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These Common Household Items Are Worth A Fortune

Ever bought an item years ago and time passed and it lost usefulness?

Many of us have these items we no longer make use of. Ranging from gifts we got from events to stuff given from friends. Some we touched or used for a while. Others were rarely opened and ended up in a place we now call basement or storage for some.

What we don’t know is these items — gadgets, appliances, toys have accumulated in value. Contrary to the belief of depreciation when an item isn’t used, nostalgia for electronics has made these products rank up in value.

And these items can fetch us a few bucks. You’ll surely be amazed you own a few of the products on the list.

Old Cell Phones

When we were young, whenever we bought new products, old and previously existing products would be relegated and won’t be used again. 

Or who still remembers what happened to their small sized Motorola or Sony Ericsson? Because they’re rare in the market, collectors have interest in them and could cough out a few hundreds for them. 

Valuable models that could interest collectors include the Motorola Lazer, the Ericsson GH 337, the Nokia 8850 Hiptop Sidekick and the Ericsson T39m.

Your First iPod

It’s on record the iPod was first released in 2001, more than 18 years ago. Yet, people who still own the first iPod releases are making a huge return selling them off.

Most of the first editions of iPods have fetched up to $20,000. While you might not have yours in the box it came with, there’s still a chance you can make a profit off it.

These iPods might seem old, but there are people who find them useful.

Video Games

Vintage video games are beginning to be of huge demand in the video game world.

Especially early or first versions of these games. Someone for example sold a copy of Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for about $30,000


The game was packaged differently, meaning it was sold separately from the NES when it was released.

Not long after, Nintendo and Super Mario Bros was sold together. With this, the older versions of the game became extinct.

Pyrex Bowls

First introduced in 1915, Pyrex bowls was unique because of its usefulness as it helped serve and preserve food.

People use this bowl for a variety of functions including to mix, cook and bake.  The most significant feature was its borosilicate glass.

With its value, it’s been speculated to cost a lot. People who still have these Pyrex bowls especially the rare designed ones—floral, geometric, or colored solid can sell it off for a few hundreds.

Rare Legos

Our childhood was littered with Legos toys as we had fun times playing with them. But what if we told you these toys could fetch a few bucks for those who still possess them.

Yes. The earlier made products of Legos are being searched for in the market for various reasons and collectors are specially interested in the Legos Star Wars Cloud City edition. This particular one might fetch those who own it about $660 on average. 

Others like the minifigs e.g the White Bobba Fett are worth around $130 to $175 if it’s available in the original packaging.

Vintage Toasters 

Many grandparents like to keep stuff like this in their basement. Of course, tech advancements has made sure we’ve moved on from those earlier made toasters.

These vintage toasters are however worth a lot more these days. One of them, the Sweet Heart toaster was sold in the 1930. The toaster has exposed sides that toast one side of the bread at a time. For this, a seller could get up to $650.

Most families might still be in possession of this special toaster since it has a button that flips the bread around, toasting its other side. The reason why it’s so valuable.


People are selling old collections of typewriters for as high as $27,000 on the foremost e-commerce site, eBay.

For people in possession of a typewriter even before the introduction of a computer, or you got one from a relative, you could make money off it.

There’s a chance you might not have one that old, but these typewriters are sold in the range of $50 to $500. 

There are ones being sold for less than $400 since typewriters are still all over the place these days.

Record Players 

Now that we stream music, CDs and vinyl players are mostly not used any longer.

But collectors are however interested in this as vinyls are still being played by old people in some countries thus eliciting a demand for record players.

The Technics SL-1200 was recently sold on eBay for around $5,000. If you’re in possession of old editions of record players, you can determine the price by checking it on eBay.

Regardless of the model, record players can generate up to $150. It’s a good sale after all.

Vacuum Cleaners

Surprised? Anyone will be since vacuum cleaners are a staple in most households. However, collectors are interested in vintage vacuum cleaners.

Who knows. You could discover one in your grandmother’s basement and it can just fetch you a few thousands.

Recently, a 1945 Kirby upright vacuum cleaner got sold for $2,500. With a polish and thorough cleaning, you could make that 90s Vacuum cleaner new again.

First Edition Books

If you’ve had no luck in all the previously mentioned goods, you should have with this. Usually, book publishers release a first edition of a book before revised editions are released few years later.

