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Try Not to Smile When Looking at This Dogs Stunt


Try Not to Smile When Looking at This Dogs Stunt


It is no secret that pets live to make us happy. They do just about anything they can manage to make sure we are not only happy with them, but happy in general. One pet, a Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix named Maggie is no strange to trying to make her humans smile. Maggie belongs to Eunice and her father, who love to share photos of their perky pup on the social media platform, Twitter.

Maggie is known for her cute poses, her hilarious antics, and her adorable photos featuring the pup in sweaters, funny costumes, and more. She is certainly an adorable little lady that makes all her followers smile each and every day.

Maggie has long been known for her cute looks and her trouble making ways, earlier this month however, she tried a new trick that did a little more than make her humans happy. The father of this pup wears dentures, and as dentures will do, they started to bother him. As a habit, Eunice’s father began taking his dentures out at nap time and when they truly started to bother him to give his mouth a break and to make sure he was able to rest.

He always took the time to place them within reach so he could quickly get them back as needed. If you know how mischievous small dogs can be, you probably know this story is headed. One day when he woke up from his nap and reached for his dentures however, they were nowhere to be found. He got up quickly and started searching for his teeth to no avail. Not long after he started his search however, he found the culprit.

Tiny little Maggie has taken his teeth and put them in her own mouth creating a smile like no other. While we are sure she didn’t mean to create this adorable and slightly terrifying smile, the fact that she was able to fit the teeth in her mouth is impressive. Maggie created a new smile for herself similar to some of the most hilarious cartoons we see today. Some might feel that this is a scary sight to see, but big teeth in a tiny pup’s mouth is actually quite comical.

Her humans quickly snapped a photo and added to Twitter to show their followers just what the pup looked like with her new, stolen smile. There is no telling how Maggie got the massive teeth into her tiny mouth, or how she managed to get them positioned properly, but the result is certainly hysterical.

There was no mention of whether or not the teeth were damaged or if the pup was hurt in any way but we are sure that she was fine since her humans love her so much. Funny stories like this are a great way to uplift your day and to really get a good laugh when you think about it. Though she was cute enough without the false teeth, she certainly was that much cuter and that much more amusing with them.


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