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40 Sideline Reporters More Interesting Than The Game

Alanna Rizzo

Raised and home in Colorado Springs, Rizzo went to school in her home state and graduated with a masters degree in journalism (broadcasting) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is a well-recognized face on CBS where she anchored and then did a subsequent stint for the Root Sports Rocky Mountain channel. She is also a recipient of 3 Emmy Awards (regional).

Alex Curry

Alex was always into sports from an early age and highly connected with soccer. She excelled in the sport and was a critical player on her college team when they scored the NISRA title in the mid-2000s. Aside from her sports broadcasting career, Alex Curry is also a proactive leader in better health, frequently volunteering her work with Growing Great.

Allie LaForce

People would not be surprised as Allie grew up to know she got into sports as a career. Her entire family was made up of accomplished and known athletes. In her regard, Allie LaForce was notable player and teammeber on Ohio State’s basketball team, and was a big name during the Celebity Cheese Crunch Classic, a 2008 charity game.

Cari Champion

As a University of California Los Angeles graduate, Cari Champion was quick to take advantage of her internship opportunities. One of them placed her at CNN, and she translated that temporary stint into a fullblown career with the Tennis Network. As many remember watching the Williams sisters play tournaments, Champion was right there covering them in detail.

Charissa Thompson

For a law school graduate, Charissa is in good company with many broadcasting anchors, but it’s not the typical path one takes to a sports reporter career. Thompson graduated from University of California Los Angeles specializing in society and law, but her claim to fame is with NFL on Fox Sports as well as previous shows on NHL hockey circuits.

Erin Andrews

Extremely recognizable as a regular on ESPN, Erin Andrews has now established herself as a regular on Good Morning America as well. And, in the evening, people also recognize her as a celebrity face on Dancing With the Stars. With a robust work portfolio and schedule, Andrews is still dedicated to sports, also hosting NFL on Fox on the weekends.

Haley Watney

It’s not surprising that folks who are good at sports don’t always stick with one of them. Haley Watney is a classic example, having competed in track, cheerleading and gymnastics. However, what many people don’t expect is that an all-around athlete can also find the time to be a National Merit Scholar as well. A graduate of San Diego State University, Watney regularly performs as a top notch broadcaster career-wise as well.

Jimena Sanchez

While from a distance some might mistake her for Kim Kardashian, Sanchez is an instantly known face and name on Latin Fox Sports shows seen regularly on Fox Sports 2. She is also a rabid fan of major American sports as well and a regular at Raider games as well as an afternoon baseball match with the Yankees.

Kayce Smith

A Texas girl at heart, Smith also graduated from Texas A&M and quickly jumped on board with Fox Sports. She stayed with her first stint until the dream job came along when she was recruited by ESPN. Not only does Smith cover multiple sports events, she’s the first to sign up for travel and road trips wherever the competition happens to be, catching dozens of international runs every year.

Kaylee Hartung

A veteran of the big channels from CNN to ESPN to ABC, Hartung gained heavy fame as regular in-depth coverage reporter on college football and related shows broadcasted by the SEC Network. While she may not be recognized at a Superbowl game, Hartung was a classic at many season ender college bowls.

Kelsey Wingert

With a long background in the South, it would not surprise anyone that Kelsey Wingert would make a career of sports in the Bible Belt region. However, despite being a regular on the Atlanta Braves season coverage for Fox Sports, Wingert is also a familiar face on hockey games and NHL coverage as well.

Kristine Leahy

Of all the sports to establish one’s self in for a broadcasting career, Leahy probably wasn’t thinking that martial arts contests would be the ticket. However, as a regular host for American Ninja Warrior and its extreme challenge courses that became extremely popular TV, Leahy made a name for herself. Eventually, she matured her career with NBC, and is a recognized alum of Boston University.

Laura Rutledge

Rutledge might be a familiar name in Florida; she was Miss Florida in 2012 and winner of the state beauty pageant. However, she’s gone much farther than beauty contests, securing broadcasting roles with CNN International, ESPN and the SEC Network.

Maria Taylor

A high school star in volleyball early on when she was enrolled at Centennial High School in Georgia, she carried forward her skill at the net into college. However, her once Taylor began her broadcasting career, her coverage was heavily assigned to college football. Like her volleyball performance, Taylor gets high accolades and ratings for her ESPN network reporting and is in high demand.

Meredith Marakovits

A scholarship winner to La Salle University for her exception volleyball skills and performance in high school, Marakovits worked on her college studies to reach a broadcasting career with the YES network and regular coverage of the New York Yankees baseball games. She also has a well-established presence and following online for the same.