It’s this first editions collectors want. For example, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is worth thousands of dollars in the market.

If you have the first edition of this book, you could get up to $63,000 for it.

Old Apple Computers 

With earlier made Apple products being in demand, vintage Apple computers are being searched for as well.

For example, one of Apple’s first computers, Apple I which was released in 1976 is worth around $40,000. This is because it’s a limited version as only 575 were sold around that period.

The next Apple computer, Apple II had over six million sales thus it has not worth as much.

For those who still have these vintage Apple products, good news is it’s in demand and it can get you between $700 to $2,500 in return.

1980s Boomboxes

Way back then, this was a trend in the streets. It was cool and everyone longed to have one. They had features like buttons, dials, switches with the exceptional feature of being loud. 

Many might still possess these old sets of Boomboxes and they’re worth thousands of dollars on eBay.

Vintage Lunchbox 

Who would have thought lunch boxes which were a common sight when we were young could now be worth a lot of dollars?

In an episode of Pawn Stars, an authentic Jetsons lunch box was sold off for $400. It could have been more expensive if it had matching thermos.

Being that modern versions exist, collectors want this old, vintage lunch boxes because they are rare. And one could gain a few hundreds in return.

Rare Gameboy Games

Handheld gaming devices such as the Nintendo Gameboy made guys go crazy the year they were released. Because they had some cool games. For those who still have it, they’re going off for a fortune.

Some like the Shantae, a cult classic for the Gameboy color ($300 to $760), Trip World, a proto-Kirby game for the Gameboy ($280 to $1,200), or Spud’s Adventure, a Gameboy classic about potatoes ($190 to $1,520).

American Girl Dolls

Dolls were a thing to most little girls in the 90s and perhaps they’re still a thing. But it’s quite known that they cost a whole lot.

For instance, the Molly McIntire is valued at $1,250 and there are famous ones like the Samantha Parkington which sells for the same amount.

Perhaps the most expensive doll is the Kanani Akina, which was released as a limited edition. Those who have this can sell it for $2,500.

VHS Tapes

Disney films released in the past are worth a fortune these days. For instance, the Beauty and the Beast edition VHS is worth over $10,000.

Others like The Godfather trilogy or the Beatles documentation “Let It Be” can recoup a few hundreds as well.

Classic Guitars

Remember those old guitars you saw in grandpa’s living room, just lying down there with no use, how about you cash in on them?

Or your parents had this guitar passed down to them but now useless or being dumped down in your store, a few thousands can be generated from the sale of these instruments.

Classic guitars form the 1950s and 60s from brands like Fender or Gibson can bring you like $10,000 or even more.

Sony Walkmans

Long before the advent of latest gadgets, the Sony Walkman was the go-to tool for listening to music.

One of the earlier versions of the Walkman, the TPS-L2 was valued at $450 back then in 1979 when it was released.

It’s possible you might not have this model, there are others that might interest collectors. The DD Quartz and the WM EX808 HG can generate some funds as well. 

Collectors could also part with a huge sum if you have a Walkman unopened.

Vintage Cameras 

Years have gone by and they’ve been an upgrade in cameras in the past decades.

Features that came with old cameras have been discarded for new ones and thus, some film makers are in need for these vintage cameras.

For example, it’s difficult to create feeling of using a dark room but this can be easier if there’s a vintage camera. If you have a vintage Leica, you could recoup a few thousands in exchange for it.

The Leica M3 goes for $900 to $1200, making it one of the most demanded cameras out there.

Vintage Coca – Cola ads

Coca Cola brands are always known for their story telling ads which are usually fascinating. 

Just a glimpse at a past Coca Cola ad might make you hunger for it. 

These vintage ads interest collectors. Just like the one seen above, collectors are paying hundreds for some of these vintage items that advertise Coca Cola. One metal tray with a painting by Norman Rockwell got sold for $1,610 in 2010.

One must however be careful as some of these ads might be a reproduction.

Polly Pocket Sets

If you still got any of those Polly Pocket sets still in good condition, perhaps this is the best time to cash in on them.

Valued around $500, one would wonder why they are demanded.

In the 90s, the company that made them, Mattel stopped production. Since they were rare, they were being sought for in the market. However, a fan club began to collect the remaining pieces by buying them from those who still have them.

Recently, a Peter Pan playset was sold off for £1,044 in the UK. Whilst in America, there’s not a high demand for these toys due to the availability here. 

