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18 Celebrities That Vanished Without a Trace or Explanation

If the best magicians in the world have taught us anything, it’s that we simply cannot vanish without a lot of preparation and planning. As human beings, we crave closure. As a society obsessed with celebrity culture, we also crave constant news and attention regarding these larger-than-life figures. So what do we do when some of the biggest stars in the world up and vanish?

We look closer.

Today, we are going to introduce you to 18 celebrities that vanished without a trace or a concrete explanation. While these stories are sad and tragic in their own right, they are also thrilling insights into how quickly larger-than-life figures can come and go.

Sean Flynn

The son of Errol Flynn, Sean Flynn was always stuck behind his father’s shadow. Despite a successful career as both an actor and a photojournalist during the Vietnam War, Flynn would potentially lose his life trying to set himself apart from what he wasn’t… his father. Flynn would go to Vietnam in 1970 alongside another journalist named Dana Stone. Their goal was simple, to cover a Viet Cong checkpoint, but they never returned and nobody knows what happened to them.

Leading Guess: The Khmer Rouge has killed at least 30 known foreign journalists and Flynn is potentially one of them.

Oscar Zeta Acosta

Born and raised in El Paso Texas, Oscar Acosta would go on to become a prominent attorney, novelist, and activist within the Chicago Movement. Most well known for his work with and characterization by Hunter S. Thompson, Acosta would live up to his larger-than-life reputation by breaking down barriers everywhere that he saw them.

Oscar Zeta Acosta would vanish without a trace in 1974 while on a trip to Mexico and since he vanished, he has been presumed dead. Some fans of Oscar Zeta Acosta believe that he gave up his life of fame and drugs to live quietly in Mexico.

Barbara Newhall Follett

By the age of 13, Barbara Newhall Follett had already published her first novel. Not long after that, her complex and technical work would land her on lists as the next great American author. Follett would release two celebrated novels before the world would fall from beneath her feet as her father abandoned the family. Follett would be forced to quit writing to support her mother. She would never publish a novel again.

At 26-years-old, Follett would vanish after an argument with her husband. Her husband never looked and Follett’s mother didn’t even notice she was gone for over a decade.

Fan Bingbing

Would it shock you to learn that we have celebrities still vanishing in today’s highly publicized world? Fan Bingbing was ready to explode in the West as a talented performer thanks to an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Unfortunately for Fan, her contractual information would leak revealing that she had been evading taxes. Bingbing would vanish in 2018 without a trace, with many individuals pointing to the Chinese government as responsible.

Thankfully, Bingbing would reappear years later but her disappearance hung like a bomb ready to go off.

Connie Converse

Connie Converse was born and raised in New Hampshire. She would leave home behind to head to New York City to pursue her dreams as a musician. While Connie wasn’t enormously popular during her time in the city, her work would gain new life long after her disappearance.

In 1974 long after leaving music behind, Connie would send her friends a letter. She told them that she had felt like she had failed and that it was time for a fresh start. She was never heard from again.

Rico Harris

How can someone with such explosive talents simply vanish without a trace? As it turns out, the answer is tragically ‘pretty easy’. Harris made his claim to fame as a member of the Harlem Globetrotters during the early 00s. Prior to his work with the Globetrotters he had been a top-level collegiate recruit. Unfortunately, a problem with alcohol would cause Harris to lose his job later in life as a security guard.

Harris would leave his mother’s house in Seattle only to vanish outside of Sacramento. His car was found but Harris was never located.

D.B. Cooper

We suppose that we are cheating by using a figure like D.B. Cooper, but we figure that he still should be on this list. Yet to be unidentified, the name Dan Cooper was handed to the unidentified figure who would go on to hijack a Boeing 727 aircraft in 1971. Cooper had purchased his airline ticket under the name Dan Cooper, this leading to the name we have given him.

Cooper would jump from the airline that he had hijacked while taking nearly $1.26 million dollars in money-adjusted-for-inflation. Nobody knows what happened to Cooper once he left the plane. Some say he survived, others figure that he died upon landing.

Bisone Delle

Bison Dele was known as Brian Williams as a collegiate basketball player. Talented and athletic, Dele would find his way to the NBA only to quit the game by the age of 30. Dele would travel across the world, enjoying nomadic travel throughout Asia and the Middle East. Dele would live this vagabond lifestyle while setting sail with his brothers and girlfriend for a trip to Hawaii.

Only Miles Dabord, Dele’s eldest brother, would ever be heard from again while trying to cash his brother’s checkbook. Dabord is considered the prime suspect in the disappearance of Dele, but he has since passed away from an insulin overdose.

