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Chip and Joanna Gaines Unveil Their Amazing Restored Property

If you’ve ever tuned into the HGTV channel, you know that their priority is reality television. At HGTV, there is no show bigger than Fixer Upper. Led by hosts Joanna and Chip Gaines, Fixer Upper is all about following one family as they revitalize homes with glamorous and trendy makeovers. Of course, the show is really about how the husband-wife duo works together, and they’ve cultivated quite the following as a result. Now, in the ultimate Fixer Upper twist, we are going to head into the home that Chip and Joanna fixed for themselves!


Meet Joanna and Chip

If you don’t know Chip or Joanna, you’ve come to the right place! The television co-hosts first met each other back in Waco, TX, in 2001. They were both attending the same high-school when they became aware of one another. Chip saw Joanna in a fancy portrait while visiting Joanna’s family business. Two years later, Chip and Joanna would tie the knot. Talk about a romantic story!


Property Loving Family

Being in the fixin’ business, it only makes sense that the Gaines would live in many different homes throughout their life. After Joanna and Chip got married, they would end up living in nine different houses. While they no doubt loved exploring all of these properties, the Gaines always promised to settle down one day. It was this mindset that got them to begin working on their own fixer-upper!


Renovating Their Dream Home

Suffice to say, Joanna and Chip are definitely no strangers to renovating homes. So, when they set their eyes on this decrepit looking farmhouse, they saw the end-product rather than what currently stood before them.  It’s the ability to see the potential in a piece of property that has made the stars of Fixer Upper so popular among their fans.

Wide Angle of the Property

Here’s another look at the property before the Gaines family began to work on it. As you can see, there was quite a bit of work to do. Without their television production team behind them, Chip and Joanna would be on their own. Can you imagine what they turned this lunk of wood into? By the end of today’s conversation, you’ll have your mind blown by their fixer-upper skills!


Successful Television Career

Before we dive wholesale into the renovation, let’s take a moment to look back at the careers of Chip and Joanna. Fixer Upper officially premiered in 2013. Since then, the series has gone on for five seasons and 56 episodes. More than just a family entertainment show, Fixer Upper has also scored two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for their work. The show officially went off of the air in 2018, but we’ll explore that topic more at a later time.


Meet The Farmhouse

While it may seem sudden, their renovation took nearly 18 months to complete. Here we can see that the Gaines did as much work on the outside of the home as they did on the inside of the property. When they first purchased the farmhouse in 2012, right before they made it big on HGTV, the place barely looked livable. Now, the farmhouse looks like a miniature mansion!


A Long Journey

While Chip and Joanna can renovate a guest’s property in the space of a single episode, doing the job in real life is a whole heck of a lot tougher. It took a full 18 months in order to turn this property into somewhere that they would want to raise their family. Of course, Chip and Joanna were totally fine taking their time. As you’ll see, the land that the property sits on is just as beautiful.


Finally Moving In

While you might expect Joanna and Chip to go crazy renovating their own house, they were actually relatively constrained. By the end of their renovation, the reality television stars had only added a single extension to the home, and that for the master bedroom. It turns out that the famous couple wanted to retain as much old school charm as possible. Who can blame them?


Perfecting the Color

In order to really perfect the look of the home, Joanna wanted something that was soft and elegant. Joanna decided that they needed to lean into white as one of their core color elements. As you’ll soon see, the gentle white color has helped to totally transform the interior of the house. While a slightly controversial decision, Joanna definitely made the most out of her choice.


Rejuvenating the Kitchen

The kitchen is the beating heart of most homes, so it stands to reason that Chip and Joanna would want a nice kitchen of their own. With a gaggle of children to take care of, Joanna and Chip wanted something functional and aesthetically pleasing. This kitchen incorporates a stainless steel island, a hanging wooden rafter, and stark modern lines. Can you imagine having breakfast here?