Yet, this would be a good time to trade off these Polly Pocket sets as they are are in high demand now.

Great Depression Glassware

During the times of the Great Depression, people bought these sets of  glassware to preserve food. Cheap at the time, they came in bright translucent colors as they sold by food distributors like Quaker Oats.

Then, they were not of high value because of the cheap prices they were sold and hence they could be easily replaced.

But now, there seems to be this nostalgia for these glassware as people are now longing to have one. With this, value for these items has risen up with much emphasis for those that came in pink, cobalt blue and green.

Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Two decades ago, it was a regular sight for children to bring their cards, shirt, caps or any other item to get it signed by their sporting idols.

While that might not be common now, since already autographed outfits are sold online, if you have a Mickey Mantle autographed baseball for instance, you can get $$$ for that.

Disney Theme Park Souvenirs

Remember those times we went on vacation to Disneyland and were given souvenirs or bought one at the stores? Those theme park souvenirs can be redeemed for some huge bucks.

For staunch Disneyana (a word that explains the Disney ephemera and collectibles) fans, theme park souvenirs are highly sought after as they are the best of their collections, particularly the vintage items from the ancient years of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. 

If you have any of these items, you could trade them off for a few hundreds on eBay.

Trading Cards

Trading cards have been known to be worth a fortune and their worth keeps rising. Recently, a LeBron James card got sold for about $1.8 million.

It’s not only sports cards that are worth a huge amount, some old Pokémon cards from the 90s are valued highly.



Remains of An Aristocracy Found During Unearthing Of 1000-year-old Viking Vessel





What historians once deemed as a small grave is actually a prestigious Viking death commemoration. Excavators discovered as they plowed through the ship burial area, not with any expectation of making such a grand discovery.

The finding occurred in Norway, in a region encompassing the Gjellestad Viking ship grave. The archaeologists used radar scans to puncture the ground where they saw a vast amount of conventional monument items related to grand feasts and a spiritual network of extraordinary prestige.

The significant discovery has debunked the original belief that the burial area was simple and is instead a representation of the affluent Viking lifestyle in the region.

The Find

A grand dining hall, remnants of three communal village houses, 13 small grave piles, and a shrine were all seen perched in the area around the historic burial ground. Historians only ever discovered one other commemoration of death in Norway before this finding. Scholars believe the current grave dates back to the decline of the Roman Empire in the Western Hemisphere. Scandinavian archaeologists document burial grounds as significant, considering it dates back to BC era dwellers of the peninsula.

A large portion of the findings is currently on display in museums across the country. The treasures on display include weapons and personal items of jewelry, all dug up by scholars and apprentice excavators.

The archaeologists believe that politicians should consider a find of such magnitude in the political arena to establish Norway’s power based on its historical connections. They think that’s the very reason the Vikings did a ship burial in an area where other burials had taken place, to establish authority. Ship burials were a sign of status in the Viking era, and the battle for power was rife during that time.

Great accomplishment

Norwegians could not have asked for a better find than a burial ship with many artifacts still in good shape. The only three ships excavated in Europe are on show at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Already, the city is making preparations to house the Gjellestad ship, which was buried more than 12 centuries ago. The burial may have occurred about ten years following the Viking era’s crash into volatility with the invasion of an English Sanctuary.

The government wants the ship to be unearthed quickly due to its significance and that it is the first Viking ship to be dug up in over a century. Additionally, the ship is rapidly decaying due to fungus developing within the wood framework. The government has given one and a half million dollars to assist with expediting the project.

Smithsonian believes that the fungus issue came about due to farmers building drainage pipes across the shipping area, unaware at the time of the ship’s presence in their fields. The lines caused air to seep into the soil, which led to fungus growth. The digging situation was in the mid-1900s, so the boat has been rotting for about a century.

Once the excavation goes as planned, historiography could determine the exact type of ship it is, meaning whether it was used for transportation, to carry out raids, or for trade purposes. The historians already know it is not one of the largest Viking ships, especially since it’s smaller than the two famous Viking ships previously found. They are, however, convinced that it is still not in the small category with a measurement of 60 feet in length.

They are making every effort to excavate the ship intact and preserve as much of it as possible. The find will be an enormous deal internationally and could boost Oslo’s tourism once it goes on display.