Richey Edwards

Richey Edwards was Sid Vicious before Sid Vicious was Sid Vicious, ya dig? Edwards was a rock star in every sense of the word, and he was renowned, revered, and repudiated for his larger than life actions. Edwards was known to be unstable, and he often did ‘out there’ things for attention. When he vanished in 1995, many assumed Edwards had simply chosen to vanish. Edwards would never be heard from again, though his car was found abandoned beneath the Severn Bridge.

Jimmy Hoffa

No conversation regarding vanishing celebrities can be complete without mentioning Jimmy Hoffa. Once in charge of the Teamsters union in the ’60s, Hoffa would turn away from his position in the ’70s due to a potential passion for crime. Ultimately, Hoffa would end up vanishing in 1975 while visiting Detroit. He has since been presumed dead and no body has ever been recovered.

Harold Holt

Harold Holt had been serving as Australia’s 17th Prime Minister when he vanished on an otherwise normal December day. Holt had been visiting the Cheviot Beach located in Victoria where he had fostered a love for swimming. The weather was purportedly bad with waves higher than most surfers were willing to handle.

Holt was never found and the general consensus is that he drowned while swimming, or had an incursion with some aquatic life. Imagine if JFK had simply vanished at sea and you’ll get why this was such a big deal at the time.

Solomon Northup

Solomon Northup is the author behind the famous novel and cinematic adaptation, Twelve Years a Slave. Northup had been kidnaped in 1841 by two men, Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton. Northup would end up in the slave markets where he was sold to James H. Birch as a ‘fugitive’. Solomon would eventually reclaim his freedom only to tragically vanish in 1857 while working in Canada.

Nobody knows what happened to Northup, but his story continues to live on to this day.

‘Sweet’ Jimmy Robinson

Imagine if you will the opportunity to compete one on one with the greatest name your favorite sport has ever seen. That is what happened to Sweet Jimmy Robinson in 1961 when he stepped into the ring with Muhammad Ali. Robinson had been brought in as a last-minute replacement, and he would be knocked out in short order, lasting just 94 seconds in the ring.

Robinson would go on to vanish in 1979 shortly after a photographer had found him broke, potentially homeless, and addicted to alcohol. If Sweet Jimmy is still alive today, he is embracing his privacy.

Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan wasn’t your average guitarist. He was a folk singer who had gained a cult following after releasing just two records. Sullivan wouldn’t go out like most rock stars typically do, instead simply vanishing from thin air during a visit to Santa Rosa in New Mexico. Sullivan’s clothing, wallet, and guitar were all found abandoned at a local motel.

Sullivan’s friends claim that he would never have abandoned his guitar and some conspiracy theorists believe that UFOs might have been involved. Sullivan had once written about driving into the desert only to be abducted by aliens.

Amelia Earhart

Celebrities vanishing and historical figures go hand in hand when discussing Amelia Earhart. Perhaps most famous FOR going missing, Earhart had accomplished more than enough in life to put that idea to bed. Earhart was an established pilot, designer, and author with the kind of ambition that would lead someone to try and fly across the globe.

Unfortunately for Earhart and Fred Noonan, the pilots would simply vanish once over the Pacific Ocean. Some say the plane crashed. Others say that Amelia and Fred went to Japan. Simply put, nobody knows.

Hale Boggs

Close your eyes and imagine the most famous politician in America outside the President of the United States. Now imagine that they had vanished without a trace. That is the perspective we need to have when discussing Hale Boggs. Boggs had sat opposite many prominent figures during his time in office, doubting the JFK shooting publicly while also going to verbal war with J. Edgar Hoover, a pretty bad fella.

In 1972, Boggs was expected to arrive in Juneau to help fellow party members hold their seat for the upcoming election. With bad weather and more than 325,000 sq/miles of area, Boggs and his vehicle would simply vanish without a trace. No plane wreckage or body was ever found.

Michael Rockefeller

Young, rich, and exorbitantly handsome. Michael Rockefeller had everything going for him when he simply went missing. Michael could have been referred to as just another spoiled socialite who vanished while on vacation, but that would be doing his story a disservice. Instead, Michael would vanish while visiting Papua New Guinea to visit the local people and embrace their culture.

Rockefeller would see his boat overturned around the Asmat area of Papua New Guinea and his body was never recovered. Some local tribes are said to have seen Rockefeller reach the shore, only to be killed and dismembered as a trophy. Nobody knows for sure.

Don Lewis

Let’s close out our exploration of celebrities that vanished without a trace by pointing to Don Lewis, a self-made millionaire with an eye for automobiles and real estate. Lewis would rise to fame thanks to his mentions in the Tiger King reality series on Netflix. Lewis would vanish in 2002 after developing a history of visiting sketchy places throughout South America. His wife, Carole Baskin, was often pointed at as a potential reason for his disappearance. Carole and Lewis had married in 1991 and had a notably rocky relationship.