A Cozy Entrance

When you walk into the home, you instantly feel at ease. With a ‘G’ adorning the wall, it is hard to forget who owns this house! Again, the Gaines paid a lot of attention to functionality while designing their dream home. You can see the hooks and cubbies for stashing supplies when coming inside. You got to do what you can in order to motivate your children to be clean!


Attending to Little Details

What sets Joanna and Chip apart as designers is their ability to notice the little things. It makes total sense that they would remember to add beautiful little touches to their own home. Here you can see a few of the little design and decor decisions that Chip and Joanna made before finishing their renovation.

Gorgeous Living Room

This is the perfect living room for any family that is always on the go. There’s enough comfortable seating for the family to relax, but nothing feels overwhelming. This living room is beautifully designed, and we love the mixed textures that they chose to pursue. The white board set against the faux wooden windows is just a great look.


Sense of Refined Charm

From a decrepit old building to a refined and upscale farmhouse, Chip and Joanna did one heck of a job. We love the rustic-industrial look that the Gaines family managed to pull off for this renovation. You can see that they care deeply about blending both function and fashion into a cohesive space. With a large dining room table and plenty of space for relaxing, this is a great family area!

Luxurious Bedroom

Now, this looks like the perfect bedroom to pass out in.  We love the windows that straddle the bed as well as all of the delicate decors that they incorporated. The white walls mixed with the natural earthen tones combine to make this a bedroom to dream of. What makes this bedroom even cooler is how much it sprawls, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.


Master Bathroom

Before we move on, let’s take a moment to peek into the master bathroom. This is the extension that we had mentioned earlier. This free-standing en-suite has its own bathtub as well as white tiling. We love how the old door makes the room more inviting than ever. We almost feel like this is a room pulled straight from The Hobbit.


Sprawling Comfort

Turn just to the left of the bed and you’ll find yourself staring at what makes this bedroom truly special. A beautiful fireplace is adorned by two chairs and an antique desk. The windows add a ton of light and the white lace curtains create a sense of vulnerable elegance. With a house full of kids, it can be nice to have an adults’ only escape.

Boys Bedroom

Now that we’ve seen where Chip and Joanna sleep, it’s only fair to check out the boys’ room. You can tell right away that the family wanted a clean and open space for their boys to roughhouse. Two bunk beds set the tone and the steel ladders and rails make them pop off of the walls. We continue to love how the wooden floor and white wooden walls blend together.


In the Girls Room

In the girls’ room, things look just a little bit different. For one, this is probably the softest and most delicate looking bedroom to ever exist. This is where Emmie Kay and Ella Rose sleep. They have their own chandelier as well as, probably, the coolest looking dollhouse in the world. While this is smaller than the boys’ room, it certainly feels complete and cozy.


Master Bathroom Interior

Let’s swing back to the master bathroom for a close-up view of the interior. Once you step through the delightfully Hobbit-esque door, you’ll find yourself in a bathroom that blends class with antique appeal. We absolutely adore the hanging chandelier as well as the free-standing tub. The his-and-her sinks are also a phenomenal choice. What do you think of the way that the tiling blends with the wooden ceiling?

Boys Bedroom Layout

Here’s a wider view of the boy’s bedroom. Your eyes will immediately be drawn to the giant map hanging above the bar. On the far wall, you’ll find an exercise ladder and a pair of pinboards that are perfect for adding family photos. While the Gaines are focused on fancy renovations, they make sure to never leave out what is truly important to them, family.


Remember the Family

Speaking of the family, you can’t walk up or down a flight of steps in this house without being reminded of who lives there. The stairwell has been adorned with family photos set inside of dark black frames. The black frames really help to pop off of the wall. We also love the little light bulb sconces that seem to be all over the house.

Adult Business Room

Considering the fact that Joanna and Chip are two television stars with plenty of work to do, it makes sense that they’d have a meeting room. This giant space has been designed for a number of different tasks. The primary table is great for business meetings while the cabinets and side tables are perfect for storing and working on crafts.

