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Stuck At Home? 40 Household Hacks You Can Try Right Now

Everybody hears about “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” but beyond recycling some aluminum cans, most people do not really get into it. What if you could actually redecorate your home by implementing the phrase though? You can. You can repurpose what you already own.

This method lets you make home improvements and spiff up your living quarters without investing a dime. You simply repurpose items you already have at home.

Occasionally, the repurposing calls for varnish or paint. Use leftover paint from house painting or spray paint from school projects.

You can also repurpose common household items to improve and simplify cleaning your home. You can vastly improve your way of life with these 40 household hacks.

Pool Noodle Boot Preservers

Preserve your boots and help them hold their shape using a pool noodle. Cut the Styrofoam noodle into pieces that match the height of each pair of boots. Slip the noodle piece into the boot to hold it up as if you were wearing it. This helps your boots keep from developing worn areas from folding over.

Bread Bag Closure Cord Labels

Label your cords in the power strip using plastic bread bag closures. The hearty plastic provides plenty of space to write the name of the appliance. Use permanent marker to create the labels and let them dry thoroughly before attaching them to the cords.

Shower Hook Closet Organizers

Organize your bags, belts, purses and scarves in your closet by hanging them on shower hooks. Your old shower hooks can hang on the closet rod just as they did the shower curtain rod. You can hang items on them that do not require a full hanger and make everything easier to access.

Clean Purses with a Lint Roller

Clean the interior of your bags and purses easily with a lint roller. Simply swoosh it around inside the emptied bag to pick up all the lint and small trash. The sticky on lint rollers provides the power to pick up loose change as well as lint and paper remnants.

Tissue Box Plastic Bag Organizer

Organize small plastic bags from shopping to re-use as trash bags by re-using an empty tissue box. Once you have depleted the tissues in that pretty, decorative box, simply stuff it full of empty, plastic bags. You will always have them at hand when you need to change the trash bag and your dispenser will match your decor.

File Organizer as a Pan Keeper

Organize baking sheets, pizza pans, baking rounds, trays, cutting boards, etc. by repurposing a wire, metal or wood file organizer. It provides easy access to every item at a glance and fits into the large under shelf cabinet in your kitchen. You never again have to lift one pan to get to another.

Wine Glasses as Candle Holders

Turn mismatched wine glasses into candle holders. Perhaps you stopped drinking and your wine glasses just take up space now. Pour a bit of sand or small seashells in the bottom of a clean wine glass, then insert a votive candle. You could also flip the glasses over lip down to rest the votive on top of the stemware.

Clean Computer Keyboards with a Q-tip

Clean your computer keyboard with a Q-tip or your clean blush brush. Sometimes you run out of canned air, but you still need the crumbs out of your keys. Wash your makeup brush completely and allow it to dry before using it to clean the keyboard lest you spread blusher where you really do not want it.

Organize Unused Cords in Toilet Paper Rolls

Keep old or unused power cords well organized by folding them into toilet paper rolls, then organize the rolls into the storage box. You will have no mess to untangle when you unpack the box or need to get out a replacement USB cord.

Use Old Drawers as Under Bed Storage

Before you throw out an old dresser, salvage any drawers you possibly can. Mount casters/wheels to the bottom of the drawer and use it as under bed storage. It will look pretty even if someone notices you have something stored under the bed.

Re-paint or Re-varnish an Old Chair or Table

Paint or varnish an old table or chair to spiff it up. Strip the old paint off first, then let the wood dry. Paint or vanish it with your choice of color. You can create a rainbow selection of chairs by painting each one a different color.

Create a Wall Display from an Old Shutter

Create an exciting wall display by repainting an old shutter. Slide silk flowers into the upper slats so that only the flowers show. You can also dress it up by adding a wreath or twining string lights between the slats.

Use Plastic Coffee Containers as Matching Food Storage Containers

Repurpose plastic coffee containers like those from Folgers by removing the outer wrapper and washing it well. You can paint the solid colored canister or use it as is. These lidded plastic containers make great cookie jars. Also, use them to store homemade candies, hardboiled eggs, etc. If you drink a lot of coffee, you can quickly amass enough to use for sugar and rice storage or dry pasta containers. The largest containers are the perfect height for spaghetti.

