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The Remarkable Tale of Christopher Thomas Knight

For many years, a shady figure lurked in the dark surroundings of a rural town who was stealing from homes and fleeing from people. Nobody couldn’t ever saw the person and even less knew who was behind of that. The only thing that people knew is that they were afraid and the police were unable to stop him. This is the incredible story of one most mystery man that ever existed.

Someone is Watching

For 30 years, residents of North Pond town, Maine had heard strange sounds in the night. People would awake by the disturbing rustlings but always when they turned the lights, nothing was there. Someone managed to just see a lurking figure.

They could feel like something is constantly creeping in the darkness and knew that things will go missing each time that sounds occurred.

An Unusual Thief

This thief was incredibly odd. He or she focused on steal regular items like magazines, books, junk food, jeans, boots, winter jackets, small radios, and batteries. This elusive criminal never stole an expensive item that he/she could sell it for a good amount of money. Therefore, locals labeled him/her with curious nicknames such as the “the Hungry Man,” “the Mountain Man,” “North Pond Hermit,” “Maine’s Loch Ness Monster,” or even the “the Stealthy Yeti.”

The Hunt Starts

But things will change in the Spring of 2013 when the elusive criminal decided to target the Pine Tree Summer Camp. It seemed a perfect place to steal things. A big place where he/she could sneak into to find food and supplies without anyone noticing something missing.

However, the thief did notice a small detail: the police begun a hunt for him. Besides, the Summer Camp’s manager is the Sergeant Terry Hughes who developed an excellent plan to catch the culprit.

First Sights

On April 4, 2013, Sergeant Terry Hughes received an alarm triggered meaning that someone was in the kitchen of the camp. Hughes immediately went to the scene expecting to find a violent criminal carrying a weapon, or maybe a ragged homeless person searching desperately for food.

When Hughes looked into the kitchen through the window, he saw something totally unexpected. A clean and well-dressed middle-aged man with a smooth face. And the sergeant asked himself who is this apparently regular man?

Caught In The Act

As the unknown man went to the dining hall, carrying a backpack full with food, Sergeant Hughes threw a flashlight to blind him, and while he was holding a gun in his other hand, he yelled to the man: “get on the ground.” Unexpectedly, the intruder followed the Sergeant’s orders without any kind of resistance.

While the man kneeled down, Officer Diane Perkins-Vance and other two cops handcuffed the suspect to a chair. He never put up a fight or resistance. The officials noticed that the man was pale skin with dated glasses and without an ID. At first, he refused to answer officials’ questions but later he revealed his unbelievable story.

Living Alone In The Woods For Decades

It took two hours until the culprit finally answered Officer Perkins-Vance’s questions. He said he wouldn’t the questions because he was “ashamed”. Then he revealed his name: Christopher Thomas Knight. Jobs? None. Address? The woods.

But the big surprise came when the officer asked him how long time he had been living in the woods and he admitted he lost the sense of time but remembered that the Chernobyl disaster occurred before he decided to go into the woods. So that meant he began his life of solitude and theft in the woods in 1986 (27 years)

The Early Life of The Hermit

Christopher Thomas Knight was born on December 7, 1965. He was always a loner person since he was born. His family was not different, though. “I had good parents” he remembered. “But we were not emotional persons. We were not touchy-feely. We always tend to stoicism.” So, he always had difficult to relate to others beyond a basic level.

When he was younger, Christopher was a shut-in person who stayed busy with the things that really mattered to him. However, nobody could expect he might cut off completely from the world.

A Man With A Promising Future

Curiously, Christopher was a talented student during his school years. His grades were excellent and even graduated fast but without having friends. After high school, he went to Sylvania Technical School in Massachusetts where he studied electronics.

Moving to that city meant a change of pace from his accustomed life in Maine. But still, he did not make any friends. After finishing the 9-month course, Christopher was able found a job installing alarms for cars and homes.

He bought a car through a loan which his brother agreed to help him with it. However, his brother never could never know about Christopher’s plans to vanish from civilization.

