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Most Beautiful Weather Girls on Television

Predicting the weather is a tough job, but someone has to do it, right? Fortunately, we live in a visual world and that means that broadcast companies pay attention to who they put on your TV screen. Over the past couple of decades, we’ve been undergoing a weather anchor revolution. Nowadays, more and more networks are turning to the most beautiful and qualified weather women in the world to handle all of your meteorology needs. Today, we are going to showcase the most beautiful and skilled weather girls in the world!

Bri Winkler

Let’s get our list started with the great Bri Winkler. At just 24-years-old, Winkler survived a stroke. This would lead the beautiful Bri Winkler to become an advocate for stroke awareness and stroke survivors. She’s the youngest weather professional on the Eyewitness News team and she has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Management. Oh, yeah, she’s also drop-dead gorgeous.

Jill Nicolini

Jill Nicolini is another high-profile weather forecaster. After studying at the New York Institute of Technology, Nicolini has turned into a decorated meteorologist. Nicolini has worked for a number of stations throughout the New York region, including CBS2, WPIX, and WNYW. Nicolini has also appeared on ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Sex and the City’.

Megan Glaros

The fiery Megan Glaros has been rocking the weather desk for stations throughout the country. Glaros has worked as an entertainment reporter and a weather forecaster in Chicago, New York, and Indiana. If Glaros looked slightly familiar, you might have known her for her work as a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts before she made the move to CBS Chicago.

Gabriela Grechi

Gabriela Grechi was born in Milan, Italy. Known as much for her good looks as her personality, Grechi made her break on television in the show ‘Orario Cotinuato’ which roughly translates to ‘Lunch Break’. Since then, Grechi has become a viral sensation thanks to her ridiculous looks and slight wardrobe malfunctions.

Sheena Parveen

Sheena Parveen was born in Indian. At a young age, she dreamed of moving to America in order to pursue higher education. After moving to the United States, Parveen would attend Florida State University in pursuit of her degree. After graduating from FSU, Parveen would bounce around at stations in Florida, Tallahassee, and eventually in Philadelphia. After a few good years in Philly, Parveen would wind up in San Diego.

Magda Palimariu

It’s hard to do much research on Magda Palimariu thanks to the fact that almost all of her information is based out of Romania, her home country. What we do know is that Palimariu is insanely popular back home, as evidenced by the 65 thousand followers that she has on Instagram. Palimariu works for Pro TV out of Romania.

Roxana Vancea

Roxana Vancea has something that most weatherwomen simply do not, tattoos! With her rocking tattoos, Vancea has set herself apart from the rest of the industry. She’s also incredibly popular on Instagram where she has more than 350,000 followers. Vancea is a fitness ambassador when she isn’t working in front of the news desk.

Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia is, perhaps, the most popular weather forecaster in the world. Garcia has more than 10 million followers on Instagram as well as a lucrative modeling contract whenever she decides that she wants it. Garcia works for Televisa Monterrey where her appearances are regularly recorded and posted online. If you want to get to know Garcia more, definitely check out her social media accounts.

Angie Gonzalez

Angie Gonzalez is a weatherwoman who works in Venezuela. She was born in January of 1981 and she has been working in the industry for over a decade. Gonzalez loves to cycle almost as much as she loves to flash her smile during her work. Gonzalez works on a morning show for the local stations in Venezuela.

Jackie Johnson

If you thought that Jackie Johnson had the Hollywood ‘look’, you would have been right! Not only is Jackie Johnson an accomplished meteorologist, but she’s also a talented performer. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State, Johnson would go on to perform in ‘All About Steve’, ‘Battleship’, ‘Las Vegas’, and ‘NCIS’. Oh, yeah, she’s also always there to give you your daily forecast.

Ximena Cordoba

Ximena Londono Cordoboa is an actress, model, and weatherwoman from Colombia. Cordoba has worked on a variety of different projects in her entertainment career. She has worked as a host on the TNT Movie Club as well as a host on ‘Despierta America’ which is run by Univision.  Cordoba is also an accomplished actress with sixteen credits to her name.