Adorable Coffee Bar

Many people don’t understand what makes an interior designer good at what they do. Here, we can see a clear example as to why Chip and Joanna are the best in the business. This nifty little coffee bar is functional, adorable, and completely effective at filling in this awkward room. Knowing how to work with space is so important when you are a designer.

Kids Crafting Room

When the kids want to flex their creative skills, they are sent to the crafting room. With a gorgeous window, a hanging chandelier, and two mounted baskets, we couldn’t find a more inviting room to relax in. What do you think of the stools that are attached to the table? We thought that was a rather inspired decision!


Relaxing Outdoors

When you have a house filled with children, you have to make a space outside for them to enjoy. We can see the sprawling yard that encapsulates their property, just beyond the fence line. We can also see what appears to be a brick oven stove, a barbecue, and the cutest outdoor picnic table of all time. Could you waste an afternoon in this yard?


View of the Land

Here is another angle of the land encircling the farmhouse. Apparently, their farmhouse came with 40 acres of land that is filled with trees, shrubs, and other plants.  While renovating 40 acres of land is tough, Chip and Joanna got right to work on a few of their favorite little passion projects. Let’s take a trip around the property in order to see what our favorite Fixer Uppers stars have been up to.


The PERFECT Greenhouse

Let’s take our first stop at the Greenhouse. Joanna is a pretty big gardening fan, and this greenhouse means that she can tend to her plants no matter the time of the year. This greenhouse is more than just functional, it is absolutely breathtaking. Seriously, look at the refined angles of the building itself. This isn’t a prefabricated greenhouse!


Laid Back Afternoon

A home isn’t really a home when you can’t relax in it. Fortunately, the Gaines family doesn’t have any trouble sitting back and letting peace overwhelm them. The deck is just as pretty as the rest of the house, but with a better view for the family dog. Here we see Joanna and Crew taking a moment to admire the life that they have built.


The Home Office

In some ways, this home office is a little bit upsetting. With that being said, the reason that Chip and Joanna don’t need a home office is simple, they are always on the go and working! On the rare occasion that they get to relax at home, this desk looks perfect for grinding out a few emails while taking in the nearby view.


The Family Room

The family room is probably the most important part of the house. When you have as many kids as Chip and Joanna, you want to have a place where everyone can gather. What picture would be more symbolic of a family gathering than this one? Here, we see everyone doing their own thing while the beauty of the house looms over all.

Enjoying the Fireplace

You aren’t often going to be starting up your fireplace in Texas, but on the rare occasion that you want to, it’s nice to have the option! This fireplace is situated right in the heart of the family room.  This would be a great view to take in on a cold, wintry morning. We also have to compliment how much green the Gaines managed to showcase in their home!


Before and After

This incredible before and after picture really shows you how far Chip and Joanna have come. Remember, they purchased this home in 2012, before their show had even gone on the air. For seven years, Chip and Joanna have owned this property. They’ve watched their children grow up while renovating the building. While the actual work only took 18 months, the house has cemented itself as a major part of their life.

Excited for the Future

When Fixer Uppers was pulled off of the air in 2018, fans all over the country reacted with concern. After all, Chip and Joanna didn’t have any new show in development when Fixer Uppers came to a close. Would this be it for our favorite remodeling professionals? Well, if you are reading this paragraph right now, you probably already know that this isn’t where their story ends! Instead, they are moving onto something even bigger and more exciting! 


Making Big Moves

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Chip and Joanna have partnered with the Discovery Network in order to take over the DIY Network. Chip, Joanna, and Discovery will work together in order to renovate the DIY Network into the television channel of their dreams. We have a feeling that you’ll be seeing much more of Chip and Joanna in the coming months!




The Simpsons Incorporate ASL in Their Show

Kevin Wells



The TV cartoon, The Simpsons, has never been known for being a mild, sedate cartoon with low volume. Instead, it’s been loud, brash and visual. That said, one of the reasons the Simpsons has lasted for so long, aside from always being relevant to current events and new generations, is the fact that the show also incorporates new elements when it makes sense. That was the case when the show’s writers decided to incorporate American Sign Language for the first time.

