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Why Do Parents Name Their Children After Fortnite Characters?

Kevin Wells




The popularity of certain baby names has been a topic for nearly as long as women have been giving birth. Each year, the list is updated, usually with names that have been popular at one time or another in the past. Names like Jacob, Olivia, Wyatt and Penelope have been popular off and on for centuries, and the name Jacob can even be dated back to biblical times. However, times have definitely changed, as it seems that now parents are choosing to name their children after video game characters. Now that the extremely popular video game, Fortnite, has mesmerized many players, the list of top baby names now includes many characters from this particular game.

Substantial research has been conducted on this new phenomenon, and a survey obtained from a popular parenting website, Baby Center, regarding the most popular baby names of 2018 revealed that there has been a substantial increase in parents giving their children Fortnite character names. These names, mostly given by Millennial parents, include the Fortnite characters Rogue and Bunny for girls, as well as Leviathan and Ramirez for boys. In fact, there has been nearly a 60% increase in parents naming their children Ramirez.

Psychologists have studied the fascination that preteens, teens and young adults have with Fortnite, and it has been concluded that there are many reasons. First of all, although the initial version of Fortnite wasn’t free, the current version that is being released is absolutely free. Free can be appealing to many people for obvious reasons. Another aspect of the game that draws young people in is due to the unique dances that the characters on the game perform. Not only are these dance moves attractive, but many players find them fun to perform themselves. The outfits worn by the characters of Fortnite is another lure. In fact, the survery obtained from Baby Center regarding Fortnite-inspired names revealed that the attire of the characters is one of the main reasons that parents felt compelled to name their babies after certain characters.

Furthermore, gamers like the fact that winning in the game Fortnite is actually attainable, unlike many other games. Games like Call of Duty only enable you to see how far you can get, but Fortnite actually offers play that is not only enticing, but it’s also goal-oriented, making winning a lot more fun.

An additional reason for the Fortnite-character baby name craze is due to the fascination with “expert” real-life gamers. For example, one well-known real-life gamer is Dakotaz, who posts his actual gameplay on social media via videos. As a result of Dakotaz’s game success, an increasing amount of parents are naming their baby girls and boys Dakota. Many younger parents and parents-to-be see certain gamers as very inspiring, which is based solely on their gaming skills. It’s easy for Fortnite enthusiasts to seek out these real-life gamers through various social networking websites. Even if they don’t seek out actual videos themselves, they may come across the many videos shared on YouTube, Facebook and other popular websites.

It doesn’t look as if Fortnite is going anywhere anytime soon, as game creators are constantly adding attractive upgrades to the game, which will continue to mesmerize young gamers. There, it is likely that parents will likely continue to name their children after characters from the game. When these Fortnite character-named children get older, their parents can share with them how they came up with their names, which might be somewhat interesting to the children.



Watching Out for Our Feral Friends in Frigid Winter

Shannon Jackson



As cold weather approaches, the ads start showing up on television and social media, reminding people with pets to let them come inside. Unfortunately, feral cats don’t have a home, and the weather is just as dangerous for them.

Kindhearted animal lovers help feral cats by providing food and a safe place for them to congregate, but that doesn’t help during those cold winter nights when they are stuck outside, shivering and helpless. There are as many as tens of millions of feral cats in the US alone.  Luckily, some quick thinkers figured out different ways to provide shelter for outside cats during the harsh winter months.

A Big Heart Wanting to Help

A man in Utah was aware of the plight of all the innocent creatures who suffered during the winter. Phillip Rogich believes that all living creatures should be able to have their needs met, and he decided to do something about it. He made it his mission to find a way to help those unfortunates, helping as many as he could. Even though other people were able to ignore the suffering around them, Phillip felt compelled to take action.

Making Shelters from Discarded Materials

Phillip figured out how to make simple shelters that could insulate his feline friends from the dangerous cold with materials that other people had thrown away. He used discarded coolers as the basis for the shelters, which meant that at least the initial outlay only involved the time he needed to collect the discarded and donated coolers.

His other needed materials included: a six-inch drill bit, some pipe insulation, styrofoam and plastic. The final, crucial detail: he added straw to make sure the shelters he created didn’t retain moisture, which would have made them dangerously wet and cold. Some people have tried to use substitutes, but straw works best and is easy to find. Used for thousands of years to provide safe, comfortable bedding for animals, straw is a tried and true material.

The Need Is Great, But There Are People Willing to Help

Anyone who wants to help the animals in their own neighborhoods but doesn’t know how should feel free to reach out for help in their areas. There are local rescue groups and other groups of feline rescue in almost every area now, and they would be happy to work with you so you can get started.

Phillip Rogich had a great idea and he shares his experience on his Facebook page, where he is willing to help anyone who comes to him for advice. Other feline friends are using other materials, like discarded tires, to give feral cats a warm place to get out of the snow and wind. 

If you feel like you don’t have anything to offer, you can always volunteer your time or even share ideas like this on social media. The more people who realize the problem, while being given a solution, the more people will help.