Araksya Karapetyan

We aren’t even going to attempt to pronounce her last name. We’ll just say that Araksya Karapetyan is as accomplished a meteorologist as you could hope for. Born in Armenia, Karapetyan was a witness to the Armenian earthquake in 1988. She emigrated with her family to the United States where Karapetyan would study journalism at Syracuse University. Now, she works as a weather reporter and anchorwoman for Fox 11 in Los Angeles.

Sugey Abrego

Sugey Abrego was born and raised in Mexico. She has been working as a model, presenter, and weatherwoman for Canal 4, a local news station in Mexico. Outside of her work on television, Abrego has appeared on the cover of Maxim Mexico in 2009. Abrego has appeared in a number of different modeling publications.

Indra Petersons

We expect Indra Petersons to have a career in broadcasting as long as her legs, which is to say, quite long! Indra Petersons studied atmospheric physics at the University of Arizona. Petersons would graduate with a B.A. in physics and a minor in business and math. Now,  you can find Petersons working on CNN’s ‘New Day’ program as well as NBC News.

Elita Loresca

Elita Loresca is an American-Filipino newscaster who currently serves the Houston, TX market. Loresca started her career by working on KCBS-TV in Los Angeles where she would help assemble scripts and teleprompter messaging. Loresca graduated from Cal State Fullerton before attending Mississippi State for her meteorology certificate. Loresca won the trophy for ‘America’s Sexiest Newscaster’ in a vote performed by FHM.

Chita Craft

Chita Craft works on the KHOU 11 program, ‘News This Morning’. Born and raised in Knoxville, TN, Craft brings a southern flair to every forecast. Craft would attend Arizona State University before moving on to Mississippi State University. She would graduate with a Bachelor of Science. Craft has appeared on ‘The Price is Right’ as a contestant where she would go on to win her Showcase Showdown round.

Christina Loren

Christina Loren was born and raised in Palm Springs, CA. Christina graduated from California State University-Chico where she would earn her B.A. in Economics as well her minor in communications. Loren has also attended Mississippi State University where she earned her meteorological certification. Loren has been working in the industry for decades and she has trained several professional meteorologists.

Christina Blackwell

Christina Blackwell was born and raised in San Antonio. Her mother came from Mexico and her father came from Alabama. As a result, Blackwell is bilingual with both Spanish and English. She worked at Univision for nearly a decade before transitioning to KENS-TV in San Antonio. Oh, yeah, Blackwell is also a trained chef!

Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido graduated from the University of Miami where she studied meteorology. Born in Puerto Rico, Guerrido got her big break by working for Univision before landing a gig on ‘Despierta America’. After a while, Guerrido decided to go back to Univision to work as an anchor for ‘Primer Impacto’. Guerrido has more than 820,000 fans on her Instagram account.

Maria Quiban

Maria Quiban was born in Cebu City in the Philippines. When she was just nine years old, her family moved to Honolulu, HI.  After graduating from Aiea High School, Quiban would attend the University of Hawaii in pursuit of her journalism degree. Eventually, Quiban made her way to Los Angeles in order to work as a weatherwoman for the Orange County News. Quiban has appeared in several film and television roles, including ‘Bruce Almighty’ and ‘Cold Case’.

Sian Welby

Sian Welby is one of the most popular weather broadcasters in the U.K. Originally from Upton in England, Welby first appeared in print for an advertisement in New! magazine. Since then, Welby has been working as a weather broadcaster where she has achieved some level of viral fame. Welby is known for adding puns and movie references to all of her reports.

Maria Molina

Maria Molina is famous for her radiant good looks, her stunning personality, and her ability to broadcast the weather. Molino is most well known for her work on Fox News as their on-air meteorologist. Molina was born in Nicaragua but she was raised in South Florida. She graduated from FSU in 2008 with a B.S. in meteorology and a minor in mathematics and communications. Molina is now pursuing her PhD.

Susana Almeida

Susan Almeida is a weather broadcaster who became famous thanks to a viral, ahem, incident. Almeida was caught on a live broadcast experiencing a disastrous wardrobe malfunction. The clip would go viral and the forecaster would become internet-famous as a result. Now, Almeida’s weather broadcasts are appointment television for fans around the world.