Of course, there were challenges. Cartoon characters are not always anatomically correct. In the Simpsons world, everyone has four fingers on a hand instead of five. To make matters worse, the episode needed Shakespeare to be translated with ASL. Oops.

Making Up Fiction Based on Reality

The current writer responsible for the ASL episode was also keen on going farther. Instead of just focusing on solving how to use ASL, Loni Sosthand also figured out a way to incorporate deaf actors for the voices as well. Double-wow. The recognizable character, Lisa Simpson, spends a story on mourning over the passing of a musician she liked and was a mentor to her character. As it turns out, however, that musician had a son in the cartoon, and the boy is deaf. Lisa, trying to be the perennial helper, wants to assist the boy in getting a hearing implant, and of course, things go sideways from there.

Of course, like many stories used by writers, Sosthand’s episode was rooted in reality. Her own family was big in jazz, different racial perspectives, and a sibling born deaf. The episode gave Sosthand a chance to use her personal experience of balancing a physical limitation with a whole family of issues and going from there. Sosthand ended up bringing her relatives into the cartoon world vicariously through Lisa Simpson’s experience trying to help the musician’s son.

The Results Proved the Success of the Idea

The ASL and deaf voice actor combination was a hit. The episode came across as realistic and accurate, despite fundamentally being a cartoon. And that’s the kind of factor that makes The Simpsons one of the longest running TV shows, much less the longest running TV cartoon show. Even South Park doesn’t even come close to longevity. And for those who use regular ASL, the particular episode of Lisa’s adventures hit home and provided representation for the first time on The Simpsons. It was history in the making.

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Arthur is Going to End, Long Live Arthur

Shannon Jackson



PBS has been known for a lot of things in terms of documentaries, but for a whole generation of kids the name Arthur was more familiar while they were growing up. Just like for Boomers and many from Generation X that the Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom will never be forgotten in their minds for many Generation Z and some late Millennials who caught the show, “Arthur” was a familiar name from childhood. The PBS Kids cartoon has now reached a major milestone of 25 season runs, and its creators as well as distributors are in agreement it’s time to shut down the program.

The original concept for Arthur as a cartoon came from Marc Brown, a writer and illustrator of children’s books. Arthur was the “everykid,” a cartoon character kids from all backgrounds could relate to and no one in particular. It helped that Arthur was an Aardvark and his family and neighbors were all animals as well. A parent never had to try and explain differing cultures to their kids watching the show, unlike many other TV programs and simply growing up has required these days. The show was timeless, positive, and it became an international success as well, easily translatable to other languages.

The break in the confidentiality of the show’s ending first came from Kathy Waugh; she let the secret loose during an interview in the summer of 2021. Since then, the final episode has been in countdown mode, with fans of all ages wondering when the final chapter was going to be viewed. The creators and show managers decided reaching the 25th anniversary was as good a stop as any, especially after all 250 something episodes that came before it and a few movies. However, on February 21, the last episode was shown on its original schedule.

Lots of folks thought the Arthur cartoon series was just going to keep on going without an end. The program was easy to maintain, working with storylines that definitely felt evergreen in placement and not stale at all in teaching kids values and social

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Travis Baker Flies Again More Than a Decade After Surviving Fatal Plane Crash

Renee Yates



Sometimes it isn’t easy to get over a minor thing that happened to you, whether in childhood or adulthood. It’s hard to fathom going into an airplane again after being in one that ended up in a fatal crash. Travis Barker has defied what most people would consider impossible, but he did not do it alone. Let’s delve into how he managed to accomplish this significant feat after more than twelve years.

The 45-year-old drummer with Blink-182 traveled on Saturday, August 14, the first flight since his horrific 2008 plane crash that saw four of his colleagues dying and Barker surviving with third-degree level burns.

Girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian accompanied Barker aboard Kylie Jenner’s private plane as they traveled to Cabo. Kris Jenner and her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, were also said to be on board, according to the outlet.

