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38 Funniest Pictures EVER Captured Inside of a Superstore!

Kelly Taylor




You know what they say about life, right? It takes a village. Well, when you head to your local superstore, be it a Superstore or some other regional business, you’ll end up seeing every member of that village during your trip. Superstores are known as being ground zero for every weirdness and oddity known to the human condition. Today, we are going to take a deep dive in order to showcase 38 of the funniest and weirdest pictures ever captured inside of your local superstore.

Hungry Like a Wolf

Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to howl at the moon? Do you find that your closet has been increasingly filled with wolf-themed clothing? Well, we have bad news for you. No, you’re not a werewolf, you just have a weird wolf obsession, like these people, we assume. There’s nothing wrong with that! Throw on your wolf costume and get your shopping done, we’re not going to judge.

For Choking Hazards, Call CPS

The great thing about going to your local superstore is that you are confronted by every type of parent imaginable. Oh, well, that does include THIS type of parent, too, doesn’t it? We’re not saying that putting bags over your child’s head is a bad idea. We’re just saying, hey, maybe don’t put a bag over your child’s head? As it turns out, your kid probably likes breathing.

Cupid is Real

Did you ever shake your head at the very thought of Valentine’s Day? Are you firmly on board with the idea that V-Day is just another Hallmark Holiday? Well, you might have thought you were right, but this picture is proof that you were wrong. After all, this dude HAS to be the real Cupid, right? Nobody would willingly dress up like this, would they?

Parenting 101

We’ve got one of two things going on in this picture. Either this mom is really handcuffing her kid to the cart, or she’s an undercover cop and the boy in blue is secretly a 30-year-old criminal under 5-feet-tall. Okay, so the boy in blue probably isn’t a criminal, but we’re not sure that the mom ISN’T one, either. Is it even legal to handcuff your children?

Grandpas of Anarchy

If you are a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ fan, you know how important it is for a biker to always stay with their ride. We’re sure that this fella is just living the ‘Sons’ lifestyle. When you can’t ride your sick chopper, you have to make do. We would have loved to see him rocking the Gorilla Bars in the front, though we guess he’d still need his basket. Actually, alternative take for this photo: America needs to diet, more.

Just Wonderful Lighting

When you are a social media influencer, you always have to be ready for an impromptu photo shoot. We’re not sure if she’s doing a sponsored post for a cheese company, or if she just really likes the fluorescent lighting bouncing off of the tortillas, but here she is. Life can be hard in the era of social media, sometimes you have to hop onto a pile of Kraft singles in order to get the shot.

Therapy Starts Tomorrow

When boys hit a certain age, they start to get curious about … stuff. This picture shows a child coming face-to-face, pardon our expression, with a new period in his life. In the best-case scenario, he is merely looking up at his mom. In the worst-case scenario, well, maybe his mom should be looking after her pervy son. In either event, that kid is going to need a talking to from his mom OR a therapist.

Ride or Die

You can fall asleep anywhere, at least when you are tired enough. Why would falling asleep in a motorized chair in a superstore be any different? Actually, we might want to give this guy a wellness check. He’s either in a deep sleep or traversing through the afterlife. Either way, grab a mirror and make sure that he’s still breathing!

25 Cent Hair

We’re actually really impressed by the length of this lady’s hair. We’re also impressed by the consistent curls. A part of us has to wonder, though, what the point of it all is. Is she a diehard Rapunzel fan? Does she love Ramen noodles? Is she hiding something beneath those curly locks? We will say this, for all of the extreme hair that you’ll find in a superstore, at least hers looks clean!

Area 51 Escapee

We thought that everyone was joking about storming Area 51. Guess not. We have to assume that this giant bubble-gum looking person is actually an escapee from the mysterious government base. After all, who would willingly go shopping at a superstore while dressed like this? Actually, looking at the other pictures on this list, we can totally believe that this is just a regular shopper who loves superstores almost as much as dressing up like chewed gum.

Cheetara Costume (Alternate)

Cheetara was always one of our favorite ‘ThunderCat’ characters. Though the cartoon was notably silly, modern filmmakers are always looking for ways to give an old IP a gritty reboot. We suppose that this person is dressed like a semi-realistic Cheetara, right? Well, she’s not auditioning for the film.. She’s also not even doing a photoshoot. So, uh, she just… likes dressing like this. Huh.

You Are Overencumbered

Could one image so capably sum up the state of daily life for the average American? Probably not, so we won’t try to make that implication. Instead, we’ll just say this, that scooter was NOT built for this kind of load. Also, if you can stand on the scooter, you probably shouldn’t be riding it, right? Wait, can we just take electric scooters whenever we want? Can I moto surf in superstores now?

Bret Michaels is Looking Rough

Bret Michaels is a legend in the glam metal scene. As the lead singer of Poison, Michaels has sold more than 40 million records around the world. Of course, time gets the best of everyone, eventually. Wait, you’re saying that this ISN’T Bret Michaels? Does this person at least like Poison? They’ve never heard of them? Oh, well, carry on then, I guess.

Shopping With His Best Friend

Remember that image two slides ago, where two women were sitting on the same scooter? Yeah, we don’t think scooters are made for that kind of double-riding. THIS kind of double-riding, however, is totally cool by us. Who wouldn’t want to bring their Iguana with them during a trip to a superstore? Look at how nice he is sitting! We don’t know anything about Iguanas, but this one looks hungry for a pretzel.

Buddy the Elf?

