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40 Haunting Discoveries Found Trapped in Ice!





There is a reason that Walt Disney chose to freeze his head. Ice is the great preserver and over the lifespan of our world, many things have ended up frozen beneath the surface of some body of water or another. Scientists have increasingly turned to ice in order to make discoveries about our past and predictions about our future. Today, we are going to take a close look at 40 incredible scientific discoveries that were found encased in ice! Buckle your seatbelt, this might get a little weird!

Trapped Methane Gas

There are natural environmental events happening all around the world, but that doesn’t make them any less remarkable. Here, we can see bubbles of methane gas trapped below the surface of a body of water. I would hesitate to crack that ice in order to pop the bubbles, however. Methane gas is incredibly flammable — and dangerous.

Frozen Flood Waters

This picture looks like something out of a band Roland Emmerich film. What we are actually seeing is a flash flood that was frozen in its tracks. How cold does it have to be for something like this to happen? Actually, you know what, we don’t care. We’ll never willingly go somewhere that cold.

Frozen Balloon

Sometimes, the most amazing discoveries showcase the most mundane of objects. Here we can see a frozen balloon that was found on a river near Moscow. We have so many questions about this discovery that we don’t know where to start. We’ll just say this, the next time you let your balloon float away, just know that it’ll end up somewhere.

The Frozen Volcano

What makes this discovery so amazing is the dichotomy between what we’re reading and what we’re seeing. This is a frozen volcano surface located in China. These natural and bizarre features are created due to weird differences in water pressure. Once the water freezes, the entire fixture begins to protrude out of the ground.

Frozen Craters

We are starting to believe that some weird stuff goes down in Siberia. This is a frozen crater that was located beneath in the Siberian wilderness. This crater was discovered by a team of oil workers as they were flying over the area. The crater is 200 feet across but nobody knows how deep the crater goes. We wonder what’s down there!

Ancient Tunic

If you want to dress in the hottest outfit from 230 A.D., we have your back. This tunic was found frozen within a melting glacier by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology as well as the University of Oslo. Researchers were able to thaw the tunic in order to learn quite a bit about how and when it was made. As more glaciers melt, expect discoveries like this to become commonplace.

Extraterrestrial Markings

Are we alone in the universe? Have aliens come from beyond our solar system in order to leave strange eggs frozen beneath an icy mass of water in Utah? We probably know the answer to that question. This picture was taken in Utah and it shows a bed of ice that appears to be filled with a formation of frozen eggs. The people who discovered this event were incapable of breaking the ice in order to take home a sample.

Buried Gems

Finding buried treasure is literally one of the most exciting things that a person can do. In 2012, a French explorer stumbled upon a treasure trove within the Bossons Glacier in France. Inside of the buried box, the explorer found a mail pouch that was filled with hundreds of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The gems were likely recovered from an Air India plane crash back in the ’50s.

The Super Virus

Ice can preserve life, but not all life needs to be kept around. We are looking at a picture of a rejuvenated, 30,000-year-old virus. Found in the permafrost of Kolyma, Russia, this viral sample is without a modern cure. We hope that the Russian lab that is hosting this discovery makes sure to keep the lid on tight.

Mystery Creature

Siberia is filled with wild creatures and has been for countless years. With so much area to cover in this frozen wasteland, it makes sense that some weird discoveries can be found in ice. We are looking at a picture of what is alleged to be one of the first domesticated breeds of dogs — ever. We can only imagine what else is buried in ice.

The Subglacial Forest

The Mendenhall Glacier has been melting for hundreds of years. Recently, however, this melt has gone on to reveal an ancient wilderness, tucked away below the ice. The greenery located beneath the ice of the Mendenhall Glacier is estimated to be at least 2,300 years old. Talk about amazing, right?