Barker was caught sporting a white tank top, gray jeans with a black belt studded with metal studs, and a black beanie on his head for the outing. Kardashian, 42, meanwhile, looked stylish in a black dress and black sunglasses.

“Travis flying to Cabo is a marvelous thing. Many years ago, a plane disaster was incredibly traumatic. To reach this point, he’s had a lot of aid, according to media reports. Kourtney has been immensely helpful. She never urged him to take to the air. They’ve been able to travel around the United States without flying, and Kourtney appears quite comfortable with it.

Barker and longtime partner DJ AM (Adam Michael Goldstein) escaped an aircraft accident more than a decade ago while flying from South Carolina, where they had just performed. A year later, Goldstein died of a prescription drug overdose.

The disaster killed Barker’s security officer Charles “Che” Still, his aide Chris Baker, pilot Sarah Lemmon, and co-pilot James Bland.

After the accident, the musician had a hard road to rehabilitation, both mentally and physically. He had third-degree burns covering 65 percent of his body and had to undergo many operations and skin grafts. In addition, Barker was abusing “excessive” marijuana and prescription drugs.

Barker declared his plans to return to the skies in June. On Twitter, he proclaimed, “I might fly again.”

When Goldstein died, Barker said in an interview that he decided to stop using medications and flushing medicine, “even stuff that I needed,” after his opiate tolerance began to rise with each surgery.

“Everyone usually asks, ‘Did you go to rehab?'” the drummer said to the publication. “‘No, I was in a plane crash,’ I answer. That was the extent of my rehabilitation. Have you ever lost three pals and come close to dying? That served as a wake-up call for me. I would not have quit if I hadn’t been in a car accident.”

In the same interview, Barker expressed his desire to be a writer “If I succeed in overcoming [flying], and the angels above assist me in my trips and keep me safe, I’d like to come back and [inform my children], ‘Hey, I just went here, and then I came home.’ And everything turned out OK.’ I have to inform them since I was about to abandon them. That is a perfect day.”

After the crash, the drummer’s dread of flights grew to the point that he remarked, “I used to be afraid of planes.” “I wasn’t able to go down the street. I was convinced that if I saw a plane [in the sky], it was going to crash, and I didn’t want to see it.”

“The closer I got to it, the more it seemed like I was getting closer to the terrible stuff than the beautiful stuff. I felt more akin to attempting to flee, to be in an accident and being burned, to trying to save my buddies from a burning jet, “Barker continued.

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Logrolling Crows in Real Life

Kelly Taylor



Darren Hudson has spent his entire career in the outdoors, so interacting with nature is a standard for the lumberjack. And, among all the wildlife Darren would deal with regularly, crows were extremely common given their preference for trees. When he’s not busy cutting down trees for the lumber yard, Darren is also a champion logrolling expert, with a seven-time title streak to his name for the best in the lumberjack sport. Interestingly, both nature and his talent would end up being a combination of life experience for Darren after his cutting down a particular tree.

As it turned out, one of the trees he had taken down recently had a nest in it. When the tree was felled and Darren surveyed the results, he found that his cutting had also managed to destroy a nest for three fledgling crows. Feeling bad for the young birds, Darren made a makeshift nest out of a box, and set it up again so the parent birds could find the fledglings and feed them. Darren then made a point to come back a day or two later and check on the fledglings. Unfortunately, the mother crow never connected back with the fledglings, leaving Darren with no choice but to adopt two of the young birds and leave the third with the Wildcat’s Mi’kmaw community.

Over time, Darren raised the birds to full status, but the crows adopted Darren as family and stuck with him instead of leaving. So, he now has two crows for pets, which is not an uncommon occurrence in the countryside parts of Nova Scotia. And, as it turned out, the crows also adopted Darren’s sport, logrolling. The birds had a habit of following Darren everywhere he went when not driving. And, while he was practicing his logrolling skills, the birds would land nearby and try to figure out what he was doing. Eventually, they got on the log with him and learned how to stay topside as well. It’s not always a success, but for the most part, the crows fend for themselves and roll along just fine as Darren is moving the log.