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Tribes in the Amazon Excited to Protect the Rainforest With Advanced Drones

Shannon Jackson



You don’t have to be a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist to understand that illegal logging and deforestation are enormously damaging to the planet and our environment. While we see attempts at restraining deforestation and illegal logging in many countries, some places have been less-than-lucky. In fact, we can point to one of the most important natural areas on the planet for a prime example of abuses against indigenous tribes the land that they call their home.

Let’s take a trip over to the Amazon Rainforest to explore how the WWF and the Kaninde Ethno-Environmental Defense Association are working together to fundamentally change the complexion of the Amazon Rainforest, the realities of illegal logging, and how indigenous tribes are fighting for their rights the entire way.

The Amazon Rainforest had shrunk by an incredible 519 square miles in the month of July 2019 alone. Since then, analysts have estimated that more than 20k square miles of Amazonian rainforest are eradicated every year due to existential threats from climate change, deforestation, and illegal logging. This is particularly problematic in Rondonia, a state in Western Brazil that has decided to fight back against the damage being done to the environment.

In the state of Rondonia, five indigenous tribes are working together as one in alignment with anthropologists, specialists, foresters, and biologists. Their goal is to create a Defense Association for the environment that utilizes not just civil activism, but also elite new technology to track and condemn poachers and illegal loggers. Thanks to the Kaninde Ethno-Environmental Defense Association, tribes have been able to use HD drones to log the GPS coordinates of illegal sites, including nut tree stands which are particularly valuable in Brazil. The Uru Eu Wau Wau tribe has even utilized GPS technology to stop poachers from attacking and harvesting vulnerable animals such as the harpy eagle.

The harpy eagle is considered a neotropical subspecies of the eagle. Known in North America as the American Harpy Eagle, this bird is considered one of the most powerful and largest of raptors in the entirety of the rainforest. Continued poaching and deforestation have put this wondrous animal on the backburner, leading potentially to the destruction of their species. Poachers in the Amazon have used the forest to track these birds and poach them for their own purposes.

While poaching is a huge issue within the Amazon, a bigger problem has been the illegal logging and wildfires that have been so widespread over the past two years. Wildfires have turned ranches and forest to ash, leaving behind pastureland left for farmers to take advantage of while leaving the rainforest to burn.

Felipe Spina Avino is a conservation analyst for WWF-Brazil and it has been through her work that drone-training has risen in the region. Avino has helped to pioneer the drone-training program that has helped indigenous groups to track these issues while utilizing their ancestral knowledge of the region to protect it from outsiders. Avino would go on to explain that the footage captured via drone would be sent along to authorities where pressure can be brought from the top-on-down to the poachers and illegal harvesters.

The drone project that Avino has helped to cultivate costs less than $2,000 for all of the equipment and training that a group needs. Through programs like this, tripes like the Uru Eu Wau Wau are finally getting back some measure of power over their land, their history, and the future of their ancestral home. The COVID-19 pandemic has only furthered the challenge that the drone project has undertaken, but success has already been shown in areas around Brazil!

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Rescued Cats and Inmates Transform Lives Together in New Prison Program

Kevin Wells



Is there anything purer than the love of a pet? When your cat or dog comes up to you and shows affection, it can be almost impossible not to let out an audible d’awww. Our cats and dogs love us more than we can understand, so it stands to reason that they’d be beneficial in therapeutic settings. Cats can’t really judge a man based on their wrongdoings, but they can definitely accept pats and offer emotional support to those in need. Where does our conversation lead us? To a new program that may change the way that we look at prison reform, the FORWARD program!

The FORWARD program is an acronym that stands for their mission statement, Felines and Offenders Rehabilitation With Affection, Reformation, and Dedication (FORWARD). The goal of the program is to bring shelter cats to the Pendleton Correctional Facility for therapeutic treatment. The inmates will play with and care for the cats as they wait to be adopted by their forever family on the outside of Pendleton. 

We already hear people at home asking, “Why should inmates get to play with cats?” While this may feel like a valid question, the truth is a little more complex. Rehabilitation should always be a priority when it comes to the industrial prison complex. With the FORWARD program, inmates in a Maximum Security Prison are granted unrestrained and non-judgemental love and affection from the cats in exchange for adhering to the rules of the program. This feedback loop rewards good behavior with more good behavior, creating a cycle that is positive for everyone involved.

