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The Remarkable Tale of Christopher Thomas Knight





For many years, a shady figure lurked in the dark surroundings of a rural town who was stealing from homes and fleeing from people. Nobody couldn’t ever saw the person and even less knew who was behind of that. The only thing that people knew is that they were afraid and the police were unable to stop him. This is the incredible story of one most mystery man that ever existed.

Someone is Watching

For 30 years, residents of North Pond town, Maine had heard strange sounds in the night. People would awake by the disturbing rustlings but always when they turned the lights, nothing was there. Someone managed to just see a lurking figure.

They could feel like something is constantly creeping in the darkness and knew that things will go missing each time that sounds occurred.

An Unusual Thief

This thief was incredibly odd. He or she focused on steal regular items like magazines, books, junk food, jeans, boots, winter jackets, small radios, and batteries. This elusive criminal never stole an expensive item that he/she could sell it for a good amount of money. Therefore, locals labeled him/her with curious nicknames such as the “the Hungry Man,” “the Mountain Man,” “North Pond Hermit,” “Maine’s Loch Ness Monster,” or even the “the Stealthy Yeti.”

The Hunt Starts

But things will change in the Spring of 2013 when the elusive criminal decided to target the Pine Tree Summer Camp. It seemed a perfect place to steal things. A big place where he/she could sneak into to find food and supplies without anyone noticing something missing.

However, the thief did notice a small detail: the police begun a hunt for him. Besides, the Summer Camp’s manager is the Sergeant Terry Hughes who developed an excellent plan to catch the culprit.

First Sights

On April 4, 2013, Sergeant Terry Hughes received an alarm triggered meaning that someone was in the kitchen of the camp. Hughes immediately went to the scene expecting to find a violent criminal carrying a weapon, or maybe a ragged homeless person searching desperately for food.

When Hughes looked into the kitchen through the window, he saw something totally unexpected. A clean and well-dressed middle-aged man with a smooth face. And the sergeant asked himself who is this apparently regular man?

Caught In The Act

As the unknown man went to the dining hall, carrying a backpack full with food, Sergeant Hughes threw a flashlight to blind him, and while he was holding a gun in his other hand, he yelled to the man: “get on the ground.” Unexpectedly, the intruder followed the Sergeant’s orders without any kind of resistance.

While the man kneeled down, Officer Diane Perkins-Vance and other two cops handcuffed the suspect to a chair. He never put up a fight or resistance. The officials noticed that the man was pale skin with dated glasses and without an ID. At first, he refused to answer officials’ questions but later he revealed his unbelievable story.

Living Alone In The Woods For Decades

It took two hours until the culprit finally answered Officer Perkins-Vance’s questions. He said he wouldn’t the questions because he was “ashamed”. Then he revealed his name: Christopher Thomas Knight. Jobs? None. Address? The woods.

But the big surprise came when the officer asked him how long time he had been living in the woods and he admitted he lost the sense of time but remembered that the Chernobyl disaster occurred before he decided to go into the woods. So that meant he began his life of solitude and theft in the woods in 1986 (27 years)

The Early Life of The Hermit

Christopher Thomas Knight was born on December 7, 1965. He was always a loner person since he was born. His family was not different, though. “I had good parents” he remembered. “But we were not emotional persons. We were not touchy-feely. We always tend to stoicism.” So, he always had difficult to relate to others beyond a basic level.

When he was younger, Christopher was a shut-in person who stayed busy with the things that really mattered to him. However, nobody could expect he might cut off completely from the world.

A Man With A Promising Future

Curiously, Christopher was a talented student during his school years. His grades were excellent and even graduated fast but without having friends. After high school, he went to Sylvania Technical School in Massachusetts where he studied electronics.

Moving to that city meant a change of pace from his accustomed life in Maine. But still, he did not make any friends. After finishing the 9-month course, Christopher was able found a job installing alarms for cars and homes.

He bought a car through a loan which his brother agreed to help him with it. However, his brother never could never know about Christopher’s plans to vanish from civilization.

A Loner With A Good Family

Christopher Knight always tried to make himself appear modest and unnoticed as possible. He was the middle child of brothers and one younger sister. During his childhood, he went on several hunting trips with his father and they get accustomed to sleeping in the back of family’s pickup without using a tent.

His family was not violent or unhappy. They were just very reserved to express their emotions and share their private issues with the world. Although his parents were not particularly rich, they admired art and knowledge and also believed in the wonders of science.