Even with speed, the birds keep up with Darren, even if sometimes they seem to get a bit close to the water themselves. In one display for a local news media team, it was Darren, not the bird, that ended up the water falling off the log, a bit ironic all things considered. Darren brushes it off that the birds “cheat,” using their claws to hold on which he doesn’t have himself. Again, in Nova Scotia, pets have a habit of copying their masters. Dogs have learned to logroll, so why not crows?

Interestingly, Darren’s crows, Vic and River, are entirely free. They have no leashes, no restraints, and no clipped wings. Essentially, the two birds can split town anytime they want and forget about Darren and humans altogether for that matter. However, they have bonded with him as an adopted parent, and follow Darren wherever he goes around the homestead.

The adaptive ability of crows and their learning capacity is well-recorded. The birds are exceptionally smart in the bird world, and many crow owners have trained their birds to do a number of different activities. Even wild crows can be trained to retrieve specific items they see while flying if they associate a reward with the work.

Vic and River regularly interact with other wild crows and fly around regularly as visitors approach. However, the two birds remain connected to Darren and won’t leave him regardless of migration patterns, at least so far. Darren knows at some point the birds might leave, and that’s the end of it, but he’s enjoying their company as long as it lasts.

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From Teacher to TikTok Star: The Story of Mr. Hamilton

Renee Yates



Technology has fundamentally changed the way that we connect with one another. The era of instant communication and social media outreach has made us more intertwined than ever, giving otherwise unknown faces the chance to shine in front of millions if not billions of people. For Casey Hamilton, aka @MrHamilton on TikTok, social media allowed the teacher to transition into one of the biggest performers on the internet.

Let’s explore the rise of Mr. Hamilton and his journey from teaching in Plant City to winning over TikTok audiences around the world!

Casey Hamilton: Chaotic Positivity

Were you to run across one of Hamilton’s TikTok videos on a whim, you’d likely not assume he was a teacher. The 25-year-old TikTok star began his career on the platform by selling what everyone loved about him in his classroom, his personality. Hamilton embodies the young-and-fun generation of TikTok stars that are taking over the pop culture world. Hamilton dresses in his favorite crocs, a joke in itself, while matching the rest of his outfit to the caricature of a cartoon-loving pre-teen.

Hamilton’s TikTok currently has more than 5 million followers and that number is climbing by the day, but for what reason? More than just childish fun, Hamilton brings boatloads of energy to his impersonations and sketches. One sketch that garnered Hamilton millions of views was his version of Plankton, a hit with the Spongebob generation. Impersonations aren’t restricted to celebrities, as Hamilton has made videos impersonating, well, everything.

When Hamilton isn’t giving his fans a show through impersonations, he’s sharing his soaring vocals. Covering All Star by Smash Mouth brought in views but so did Hey, Delilah – a song about a stripper. Dance moves of all types join these performances and one thing is certain throughout them all: Casey isn’t afraid of being the center of attention.

From Plant City to Tik Tok Stardom

Hamilton worked at Plant City High School as a TV Production Teacher, developing a morning show with his students. The environment allowed Hamilton to flex his creative chops and amiable positivity, inviting students to fall in love with sketches, comedy, and creating artistic entertainment of all types. Students watched with glee as the morning news at school slowly transitioned into a fun mashup of entertainment.

Jennifer Hamilton is Casey’s mother and she had more than enough to say about her son. Casey said, “I don’t think it was everyone’s cup of tea…” Still, Jennifer had to admit that the show was a hit with Casey’s students. Jennifer said, “He turned our TV show around, the students appreciated the humor and would pay attention.”

Still, Hamilton’s electric personality caused him to become a quick favorite among students. It was only natural to transition into comedy outside of school. Born and raised in Plant City, Hamilton used his upbringing as well as the close-knit community from his hometown to build his brand, but in the most natural way possible. Perhaps that is the most intriguing thing about Hamilton. His success is organic from the ground-up.

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