Ship Breakers

This picture showcases the effectiveness of human creativity. We see a massive container ship that is transporting goods on Lake Michigan. The only reason we can see this ship trapped within the ice is because of an HD drone that was able to travel across the water. We’re sure the crew didn’t love being stuck, but we bet they got out okay.


Located outside of Cooke City, Montana, a glacier filled with grasshoppers was discovered. We aren’t just talking about a couple of frozen grasshoppers, to be clear. There were millions of grasshoppers recovered frozen within the ice. According to scientific research, these grasshoppers actually belong to an extinct species. Scientists have since dubbed this finding, Grasshopper Glacier. We never said they were creative.

In Ice

Take a moment to YouTube yourself a Rhino attack. Are you back, now? Horrifying, right? Here we see a baby rhino, covered in fur, that was discovered in Siberia back in 2014. The ancient woolly rhino has since been moved to the Academy of Sciences where it has been extensively researched. They named the rhino Sasha, by the way.

Frozen Flower Field

There is something about frozen objects that makes them almost surreal. In this picture, we can see a frozen field of flowers that had been on the edge of blooming. Some sort of precipitation had occurred which stopped the flowers mid-bloom.

Frozen Lighthouse

If you suffer from thalassophobia, you struggle seeing images related to ‘the deep’. So, with that frame of mind, would you be scared of pictures that show ‘the deep’ coming for you? This frozen lighthouse was shot in Michigan and is apparently a common enough sight. Still, this picture sends chills straight up to our spines!

Russian Waterfalls

In Russia, it is a common sight to see waterfalls that have seemingly frozen in midair. These majestic sights can be truly stunning to behold, but they aren’t intrinsic to the frozen tundra. In fact, the frozen waterfall pictured above was found in Minneapolis. 

The Ice Fox

When scientists discover perfectly preserved specimens like this, they have to feel like they struck gold. This fox was discovered in a frozen German lake by a hunter. The hunter had allegedly found numerous frozen creatures throughout his travels. While not intrinsically rare, what makes this find so amazing is how perfectly preserved the creature inside is. Germans apparently use this discovery as a reminder of the dangers that ice can pose.

Frozen Flowers

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote extensively about looking at something old in a new way. Here we see a flower, like any other flower, but it is encrusted in tiny flakes of ice. This frozen flower is a blend of something old and something new and it is altogether beautiful. We’d frame this and put it on our coffee table if we could.

Surviving the Ice

Did you know that alligators can survive an entire winter while frozen in ice? The picture you see above showcases an alligator stuck in ice, patiently waiting for the thaw to come around. For whatever reason, gators are able to preserve the health of their vitals and internal organs. Where we might die due to frostbite, alligators routinely survive. Talk about a killer survival instinct!

Fighting a Frozen Fire

If you’ve spent even a single winter in Illinois, you’ll understand how cold it can get. This picture shows the scene of a massive fire that took nearly 200 firefighters to control. The battle happened during single-digit temperatures and it culminated with the entire stockyard being coated in water which, as you understand, ended up completely freezing. Surreal!

Preserved Plane Crashes

If you think about how large our world is and compare that to how many flights go missing every year, you’ll start to come upon a realization. Plane crashes are routinely being found preserved in ice all over the world. This photo shows the remnants of a military plane that was presumed lost in 1952. Remnants of the plane were found in a glacier near Anchorage, Alaska. 52 people perished and it took over 50 years for the ice to melt enough for recovery operations.

Sequel to 2012

Okay, so this isn’t really a screenshot from an unreleased ‘2012’ sequel. This is actually a frozen lighthouse seated on a spit of land that stretches into Lake Michigan. Apparently, this is super common around the lake which means that we are going to stay very far away during winter. This image is beautiful, though.

Viking Recovery

If you want to learn a little more about Floki and Ragnar without the help of the History Channel, consider digging around in some Norwegian ice! This image shows an incredible Viking discovery in Juvfonna, Norway. Scientists have recovered reindeer traps,  weapons, and even clothing in the ice. We’re sure there’s a better story in there than another trip to Iceland with Floki. Are you listening, Michael Hirst?