A Simple Life

Even his family couldn’t ever imagine that Christopher would leave to separate himself from the rest of the world. Without a major incident that may be the reason for such sudden move, maybe he felt that too many good things happened to him so he might felt that was too much for him.

When he decided to leave it all, he didn’t even say goodbye to his family or anybody else that he knew. Until one day, he just vanished. He recalled, “I had no plans when I decided to leave, I was not thinking about nothing. I just did it.”

The Necessity To Flee

Like anyone, Christopher imagined a simple life surrounded by silence and solitude. However, he had a very little training of how to survive in the wilderness so it would be easier to somehow get hurt, suffer from starving or just die alone in the woods.

During the first 2 weeks, he walked through the Maine forests only guided by his instincts. But Christopher discovered that could not appease one natural desire which eventually obliged him to adopt a life of crime.

The Getaway

Christopher’s main desire was to just get lost and be completely alone. He hadn’t any desire to have any kind contact with people. He said, “Very soon, I lost track of where I was. But I didn’t care; honestly, I was happy with the choice I’d made.”

However, he didn’t take any kind of hunting equipment or weapons with him when he started this one-way excursion. During his first weeks, he was searching for food that existed in the surrounds, like berries. But that method will not help him to survive for long…

The Need For Food

Christopher realized very soon that the provisions he brought were not enough. This realization came when he was suffering from starving. Despite Maine woods’ vastness, there are not many options for eating. Some comestible pants only last for a weekend. Perhaps it would be a different story if Christopher had planned to hunt or fish.

Start Robbing

Moved by his unceasing starvation, Christopher began stealing small vegetables from gardens, like a tomato or an ear of corn. He never felt the need to ask help in order to keep his solitude undisturbed.

Looking For Shelter

Yes, he brought a tent, but how well it could resist when it rained and the ground became very muddy and malleable. One night, he made the risky decision of sleeping in an empty cabin.

The Woods, His New Home

Christopher rapidly embraced the woods as his new home. He had to adapt to live among rocks, the damp earth, and also take advantage of what nature could provide him. However, there were some other necessary goods nature just could not provide.

He used old magazines to coat his floor and absorb the water, so he’d never go thirsty. But to obtain the magazines it required a lot cunning and stealth.

Perfecting His Stealth Skills

Christopher never acted in a rash way. Before making any move, he first observed the inhabitants so he can know when they came and went and for how long they were absent. Then, when he was sure no one could catch him, he entered the cabin.

He considered these raids very easy because people tend to always leave doors unlocked or windows open due to a peaceful place like Maine who could imagine that there is a danger beyond its tranquility.

Without A Trace

Christopher focused to raid cabins during the week because it’s the moment when most vacationers were away. Many of the cabins were vacation homes, so if something was missing, how could they remember after being a whole week away?

And he always was aware of leave the fewer traces of his presence as possible. So if he could find any spare keys, he kept them hidden someplace safe so he could access the cabin later without any trouble.

His Questionable Legacy

It’s estimated that Christopher made a total of 1,000 burglaries during 27 years. Some labeled him as the culprit of one of the “biggest burglary cases in the history of Maine.” However, his victims could not deny the care that the hermit did his raids. Unlike common burglars, he never smashed a window or broke a lock. He always took care of leaving everything more or less in its original state.

The Consequences Of His Actions

Six months after his arrest, Christopher Knight took the stand at Kennebec County Superior on October 28, 2013. He was found guilty to 13 charges of burglary and robbery, so he was sentenced to 7 months in jail. But to avoid a 7-year sentence, he had to meet with a judge on every Monday.

Additionally, he had to pay his victims a total of $1,500 in restitution and he has to attend a program for people with mental health problems and fulfill 3 years of probation.

His Return To Civilization

After being released, Christopher agreed to meet with the judge on every Monday as he promised in the court hearing and swore to abstain from alcohol. Contrary to everybody’s expectations, he showed an incredible discipline following these statements.

And what was the reward of this? He got his life back and reconnected with his family again when he was in jail. The relationship with his family started to heal and even his brother offered him a job which he took later.

Christopher’s Reflections

Christopher has stated that definitely, he is not proud of what he had done. In fact, he is very sorry to those he had harmed. But he has had some reflections to say about his life as a hermit.

