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Daughter With Cerebral Palsy Becomes Instagram-Famous After Mom Secretly Posts Her Photos Online

Finley Smallwood from Eastvale, California, a four-year-old daughter to Josh and Christina Smallwood, has become an online sensation with over 112,000 followers on a social media network, Instagram. Finley became so popular on social media due to her efforts to raise awareness of what it feels like growing up with cerebral palsy by donning stylish outfits. Christina, her mom, launched the Instagram campaign secretly without informing her husband or friends, and it quickly went viral, attracting all and sundry from across the globe.

When Josh and Christina found out that their only option to having a baby is domestic abortion, their journey to meeting Finley started. Unfortunately, her mother bled on her brain during birth by a C-section emergency that resulted in the damaging of young Finley’s brain. After staying in the hospital for five weeks and distressing her parents a great deal, she was released only to be diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a tender age of 15 months. Since then, she has undergone a series of surgeries due to her condition, but her parents have been very supportive and remained positive about it.

The Cerebral Palsy diagnosis

Finley’s parents were warned that their child might develop certain disabilities growing up. The doctors told them that she may develop a condition that will affect her movement, motor skills, and muscle tone. But, their love for their only child kept them inspired, giving her what the world couldn’t offer – true love. In an interview with Barcroft TV, Christina said that she fell in love with her daughter the first day she saw her in an incubator.

The life-changing moment is what inspired Christina to scour the internet thoroughly looking for fellow moms who were going through the same ordeal. Although there weren’t many stories to write home about, she came across one mother who had a son with a more severe case of cerebral palsy. Since the mom was a huge advocate for her son’s condition, Christina thought it will be a good idea to share with the world what it is like to bring up a child with cerebral palsy by starting an Instagram account called FIFI + MOM along with a blog to complement the experience.

Causes and symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy refers to health disorders that affect the body balance, movement, and posture. CP, sometimes referred to as brain paralysis, is often caused by abnormal brain development or damage to some parts of the brain controlling motor activity. The first symptoms that appear in early childhood include difficulty in crawling, sitting, walking, or even rolling over.

The severity of the symptoms varies from mild to profound. Furthermore, cerebral palsy may involve muscle stiffness, uncontrolled body movements, poor muscle tone, and other problems that affect the body posture, walking, swallowing, and speech. Most people with cerebral palsy exhibit normal or above average levels of intelligence. However, their ability to communicate hinders their capacity to express the intelligence. Finley’s condition is mild and hasn’t affected much of her ability to lead a normal life, apart from movement and muscle tone.



Good Samaritan Saves Four Kids After Witnessing Car Plunge into River

Kelly Taylor



It was an average evening for Harrell Fischer who was working on his boat one night in Sacramento, California. Suddenly he heard gunshots. Like out of a movie, he watched in awe as a car sped by and crashed into the river.

Immediately, Harrell and his friend jumped in the boat to rescue the passengers. The second he opened the car door, a child’s face was staring back at him, followed by little hands reach out to him. He reacted immediately after realizing four children, ages two-to-six, were trapped in the sinking car.

Thankfully, Harrel and his friend were about to rescue all four devasted children, who were in shock, from the freezing water. The boy who Harrell saved first said, “He killed my mom.”

There is a twist in the story. Before the car plunged into the river, the mother of four was shot in the head and killed instantly by the father. After the car crashed into the Sacramento River, the father exited and refused to help Harrell and his friend save the children.

The shooter in the crime is 27-year-old Mendiko Cuarzo who was sitting in the passenger seat when an argument ensued. The conversation became heated and he shot the 23-year-old mother. Mendiko is the father of three of the four children. The shooting caused the vehicle to run off the road and into the river.

This experience was incredibly traumatizing for the children. In addition to watching their mother be murdered while driving, they must deal with that loss. Also, their father will now go to prison so these children will be without either parent.

Harrell Fischer has mixed emotions of being at the scene. He is glad that he was there to save the lives of the children but also not happy he had to bear witness to the murderous situation and neglect from the father.

Investigators continue to look for motives in the killing. Cuarzo has previous convictions including illegal possession of a firearm.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country has witnessed a sharp increase in gun violence. The number of gun-related deaths has been trending upward when compared to the same period from 2019 as the peak of the virus continues.

The economy has seen an unprecedented increase in gun sales and, when combined with social isolation and economic distress, the country’s long-standing gun violence crisis is intensifying. The murder of these four children by Cuarzo is the latest representation of this issue.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted weak gun purchase and access laws allowing guns to fall into the hands of those with ill-intent. The pandemic also further emphasizes the structural inequity of the nation. The virus is putting vulnerable populations, such as children, women, and communities of color, at high risk.

The resulting impact has been lethal and devastating to local communities but also identifies that through policies, laws, and programs, citizens can remain healthy and safe in the future.