Rana Sylvatica

When it comes to frozen frogs, this is certainly one of them. The rana sylvatica is native to North America. You can find this frog anywhere from North Carolina to the Boreal Forest in Canada. Frogs are routinely found frozen in ice due to how often they are near the water, even when it is cold. All it takes is for a little bit of shock to set in and a frog will be stuck in ice, incapable of escaping.

Chilean Sacrificial Site

The Incas thought that human sacrifices could help to sway the gods to bring them rain, crops, and protection. The Andes Mountains are littered with sacrificial sites that were established by the Incans.  Scientists have found more than 115 burial sites in the Mountains with one of the most famous discoveries happening in 1954. 

The Ice Bubble

This beautiful image showcases a frozen soap bubble. This bubble was blown in Montreal and the details captured on camera are nothing short of amazing. You can see different shades of color through the bubble as well as the details being derived from the creeping frost at the base of the bubble.

WWI Remnants

World War I was a global war and that meant that battles were fought everywhere, even high in the frozen Alps. Fighting in the mountains was awful and it exposed members of both sides to deadly elements that would take them to their graves. Scientists routinely recover soldiers, weapons, and remnants from ancient battles up in the mountains.

Atlatl Darts

Atlatl darts were used by ancient humans in order to hunt large animals on the prairie. Atlatl darts preceded the bow and arrow but gave similar results when used for hunting. These weapons were ornately carved and typically helped to signify the status or story of the person carrying them. They were an improvement from the conventional spear.

Sea Pigs

Have we taken a left turn into the world of Pokemon? Nope! Instead, we are looking at something known as a Sea Pig. These tiny creatures dwell at the bottom of the sea and are known for eating organic nutrients. These bizarre creatures have been discovered frozen in ice throughout the South Pole.



Mysteries From Ancient Times That Still Defy Explanation

Kelly Taylor



The devices we use every day would baffle people who lived just 100 years ago, as technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the modern age. One of the most amazing inventions is the computer, and it has taken over our lives in every area, from our phones to our cars to our kitchen appliances. Anyone can look at a phone to find out almost anything now. Why, then, are there still mysteries from the past? As archaeologists uncover more artifacts and scientists apply modern techniques to their finds, there are more mysteries instead of fewer ones.

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Your Older Brother Meets You Everday After School …In a Different Costume.

Kelly Taylor



Siblings have been well known for doing weird things to each other. It’s the kind of experience that can shape memories and their opinions of each other for a lifetime and be brought up well into their senior years with either laughter, anger or both. So, it’s no surprise that Noah Tingle, as an older brother, would likely leave an impression on his younger sibling. However, it’s the way that Noah went about this time-honored behavior between brothers that stands out as so different.

The fact is, Noah is a persistent fellow. And he wanted to make an impression on his younger brother, Max, that would last a lifetime. This intentional act took planning, and a lot of different resources. Because, as Noah figured out, it takes a lot of creativity to stay with the program that he came up with.

The first day Noah’s plan went into effect, his younger brother had no idea what was in store for him. It was a normal day of going to school, getting on the bus, sitting all day in class, yearning for those midday breaks, and then the bus ride home. Except that’s where things went different. When Max got off the schoolbus at his stop only to find his older brother standing at the stop waiting for him, in a full costume, his senses went into def-con 5 mode.  The 12-year-old didn’t know whether to laugh or get back on the bus. Worse, the costumed goof came running at him with arms wide open for a big hug. Scary!

This wonderful, crazy, insane, scary, funny experience continued every school day. And while Noah’s younger brother got used to the idea of his older sibling waiting for him, each day was a new costume. From the obvious and easy ones like Santa Claus, a football player and a dinosaur to the more complicated ones like Star Wars’ Chewbacca, Noah was diligently at the bus stop to make his brother’s day.

