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The Unbelievable Chronicles of A Real Human Barbie

Most women put in a lot of effort to look as good as possible, but how much is too much? Valeria Lukyanova, a girl from Ukraine, had an obsession with Barbie dolls that went a little too far. Unlike other girls who lose an interest in their dolls when they grow up, Valeria went on to become her dolls. She became the first human Barbie doll in the world. Keep reading to find out more about her journey.

A Little Doll

Valeria was born to Valery and Irina Lukyanova in 1985. She was born as a normal girl and her upbringing was normal. However, her beauty was striking right from birth. She always had big eyes and long blonde hair. Valeria’s father was a builder who also worked as a DJ at night while her mother worked in the military.

Such a Beauty

Lukyanova grew to be a beautiful young girl. Her parents bought her plenty of Barbie dolls as she liked to play with them and dress up them up. No one suspected that her obsession with Barbie dolls would go out of the ordinary because it is common for little girls to spend time with their dolls. The little girl liked the airbrushed look of her Barbie dolls and their perfect dimensions. Keep reading to learn about the changes she made on herself to look like the dolls.

Goth Girl

While she was a teenager, Valeria became obsessed with Goth looks. She did not have her obsession with perfection yet but it grew slowly as she grew older. Even before she started her journey to achieve the perfect look, Valeria was a beautiful girl.

What Sparked the Interest?

Valeria’s childhood was not out of the ordinary. She was brought up in a healthy middle-class family. Her parents were loving and supportive. During her upbringing, there was no way to know that she would develop an obsession with perfection.

A Desire For a Better Life

Valeria always hoped that her life would be better than her parents’. Even though they were employed and her father worked two jobs, he was not able to lead a comfortable life with his jobs. She hoped that she would lead a better life than her parents. She knew that she could not get it from a regular job.

The Barbie Dolls Collection

Valeria’s obsession with a Barbie doll look may have been caused by the fact that she grew up with a wide collection of Barbie dolls. According to her, she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t obsessed with dolls.


Valeria decided to turn her passion for good looks into a job. She got into modeling and had a successful modeling career. Her looks were perfect for the job. Her modeling career gave her the chance to experience the glamorous life that she wanted.

Beauty Pageant Career

In 2007, Valeria started her beauty pageant career. She soon became Miss Diamond Crown of the world. This career came with a lot of attention. Many people and agencies noticed Valeria’s beauty. She was getting plenty of attention from all over the world.

Surgical Procedures

Valeria looks very different from when she was a teenager. She seems to have undergone plenty of surgeries to achieve her new look. However, she insists that she only got breast implants. She insists that she uses makeup to achieve her look but most people do not believe her.

Fitness or Surgery

Valeria insists that even though she has nothing against surgery, she has not had as many surgeries as people assume. She maintains that she has had breast implants and nothing more. According to Valeria, she has always been skinny and she does her best to stay fit.

The Surgeries

Those who believe that Valeria has had plenty of surgeries think that she had a liposuction, brow lift, nose job, neck reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, and scooped out shoulders. They feel that her changes in appearance are too dramatic to have been caused by anything other than surgery.

The Human Barbie

When Valeria presented herself as a human Barbie, her looks shocked many people. She posted her photos on the internet and people praised her for her almost unreal beauty. Others criticized her or over editing her photos and promoting the culture of objectifying women.

All Natural

Even after receiving criticism, Valeria maintains that she is all natural. Her tiny waist and hourglass figure make her look like she has had her ribs moved. Many have argued that it is biologically impossible to have such a figure. Valeria feels that malicious people had been editing her older pictures to exaggerate her appearance.


Valeria decided to adopt a Breatharian lifestyle. According to Breatharian beliefs, people do not need food to survive. All they need is light water, and air. She believes that Prana, the life force in Hinduism, sustains human beings.

Method to the Madness

Valeria sticks to a very strict lifestyle to maintain her looks. Her Breatharian beliefs ensure that she does not consume solid food. She works out daily. Even though she loves her Barbie look, sometimes she does not enjoy her bright eye makeup. She avoids it even though her eyes look smaller. She uses makeup and lenses to achieve her eye look. Her big boobs make her waist to appear smaller than it really is.

The Odessa Barbie

Valeria is fondly referred to as the Odessa Barbie because she grew up in Ukraine. Her features are a lot like those of most girls from Eastern Europe. Valeria spends more than an hour on her makeup routine daily. It is surprising how much she looks like a doll.

The Spiritual Guru

Valeria believes that having good looks without strong spiritual knowledge is useless. She feels that everyone needs to do some spiritual work to be successful. She feels that she is much more than her looks. Valeria hopes that she can help other people to reach their astral selves In 2012, she released the book ‘Astral Travel Amatue.’ She hopes that she can mater astral traveling.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Valeria’s mother shares in her daughter’s good looks. Her waist is just as narrow as Valeria’s The two have a close bond and Valeria sometimes does her mother’s makeup so that the can both look like Barbie dolls.


Valeria believes that she is an alien from Venus who was sent to earth for a purpose. She claims to have out of body experiences According to her, she started having these experiences when she was a child. She claims to have traveled to other universes and planets.


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