A Loner With A Good Family

Christopher Knight always tried to make himself appear modest and unnoticed as possible. He was the middle child of brothers and one younger sister. During his childhood, he went on several hunting trips with his father and they get accustomed to sleeping in the back of family’s pickup without using a tent.

His family was not violent or unhappy. They were just very reserved to express their emotions and share their private issues with the world. Although his parents were not particularly rich, they admired art and knowledge and also believed in the wonders of science.

A Simple Life

Even his family couldn’t ever imagine that Christopher would leave to separate himself from the rest of the world. Without a major incident that may be the reason for such sudden move, maybe he felt that too many good things happened to him so he might felt that was too much for him.

When he decided to leave it all, he didn’t even say goodbye to his family or anybody else that he knew. Until one day, he just vanished. He recalled, “I had no plans when I decided to leave, I was not thinking about nothing. I just did it.”

The Necessity To Flee

Like anyone, Christopher imagined a simple life surrounded by silence and solitude. However, he had a very little training of how to survive in the wilderness so it would be easier to somehow get hurt, suffer from starving or just die alone in the woods.

During the first 2 weeks, he walked through the Maine forests only guided by his instincts. But Christopher discovered that could not appease one natural desire which eventually obliged him to adopt a life of crime.

The Getaway

Christopher’s main desire was to just get lost and be completely alone. He hadn’t any desire to have any kind contact with people. He said, “Very soon, I lost track of where I was. But I didn’t care; honestly, I was happy with the choice I’d made.”

However, he didn’t take any kind of hunting equipment or weapons with him when he started this one-way excursion. During his first weeks, he was searching for food that existed in the surrounds, like berries. But that method will not help him to survive for long…

The Need For Food

Christopher realized very soon that the provisions he brought were not enough. This realization came when he was suffering from starving. Despite Maine woods’ vastness, there are not many options for eating. Some comestible pants only last for a weekend. Perhaps it would be a different story if Christopher had planned to hunt or fish.

Start Robbing

Moved by his unceasing starvation, Christopher began stealing small vegetables from gardens, like a tomato or an ear of corn. He never felt the need to ask help in order to keep his solitude undisturbed.

Looking For Shelter

Yes, he brought a tent, but how well it could resist when it rained and the ground became very muddy and malleable. One night, he made the risky decision of sleeping in an empty cabin.

The Woods, His New Home

Christopher rapidly embraced the woods as his new home. He had to adapt to live among rocks, the damp earth, and also take advantage of what nature could provide him. However, there were some other necessary goods nature just could not provide.

He used old magazines to coat his floor and absorb the water, so he’d never go thirsty. But to obtain the magazines it required a lot cunning and stealth.

Perfecting His Stealth Skills

Christopher never acted in a rash way. Before making any move, he first observed the inhabitants so he can know when they came and went and for how long they were absent. Then, when he was sure no one could catch him, he entered the cabin.

He considered these raids very easy because people tend to always leave doors unlocked or windows open due to a peaceful place like Maine who could imagine that there is a danger beyond its tranquility.

Without A Trace

Christopher focused to raid cabins during the week because it’s the moment when most vacationers were away. Many of the cabins were vacation homes, so if something was missing, how could they remember after being a whole week away?

And he always was aware of leave the fewer traces of his presence as possible. So if he could find any spare keys, he kept them hidden someplace safe so he could access the cabin later without any trouble.

His Questionable Legacy

It’s estimated that Christopher made a total of 1,000 burglaries during 27 years. Some labeled him as the culprit of one of the “biggest burglary cases in the history of Maine.” However, his victims could not deny the care that the hermit did his raids. Unlike common burglars, he never smashed a window or broke a lock. He always took care of leaving everything more or less in its original state.

The Consequences Of His Actions

Six months after his arrest, Christopher Knight took the stand at Kennebec County Superior on October 28, 2013. He was found guilty to 13 charges of burglary and robbery, so he was sentenced to 7 months in jail. But to avoid a 7-year sentence, he had to meet with a judge on every Monday.