When cats are brought into Pendleton as part of the FORWARD program, they are placed in a massive sanctuary that is brimming with structures to climb, posts to scratch, and hideaways to sleep in. Anthony LaRussa has been helping to pioneer the program at Pendleton and he said, “We’re able to give back, and not just for us — but for the animals, too.” 

One of the biggest issues plaguing prisons in the United States is the recidivism rate. The recidivism rate shows that inmates are leaving prison behind only to relapse and end up back within the system. Prison pet programs were initiated in the 1980s to curb recidivism and has since grown to embrace cats, dogs, and horses within the prison sanctuary system.

Studies have shown that pet programs such as FORWARD are incredibly effective and popular with inmates and researchers. Studies have shown that caring for pets in prison can increase both self-esteem and self-efficacy while underscoring the importance of empathy. In fact, some studies have even shown that pet programs are fantastic for helping offenders to improve their emotional maturity and employability once outside of the prison program.

 The bare facts are that pet programs have continued to improve interpersonal relationships between officers and offenders in prison facilities while also improving the likelihood of success outside of them. Pet programs shouldn’t be looked at as anything other than an extension of other recidivism-focused services. With the wildfires that have been raging across California, we have even seen offenders take up jobs as firefighters in order to give back to the community while showing the importance of reformation from within the system.

The final point we want to underscore regarding this story is just how dire the animal shelter system in America is. More than 7.2 million animals enter shelters nationwide every year. Programs like FORWARD not only help offenders, but they also do great things for animals that need help, as well!

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Tasmanian Devils Make Historic Return To Mainland Australia After Missing For 3,000 Years

Kelly Taylor



Tasmanian devil which was believed to be extinct has made its return to the forests of Australia. This is the first time the animal has been spotted since over 3,000 years ago.

This return is seen as the first move in the new plan to take Australia back to its flourishing wild life it once had. This was contained in the statement given by the nonprofit Aussie Ark and its partners Global Wildlife Conversation and Wild Ark.

Furthermore, Aussie Ark restated its plan in bringing back Australia’s ecosystems that existed before the pre-European settlement. This new plan will ensure the habitat is free from feral predators.

Aussie Ark has nurtured over 390 Tasmanian devils, in a manner that promotes natural behavior in the animals. This will help them settle comfortably when released to the wild.

And this year alone, Aussie Ark has followed through with its mission. 26 Tasmanian devils have been released into a 400-hectare wild sanctuary. But there are bigger plans by the organization. There is the intent of introducing two batches of 20 Tasmanian devils each. If this goes as scheduled, offsprings will be produced by the devils culminating in a growing population.

This reintroduction is a welcome development, and as native apex predators and being the largest carnivorous marsupials, they help limit the dominance of  other felines and foxes over endangered species.

They are also hunters and with their hunting skills, they keep their habitat clean and safe from harm.

With their reappearance in the wild, this serves as an indication that Australia is keen on its mission of “rewilding”.

Previously, Tasmanian devils were wiped out from mainland Australia due to the introduction of dingoes which hunted them in packs. Just like wolves.

They were only safe on the island of Tasmania, a place the Dingoes never got to.

In the island of Tasmania, a deadly disease called Devil Facial Tumour completely destroyed up to 90 percent of the Tasmanian community. Now, only 25,000 devils remain on the island.

The Tasmanian species Aussie Ark has reintroduced will be subject to intensive monitoring. Using surveys, radio collars fit with transmitters and camera traps, this will enable researchers to know how the animals are faring. 

It will also help to disclose the problems the animals face in their new environment, feeding habits and their mode of mating.

This information will guide subsequent animals that will be released on Tasmania and on the mainland.

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The Amazingly Odd Things Americans Do

Renee Yates



The U.S. as a nation literally represents a melting pot of cultures, behaviors, norms, beliefs and people. As a result, it is quite possible to travel a couple hundred miles or even just a few city blocks and be surrounded by an entirely different aspect of life, people and practices. However, there are still quirks and behaviorisms that, despite centuries of immigration into the country, make Americans extremely unique compared to the rest of the world. And those are not automatically led by the automatic zeal of democratic freedom and similar grand statements either. In fact, many are very mundane but stand out immediately when seen in other countries as Americans travel. Here are 30 unique habits, behaviors, norms or ideas we take for granted, but raise eyebrows elsewhere:

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