Despite all the theories surrounding Don Lewis and his disappearance, no solid or concrete evidence has ever presented itself. Some say that he was fed to big cats after being murdered while others assume he went missing in South America. There have been no charges levied nor any arrests made in connection with his disappearance. Carole Baskin has since used her fame to try and find his remains.



National Bison Range Officially Becomes Part of Flathead Indian Reservation





It’s official! Effective January 15, 2021, National Bison Range is owned by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

The land has become a part of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) following an authorized historical process involving the US and Indian bureaucrats.

The CSKT is a part of Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation, which lies west of the state along the river, which bears the same name.

It is home to multiple tribes, encompassing the Bitterroot Salish and the Kootenai, known for being diverse. Scores of people visit the reservations to partake of its wildlife and bask in the lush greenery.

The recent property transfer was enabled by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in association with the Land Management Bureau.

In what was deemed a smooth transition of ownership David L. Bernhardt, who had reached the climax of his tenure as Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior, affixed his signature to the transfer order.

Order 3390 states that the land belongs to the Indian Affairs Bureau, with restoration slated to get underway immediately.

Head of the CSKT, Shelly Fyant, underscored the value of the US authorities’ move to correct a situation that occurred many years ago, forcing the land’s separation.

Ms. Fyant notes that the move is nothing short of historic and will lead to its continued preservation.

She adds that it was a lot of hard work that was put into accomplishing this major feat, emphasizing that both ranges were separated more than a century ago, twenty-five of which were spent attempting to manage the Fish and Wildlife Center there jointly.

She believes that the original dwellers will significantly benefit from the historic move that relied on the Buffalo for so many years.

It was through Public Law No. 116-260 that the transition was made possible by.

It was four days before the end of the year that the law came into effect; a welcoming new year’s gift for the Indian Bureau.

That same month, Congress abolished the Law that established the National Bison Range and moved ahead with the process to return the land of the National Bison Range held in protection by the United States for the benefit of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

The law also established a two-year transition period during which Congress gave directives to the Secretary of the Interior via the FWS to be in one accord with the Tribes in transition operations. The tribes assumed complete control of the Bison Range.

Both the Service and the tribes will work for a seamless transition for the Bison, the wildlife, the staff, and the public.

In the meantime, scores of tourists have been flocking the area for years to see the many natural attractions, including species of animals not seen anywhere else.

Some attractions include “The People’s Center,” which, for thousands of years, the Salish, Pend d’Oreille, and Kootenai have occupied. These lands gradually became western Montana and the surrounding area.

The People’s Center tells the tales of these tribes via a museum, an exhibition space, educational programs, and a gift shop.

There’s also the Flathead Lake State Parks, the most vast freshwater lake in the West.

Areas of note on the lake comprise Wild Horse Island and several other spectacular state divisions on the reserve, including Finley Point and Yellow Bay.

Except for Wild Horse Island, all areas extend camping, fishing, boat rides and swimming excursions, and more.

Now that the territory has expanded, tourism will be an even more significant benefit to the Indian tribes with more to display.

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25 Fitness Tips That EVERY Gym Enthusiast Needs to Know

Shannon Jackson



Every great journey begins with a single solitary step. In the fitness world, we begin our journey toward health and wellness in earnest when we begin putting in the work. As many newcomers to the world of exercise have come to realize, simply working hard will not always lead to direct and effective results. Do you feel like you are hitting your limits, spinning your tires, or otherwise stalling out with your fitness progress?

To enjoy a more successful journey toward your fitness resolutions, consider incorporating 25 of these secret fitness tips that every gym enthusiast needs to know!

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The Most Expensive High Schools In The United States, Ranked

Shannon Jackson



We all know just how expensive college can get, with high tuition, dorm fees, books, and living costs. Most parents spend the first 18 years of their children’s life saving up for the high expenses of college. However, sometimes parents may have to dip into these savings a little early with some highly sought after high schools. 

Today, we’ll look at some of the most expensive high schools in the U.S and see what makes them so desirable. The tuition on #1 is mind-blowing.

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Use Mindfulness Methods to Cope with Holidays’ Uncertainty and Stress

Renee Yates



The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has stunned the entire world. The deadly virus has affected millions across the world in terms of health, business, and economy. Numerous research studies have highlighted the effects of stress on people in the cold winter season. 

However, 2020 is different because there is more stress due to Covid-19. People can’t go out for shopping, share Thanksgiving dinners, or celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. There are several ways to cope with stress and anxiety, but practicing mindfulness is the best method to let go of the past and future. 

Mindfulness allows you to recharge your brain and fully present in the moment. It helps fight depression, anxiety, and stress. At the same, mindfulness can help you cope with the uncertainty that usually occurs during the holiday season. Here are a few mindful ways to cope with tension and stress throughout the holiday season. Read on!