Turn Metal Coffee Cans into Planters

Repurpose metal coffee containers by washing them well, then spray painting them any color you desire. Poke a few holes in the bottom to use it as a planter. Leave the bottom solid to use it as an organizer. You can create a set in any number you desire to store small items for crafting or to help organize a child’s room. They make great lidded bins for hair ties, hair clips, binder clips, crayons, pens and pencils and crafting supplies.

Build a Desk from a Door

Turn an old door into a hearty desk by adding legs or setting it onto two equal height file cabinets or two small bookcases. Saw horses or the metal frame from an old glass-topped desk will also work. You can use the door as is or strip it, then vanish or paint it. Remove the door knob and lock mechanism to create a hole perfectly sized to run power cords through.

Make Outdoor Chairs and Tables from Old Tires

Repurpose used tires by painting them various colors and using them decoratively as yard décor or planters. Hung on a wooden fence, it makes a colorful planter or display for gardening tools or other items. Stack four or five and top with a glass round tabletopper to create a decorative table. Set one standing up, partially buried, then add one lying on the ground in front of it. Fill the center with soil and top with sod, so grass quickly grows in it. This creates a rubber chair that lets you plop down to enjoy your garden.

Make a Swing from Old Tires

Repurpose an old tire by making a swing out of it. Hang it from a sturdy branch to provide a swing for children or adults. You can use it as is or paint it a fun color first. Use a sturdy rope and double lash it around the branch and the top of the tire round.

Make Shelves from Old Desk or Cabinet Drawers

Salvage the drawer from a small desk or cabinet that cannot otherwise be repaired and use it as a wall shelf or planter. Paint it or decoupage it, then secure it to the wall using bookshelf supports. You can use other salvaged portions of the furniture item to make smaller interior, shelves.

Turn an Old Wood Pallet into a Headboard

Wash and varnish a wood pallet to use as a headboard. Run clear string lights in between the slats to provide illumination in the evening. A single pallet provides the perfect width for a twin or full bed. Use two pallets for a queen or king headboard.

Create a Sprinkler or Soaker from an Old Garden Hose

Repurpose an old garden hose by poking holes in it to create a sprinkler. You can create a soaker for your yard or for the kids to run through. If it cracked, there is no problem because that just creates another hole for the water to spout out.

Use a Vintage Ladder as a Drying Rack

Repurpose a vintage ladder as a drying rack by hanging it from the ceiling in your laundry room. You can paint it to match the ceiling first or use a contrasting color.

Use a Vintage Ladder as a Bookshelf

You can also use a vintage ladder as a bookshelf. Paint it to match the wall. Hang it on the wall, affixed by two metal or wood shelf brackets.

Use a Dish Drying Rack as a File Holder

Turn your metal or wood dish drying rack into a file holder. Wash it first. Once dry, you can organize up to 30 files in most racks a much more massive number than most file folder racks accomodate.

Use Empty Wine Bottles as Taper Candle Holders

Empty wine bottles can become taper candle holders. Soak off the label. Rinse the bottle and let it dry. Insert a taper candle in the neck. If you decide to paint the bottle, check the paint type first. Some paints cannot be used because they are flammable. It is best to use bottles that you like as is for this candle holder craft.

Turn Empty Wine Bottles into Flower Vases.

Empty wine bottles can also become flower vases. Soak off the label. Rinse the bottle and let it dry. Insert your choice of silk flowers or live flowers. Tie ribbon around the neck for decoration.

Create Wrist Rests Out of Pool Noddles

Make wrist rests for every computer in your home by slicing one pool noodle into four equal lengths, then slicing each length in half length-wise. Flip it over on the arc and your wrists remain at the ideal height to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Create a Planter from an Old Flour Sifter

Turn an old flour sifter into a planter. They provide a retro look plus the mesh in the sifter helps you keep from overwatering the plant. Use it as is for a country home look with the nickel-plating or tin, or paint it something colorful.

Create a Drawer Stopper from a Pool Noodle

Use a portion of one of the pool noodles as a drawer stopper if your cutlery organizer has a tendency to slide back and forth in the drawer. Insert the length of pool noodle at the very back of the drawer then re-insert the organizer. The noodle length holds in in place and you never see it.

Use a one cent piece as a shim.

Glue a penny to the bottom of the short leg of a wobbly table or chair. The penny is the perfect height to act as a shim and it’s more durable than wood. Use wood glue or a hot glue gun for best results.