Additionally, he had to pay his victims a total of $1,500 in restitution and he has to attend a program for people with mental health problems and fulfill 3 years of probation.

His Return To Civilization

After being released, Christopher agreed to meet with the judge on every Monday as he promised in the court hearing and swore to abstain from alcohol. Contrary to everybody’s expectations, he showed an incredible discipline following these statements.

And what was the reward of this? He got his life back and reconnected with his family again when he was in jail. The relationship with his family started to heal and even his brother offered him a job which he took later.

Christopher’s Reflections

Christopher has stated that definitely, he is not proud of what he had done. In fact, he is very sorry to those he had harmed. But he has had some reflections to say about his life as a hermit.

For him, even silence itself deafens. “Solitude bestows an increase in something valuable. I can’t just discard that idea. Solitude improved my perception but when I decided to increase my perception of myself, I lost my identity. There was no one to perform for. There was no need to define myself, so I became irrelevant.”

Then he remarked, “I was never lonely. If you enjoy solitude, you’re never alone.” And he ended, “all my desires were dropped away. I didn’t long for anything. I didn’t even have a name. I was completely free.”

That’s how he was able to survive for 27 years without going crazy or being a victim of depression or desperation.



Generous Farmer Secretly Paid Alabama Residents Pharmacy Bills

Kelly Taylor



Alabama farmer Hody Childress has recently drawn recognition for his secret deeds of goodwill toward his neighborhood. Childress has been covering people’s pharmacy expenses in secret to make it easier for individuals in need to pay for the prescriptions they need. His charitable contributions weren’t revealed until after he passed away. People were inspired by his good deeds.

Childress, a farmer for more than 40 years, started paying people’s pharmacy bills as a way to give back to his neighborhood. As someone who has been blessed in life, he says, “I wanted to help others who may not be as fortunate.” 

The people Childress has assisted have been profoundly affected by his unselfish deed of charity. One person thanks Childress for helping them, as they were unable to pay the hefty cost of their chronic condition’s medication. “Hody came to my aid when I was unsure how to pay for my prescription. I will always be grateful to him for his kindness because he saved my life “they claim.

Childress’s actions have also inspired others in the community to do the same. “I may not have much money to give, but I can definitely spare some for those in need,” says one community member. “Hody has set a great example of how one person’s kindness can make a big difference in the lives of others.”

Childress’s secret acts of kindness have not gone unnoticed, and he has been recognized by local organizations and businesses for his generosity. “Hody is a true role model in our community, and we are proud to have him as a member of our community,” says a representative of a local pharmacy.

The actions of Hody Childress serve as a testament to the effectiveness of charity and kindness. His discreet gestures of generosity haven’t just assisted individuals in need; they’ve also motivated others to follow in his footsteps. His unselfish acts have had a significant positive impact on many people’s lives as well as a long-lasting effect on his town.

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Boosting a Special Seahawks Fan

Kevin Wells



For an entire community to come together to send one of its own to a professional football game with the Seattle Seahawks versus the Cardinals, he’s got to be pretty special. However, as it turns out, Dustin Ehinger more than meets that eligibility requirement.

For years, Dustin has been well known as a dedicated Seahawks fan, the NFL football team for Seattle. Dustin works every day at a local Safeway as a courtesy clerk, but he has challenges. Being autistic, not everyone understands Dustin or how he behaves. Unfortunately, one customer really was lacking in the understanding department, or just wanted to be a jerk, but the person really ruined Dustin’s day, insulting him at work.

To make up for it, Dustin’s mom wanted to take him to a Seahawks game so the young man would forget the experience and move on. Unfortunately, the tickets weren’t the most affordable. So, Debbie Henderson posted an ad asking for help on a GoFundMe page for the same. The goal was to raise enough funds so that Dustin could attend a big Seahawks home game at Lumen field, essentially to give him a day in a “happy” place. As it turned out, some $2,300 was raised for the effort from his community chipping in, and the Seattle Seahawks also contributed with a load of fan paraphernalia and gifts as well.