Lluvia Carrillo

Lluvia Carrillo was born in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1994. Carrillo is one of the freshest faces in the meteorological world and that has certainly gained her a few fans. Carrillo appears on Televisa Monterrey where she works as a weatherwoman. Carrillo first broke into the industry as a journalist and sports channel host.

Jennifer Delgado

Jennifer Delgado went to school at Webster University which is in St. Louis. At Webster University, Delgado would earn her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. After graduating from Webster, Delgado would attend Mississippi State University in order to earn her Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology. Now, Delgado is known for her work on CNN and The Weather Channel.

Mayte Carranco

Mayte Carranco is an ultra-famous anchorwoman who is known as much for her work as for her crazy good looks. Carranco used to work in Juarez but now she operates out of Mexico City. Carranco is a devoted animal lover, singer, and vegetarian. You can find Carranco all over social media thanks to her massive fanbase.

Carolina Ramirez

Carolina Ramirez is a Colombian-born weatherwoman. Ramirez began working in the entertainment field as a beauty pageant contestant. Eventually, she was hired to work the weather for Despierta America. After quickly becoming a fan-favorite, Ramirez was grabbed up by Univision. Now, Ramirez is known for her charisma, beauty, and upbeat, fun forecasts.

Lauren Sanchez

Lauren Sanchez attended the University of Southern California in pursuit of her B.A. in communications. Born in New Mexico, Sanchez started out her career working as a desk assistant for the KCOP-TV station in Los Angeles. After years of hard work, Sanchez would work her way up to the position of the on-air reporter and weatherwoman.

Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft graduated from the University of Southern California. In college, Taft sought out a degree in political science and broadcast journalism. During her school years, Taft worked the weather for USC’s Annenberg School of Journalism.Taft is another Mississippi State University graduated, as well. Taft has worked for the National Weather Association during her career.

Vera Jimenez

Vera Jimenez is one of the prettiest weatherwomen in the world. In her 50s, Jimenez is no rookie to the industry. Jimenez was born in Mexico City, Mexico before her family moved to the United States. Jimenez would graduate from California State University before heading to Mississippi State University to study meteorology. Jimenez has a pair of Emmy Awards to her name.

Diana Alvarado

Diana Alvarado is quickly becoming one of the most popular weather girls in the world. Alvarado is based out of Juarez where she works for Channel 44. While Alvarado is just as accomplished as any other meteorologist, she has gained more than 12k followers on Instagram thanks to her stunning good looks and amazing fashion sense.

Robin Meade

Robin Meade is as accomplished as an anchor and journalist as you could possibly want. Meade was raised in Ohio where she would go on to attend Ashland University. After majoring in programming and performance, Meade would land an anchor position on the HLN morning show, ‘Morning Express with Robin Meade.’ Meade is also the former Miss Ohio winner from 1992.

Liberte Chan

Liberte Chan is another anchorwoman who found her way to fame thanks to a viral video. Chan experienced a goofy wardrobe malfunction during a live broadcast. The clip would be recorded and uploaded online where it would quickly go viral. Now, Chan is known for her colorful wardrobe and bubbly personality.

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson is a gorgeous weather broadcaster best known for her work on The Weather Channel. Wilson began her career in 2013 and she has quickly risen to the top of the pecking order in the intervening years. Wilson is a graduate from Syracuse University where she studied broadcast journalism. Wilson also attended Penn State where she would graduate with her degree in meteorology.

Sonya Hill

Sonya Hill is a sizzling hot forecaster from Corpus Christi, Texas. Hill grew up in Texas but she also lived for a spot of time in Neuvo Leon in Mexico. Outside of her work on the air, Hill has competed in a variety of swimsuit competitions, including Swimsuit USA International. Hill is a graduate of Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Vania Manzano

Vania Manzano went viral for her work on the TV broadcast, Azteca Jalisco. Manzano is one of the OG weatherwomen to go viral on the internet. Manzano’s Instagram account is a MUST follow if you like her work, as she is active and responsive with her fans. Manzano has more than 120,000 total followers at the time of this writing.

Alejandra Medina

Alejandra Medina is a model, former beauty queen, TV host, and weatherwoman. Medina works for TV Azteca as one of their most high-profile employees. Outside of her work on television, Medina is also an entrepreneur. Medina founded the makeup company known as Countour. She has over 20,000 fans on her Instagram account and another 14,000 fans on her Facebook account.