‘Elf’ is one of the greatest Christmas films of all time. Not coincidentally, Buddy the Elf is one of the purest Christmas characters of all time. With that being said, we do not think that this is Buddy. In fact, we’re pretty certain that if this IS Buddy, he has fallen on some pretty strange times. We’re going to pass on saying hello, though we dig the color motif.

The Hero We Need

All kinds of silly pictures go viral on the internet. With that being said, this picture actually deserves it. We’re not saying that we loved the show ‘Lambchop’ as a kid. We’re just saying that, well, given the opportunity to look at a cute little baby lamb, we’re going to take it and we are going to spread the word all about it. This is probably the purest image you could find in a superstore.

Cookie Monster Cosplay

We are a fan of the cosplay scene. Dedicated artists taking the time to craft a costume of their favorite characters underlies what cosplaying is all about. We’ve got to give two thumbs up to this gentleman. We assume that he is cosplaying as the Cookie Monster. At least, we hope so. Still, their cart certainly doesn’t have any cookies in it. Wait, this isn’t a cosplay? What’s going on here?

Dressed as ‘Tries Too Hard’

There are three types of people at a costume party. You have the standard person who buys a cheap costume but fits in. You have the lazy person who refuses to dress up. Last and definitely not least, you have the person who tries WAY too hard to impress with their costume. Who even dresses up for Christmas?

Battle Hardened Warrior

In the hit fantasy series, ‘Game of Thrones’, infamous warrior Khal Drogo grows his braid until he is defeated by his enemy. Basing this person’s hair off of that fictional world can reveal only one truth, this person is the ultimate warrior. of course, they might also love ribbons. Or bows. Or braids. Still, we like to imagine this person beating the heck out of Khal Drogo. Life is funny like that.

Wearing a Superstore Shirt

If you grew up kind of poor, you likely are already familiar with the infamous ‘Shirt’. Superstore shirts can come in a variety of different styles and designs. What holds these shirts together, however, is the fact that they have some kind of absurd text on them. We never see people actually wear these shirts, at least not usually. Here, we see this mad lad wearing a superstore shirt IN a superstore. Amazing!

Don’t Wait Behind Her

We built up the mythos behind the infamous superstore shirt and here we are showing you a SECOND one. Your lucky day, right? For some reason, we don’t really feel compelled to wait behind her in line. You can go right ahead of us, we’ll just go through the self-checkout. Oh, the self-checkout is broke? Well, I guess we’ll plug our noses.

Suspenders of God

If superstores wanted to get in on the suspenders market, this picture could be the perfect viral marketing promo for them. After all, those suspenders must have been tested by God himself in order to do what they are doing in this picture. Seriously, these suspenders are amazing, unless we’re really just looking at a naked guy underneath that big guy’s shirt.

Dracula Top, Schoolgirl Bottom

We are all for embracing our inner self. We love the idea of making the most out of our outfits in order to showcase our personality. Having said that, we’re pretty sure this guy might have more than one personality. Going from Dracula to a schoolgirl is just an odd transition.

Really? I Mean, Really?

We are big fans of trying out products before you decide to buy them. Of course, we are also big fans of changing rooms, too. This guy is either drunk, ill or in desperate need of a trip to the hospital. Either way, let’s get some pants on big guy.

Wait A Minute

Did you know that during feudal times, having children was an important way to improve productivity at home? It’s true! Being able to literally raise your own workers was a big deal. Having said that, we thought the practice might have died out. Nope, still alive and well at a superstore.

The Mightiest Mullet

Business up front and party in the back, that’s what a mullet signifies, right? Well, this is no regular mullet, you mere mortal. This is the Mightiest Mullet of all time. We’re simultaneously impressed and turned off by this image. It gives us a feeling deep in our gut that we just can’t ignore.

Domo Kitsune

We all have hobbies and passions that make us unique. Some people like soccer, other people like grilling out. Some people like wearing five fox tails on the back of their cargo shorts while they shop in their sandals and a dragon stylized button-up shirt. Isn’t life just weird and wonderful?

Tough Shopping Trip

While we question this guy’s wardrobe choice, we don’t question his need to lay down. Whenever we finally swipe our card at the checkout, we want to fall down and cry, too. Of course, it probably wouldn’t have hurt if this guy waited until he at least got to his car before doing this. That’s an image that you can’t un-see.

Drunk Frito Fight

Have you ever been so inebriated that you had to fight a giant display of Frito Lay products? No? Really? Well, I guess that just leaves us and this drunk dude in relatively lonely company. We would have probably squared up on some Doritos though, at least if it were us.

No UPC Code

We have a couple of thoughts about this picture. First and foremost, we’re pretty sure that this baby doesn’t have a UPC code. He isn’t gonna scan! Second, grocery store scanners are absolutely disgusting. Why in the world would you put your child on one of them? Nobody wants this, not even the mother.

Old Country Road to a superstore

Listen, if you live in Texas and you need something at a superstore, you find a way to get there. If your car is broken down, all you really need is one horsepower. We’re not sure how this guy is going to work the cart. Or where he is going to park his horse. Or… actually, maybe don’t take your horse to the store.

Got Yer Belly

This man is either proud of his belly or incapable of understanding how t-shirts work. Honestly, we’re not sure which scenario bothers us more. In any event, pull your shirt down bud, you’re not exactly rocking a solid six-pack right now. He IS wearing a watch and glasses, so he understands how other clothing accessories work, so that’s good.


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