A Balanced Diet 

Food is the central point of any event or celebration, but the holiday season is incomplete without delicious recipes and dishes. It is a great time to enjoy your food traditions. However, unhealthy diets can affect you both physically and mentally. So, make sure you choose the right type of food that you enjoy and benefit your overall wellbeing. 

Studies show that the presentation of good food can enhance your eating experience. According to Dan Ariely, an experienced social psychologist, a good presentation of coffee can upscale its taste. Some people say that their coffee tastes more delicious when it is presented in fancy containers instead of paper cups. 

Likewise, it is crucial to eat and drink wisely. Slow chewing allows your stomach to digest the food properly. You will also experience the flavor, texture, and smell if you take time with each bite. 

Eat healthy food items, such as veggies and fruits because they are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can detoxify your body and increase blood flow to the brain. Eventually, you will have less stress and anxiety. 

Listen to Relaxing Music 

People enjoy the holiday season with the music they love. Listen to the music that demonstrates your religious, cultural, and societal norms. Many evolutionary psychologists say that early human beings developed music for enjoyment and calmness purposes. 

According to Steven Pinker, a psychologist, music is an auditory cheesecake, a byproduct of natural selection. Most psychologists believe that early human played and used music to strengthen bonds within their tribes.  

A growing body of research evidence shows that music can help reduce anxiety and stress. Some studies show that music increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure levels. Not only does music improve balance, but it also boosts your brain’s plasticity. 

Recent studies have highlighted that music produces emotional effects on your brain and allows you to feel energized, calm, joyful, nostalgic, reflective, and stress-free. It is important to choose music that helps you to get rid of the hustle and bustle in your mind. Create a list of songs that soothes your mind and tranquil your heart.  

Explore Nature 

The holiday season is full of stress and anxiety of many people. Many people miss the pre-Covid-19 world where everyone could go outside and enjoy. Although urban life has its own mental implications, the pre-Covid-19 era was still better than the uncertain times of today. 

Exploring Nature is one of the best ways to cope with your mental stress. A recent research study showed that spending time in Nature, especially in trees for about 15 minutes can help reduce negative thoughts, anxiety, confusion, and depressive symptoms. On the other hand, people who live in urban areas experience more stress. 

Another research study highlighted that people who look up t tall trees for one minute had induced feelings of generosity and calmness. The participants of the study also reported that this practice had lowered their selfish behavior.

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Looking For Happiness? Studies Show It Might Come From Hydration!





According to a report by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, & Medicine, the average adequate intake for water is roughly 3.7 liters for men and around 2.7 liters for women. Obviously, these requirements may change based upon our body composition and day-to-day rigors, but that is a solid foundation to begin your water consumption. When we drink the appropriate amount of water, we know that our skin can become clearer and our organs can function better. However, did you also know that the amount of water you drink might have a direct impact on how happy you are in general?

A poll conducted by the team at OnePoll was performed in conjunction with Bosch Home Appliances to explore hydration, water intake, and its many impacts on our wellbeing. According to the report, the study found that nearly 40% of respondents would drink at least six or more glasses of water every single day. In doing so, these poll responders claimed that they strongly agreed that hydration was playing a beneficial role in an increase in their happiness. The study went on to theorize that refreshments, such as a glass of water or fresh juice, could help us wake up feeling more refreshed, less exhausted, and more ready to tackle the day.

As the study performed by OnePoll progressed, one thing became abundantly clear: people associated their water intake with success and happiness. Individuals who drank at least six glasses of water per day were far more likely to describe themselves as ‘successful’ and ‘least likely’ to be late on their way to the office. These numbers were almost directly polarized by individuals who reported significantly less water intake throughout the day. Those who reported drinking less than six glasses often described themselves as ‘struggling to wake up’ or ‘feeling exhausted’ at random times during the week.

While the study by OnePoll with Bosch Home Appliances was far from conclusive, it gave us a direct look into how our relationship to water can change the perspective we have on our own health. Those that did not keep up with their water intake were less optimistic overall. What does this actually mean and can any truth be gleaned from the is study? Those who drank plenty of water found themselves happier while also more satisfied and confident with their efforts.

Other factors that may impact how much water you should consume per day will vary based upon where you live, what you eat, how active you are, and your overall health. Extensive studies in China have found that avoiding water for up to 36 hours can have a direct and noticeable impact on attention, memory, reaction speed, focus, and overall levels of fatigue. According to studies within the U.S. healthcare system, nearly 75% of adult Americans walk around chronically dehydrated, subsisting on just 2.5 cups of water per day while over-consuming other, less healthy beverages.

One of the best ways to ensure proper water consumption is by incorporating a filtered water bottle into your day-to-day routine. Simply refilling a reusable water bottle multiple times per day can have a direct impact on your health, happiness, and energy levels.

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