With going to the game a sure thing, Dustin and Reid, a very close friend, suited up in the Seahawk jerseys and hats were off to the big game, funded by all the contributions. Along the way, Dustin got to meet in person probably the most dedicated Seahawks fan, Margy Wick from Ephrata. However, Dustin still kept in mind all the good things he had been taught. Knowing there were some funds leftover from the GoFundMe donations, Dustin made a point to donate the remainder to help out the local food banks. The gift easily totaled over $500. Additionally, a smaller portion was also given to help out the Autism Society in his home county as well.

And, not to be outdone, Safeway has a few surprises for the holidays in store for Dustin and his commitment to customer service despite his bad experience. It’s all hush hush for the holidays, but Dustin is probably going to be pretty excited and happy about the surprises when he finds out.

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Rescuing Senior Dogs And Giving Them The Best Home

Renee Yates



There is a location that goes by the name of Frosted Faces Foundation. Located near the town of Ramona, two acres are home to senior dogs who are completely cared for by a dedicated rescue program.

The program is more than just a simple kennel. Instead, it’s designed to be a comfortable home, with comfortable dog beds, blankets, sweaters for canines that get cold, and regular activities. There is also a program for those with arthritis and health problems to get their regular medicine as well. And the dogs reflect their care; their eyes tell the story of appreciation for the care they receive.

All of the dogs rescued have had some kind of loss. Whether its psychological, in the form of abandonment, or physical in the form of harm and injuries, they’ve all suffered from something. So, one of the things the Foundation makes a point of achieving is providing a comfortable life for the dogs taken in by the rescue operation.

The Foundation was established in 2014, at that time being a simple group trying to create a bond between various dog owners that wanted to give their dogs more socialization. Andy and Kelly Smíšek, finally created a real rescue location and, surprisingly, as soon as they opened the front doors, a family showed up to adopt a dog.

The non-profit makes a specific point of helping older dogs. These canines have the hardest chance of being adopted, oftentimes being passed over by families who want a younger dog that will grow up in front of them and will live longer. The value of longevity is something that older dogs have very little currency, so they automatically lose in most adoptions. It doesn’t help that older dogs have more health problems and behavioral issues as well. That combination only decreases their chances of adoption.

The rescue operations have made a huge impact. In 2022 it produced 406 adoptions, placing that number of older dogs in homes that will genuinely care for them. Small dogs are the fastest to place, but larger dogs can be adopted out as well within a few months of dedicated work. One of the key factors that helps is the fact that the rescue makes a point of covering the medical costs of the adopted dogs. That commitment allows the older dogs to be accepted versus rejected over fears of their expensive care otherwise. It’s not a small commitment; guaranteeing the care of over 1,500 dogs charges something past $83,000 a month. The cost is addressed through donations and fundraising.

So, if you know an old dog that needs help, know there’s also a place that wants to care for it in Ramona. It’s just a matter of getting the dog to its better home.

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Time for a Free Pizza in Edinburgh

Shannon Jackson



If people live in Edinburgh, they’re going to get a bonus in January. As it turns out, just living in the town will entitle each resident to a free pizza, courtesy of Mark Wilkenson. As the owner of Pure Pizza, a well known hot cheese pie establishment located in Morningside, Wilkenson had been itching to do something for his neighbors. Inflation and the cost of living has been a recurring concern, especially for the business owner who relies on consumers having discretionary cash to go out and buy food to go.

As it turned out, Wilkenson had the means to make a difference, specifically his pizza offerings. So, at the fine young age of 55, he has made an impression on everyone in his immediate market by basically making a clear dent in the local inflation chaos. He’s giving everyone living in Edinburgh a free pizza. Now is a pizza going to push back on inflation?

Well, first off, with the cutback on spending, things are a bit slow around the pizzeria. So, Wilkenson recognized immediately that he needed something to keep his staff busy so they wouldn’t just walk off and ghost him one day soon. Second, everyone locally gets the benefit of a free meal, and not a small pizza either. Third, Wilkenson hopes, of course, that the effort goes a bit further than just a thank you; in fact, he’s hoping that the gesture is reciprocated with continued business when people can afford pizza on a regular basis again. It’s not a dumb move; consumer loyalty does tend to be generated by making people feel valuable. Wilkenson is quite honest about the affair – he dubs it a win-win for all involved.