Molly McGrath

While some would debate whether controlling robots is actually a sport, McGrath is definitely going to argue its sports enough for her career. Hosting the digital and electronic bashfest on ABC during 2016, the role gave her enough credibility to get called back to ESPN for college football a bit later.

Olivia Harlan

A familiar name and face for football, whether its college games on Fox South as well as professional NFL coverage online for the Green Bay Packers, Olivia Harlan is all about the gridiron sport. She also spends a significant part of her time for charity, raising funds on an annual basis for the Children’s Center Family Foundation.

Rebecca Haarlow

As a Chicago native, Rebecca was in the major hub of Midwest sports, broadcasting and communications. Realizing her opportunities, Haarlow has taken full advantage of her career and probably one of the most prolific portfolios of experience. She has worked on at least six major network channels with an emphasis on the NBA and NFL. She was also a track star in her own right with six state awards and medals.

Sam Ponder

An alumni of King’s College, Ponder focused on a niche role covering the smaller college and university competitions. Broadcasting on both basketball and football, she leveraged her work into a promotion with ESPN to cover the College Gameday morning show.

Sara Carbonero

A hot name in the soccer and international FIFA coverage, Carbonero as been a mainstay in international sports and soccer broadcasting. She’s a regular face on World Cup coverage and was the main reporter tracking a Swiss upset over Spain in the 2010 World Cup.

Jennifer Lynne Brown

With a college athlete record in Division 1 sports while at the University of Florida, Brown cranked our four consecutive softball season for her school and led as team captain during her final year. She also grabbed the ranking of 5th highest all time base stealer before graduating. In her career world Jennifer Brown took on her first role with Showtime Sports and heavy martial arts coverage with MMA and boxing. She’s also an Emmy winner and works as reporter for Inside the NFL.

Melanie Collins

A Penn State alumni, Collins has run the major circuit for multiple genres from golf to basketball to NASCAR racing. She also is one of the few sports broadcaster who crossed over to regular reporting for both entertainment as well as the weather on Accuweather. Her talents don’t stop with reporting; Collins is also a snowboarder, musician and golfer.

Heidi Watney

Whoever said athletes are just sports and nothing else never met Heidi Watney. She graduated with honors from University of San Diego after attending on an academic scholarship. She also competed in the Miss California pageant as a runner-up. She has covered radio as well as TV and bounced back and forth between LA and Boston. Her later career was a heavy stint with MLB Network and baseball.

Kristine Ledlow

Go to Southeaster University in Florida to check their varsity volleyball records and your going to find Ledlow’s name on the team until 2010. With a bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in business, Ledlow also competed in beauty contests and won the miss Capital City USA crown. Her first gig was on local TV with Florida WXTL and then she hopped to ESPN and finally CBS Sports on the radio. However, 2015 had another opportunity, and she joined the NBA Inside Stuff on NBA TV.

LeeAnn Tweeden

When you see a waitress working an evening shift at a Hooters, don’t assume she won’t go farther. Tweeden had the same job and then picked up multiple endorsements and pictorials for her modeling. From their she leveraged her looks and face to a broadcasting role with Fox Sports as well as NBC, covering the Poker After Dark on TV. Her current roles have been with UFC Tonight and working as a regular on the Fox Sports 1 channel.

Lindsay Czarniak

With a historic title of being the first female broadcaster to be a primary host on the Indy 500, Czarniak has already made history with her career, and that was back in 2013 for ABC. Prior to her car-racing coverage, Lindsay Czarniak was already an international face with the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. An alumni of James Madison University, Czarniak was always around sports, being a heavy field player in lacrosse and field hockey during high school and her pre-career years.

Lisa Guerrero

Her looks and figure gained Guerrero a spot on the L.A. Rams cheerleading squad early on, but her broadcasting career was solidified in the late 1990s with KCBS. From there she jumped to Fox Network and appeared as a co-host in multiple sports shows. She is highly recognized for her work ethic and doesn’t seem to rest, cranking out sports show after sports show without stopping or burn out.

Bonnie Bernstein

A Chi-town regular in the late 1990s, Berstein first appeared on sports broadcasting in 1995. From their she covered multiple genres and sports circuits including football, basketball, and college football. She has the distinction of being the first woman reporter to have worked both TV and radio as a sideline reporter, tracking work and reports for Westwood One Radio and CBS Sports at the same time.

Rachel Nichols

Always knowing her career was going to be in journalism, Nichols was a mid-1990s graduate from the Medill School of Journalism and aimed immediately for a career in radio and voice. She focused and specialized on the NFL and NBA and is a regular face over the last two decades and major games. With multiple titles and recognition as extremely influential for women broadcasting in sports, Nichols continues keep making impacts and inspiring new generations of women reporters.