Not only did Noah completely make his brother embarrassed by the whole affair, he also made Max the talk of his own school. The younger brother wasn’t the only kid on the bus every afternoon, after all. So Along with Max, every other kid on the bus got to see the costumes as well, something the younger brother wasn’t going to live down anytime soon. And, over time, Max started looking forward to the surprise each day and what new costume Noah could come up with a day’s time.

Their mom got in on the act and began posting photos of the outfits on social media. No surprise, it gained a quick audience and big following, making Max’s “ordeal” now a bit of a national even and story of life on the Internet. Folks even got in on the act helping Noah out by sending him costumes they came up with or procured, so the older brother would haven’t to be entirely on his own keeping the gig going. There have been some real knock-outs as a result, enough to be contenders for a future Burning Man trip probably.

Once Noah goes away to college the costume parade will end, but Max’s memory of the entire affair won’t. It’s the kind of thing siblings talk about for decades to come. And that’s what Noah wanted for his brother to remember him by.

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Successfully launching adult children provides parents with more happiness as they age

Kevin Wells



Children make their parents happy, but they are frequently a source of stress. From the expense of child-rearing to the emotional rollercoaster adolescence presents, parents can have it tough. Does the good outweigh the bad over the long-term? According to one study, it definitely does on the happiness front. 

An important caveat is that the children grow up and establish their own household separate from mom and dad. Older people with children are statistically happier than their childless peers once their children leave home.

The finding comes from a team of researchers led by Christoph Becker at Germany’s Heidelberg University. It is rooted in data gathered in the massive “Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe.” Survey data is collected from 16 countries and over 55,000 respondents and focuses on a population age 50 and over.

Becker told The Independent in the United Kingdom that while the difference in the amount of happiness was not large — less than one point — children are still a significant influence on the emotional well-being of their parents.


Many researches believe it is the built-in social network that a child provides to a parent throughout later life. Adult children and spouses are an easy opportunity to maintain fellowship as a person ages. When the adult child has left home on good terms, they are less likely to present an emotional and financial burden, so their company is more readily enjoyed as a familial friendship. 

As far back as 1979 studies and beyond, researches have documented the importance of social relationships. As people age, the ability to maintain social and community ties improves longevity, even when those who are living longer fall into high-risk categories. The obese, smokers, the sedentary and drinkers with social ties still lived longer than their counterparts going it alone.

The ageing study suggests the trend holds true even in the digital age. The study responsible for the “happiness” finding also references the importance of friends and children for maintaining cognitive functioning skills, such as reasoning, remembering and decision-making, in later life.

In fact, the role of the spouse as an aid to cognitive functioning is much less important than other social ties outside the home as people age. However, the study does shows the built-in social network of marriage or having a partner can significantly boost happiness. 

Succeeding as an empty nester

The study findings clearly illustrate the importance of adult children not living in the home as part of the happiness bump. This requires parents to successfully ready children for the financial and emotional demands of adulthood. 

Preparing children for a productive, fulfilling life as an adult is one of the most important responsibilities of a parent, and it now seems it is also one of the best gifts parents can give themselves as they age.

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Should school nurses be able to send unvaccinated kids home? Many parents say ‘yes’

Shannon Jackson



Should kids be allowed in school if their parents refuse to vaccinate them? Some parents say yes while others say no. The Philadelphia public school system is also weighing in on the debate with new regulations that prohibit nurses from sending children home due to outdated immunization records. 

Nurses who work in public schools used to have the right to send children home if their vaccination records were not up to date. Many parents and some experts say that such a system proved effective as even moms and dads who disagreed with vaccinations assured that their kids were immunized during the school year. City officials, however, recently decided that school nurses had too much power with full discretion for sending kids home being left up to the medical professionals. Thus, government officials saw the need to change the rules. Now, school nurses may only send unvaccinated children home on a case-by-case basis. 

