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Homeless Man’s Life Changes After Finding Rare Bambi Photo In Trash


Homeless Man’s Life Changes After Finding Rare Bambi Photo In Trash


Adam Gillian probably couldn’t have imagined one day the only cartoon character he most identified with since childhood would resurrect his life. From the ashes left from his inferno of misfortune, Adam wandered the streets of Edmonton, Canada. The Gateway to the North, Edmonton, was the only home the homeless Adam had to himself. Trying every day to survive and not know where his next meal would come from, Adam would sometimes make the money he needed to buy food by selling discarded items he discovered hidden in trash receptacles and dumpsters. He frequently sold artifacts to a local antique store, Curiosity Inc.

One life-altering day in the “Winter City,” Adam was rummaging through garbage and unearthed a medium size plastic sheet with a scene from his favorite Disney movie, Bambi, drawn on it. When Adam was only a child, his mother got killed by a drunken driver when she was on her way home. Adam saw the feature-length cartoon sometime later. He fell in love with the movie because just as Bambi’s mother got killed by a virulent hunter and healed, Adam wanted to do the same after his mom’s violent death. Unfortunately, his life hadn’t turned out as “happily ever after” as the lovable deer, but Adam had the same resilience to overcome his present adversities.

He would have kept the drawing for himself to treasure it for obvious reasons, but he sadly realized he had no way of storing it. So, he went to Curiosity Inc. to hand it off if he could. Like any other transaction, he sold the drawing for $20 and then he and the store owner, Alexander Archbold, went about their day.

When it came time to resell the drawing, Alex found out the picture was worth more than $3,000. Alex couldn’t believe it. Once the fees were taken out, he realized his business owed the homeless Adam $1,700.35 for the previous barter. The only problem was that Adam belonged to the street, and geographically, the entire city was his home. How would Alex find him if Adam saw nothing in the trashcans to sell?

Alex has searched all overlooking for Adam. He knows this money would indeed be a blessing for the vagabond friend. As each day passes, Alex ceaselessly dedicates a portion of his off time looking but unfortunately not finding him anywhere. Alex wonders about his safety. To better his life when Adam is seen or comes to the store again, Alex started a GoFundMe page. Hundreds of people have contributed and its expected to increase. Some of Alex’s friends have developed compassion for his cause and asked to help in the search. Since they didn’t know what Adam looked like, Alex printed out a still image of Adam from the store’s security camera.

Alex won’t rest until Adam gets found. Some wonder why Alex doesn’t just keep the money made from the picture for himself. He has probably considered it but that little angel sitting on his shoulder most likely persuaded him with little effort that the money rightly belongs to his lost, nomadic excavationist buddy. Plus, Alex knows the money will help him until he finds a place. This story goes to show that there is warmth in humanity and kindness is still a scent lingering in the air.

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