Michelle Beadle

Covering multiple shows on ESPN as well as Sportsnation, Beadle has a number of other channels under her belt as well. She was covering sports on the YES network and multiple local assignments prior to her national career launched, and she landed her first ESPN role providing a joke list how to improve a sports show they had at the time. They took her seriously.

Britt McHenry

Her first reporter career started with NewsChannel 8 as well as being a writer on a San Diego Padres coverage beat. From these initial career steps McHenry launched farther in baseball reporting, picking up shows like Outside the Lines and Baseball Tonight. She graduated later to ESPN and eventually is a regularly on the Fox News Channel.

Josina Anderson

As a track star Anderson claimed a gold medal for her exploits in track, and she was also a ballet dancer. After college she was able to land a reporter role with CBS and stayed with them until 2011 when Anderson jumped to ESPN. There she claimed the title as the first woman host and reporter in an NFL insider role.

Missy Deyo

Most folks in American sports may not recognize Deyo right away, but if you watch Hockey she’s a regular name on ice rink reporting for contests and tournaments. Missy Deyo works aggressively on both TV as well as online, covering Canadian hockey in Kingston. She became more famous for surviving and recovering from the loss of a kidney and still maintaining her career.

Melanie Collins

One of the new names in the industry, Collins has already been a well-established name for sideline coverage in car racing, college football, basketball and more. She also has a strong following and fanbase among viewers, which continues to open up new doors for Melanie as her career continues to keep rising.

Niki Noto

Calling Atlanta home, Noto has been a regular on the ESPN circuit as well as CSS. She’s got a habit of stepping away from the safety of the broadcaster’s desk and mingling with the audience and crowd, which makes her a favorite with sports fans.

Lauren Gardner

While the main news markets tend to be back east, Gardner has never followed the traditional broadcaster path. Instead, she’s stays based in Colorado and works out of Denver in particular. She originally gained TV fames as a Broncos cheerleader, and now she’s a regular on a local network covering all the major Denver professional teams.

Amanda Pfulgrad

With her all-American farm girl looks, Pfulgrad got her start through a very different avenue than most sports reporters. Her primary start was in travel TV, working for the Travel Channel as well as USA Today. From there Amanda jumped to CBS and volleyball tournaments and ESPN with women’s gymnastics. Now her current role has her regularly covering the Boston Celtics.

Nicole Briscoe

Currently on deck with ESPN, Briscoe was a regular on the NASCAR and race car coverage for the network. She is one of the newer recent graduates to sports coverage, having started with ESPN in 2015.

Holly Sonders

After she graduated from Michigan State University in 2009, Sonders has made a name for herself as a regular sideline reporter for the U.S. Golf Association as well as for school soccer or Fox Sports. The golf coverage in her career is no surprise; Holly was a high school golf star as well as in college until a knee surgery took Holly out of the running.

Diletta Leotta

Nobody is going to argue that Leotta can distract an entire TV audience from a national championship. The Italian sideline reporter is a regular on European soccer coverage, she covers the Series A games for the DAZN network and is also a law student graduate from Luiss University in Rome.



Shaq Goes On A Shopping Trip, Surprises Stranger By Paying For Engagement Ring!

Kelly Taylor



Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most famous sports figures in history. Known for his dominance inside of the paint for the Los Angeles Lakers and his undeniable charisma, Shaq would go on to enjoy a Hall of Fame career within the NBA while simultaneously developing his brand into one of the most encompassing in all of the major sports. Now happily retired and ready to sell his smile on television during the big games, Shaq seemingly likes to spend his free time giving fits to those in need and making people smile along the way.

One such experience happened inside of a Zales jewelry shop between Shaq and an unsuspecting (but very grateful!) stranger.

A Gift For a Stranger

Do you remember the day that you got engaged? Do you remember all of the thought you put into the big moment, the care that went into selecting your engagement ring, and the nerves that went into the experience? For this stranger in Zales, the story he would share in the future would blow away even the most imaginative of engagement ring purchases.

Shaq had been shopping at a local Zales earlier this year while looking for new earrings. During his search, Shaq would bump into a kind man who had been shopping for his engagement ring. The two men would share a few words and the sweet moment would end up captured on camera, culminating in Shaq offering to pay for the man’s engagement ring!

Appearing on an airing of NBA on TNT, Shaq would talk about the viral video that had caused so many kind words of support. Shaq described the stranger in the store as “shy” when he overheard the man ask the counter, “How much do I owe to pay off my ring?”

Upon hearing the request, Shaq would step in and ask the shopper how much he had left on the purchase. Shaq would say, “I’m not going to say the amount – but it’s not much for me.”

Man of the People

Shaq and the stranger would end up in a polite argument as the shopper continued to rebuff the offer saying, “I can’t do that sir” before describing the layaway plan he had put in place. Still, the Big Diesel was relentless with his kindness. Shaq told the shopper, “I’ll take care of it. Tell your girlfriend, I got it.”