City officials claim that the aim of their new regulations regarding children and immunization records is to create better uniformity. Nurses, officials say, must follow a set pair of rules across the board. Some, however, find the new measure problematic. 

“It’s very dangerous that you’ve got kids who are not immunized, and you have medically fragile kids,” school nurse Peg Devine tells the press. “It’s unprecedented.” 

Several parents agree with the school nurse and even cite Temple University’s recent outbreak of the mumps as proof of there needing to be stricter guidelines in the way of immunization. 

“I wouldn’t take my kids to a doctor’s office if they allowed patients that weren’t up to date on their vaccines,” one concerned mom shares. “It puts everyone at risk, especially those who are immunocompromised and our babies who haven’t been able to get vaccinated yet.” 

Those most at risk of encountering health problems caused by viruses are individuals recovering from diseases such as cancer and expectant women. There are indeed several kids who attend public schools in the Philadelphia system currently recovering from cancer. For them, contracting the flu from an unvaccinated child is more than a matter of taking a few days off to recover. 

Still, there are those parents who believe that immunization should not be a matter of government intervention. “The government should never be given the power to dictate someone’s medical condition as a norm,” one anti-vaccine mom shares. “The occasional extreme, maybe, but that should be determined case-by-case,” the parent adds. “Choosing alternative immune support methods is not an extreme situation.”

While it is true that decisions regarding a child’s health should be left to the parent, it is also the case that children with outdated immunization records pose a threat to other children in a public school setting. Parents who feel strongly about vaccinations may want to consider homeschooling their children. Such options afford kids the opportunity to learn the essentials without parents having to compromise their personal beliefs. For now, at least, parents who are against immunizations have won a battle in Philadelphia!

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Teenager Makes One Simple Lifestyle Change, Loses 100+ Pounds!

Shannon Jackson



When Michael Watson, then a sophomore in high school, stood in front of the mirror, he didn’t like what he saw. Michael recalls seeing someone that he didn’t want to be. Motivated to change his body in a substantial way, he knew that he had to do something different. Dramatically different. For Watson, changing his body was all about changing his routine and, as you’ll soon see, that routine change was incredibly effective! First, let’s take a moment to step into Watson’s shoes as he began this journey toward life-changing weight loss.

For most high school students, your image is everything. Nobody wants to be the kid that everyone makes fun of. While school bullying should never inform your decisions, sometimes you end up stumbling into the real problems that you are dealing with. For Watson, he was tired of being the one kid on the bus that nobody wanted to sit by because there wasn’t enough room. When Watson began his weight loss journey, he was nearly 340lbs. In order to get all of that weight off, Watson decided that he was done taking the bus to school. Watson wasn’t just done riding the bus for a week or a month, he was done riding it for the entire year. Rain, snow, or shine, Watson was going to walk to school.

Walking. It’s as simple as that, right? Well, sort of. For Watson, deciding to opt-out of the bus ride meant walking nearly twenty miles total every single day of the school year. Watson says, “When I started walking, I didn’t even know what time the bus came and that was my motivation. I have to walk.” While walking was the major change that Watson made in his life, he also made other equally important changes. Watson gave up eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken which was unfortunately difficult, as he worked there. Watson recalls how horrible this lifestyle change was, but he was motivated every step of the way when progress began to show. Watson says, “What motivated me was stepping on the scale.”

Thanks to Michael’s tremendous work in reclaiming his health, he was able to chop 100 pounds right off of his waistline. Now, Watson is a trim and athletic young man with a body that looks as good as it is healthy. Watson’s hard work would get highlighted by his school district, Canton City Schools.  Even though the 6’4 Watson has received plenty of praise for his work, he knows that what he did wasn’t particularly special. Watson says, “Anybody can do it if they put their mind to it.” Even though Watson would have his off days, he made sure that his on days always outnumbered them. Thanks to his commitment, the occasional cheat day at KFC wouldn’t put him into a hole that he was incapable of walking out of. 

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