Leticia Castro

Leticia Castro works for Telemundo as a weatherwoman. Telemundo is an affiliate of the Las Vegas market. Castro has also appeared on newscasts in Sacramento and Houston. Outside of her work as an anchor, Castro is a prolific model. Castro recently won an Emmy Award in 2019 for her work on ‘La Herramienta del Futuro’.

Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra is a prominent newscaster on the Telemundo network. Originally working for a variety of shows, Gamarra has appeared on ‘Cada Dia con Madrid Antonieta’ almost every morning. A graduate from New York University, Gamarra has a degree in journalism and an internship at CNN on her resume. Talk about prepared for the job!

Marilu Kaufman

Marilu Kaufman will round out our list, sad to say. Kaufman is a Spanish weatherwoman who works for Multimedios Television. Kaufman is as well known for her work as an anchor as she is for her stunning style on television. We have a feeling that many husbands get yelled at for watching the weather broadcast.


Homeless Man Who Helped a Woman Turned Out to be a Hoax

Kevin Wells



The story of the homeless man who helped out a woman needing gas for her car by donating his few dollars went viral on the Internet and had hundreds of people wanting to reach out and help. They did so through a GoFundMe site that ended up generating a sizable amount of charity and gifts. For those who gave money, it made them feel better instantly. There was only one problem. The story was made up. The man was not homeless, and the woman had never run out of gas.

Instead, the two were involved in an online scam that ended up defrauding folks out of approximately $400,000 in online money gifts. It was not only enough to trigger a serious crime, the pair got themselves charged with a federal conspiracy case and ultimately pled guilty in a New Jersey federal court. Johnny Bobbitt and Katelyn McClure both separately admitted their crime of wire fraud. Given their involvement and degree of actions, Bobbitt is looking at a potential 10 years in federal prison and $250,000 in fines. McClure for her part faces a bigger sentence of 20 years and a similar financial penalty. Both will find out for sure when they are sentenced. In addition to the federal charges, the pair also have a second round of trials to go through with state charges as well. It was a blunt, cold ending to a story and scam that started in 2017 and took off like wildfire, far better than Hobbitt and McClure thought it would.

The story was plausible and reasonable enough. A couple told their story online about how they wanted to help a homeless man who helped them. McClure and her partner posted that Bobbitt realized McClure was in trouble, stuck in Philadelphia without gas. She needed to get home, and Bobbitt, who was nearby, realized the problem. He then gave her his only $20 to buy gas so she could travel again. To show their gratitude, McClure and her boyfriend were trying to raise $10,000 to help Bobbitt out as a thank you. The story took off.

Unfortunately, the media got involved. Loving a story out of the norm with a good newsworthy ending, they showcased the story on TV, and it got big attention. All of a sudden, what was supposed to be a little scam turned into a big one, raising some $402,706 with the added attention in a short three weeks. While Bobbitt did get $25,000 set aside by McClure and her partner, the rest of it was burned like kerosene on fire via clothing, trips, a car, vacations, gambling and more. However, Bobbitt didn’t appreciate the small share, and sued the pair for more, arguing he should have gotten $75,000 at least. GoFundMe got involved by trying to avoid bad press and making sure Bobbitt, the alleged homeless person, got his fair shake.

All of the financial attention caught the eye of the Feds who started investigating McClure. They seized well over 60,000 digital messages between the couple, which included admissions that the whole story was made up – a smoking gun text in the fraud conspiracy. Interestingly, McClure’s partner, although he enjoyed the spending of the money with McClure, was not charged or seen as involved in the conspiracy. The Feds went after McClure and the alleged homeless partner, Bobbitt, for the fraud. And GoFundMe yet again found itself in the middle of a crazy criminal scheme gone public and bad, stealing money from people who wanted to help others online. It turned out to be an odd, miserable ending to what many had hoped would have been a story of human charity done right.