For him, even silence itself deafens. “Solitude bestows an increase in something valuable. I can’t just discard that idea. Solitude improved my perception but when I decided to increase my perception of myself, I lost my identity. There was no one to perform for. There was no need to define myself, so I became irrelevant.”

Then he remarked, “I was never lonely. If you enjoy solitude, you’re never alone.” And he ended, “all my desires were dropped away. I didn’t long for anything. I didn’t even have a name. I was completely free.”

That’s how he was able to survive for 27 years without going crazy or being a victim of depression or desperation.



Dirt Biking Couple Reunites Stray Dog With His Family

Kelly Taylor



Southern California is a hotbed for people watching, But it is also a place where escaped dogs roam freely. One was reunited with his family thanks to the efforts of a couple out for a dirt bike ride. Gina and Dan were minding their own business, enjoying the Southern California weather. They took a video of their encounter with a dog that was out to have his own adventure. 

When Gina and Dan first spotted the dog, they tried to approach him gently. Riding their dirt bikes, they began to trail behind the dog. Just as Dana was approaching him to grab him, he began to bark and promptly took off ahead of them. This didn’t deter the couple, and they continued to trail him. When they eventually caught him, Dana read his dog tags to determine who his owner was. 

Finding his name and a phone number on his tags, she promptly called it and left a voicemail message for the recipient. In the meantime, they took a seatbelt from their dirt bike and repurposed it to be a leash so that he couldn’t run away from them again. They also gave Max some of their bottled water so the dog could keep cool and stay hydrated. The dog was so thirsty he drank the entire bottle, much to Gina’s utter delight. 

Gina and Dan looked after Max until his owner contacted them. Arrangements were then made for Max’s owner to get him back. In the meantime, Max had made friends with Gina and Dan. Max liked them so much he promptly made the leap from the ground to the back of Gina’s truck. Max is one dog with a strong intuition of his own, and that intuition told him when his owner was approaching Gina’s truck to take Max back home. 

This story illustrates how easy it is for people to bond with their dogs. It also shows that considerate people like Gina and Dan look out for others. With dogs getting away from their owners virtually every day, people are encouraged by stories such as this one. Anyone who has ever lost a dog knows how important it is to look out for others. Many stray dogs have been reunited with their owners due to the kindness of strangers. That kindness is something that dogs bring to the world, as dogs bring people together as nothing else can.

Max’s story is an inspiring one with a happy ending. Seeing a lost dog reunited with his or her owner is something that everyone can appreciate. It tugs at the heartstrings of those who understand how important pets are to people. As members of the family, pets deserve to be looked after as much as anyone else does. People like Dan and Gina are invaluable in helping others reunite with the pets they love so much. 

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A teenager shocked to find a giant tarantula on the kitchen cabinet

Kevin Wells



A 19-year-old Hannah Dafferner was looking for a late-night snack in her kitchen when she saw a small creepy-looking figure on the kitchen cabinet. Hannah was frozen in shock. It was black colored and looked like some type of giant spider. It was near the handle of the cupboard and wasn’t moving much. At first, Hannah thought it was one of her younger sister’s toys or Halloween decorations. Then to her astonishment, it moved enough for Hannah to know it was not a toy. Hannah screamed as loud as she could. Her dad came rushing downstairs to a lot of screaming going on. What Hannah had seen on the kitchen cabinet was a huge tarantula. It was at least 4 inches in size and had eight legs. It would have scared most people. If the dad had not rushed downstairs, Hannah was about to call 911 for help. 

The dad tried to say calm during the commotion. He grabbed an empty pitcher to try to catch the tarantula. He put the pitcher on the cupboard and waited for the tarantula to move in to. He made sure to be gentle and hurt the tarantula. The tarantula was very cooperative. He was probably more of the people. By this time the entire family was in the kitchen area. Once the tarantula was in the pitcher, everyone wanted to have a look at the amazing creature.

Tarantulas are hairy versions of a spider family. Typically, they are harmless to humans but their appearance seems to make a lot of people scared of them. On very rare occasions, they can bite humans and it can be painful. Their venom is very mild, usually less than a typical bee’s. Some people suffer from a phobia of spiders or tarantula. This phobia is called arachnophobia. 

The family posted photos of the tarantula on social media in an attempt to check if anyone in the neighborhood had lost a tarantula. They got a lot of comments and reactions. The next day, they got a message saying “Can we have it?” The family was more than happy to hand it over. The tarantula now belongs to a 9-year-old girl how is ecstatic to have it. The family feels glad that the episode is over but are a bit concerned about how the tarantula was allowed to intrude into their home.  