In addition to the increase in gun purchases, domestic violence is spiking due to the prolonged financial strain on middle and lower-income households. This leaves domestic violence victims trapped with abusive partners, many of whom have easy access to guns. Having access to a gun makes it five times more likely that an abuser will murder his female victim.

These troubling statistics indicate that there is a need for quick political action on proven programs and policies to keep families safe during these times. Some of the focal points must be a reassertion of the federal regulation of ghost guns, enact Extreme Risk laws, raise awareness of firearm storage practices, and increase funding for gun violence programs.

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Politics Are Never an Empty Field – Barbie Runs for Office in 2020

Kevin Wells



The classic American doll, Barbie, has performed, been portrayed in, or taken over just about every professional function in society. So, it’s no surprise that given the real themes in 2020 that Barbie would also decide to go into politics. Art imitating life it may be, but Barbie is likely to represent a serious contender against even the most seasoned politicians, that is if her fans were old enough to vote.

2020 is not the first time Barbie has entered politics. Believe it or not, her first foray into elections was some 28 years ago in 1992 when she tried to run for President. However, the toy doll was a bit of an independent at the time and didn’t get a lot of recognition on her own. Today, things are different. Not only is Barbie a 2020 candidate, she also has in place a solid professional election team on her side as well. Along with her are a handful of cool, savvy and with the times staffers and election strategists. The early polls are already showing Walmart and Target segments are responding, carrying her entire campaign team on the shelves and selling them as a combined unit.

Examined up close and interested electorate fans will find Barbie’s campaign manager as a key strategist, her campaign fundraiser to keep things paid and moving, and even a Barbie voter. Of course, her fans can add votes too. The entire team is set to hit the prime time. Barbie herself is positioned to show herself as a leader ready to hit the ground running, complete in business suit and with her telecom assortment of communication tools. And, let’s not forget, every business jacket should have an American flag lapel pin too.

 Her campaign manager is decked out in a professional ensemble as well, ready to manage the stage as well as cue to the poll analysts and computer graphics behind the scenes to support her candidate. And Barbie’s fundraiser is hitting the road in blue denim and comfortable style, driving miles and miles to bring in the donors.

The key message from Barbie, however, is to prime young girls for politics. Girls and women can not only have their part in campaigns, they can be the lead candidate as well. And the idea of a real woman President is no figment of the imagination. While Barbie is, after all, just a toy, the reality of a woman President is very likely in the next two elections if not the third. In fact, the U.S. is behind the curve in this respect, as many countries around the world have already had women leaders and many still do. When that happens, given elections happen every four years, the next candidate in 20 years may have well be a young girl who had Barbie as her own special election candidate.

In the meantime, Barbie and her campaign team let girls practice for the future now, complete with all the accessories and campaign road style needed to win the big ticket.

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A Furry Companion Unlike Any Other

Renee Yates



People enjoy learning about pets on social media sites and when a dog seems to exude a behavior that is unique or charming, many people may wind up viewing a post, ultimately making a canine a worldwide sensation. In the past, there was a small dog named Boo, who was noted for popular Instagram photos and videos, which showcased the dog’s tendency to be dressed up in cute clothing. Boo normally spent time alongside his pal Buddy. Unfortunately Boo passed away a few years ago, but he did live a long and happy life.

Today, there is a new internet star by the name of Milo. Milo is a duck tolling retriever and already has over 30,000 followers on Instagram. He enjoys spending time outdoors and is especially fond of butterflies. This interest became apparent when his owner, Jenn Bennet, noticed that Milo was carefully observing some Monarch butterflies that were flying in her flower garden.

Some of the butterflies actually landed on Milo’s head and his owner took a picture of him. This picture is what first made Milo popular with people worldwide. “He has a gentle demeanor and loves nature and living creatures”, stated Jenn during an interview on Good Morning America. Monarchs are dwindling in number worldwide and Jenn wants to do her part to protect this species from harm.

Another one of Milo’s interests has to deal with hobby cooking. Milo doesn’t actually cook, but Jenn jokes around about how Milo is her helper and how he will sit patiently waiting for her to create dog treats. The treats include peanut butter carrot cake, peanut butter donuts, and granola bars. Jenn has created personal recipes for a while now and she enjoys trying out new flavor combinations and allowing Milo to taste test each creation.

All natural ingredients are used for each recipe and the snacks are offered in conjunction with Milo’s normal diet. “Milo will sit patiently on the floor, watching me add ingredients to a bowl and observing me whisk the items until they are blended. Before using cookie cutters or a roller, I allow Milo to sample each batch of goodies. Milo’s way of thanking me is by using his tongue to give me a sloppy kiss”, stated Jenn.

Jenn has been sharing her love of cooking and the healthy ingredient combinations that she uses to create dog treats. If you would like to learn more about the treats that Milo prefers, you can acquire a listing of the ingredients used and the preparation steps, by visiting Jenn’s Instagram page.