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Drones, COVID-19, and Girl Scout Cookies: How One Virginia Troop Made It All Work

Shannon Jackson



Nestled in the heart of Montgomery County is Christiansburg, VA. A small town with just over 20,000 within its city limits, Christiansburg was first founded in 1671. Hundreds of years later, the city continues to thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic that has been wrecking so much of our day-to-day life.

One particular group of Christiansburg locals made it their goal to deliver Girl Scout Cookies no matter what during the pandemic and Google’s parental company, Alphabet Inc., decided to help them out.

Cookies From the Sky

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed unlikely that there would ever be a time when the pandemic would end. As economies shuttered and businesses quarantined, people had to get creative to continue working their trade. A team of Girl Scouts in Virginia was determined to deliver their famous cookies this past year, but due to COVID restrictions, they knew that this would bed difficult.

Lia Reich is a global communications lead at Wing, a subsidiary of the company Alphabet Inc.. Wing develops drones for Google, and it was through their futuristic work that Thin Mints would rain down from the sky. Lia says of COVID restrictions impacting the Scouts, “Selling cookies outside (grocery stores or shops) is difficult this year.”

According to Lia, sales within the Girl Scouts have dropped more than 50%. Lia would go on to tell the team at USA TODAY during an interview, “It was a natural fit to partner with the Girl Scouts.”

Despite soaring vaccination rates and loosening COVID restrictions, the drone program would get launched through the Wing App and its corresponding website. According to Reich, the plan at Wing is to help deliver more than 3,000 total boxes of cookies via its drone delivery service, if not even more.

For the Girl Scouts, cookie season typically begins in January though flavor availability and onset will vary based upon the region. For the longest time, Girl Scouts have prioritized selling their goods in residential neighborhoods, outside of grocery stores, and even through company programs at local businesses.

Unfortunately for the Girl Scouts, the COVID-19 pandemic would put an end to convention. In March 2020, the Scouts would suspend all of their traditional cookie booths and door-to-door sales campaigns. To make up for this loss in action, the Girl Scouts of Virginia would prepare virtual cookie booths through their online social media campaigns to partner with their drone-delivery methods.

Considered one of the largest girl-led programs for entrepreneurs on the planet, the Girl Scout Cookie drive is immensely important for multiple reasons. Not just an important institution, the Girl Scouts are a defining one.

Take Flight With Wing

While the Girl Scouts of Virginia will enjoy drone flying assistance with their cookie deliveries, they won’t have to worry about running the controls themselves. As the first drone delivery company in the country to earn Air Operators Certification from the FAA in 2019, Wing has used the Scouts delivery service as a way to showcase just how far drone flights have come.

According to Reich, “COVID gave people who might not have a reason to try drone delivery, and we saw deliveries increase by more than 500% in 2020.”

Reich’s assertion was backed by a local survey released by Virginia Tech. The survey found that Christiansburg locals enjoyed the idea of a residential drone delivery company with support coming in at 87% in favor of the idea.

Are you ready to start ordering your Girl Scout Cookies through drone delivery services? How about your next grocery order? As it turns out, the sky might be the limit!

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Shaq Goes On A Shopping Trip, Surprises Stranger By Paying For Engagement Ring!

Kelly Taylor



Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most famous sports figures in history. Known for his dominance inside of the paint for the Los Angeles Lakers and his undeniable charisma, Shaq would go on to enjoy a Hall of Fame career within the NBA while simultaneously developing his brand into one of the most encompassing in all of the major sports. Now happily retired and ready to sell his smile on television during the big games, Shaq seemingly likes to spend his free time giving fits to those in need and making people smile along the way.

One such experience happened inside of a Zales jewelry shop between Shaq and an unsuspecting (but very grateful!) stranger.

A Gift For a Stranger

Do you remember the day that you got engaged? Do you remember all of the thought you put into the big moment, the care that went into selecting your engagement ring, and the nerves that went into the experience? For this stranger in Zales, the story he would share in the future would blow away even the most imaginative of engagement ring purchases.

Shaq had been shopping at a local Zales earlier this year while looking for new earrings. During his search, Shaq would bump into a kind man who had been shopping for his engagement ring. The two men would share a few words and the sweet moment would end up captured on camera, culminating in Shaq offering to pay for the man’s engagement ring!