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My Dog Loves Taking These Vitamins Every Day

Shannon Jackson



I feed my canine dog food that contains healthy ingredients like lamb and garbanzo beans. I give him lots of people food on the sly, too. Since I never thought vitamins made for dogs were something my pet needed because his diet has always been nutritious, I never considered giving my dog a vitamin supplement.

Things changed when I became aware of Dandy. This is a company that does what it takes to tailor their vitamins to your dog’s needs and your concerns about your pet’s health. Using their expert knowledge and the information you give them about your dog, this company is able to create great tasting vitamins that are designed to enhance your dog’s health in a customized manner.  

Since I began giving my dog, Zephyr, these vitamins on a daily basis, he walks up to the pantry I keep them in and cries out to me because he wants them.  

If you would like to order dog vitamins from Dandy, know that you will be required to answer some questions. The information you submit will help the experts at the company create the best vitamin supplement for your canine. You’ll be asked for your dog’s age, and you will have to give Dandy your dog’s weight. Your dog’s level of activity may be needed, too.  

It took me approximately five minutes to answer all the questions. In a couple of days, Zephyr was able to start taking the vitamins I had received in the mail. A ball and two other delightful goodies were included in the package that arrived. One of these other goodies was a cool bandana.

The vitamins that were delivered to me were separately packaged. This has made administering the supplements to my pet every day very convenient. I can honestly say your dog will go crazy over the yummy flavors these treats come in. When I throw these vitamin supplements into Zephyr’s mouth, he really enjoys gobbling them up.

My dog is used to taking his vitamins every day now. He’ll actually give me a sign to let me know it’s time for his supplements. This typically happens when we return from our daily stroll. It’s a time when he’ll walk up to the cupboard I keep his vitamins in and wait for me to give him his treats.

I’ve noticed an improvement in the amount of energy Zephyr has now that I give him Dandy vitamins. I’ve also noticed that he doesn’t scratch anymore because his skin is no longer itchy. The scratching stopped once I began giving him the Dandy supplements. My dog’s health is good now, and he’s full of life thanks to this amazing product.

You might as well give your dog a treat that has health benefits if your pet enjoys eating dog treats. You might as well give your pet Dandy vitamins.

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Quilty the Escape-Artist Cat Sets His Fellow Shelter Cats Free

Kelly Taylor



Meet Quilty: a devious 6-year-old rescue cat with a mission to help his friends roam free.

Shortly after Quilty’s arrival to the Friends for Life animal shelter in Houston, Texas, staff members noticed the door to the senior cat room (where Quilty was residing) was mysteriously open every morning. As a result, all of the senior kitties would be meandering freely through the entire shelter.

The breakouts became so frequent that the Friends for Life staff eventually checked their security footage to solve this mystery. Lo and behold, the culprit was caught: Quilty!

Quilty would open the door to the senior cat room not only at night, but several times throughout the day by jumping up and pulling down the door handle. In a Facebook post, the shelter explained that “Quilty-proofing” the senior cat room was a necessity.

Quilty was placed in “solitary confinement” in the lobby while the staff worked to make sure his escapades would be impossible to repeat. The shelter explained that although the senior cats would likely miss their adventures in the shelter, the “staff did not miss the morning cat wrangling, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree there.” 

Upon sharing this post, Quilty’s story went viral. His Instagram page, free_quilty, has gained over 50,000 followers and the shelter now sells Quilty merch branded with the #FreeQuilty hashtag. Eventually, Quilty’s story even made it to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Not surprisingly, Quilty was unsatisfied by the shelter’s decision to confine him to the senior cat room. Upon realizing his daily escapes were no longer achievable, Quilty resorted to insessently meowing and digging at the room’s doors and windows to express his frustration. As a result, the #FreeQuilty hashtag with photos and videos of a grimacing Quilty blew up and made the vigilanty kitty even more reputable. In an Instagram video of him lying on the floor and pawing the door, Quilty illustrates his own frustration by writing, “I’m going INSANE here folx . . . and they literally just come stare at me. #WTFhumans”.

In regards to his adoption, the shelter joked, “If someone out there is looking for a clever cat that gets along with dogs but does not get along with closed doors, we have someone they really need to come and meet. Please. Come meet him. And take him home. Please…” Upon gaining so much recongition on the internet, Quilty actually began to receive a lot of inquiries from people all over the United States who wanted to adopt him. 

Eventually, Quilty began a trial period, which Friends for Life calls “sleepover”, with a potential forever-family. Although the family was confident enough that their door handles could handle Quilty’s mischief, he actually has made zero attempts to escape since he arrived. In addition to humans, the family consists of two dogs, a hamster, and a hedgehog. So far, it seems like Quilty is warming up to his new siblings perfectly well.

The family submitted an application to adopt him, and Quilty has officially found his forever-home! In an instagram post that pictures him and his four new humans, Quilty states, “I’m pretty freakin’ happy here, to tell you the truth. I haven’t even thought yet about potential escape routes so… I guess these guys aren’t knobs.”