Additionally, if you want to be inspired by a furry creature who is only 2 years old, but has a lot of character and love for life, be sure to stay updated, by browsing the photos and the unique captions that Jenn shares with her audience. Who knows, you may even become inspired to adopt your own dog companion and to share some of the heartwarming moments that you experience when you are alone with your new pet.

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Preparing For Your First Camping Trip With Kids In Tow

Shannon Jackson



There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a trip away from home to enjoy the outdoors. If you have kids, you already know that they relish in the sunlight and love exploring nature. Camping as a family is a wonderful way to spend time together doing just that. Preparing for your first ever camping trip will ensure that your children have a blast, leading the way to future trips together in this form.

Try A Practice Run

Before heading out for a camping excursion, try a trial run at home to see how your kids fare. Set up a tent in your backyard and keep tabs on all the items your family needs while you spend the night. Luckily, it isn’t too far away and you can grab things as you see fit. Write down a list of the items you used, and keep it handy for your “real” camping trip away from home.

Keep Devices Off

In today’s day and age, everyone has a cell phone or electronic device to look at. Camping should be based around nature and experiences as a family unit. Let older kids know they will need to shut down their phones while you are spending time together. Allow them an hour or so at nighttime to catch up with friends, but make it a priority that the device is shut off again for another day of fun, if applicable.

Don’t Make It Difficult

For a first camping trip, forego hiking in the woods to a remote location to set up your sleeping quarters. Instead, head to a family camping facility. Here your children have amenities available, such as restrooms with running water, electricity, and maybe even a gift shop or small store. This way you can observe what is needed and not needed for future trips out with your kids.

Don’t Overplan Your Excursion

There is no need to write up a schedule of events you wish to partake in with your kids. Instead, keep a few “must-dos” in mind and wing the rest. Spontaneity can be a great thing for everyone. You’ll see that your kids come up with unique ways to overcome boredom and creativity will abound. Refrain from writing up lists and allow nature to take its course. Another idea is to let each member of the family come up with an idea for an activity that everyone can do together. After this has been completed, another family member gets a turn. This way each person gets to experience something that they want to try.

Allow For Some Dirt To Accumulate

At home, you likely let your kids know when you don’t want them to get dirty. While camping, let this rule slide by and let your kids feel the earth without restriction. Dirt never hurt anyone and it will let your child roam around without worrying about their appearance or whether they will be scolded about its presence. Some of the best fun is to be had with dirt involved! This can always be washed off in a shower house, lake, or via a sponge bath if needed. Keep your child’s good clothing at home when you go camping so you do not worry about it becoming ruined during a time when you just want to have fun with each other.

It Might Not Be What You Expect

Don’t go into a camping trip thinking that it will be magical for all who are involved. You may have a child that just isn’t the camping type, and that is okay. You may find that your child really enjoys camping, however. You won’t know until you try!

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Trio of terror raids the fridge as dad tries to stop them

Kevin Wells



For most, having just one kid is already a massive task in itself. It’s the reason the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child,” exists in the first place. So, could you imagine being told the news that you’re having triplets? 
Having even twins is extremely uncommon, with just 33 out of every 1,000 births resulting in twins. That’s a less than 1% chance of twins or just one-third of once present. So, having triplets is even rarer, yet one dad was about to find out it can still happen. 
Xavier Rogers and his wife Maria Rogers of San Antonio Texas have decided to document their adventure with the triplets. Posting throughout social media platforms, the family has multiple videos. One video, in particular, has gained social media traction. 
In the video, Xavier is seen trying to keep his three triplets out of the fridge. As soon as Xavier picks one child up and moves him back, another baby comes crawling towards the fridge. They must know food comes from there. 
Most impressive is the speed at which each baby crawls to accomplish his goal of reaching the fridge. 
Even with so much chaos, the couple seems to be happy and in good spirits. Sharing videos via YouTube and Facebook, the couple has documented their lives with the newfound trio of terror.
Posting in the video’s description where the trio tries to raid the fridge, Maria posted, “Just a normal day over here, lol.” Maria, who is just 21 years old, says that Xavier has more patience than she does when dealing with the trio’s antics. 
Even cuter is the fact that each baby in the video is seen smiling and laughing. The babies probably knew they were playing a “trick” on Xavier and enjoyed his reactions to them storming the fridge. 
Even though caring for three babies, oftentimes called triplets, seems like intense work, there are also smiles and good times all around. All of the couple’s videos are happy and show the babies all enjoying their time with their parents. 
These cute videos have garnered a lot of attention as well. With a decent YouTube following, the family has captured millions’ attention as the triplets continue to do cute things. 
Of all of the videos so far, however, the fridge video has caught the most attention by far. Even then, this new family of vying has plenty more videos on YouTube that are worth checking out. 

In one video, the family documented their trio’s gender reveal as well as other updates like baby name reveals, and other updates. One especially cute video is when all the babies “meet” one another for the first time after leaving the hospital. Videos like these are especially important nowadays, considering all the chaos and uncertainty in the world.

These videos are extremely simple and have no goal other than to share happiness and cuteness with the world.

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