Appearing on an airing of NBA on TNT, Shaq would talk about the viral video that had caused so many kind words of support. Shaq described the stranger in the store as “shy” when he overheard the man ask the counter, “How much do I owe to pay off my ring?”

Upon hearing the request, Shaq would step in and ask the shopper how much he had left on the purchase. Shaq would say, “I’m not going to say the amount – but it’s not much for me.”

Man of the People

Shaq and the stranger would end up in a polite argument as the shopper continued to rebuff the offer saying, “I can’t do that sir” before describing the layaway plan he had put in place. Still, the Big Diesel was relentless with his kindness. Shaq told the shopper, “I’ll take care of it. Tell your girlfriend, I got it.”

O’Neal went on to describe how happy the man had been for the gift, admitting that he hadn’t intended for the moment to go viral. In fact, Shaq had hoped the video wouldn’t make it onto the internet. Shaq said on TNT, “I don’t do it for that — I try to do a good deed whenever I leave the house.”

While this moment of kindness may be unforgettable for the stranger at Zales, it is far from the only time that Shaq has stepped up to help an individual in need. Shaq has repeatedly made large and small donations to individuals and charities alike. Additionally, Shaq made headlines a year prior when he pulled over beside a car wreck to help folks who had crashed in Florida. A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office in Gainesville said of the event, “He didn’t stand around for any accolades, he got in his vehicle and left.”

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Dog Trapped For Four Days on Detroit River Adopted by Heroic Rescuer

Kevin Wells



Dogs are man’s best friend, so it stands to reason that we should look out for them wh never we can! A dog was found recently and rescued from the Detroit River after being stuck on the frozen, ice-covered surface for at least four days. Four days of exposure in the freezing cold could have left any pup sick, disabled, or potentially deceased. Fortunately for everyone involved in this story, the Miracle dog once named Alfonso would survive and find his forever home in the process!

Meet Miracle the Dog

Originally known to the world as Alfonso, Miracle would come into the public spotlight after his rescue from the Detroit River. Alfonso had been just over a year old when he ended up getting chased onto the waterway, then covered in ice, by what appeared to be a coyote. The poor puppy would spend the next four days on the frozen ice fighting against both the biting cold and the wild elements just to survive. Throughout the process, nearby citizens worked their hardest to rescue the little critter.

Thankfully, Jude Meade of J&J Marine would show up to the Detroit River with a plan, an airboat, and a team to help him save the animal. Jude owns a marine construction company based out of Windsor, Ontario, and his airboat would be used to approach the island where the dog was stranded, quickly capturing the puppy in the process. According to Dr. Lucretia Greear, a veterinarian at the nearby Woodhaven Animal Hospital, the pup had been hiding onto the island alone, thankfully unharmed by other wildlife.

Finding a Forever Home

Fortunately for Miracle the Dog, a trip on Jude’s airboat would lead to an invitation to a new forever home. Jude would take Miracle to the nearby Woodhaven Animal Hospital for treatment whereupon the puppy was rejuvenated and restored back to full health. The dog had been suffering from frostbite across the pads of his paws as well as his underbelly, with dehydration and pancreatitis also manifesting. Fortunately, these issues were put in the past.

The River Rouge Animal Shelter considered adopting the puppy before deciding that Jude should have the opportunity, should he want to take it. Sure enough, the story would culminate with Jude coming back to adopt the puppy. The shelter wrote on social media, “Miracle could not ask for a better more ideal family to love him!”

When Miracle had been discovered, they found that he was not wearing a tag or a collar, nor did he have a microchip showing ownership to another family. The River Rouge Animal Shelter would release several updates on the story through their social media page detailing Miracle’s adjustment period. The post read, “Today the story came full circle, as the Miracle Dog was placed into the hands of the hero who had saved his life.”

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Couple’s Home Gets Quarantined After Finding Unusual Object On A Beach

Kevin Wells



Imagine going for a stroll on a typical beautiful evening then coming upon the strangest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. A huge rock, but was it a rock?

Not only that, you end up being stuck outside your house because the authority figures you called in to deduce what it is came in droves and quarantined your home.

Yes, this is hard to fathom but one couple lived it after deciding to do more than look at the strange object but to seek help.

Here’s what happened next:

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