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How to Travel with a Pet During the Holiday Season

Renee Yates



The holiday season is coming up quickly and there are lots of people who plan on taking their pets with them. After all, the holidays are meant to be spent with family and pets are members of the family. On the other hand, the holidays are also stressful. One of the reasons why the holidays might be stressful is because people are uncomfortable traveling with their pets. With this in mind, there are a few tips that everyone should remember that can make traveling with pets a breeze.

Make an Appointment with the Vet

First, make sure that pets are okay to travel. One of the things that can make traveling with pets even more stressful is having a pet that gets sick during the trip. Try to get ahead of any illnesses that might develop. Make sure that pets are up to date on shots. Bring a copy of the pet’s medical record on the trip just in case anything happens while everyone is out of town.

Make Sure the Animal’s Home is Clear on the Collar

Sometimes, pets and owners can become separated during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. To plan for any problems, make sure the pet has an ID tag that has all of the information clearly printed on the collar. Some of the information that should go on these ID tags include the owner’s name, cell phone number, and address. During the holiday season, try to include information on where the family will be staying as well. This can help families avoid a disaster if they get separated from their furry friend.

Pack Well and Plan for Everything

While human counterparts may pack for themselves, there is no such luck with pets. Make sure that there is plenty of food and water for all family pets. This means using a collapsible bowl (as this will save space) and bringing plenty of water. Depending on what kind of pet a family has, it might also be a good idea to bring something that can keep your pet warm or cool. This may take the form of a sweater or cooling vest.

Think About the Pet’s Stress Level

Traveling is stressful for humans; however, it is far more stressful for pets who are heading to an unfamiliar place and have no idea what is happening. Therefore, bring items that can help keep pets calm during this adventure. This may take the form of toys from home, which can create a sense of familiarity for pets. Other options include treats, blankets, and even lavender oil, which may have calming properties that can help out animals during the trip.

Pre-Travel Meals are Helpful

One of the ways that owners can keep their pets calm is to feed them a few hours before the trip. Feeding them ahead of time will not only calm their emotions but can also prevent motion sickness from setting in. Motion sickness can be a problem for both people and animals. Eating several hours before any travel takes place can help prevent pets from getting sick.

Think About the Travel Plans

With all of the focus on the pets, it is easy to overlook the regulations of traveling. Those who are traveling by plane need to think about the rules and regulations about flying with a pet. Each airline handles pets differently, so be sure to think about how this is handled. Furthermore, those who are traveling by car need to plan in advance as well. Think about space, crates, and seat belts. 

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A New Study Shows Cats Do Love Their Owners

Shannon Jackson



There are lots of people who have pets and one of the most common is the housecat. Those who have experience living with a cat probably understand why these animals are so popular. They are fluffy, cuddly, and purr beautifully. At the same time, even though families love their cats, there is always that nagging feeling in the back of one’s mind, wondering if their cat actually loves them back. Sometimes, the cat seems like a member of the family; however, this typically centers around feeding time. At other times, cats might seem like they have everyone and everything. This is typically around the time that cats are bathed. It seems like the love of a cat is conditional more than anything else; however, a recently published research study is looking to change all of this.

A team of researchers recently conducted a research study at Oregon State University. The researchers ultimately decided that cats do form secure, meaningful attachments to their owners. This means that cats have feelings that are similar to those of dogs and babies. Furthermore, these findings were even published in the peer-reviewed journal Current Biology. In the research study, the scientists took more than 100 cats and their owners. They tested the cats using a method that was put together back in the 1970s that was used to study the bond that formed between children and their parents. Then, the researchers tried to figure out whether or not the cats were forming attachments in a manner similar to parents and babies.

During the study, the cat was placed in a room with its owner for two minutes. After this, the owner left the room for a period of two minutes. Then, the owner came back into the room. The researchers used the change in the way that cats responded to decide how strong the attachment was between the owner and the cat. Out of the cats studied, close to two-thirds of the cats showed signs of a secure attachment. This means that the cats show signs of trust in their owner. They rely on their owner to take care of the cats’ needs, such as food, and will greet the owner upon returning. This is a key finding in deciding whether or not cats love their owners.

The results of this study show that it is important for owners to know that their cats rely on them for their own survival and well-being. When cats have a sense of anxiety or insecurity, they often look to their owners for strength and support. This is not unlike children and parents. Therefore, owners need to keep their cats’ needs in mind. Some of the signs that cats are a bit insecure include running away, hiding, and other similar behaviors. While this behavior is often stereotyped as cats being unpleasant, this behavior can have important implications for the feeling of the animal. Owners need to pay attention to this behavior and respond appropriately.

In the end, this study shows that cats do indeed love their owners. Therefore, anyone who is wondering whether or not their cat loves them back can rest easy at night. It is important for owners to act in a way that will further this attachment. Showing love and support for a pet, including a cat, can go a long way. These results are not that different from the feelings that dogs and babies have for their counterparts. Everyone who owns a cat should keep this in mind when deciding how they are going to interact with their beloved pet.

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