The cost isn’t a small affair either. Wilkenson expects that with the size of the population and the number expected to want a pizza, he’s likely going to spend something near £12,000. And that’s on top of the fact that his pizza business couldn’t have been timed worse in terms of a business start; Pure Pizza was established in March 2020. It was the same month when COVID hit full steam and forced social lockdowns.

The business was designed originally for high capacity. At full demand, Pure Pizza can put out 18 complete, large-size pizzas every six minutes or thereabout. However, once the pandemic hit, most of the ovens were sitting unused. It was not how Wilkenson imagined his business operating on New Year’s before 2020 got started.

Of course, there are some limitations to freebie pizzas. Folks have to show up in person, they have to visit during January only. And there are no free pizzas during the prime hours of 5:30pm and 8:30pm. The rules aren’t too difficult and, Wilkenson suspects, folks will likely more than cooperate for a sizeable meal that can probably last a good dinner, even breakfast the next morning.

Wilkenson also has another hope. Ideally, if everyone who gets a free pizza turns around and repeats the favor in some way with more folks, it could start an interesting social reaction. He’s not a blind idealist; Wilkenson fully expects some people will just show up for a free pizza, and then that’s it. However, if even one out of ten goes further, Wilkenson might just realize the results of his effort around town in a far bigger way than just a warm pizza.

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Fans of NFL Safety Damar Hamlin Donate Millions to his Charity Following his Cardiac Arrest Incident

Kevin Wells



Up to two days after NFL Player, Damar Hamlin experienced a cardiac arrest during a game, hundreds of thousands of fans were donating millions to his online charity. Within two days, contributions had surpassed five million dollars.

When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin passed out on the turf during Monday evening’s match versus the Cincinnati Bengals, the NFL community was shocked.

Following a tackle in the first quarter, the 24-year-old experienced cardiac arrest and is still in critical condition.

When Hamlin was brought off the field approximately 19 minutes after collapsing at 8:55 p.m., the Bills had gathered for prayer. The game was called off a short while after the paramedics left the field, and the players slowly filed off the field and then into their changing rooms.

A GoFundMe for his foundation “Chasing M’s” began spreading online when the game was formally rescheduled.

Hamlin initiated the digital toy drive campaign just over two years ago with an initial target of $2,500. Following his incident on the field, fans have donated more than five million dollars.

GoFundMe tweeted Monday evening, “Following his injuries on the field tonight, supporters throughout the nation are paying their respects for him as well as his family by contributing to his charity.

In his birthplace of Pittsburgh, where he attended college for five years, Hamlin played in 48 games with the Panthers. As a senior, he was selected as a team captain and made the second-team All-ACC.

The Bills selected Hamlin in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. He appeared in fourteen games as a rookie before taking over as the starter this season when Micah Hyde injured himself.

The Buffalo Bills announced in a statement that Damar Hamlin was still in serious condition on Wednesday after spending one more night inside an intensive care unit. He is, however, displaying “signs of improvement,” they pointed out.

In Monday evening’s game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, the NFL player who is 24 years old, passed out. According to Bills officials, he experienced a cardiac arrest.

During a play with 5:58 left in the first quarter of the game, Tee Higgins, a Bengals wide receiver, who’d been carrying the ball, struck 24-year-old safety Hamlin in the torso with his helmet. Higgins was pulled to the ground by Hamlin. After that, Hamlin got up but soon fell to the ground.

On the night after the incident, Dorrian Glenn, Hamlin’s uncle, told the media just outside of the Medical Center that his nephew’s heart had stopped twice—once on the field and once inside the hospital. Charlie De Mar of CBS Chicago reported this. Glenn added that Hamlin isn’t able to breathe independently due to a lung injury. He stated that the player was previously receiving a hundred percent oxygen through a ventilator, but that now only received fifty percent.

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