Turn Book Pages into Wallpaper

Turn the pages of books that got wet into wallpaper once they dry. As a book, the tome may be ruined, but as wallpaper, you can use it. Decoupage the pages to your choice of wall to a create a creative, personalized accent wall. You can set pages side by side or overlap them.

Clean Light Fixtures in the Dishwasher

Use your dishwasher in a new way – to wash the light fixtures throughout your home. Most fixtures are ceramic or glass and dishwasher safe. Dump any dead bugs out into the trash can, then load the fixtures in the dishwasher as you would your dishes. Use regular dishwasher crystals such as Cascade.

Dryer Sheets Clean Sliding Glass Doors

Clean your sliding glass shower doors with dryer sheets. Rub the sheets on the doors to remove soap scum and leave a great scent behind. Do not use any cleanser on the dryer sheets or the shower doors. It will not mix well with the coating on most dryer sheets.

Use Stray Socks to Clean Blinds

Clean blinds easily and make use of stray socks by using the one that does make it out of the dryer. Slip the sock over one hand, lightly spray it with window cleaner and slide it over each slat of the blinds. Your blinds simply wipe clean. Toss it in the washer to clean your sock glove and reuse it. Now you have a use for all those mateless socks.

Make Furniture Polish with Vinegar and Lemon Oil

Mix your own furniture polish if you run out just when company is on its way. Mix equal parts lemon oil and vinegar, then dampen a dust cloth with the mixture. Wipe wood furniture clean. This natural mixture is safe for any wood and leaves it refreshed and shining.

Vinegar Removes Hard Water Stains

Remove hard water stains by soaking paper towels with vinegar, then covering the stains with them. Let them soak overnight. The vinegar lifts the stains and the next day, you just wipe them off of your bathtub or sink.

Newspaper to Unstink Wet Shoes

Unstink wet shoes with newspaper. Crumple newspaper and stuff it inside the wet shoes. Leave them out to air dry overnight. Remove the newspaper in the morning. You can sprinkle a little baking soda in the bottom of the shoes before inserting the newsprint if you want to freshen them, too.

Olive Oil as Makeup Remover

Use olive oil as makeup remover. This skin healthy oil moisturizes skin as it removes makeup. Soak a cotton ball with the oil and swipe it over your eyelids. You can use it on your whole face to remove base and powder, blush, lipstick, etc. Wash your face after using the oil as remover.

Olive Oil as Moisturizer

Use olive oil as moisturizer on your hands, elbows, heels, anywhere you need extra moisture. Virgin or extra virgin makes a terrific body oil and this oil is light enough that even those with somewhat oily skin can use it.

Tennis Balls in the Dryer to Keep Stuffing in Place

Toss a couple of new or clean tennis balls into the dryer with a comforter or sleeping bag to keep the stuffing from moving into one corner of the item while it dries. The bouncing of the tennis balls distributes the down or filling as it dries.

Cover Windshields with Cardboard

Cut a cardboard box into a flat piece to cover your windshield in freezing weather. Place it over the windshield under the wipers. You will wake up to find you have no ice on the windshield. You will immediately be able to see out of your windshield to drive.



High-Spirited Dog Causes A Stir In Toronto Airport, Disrupts Flights For 12 Hours

Kevin Wells



Appreciation continues to go to workers at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport for their bravery skills. 

Last week, a vivacious filled dog managed to flee from a plane and he ran around the runway for at least half the day.

How did it happen?

The dog, a white podenco named Crystal was aboard a British Airways flight, traveling to Canada with members of a Novia Scotia based rescue organization. This agency help to arrange adoptions between Spanish Podencos and residents of Atlantic Canada.

Crystal alongside three other podencos were on the plane scheduled be on a transfer flight to Halifax upon landing in the Toronto airport.

On touching down, the three others descended from their cargo in Toronto for their transfer flight, however, Crystal was missing.

Searches around revealed her cage wasn’t closed properly. It was then they discovered she was the one running around the landing area, frightening people in the dark.

Podencos are energetic dogs and are regarded for their pacy ability and enormous strength. Those who breed them also regard them for an ability they call “profound awareness” of their vicinity and sensitivity to humans.

“They are agile to the point they have been known to climb trees in pursuit of prey and can jump great heights from a stand,” reads the website of another non-profit group dedicated to saving Podencos from abuse and neglect in Spain, where they’re most often used to hunt rabbits.