Tarantulas are mostly found in tropical, subtropical or arid regions. Most people don’t know this, but tarantulas are burrowers and mostly look to live underground. They are also nocturnal creatures and only venture out during night time unless it is mating season. They try to conserve as much energy as possible and only move when needed to. Insects are their main prey but occasionally they go for larger targets such as frogs or mice.

The family that found the tarantula believe it came inside from their backyard. It came into the house through the back door. They find it quite unbelievable that the tarantula was able to cover so much distance. The family was also shocked that their dogs were not able to stop the intruder. The house is located in San Diego, California. This region is known to have tarantulas and is often located inside the homes. This particular tarantula was a male spider. Male spiders require 7-10 years to mature before they can venture out their burrows and look for females. They only live a few months once they reach maturity. Females have a much longer life span and tend to live up to 25 years.

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Mom Uses CPR To Revive Lizard Found in Pool

Shannon Jackson



The annals of history are filled with stories describing how people’s lives have been saved. These acts of heroism are always amazing and show the resilience of life on Earth. One of the most important lifesaving maneuvers is called cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This is a maneuver that is typically used to save the lives of people in the event that they stop breathing or their heart stops breathing. Even in hospitals, CPR forms the foundation of emergency codes where medical personnel rush in to try to save someone’s life. Indeed, CPR has been seen on TV shows and movies as well, often referred to as Hollywood codes.

Over the years, CPR has saved countless lives. Now, there are classes where both children and adults can go in order to learn how to save lives. For example, even kids in classrooms have used CPR before, saving the lives of their fellow classmates. There are other certifications such as BLS and ACLS where people can learn about some of the other lifesaving techniques that people can use.

Some people might be surprised to hear that CPR can even be used to save the lives of animals! Even though animals have differently shaped hearts, all animals still require blood and oxygen to be pumped to their various tissues in order to survive. In this fashion, CPR can be used to do exactly that. It turns out that even small creatures can be revived and saved using CPR. That is exactly what happened in one fascinating story involving a mom, a pool, and a lizard.

Recently, a video was posted of a family that was just enjoying their day at the pool when all of a sudden they spotted a lizard. They were watching the lizard and couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. Then, all of a sudden, the lizard started to sink. It turns out that not all lizards are able to swim. The mother decided that she needed to do something about the situation. She immediately lept into action and jumped into the pool. She swims to the bottom of the pool in search of the poor lizard and eventually found him. She dragged him from the bottom of the pool and moved him to safety. 

All of a sudden, she starts to perform chest compressions on the pool lizard in an event to revive him. The lizard doesn’t appear to be breathing and is clearly in distress. It’s unclear exactly what is happening; however, she is is using her finger to put pressure on what should be his rib cage. The family believes that this is it for the poor lizard. But the mom decides not to give up. The video goes on for several suspenseful minutes. At the end of the video, the lizard finally starts to breathe once again! The lizard rights himself and gets back on his feet! The mom actually used CPR to save the life of a lizard. 

This video simply shows that peopel can use CPR to do amazing things. While it is critical for peopel to know how to use CPR to save the lives of humans, it is just as important for people to do eveything they can to save the lives of animals as well. The applications of CPR are important and there are classes people can take to improve their certifications This video went viral and simply serves as a testament to what peopel can do when they are inspired by simple acts of heroism. CPR can save countless lives.

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A baby bear, tiger, and a lion found in a basement 12 years ago are now best friends

Kelly Taylor



Wild animals try to stick to their natural habitat and they also tend to follow their natural social characteristics. For example, leopards are known to be very reclusive creatures and often prefer a solitary life. Bears and tigers are also not very social too.

In this fascinating story, a bear, a tiger, and a lion have grown up to become best buddies. In a video posted online, a 12-year-old Black Bear, named Baloo, walks over to his friend, Shere Khan, a Bengal Tiger, and cuddles with him as if they are brothers. Tigers don’t even get along with their kin. So this friendship between the bear and tiger is even beyond kinship. To make things even more unbelievable, they have another friend, named Leo. You guessed it right, Leo is a lion.

What might explain this unusual friendship is their common history. 12 years ago, when these three animals were babies, they were being kept in terrible conditions in a basement. Fortunately, they were recovered by the police and bought to Noah’s Ark Sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA. The three animals have cared for their entire life at the Sanctuary.