O’Neal went on to describe how happy the man had been for the gift, admitting that he hadn’t intended for the moment to go viral. In fact, Shaq had hoped the video wouldn’t make it onto the internet. Shaq said on TNT, “I don’t do it for that — I try to do a good deed whenever I leave the house.”

While this moment of kindness may be unforgettable for the stranger at Zales, it is far from the only time that Shaq has stepped up to help an individual in need. Shaq has repeatedly made large and small donations to individuals and charities alike. Additionally, Shaq made headlines a year prior when he pulled over beside a car wreck to help folks who had crashed in Florida. A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office in Gainesville said of the event, “He didn’t stand around for any accolades, he got in his vehicle and left.”

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Dog Trapped For Four Days on Detroit River Adopted by Heroic Rescuer

Kevin Wells



Dogs are man’s best friend, so it stands to reason that we should look out for them wh never we can! A dog was found recently and rescued from the Detroit River after being stuck on the frozen, ice-covered surface for at least four days. Four days of exposure in the freezing cold could have left any pup sick, disabled, or potentially deceased. Fortunately for everyone involved in this story, the Miracle dog once named Alfonso would survive and find his forever home in the process!

Meet Miracle the Dog

Originally known to the world as Alfonso, Miracle would come into the public spotlight after his rescue from the Detroit River. Alfonso had been just over a year old when he ended up getting chased onto the waterway, then covered in ice, by what appeared to be a coyote. The poor puppy would spend the next four days on the frozen ice fighting against both the biting cold and the wild elements just to survive. Throughout the process, nearby citizens worked their hardest to rescue the little critter.

Thankfully, Jude Meade of J&J Marine would show up to the Detroit River with a plan, an airboat, and a team to help him save the animal. Jude owns a marine construction company based out of Windsor, Ontario, and his airboat would be used to approach the island where the dog was stranded, quickly capturing the puppy in the process. According to Dr. Lucretia Greear, a veterinarian at the nearby Woodhaven Animal Hospital, the pup had been hiding onto the island alone, thankfully unharmed by other wildlife.

Finding a Forever Home

Fortunately for Miracle the Dog, a trip on Jude’s airboat would lead to an invitation to a new forever home. Jude would take Miracle to the nearby Woodhaven Animal Hospital for treatment whereupon the puppy was rejuvenated and restored back to full health. The dog had been suffering from frostbite across the pads of his paws as well as his underbelly, with dehydration and pancreatitis also manifesting. Fortunately, these issues were put in the past.

The River Rouge Animal Shelter considered adopting the puppy before deciding that Jude should have the opportunity, should he want to take it. Sure enough, the story would culminate with Jude coming back to adopt the puppy. The shelter wrote on social media, “Miracle could not ask for a better more ideal family to love him!”

When Miracle had been discovered, they found that he was not wearing a tag or a collar, nor did he have a microchip showing ownership to another family. The River Rouge Animal Shelter would release several updates on the story through their social media page detailing Miracle’s adjustment period. The post read, “Today the story came full circle, as the Miracle Dog was placed into the hands of the hero who had saved his life.”

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Couple’s Home Gets Quarantined After Finding Unusual Object On A Beach

Kevin Wells



Imagine going for a stroll on a typical beautiful evening then coming upon the strangest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. A huge rock, but was it a rock?

Not only that, you end up being stuck outside your house because the authority figures you called in to deduce what it is came in droves and quarantined your home.

Yes, this is hard to fathom but one couple lived it after deciding to do more than look at the strange object but to seek help.

Here’s what happened next:

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Man Gives Girlfriend Timeless Gift, Two Years Later She Finds the Secret Inside!

Shannon Jackson



Terry held the piece of polished wood in his hands for a moment, thumb gracing the secret seam. The gift had been carefully selected and patiently chosen. After all, what Terry was looking at was far more than a simple piece of polished wood. Inside of the gleaming wooden prism was a second gift, a secret one, for the love of Terry’s life, Anna.

The gift itself was not meant to be found right away and so Terry let Anna hold onto it, knowing one day he’d help reveal the gift inside to her. What was inside? What was Anna’s reaction? Let’s dig in!

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Cat Named A Hero After Saving Infant

Shannon Jackson



Dogs often get top-billing as man’s best friend, but cats have proven themselves to be capable of winning the title as well. That was the case with one very tuned-in tuxedo cat that picked up right away there was something wrong with a babysitter. As if smelling the issue on the person, the cat was not only able to sense the problem, but the feline was also able to warn its owners to the issue effectively enough that a bigger tragedy was averted.

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