing to people who have no ties to wherever they are living. It can be a great way to meet new people and experience new things. However, most people should consider the fact that becoming a flight attendant can be a hectic job. They are constantly on the move and may become homesick after a while. There are dozens of flight attendants who experience burnout and find themselves seeking other jobs after a couple of years of working full time. Working as a flight attendant can be rewarding if done in a part-time manner.

The Brace Position Myth

Major airlines tell all passengers to adopt the bracing position whenever the plane is headed towards a collision on the ground. However, there have been dozens of conspiracies over the years that say that practicing this maneuver presents a quicker death upon impact. Fortunately, experts have debunked this theory as a myth. The position is specifically meant to protect the body’s vital organs from injury whenever you crash. It also facilities the force of impact on the chair in front of you to absorb some of the shock of crashing.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen whenever you least expect them. Fortunately, flight attendants are trained as first responders to assist with a medical emergency on a plane. They can give CPR and perform the Heimlich maneuver if necessary. They also have access to first aid kits on the planes and have defibrillators. Oftentimes, the crew will ask to see if there is a doctor on board the plane. This will help them determine whether or not there is a professional that can take their place when administering medical care. Fortunately, they are able to perform medical stabilizing techniques that can buy a person time while the plane makes an emergency landing.

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