The staff at Noah’s Ark Sanctuary have never heard of such friendship between a big cat and a bear. They do share the same habitat, especially in the Fat East, but any encounters between them as most aggressive or they just ignore each other and keep out of the way of the other. They don’t walk up and cuddle each other.  The staff at the sanctuary does point out that out of these three, Shere Khan has kept a little bit of natural wild mannerism but he is still very friendly. When it is sleep time, the trio shares the same room and cuddle together. They were kept as pets in that basement, which was legally not allowed. The owner of the basement was a drug dealer. They were confiscated and bought the sanctuary. Since then the owner of the sanctuary has looked after these three.

Unfortunately, Leo has passed away, leaving his loved ones with wonderful memories of him. He was 15 years of age when he passed away. He had been feeling sick and during surgery, his doctor found 80% of his liver was damaged. He could not have survived in such a condition. The difficult decision to let him go had to be made so that he does not suffer. His end in the world was peaceful.

Leo’s best friends, Shere Khan and Baloo, were able to say a final goodbye to him. They have been doing all right since their best friend’s departure. The staff at the sanctuary keeps a close eye to check off any worrisome signs of depression or change in behavior. The staff believes these two already knew Leo was terminally ill long before the staff was able to find out.

Leo’s final resting place is located by the clubhouse at the sanctuary. Such compassion and bond in animals of different species are very rare. In the wild, they might have been foes, but at the sanctuary they were brothers. Their story is an example of when nurture overtakes nature. They grew up together and build a bond that went beyond the design of nature. Humans do not fully understand the communication or relationship dynamics of the animals. This story is an example of how wild animals can get along in the right environment.

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Too Shallow for Swimming With Sharks

Shannon Jackson



University of Florida student Stefani Luke loved the ocean. She lived to be on the water. She was given a surfboard when she was in high school, but growing up in Ft. Lauderdale didn’t offer her much opportunity to ride any exciting waves. Going to college in Gainesville, Florida would provide her with a chance to take weekend trips to the popular beach town, St. Augustine to check out some waves. 

One stormy Tuesday, Stefani and some friends heard the news about coastal swells reaching up to five feet. They loaded up their boards and began a caravan. There were 11 kids but only 8 surfboards. She was excited to finally have the chance to use her board on some real waves, but she was also very aware of sharks. She was a biology major, recently working as an intern at the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Most of her work there was done in a lab or in area rivers. The biggest risk at her job had been alligators. 

Stefani’s love of the ocean and interest in fisheries compelled her to stay abreast of shark activity along the east coast. She knew that in 2019, reports of shark attacks, either provoked or unprovoked, reached nearly 150. 

The kids arrived at the beach, ready for some refreshing water and salty air. Today was a day to enjoy a day out of school. They unloaded the boards from their roof racks. Stefani waxed her beloved board alongside her good friends. Since there were more kids there than boards, Stefani offered her board up to a friend to try first. She figured she’d just do a little body surfing to warm up her muscles before fully engaging on her board. 

The waves were slightly disappointing. The stories they’d heard about giant waves were exaggerated, topping out at maybe three feet. She swam into the surf and waited. She thought she was a good distance from the surfers with boards. The water was a little colder than expected, and she hadn’t brought her wet suit. She swam parallel to the shore for a bit, to warm up. She ended up swimming close to her friend who’d borrowed her board. She waited in the line up, just beyond the breaking point of the waves. She was ready to body surf and catch some waves. 

The waves were coming in sets of four. She took the first in a set. It picked her up and she swam with it. As she glided in toward the shore she saw the dark shadow of what she knew was a shark. Everyone knows that you don’t panic when you see a shark. You don’t thrash around in the water. You don’t show signs of distress that signal to a shark that you’re easy prey. She forgot all that. All Stefani could think was “I don’t want to get eaten by a shark today!” She swam for her life. She swam fast, and probably a little crazy. 

The realization of her frenzy made her calm down slightly. She dropped the panicky swimming. She stopped swimming to realize that she was only in about a foot of water! She felt very silly, probably looking like a fool to anyone who might’ve seen this spectacle. 

She stood in the water to see her friend that had borrowed her board. Her friend asked with excitement, “Did you see that shark?!” Stefani acknowledged that she had in fact seen it. Her friend offered her the board back. Stefani declined, “No thanks. I like my legs. I like walking”. It was at that moment that Stefani gave her board away. She was done surfing and never tried it again. 

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