“A secure yard with 6′ fence is required for this breed.”

Knowing this, the Airport crew knew they weren’t dealing with any kind of dog who might tire soon.

Thankfully, the airport took some precautions to handle the delicate situation. Pearson terminated all flights, brought in extra staff and made use of night-vision-equippped CCTV cameras to discover the hound.

“Make no mistake this was a very serious situation, a loose dog on the runways and Toronto is a big busy international airport,” wrote Beverly Farmer of Podenco Friends in a lengthy Facebook post describing the ordeal and thanking Pearson staff for their help.

“On two occasions Crystal was actually on the runway as a plane was coming into land. Luckily, the pilots did see her and they had to abort the landing and over shoot,” Farmer continued.

“This could have ended so badly; She could have got sucked into an engine which could have exploded and then a terrible accident. Planes and passengers were at risk. The airport closed the runways down, cancelled flights, it was (a) major incident.”

It ended well for sure with Crystal. The dog has now been united with her new family in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Farmer was thankful to the entire crew at Pearson for displaying extraordinary care and professionalism but pointed out the work of Keith Everett, an experienced falconer who she said was extraordinary in the capture of Crystal. Describing him as one who scares away “nuisance birds” off the runway.

“Boy, could she run,” said Everett to CBC Nova Scotia of Crystal, whom he chased up and down the runway for hours trying to lure.

Eventually, Crystal depleted in energy and slid under a truck to rest. Everett stooped down under the truck petting her with loving words and Crystal’s favorite meals, Everett was able to take her away from the premises of the runway.

“The airport should very proud how their team handled all of this,” said Farmer on Facebook. “They were totally professional, very caring and went above and beyond to bring this to a successful conclusion.”

“The Podencos have gained many more friends and, throughout all of this, the dogs remained calm and impressed so many people, for they were so friendly and well behaved,” she continued.

“Crystal… typical Podenco, [was] like ‘what is all the fuss is about?’,” wrote Farmer of the dog’s response to her rescue. “‘Someone get me a cheese burger.'”

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40 Unforgivable Movie Bloopers

Shannon Jackson



With that goes with making a movie, especially one for the big cinema screen, it’s not surprising when mistakes occur or edits are need. That’s what the editing room is for to go through the draft film and tighten up all the problems or loose spots in the film as well as to get it within the acceptable viewing time allowed. However, once in a while even the best of movies, including Oscar-winning films, have bloopers in them that just can’t be forgiven. They are such clear violations of quality film-making, people wonder how the blooper got through to the public viewing, and yet it does anyways. Here are 25 examples of film bloopers that never should have been allowed or the detail missed, but in the fictional world of movies they occur regardless.

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40 Sideline Reporters More Interesting Than The Game

Renee Yates



Alanna Rizzo

Raised and home in Colorado Springs, Rizzo went to school in her home state and graduated with a masters degree in journalism (broadcasting) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is a well-recognized face on CBS where she anchored and then did a subsequent stint for the Root Sports Rocky Mountain channel. She is also a recipient of 3 Emmy Awards (regional).

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Man Casts Abandoned Ants Nest With Molten Aluminum and the Results Will Shock You!

Kelly Taylor



YouTube is an amazing platform that is brimming with unique content from around the world. If you have a keyword in mind, you can certainly find the corresponding video! Having said that, sometimes the internet can create videos that leave you scratching your head. In this instance, a 2003 video titled ‘Casting a Fire Ant Colony With Molten Aluminum (Cast #043) would take the cake! The strange video would feature an unknown man using molten aluminum to cast the inside of an ant colony!

If you think this story is odd, wait until you see the pictures for yourself!

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Art and Nature Combined With Ant Nests

Kelly Taylor



Art comes in amazing, weird forms. For many of us on the consumer side aluminum is most familiar in the form of soda and beer cans. It’s a soft, durable metal that can be shaped in lots of different forms. Most importantly, aluminum has a low melting point and cools at a medium rate, making it produce some very interesting forms of metal cooling when accidentally left to its own devices and gravity. The metal as a liquid can flow into lots of different shapes and forms, making it a very easy medium to work with in molds. No surprise, aluminum is one of the most common metals used in casting products, including food containers and transport, engine cases and aircraft parts. However, few ever expected to ever see aluminum and ant nests put together to create an amazing new style of artwork.

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