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The Incredible Way One Man Saves a Woman from Being Body-Shamed…

As a working mother and wife, Savannah Phillips had her share of challenges, but she overcame them to produce a viable career and contribute to her family’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, she also had her own limitations that were all to vivid in her mind, especially as she found herself traveling more and more due to her work. The simple fact was, Savannah was a larger woman. And while in most cases that was not an issue, the condition created particular issues for her when flying. Because of her size, Savannah regular chose seats without people next to her, but it wasn’t always available.

Living With Weight

Savannah had never been a slim person. Her entire life involved reactions and problems associated with her weight. Social teasing and awkward interactions were a common issue, and Savannah knew it was because of her size. Socially, life in the U.S. had no place for overweight people yet, ironically, plus size was becoming more and more common decade after decade. But that didn’t do much good for Savannah. Regardless of her skills and knowledge, she regularly had to fend off the first reaction to her appearance. It was practically expected and automatic, even in her career world.

Stuck on a Flight

Travel by plane was always Savannah’s last choice. She would drive when possible, but it was more than occasionally not practical. And that meant she had to struggle with the typical tight aircraft seat that was never designed for her as a passenger. Where possible, she compensated by finding seats towards the back or flying at times with less passengers, i.e. off hours. The whole point was to avoid confrontation and being packed in next to someone who would react to her size.

Not Always Lucky

On one particular flight the worst-case scenario happened. Her flight was at full capacity. As Savannah reach the flight gate the horrible feeling of being cramped was already tingling up her neck. There was not going to be any options for separate seating. Savannah was guaranteed to be sitting next to someone on the flight. She tried to finagle some kind of exception, practically begging the flight attendant at the gate with her eyes, but there wasn’t going to be a decent flight this time. And Savannah was already starting to feel some of the other passengers looking at her.

Just Get Through It

Savannah buckled herself down mentally to just get through the flight. The sooner she got on the plane, got through the flight and off, the sooner she would be on the ground and away from the confinement. She got on the plane, found her seat, and tried to settle in. But the whole time her anxiety was getting the better of her. It wasn’t unfounded. The older man who had to get up to let her have the window seat was already showing physical discomfort with her presence. He made a louder than normal sigh at being put out with Savannah sitting in his row.

Everyone Was Watching

The older man was clearly the type that Savannah hated to be around. These were people who always went a step further with their dislike of plus size people, making their opinions know as if entitled. While Savannah tried to focus on settling in, she noted the man was working on his phone. He had adjusted the settings to improve the clarity, and the font was increased to large size. The phone was also tilted at an angle that it would be impossible for Savannah to miss it. She realized, shockingly, he was using the phone this way on purpose. Savannah was already cringing, but what the man didn’t know was that his audience was more than just Savannah.

What Are You Doing

Finally Savannah put the man on the spot and asked him what he was doing. The man feigned innocence. He mumbled something about his eyesight and needing to zoom in to see what he was writing to a friend. She knew immediately the old man was lying, but it didn’t matter. He kept tapping away, and the message was visible to Savannah. The words might as well have been a fork in his hand stabbing her arm. She immediately tried to lean away and look out the plane window, but it didn’t matter. The old man already achieved what he wanted.

A Real Life Bully

The attempts to increase his phone screen size and tilting of his phone was blatant and obvious now. The message was clear, visible and meant for her as much as for whoever he was typing and sending it to. The words he typed were, “sitting next to a smelly fatty”, and the “fatty” was obviously Savannah. Every nightmare, insult, teasing, and bullying she ever suffered in her younger life came back to Savannah in that moment. The bully was smirking. However, it wasn’t going to last long. Suddenly, Savannah heard another voice. The old man was tapped on the shoulder. “I need to speak to you, now.”

A Helpful Hand When Needed

The old man was startled by the interruption. This was not how he thought his little joke was going to go. The man who tapped the old man on the shoulder, Chase Irwin, made it clear he was not negotiating or asking for a favor. “We’re switching seats. Now.” The old was caught off guard and spinning backwards mentally; he agreed immediately and complied. Chase put himself in the seat next to Savannah and started to speak to her while she was crying from the mental attack she had just suffered.


As the plane trip continued, Savannah continued a conversation with Chase. Savannah was so thankful someone stood up for her, and it was obvious Chase was just doing the right thing. In the talk that lasted the flight Savannah learned about Chase’s background, his job, and his kids too. By the time they were on the ground again, Savannah felt like she had just experienced a total life turnaround. And she needed to tell folks she knew about it. Unfortunately, Chase was gone after debarking, so all she had was social media.

Posting on Facebook

The post that spread like wildfire as soon as Savannah put it up started off simple enough. “”I am only sharing this story of what happened to me today in hopes that the person who stuck up for me will somehow be recognized…” Her story continued…”We sat on the runway waiting for the OK to take off for about 10 minutes – I sat there unable to stop silently crying. I was scrunching myself up against the wall as far as I could. The guy next to me takes out his headphones. Someone behind us says, ‘We are switching seats. Now.’ The guy next to me said, “OK- why?” And I hear someone say (removing curse words), “You are texting about her, and I’m not putting up with that.”

The Post Rang Around the World

Savannah’s story didn’t take long to get virtual legs and run. It was shared and reposted again and again repeatedly. Many users didn’t just stop with their disgust with the old man and his pettiness. They also made a point to reinforce Savannah had nothing to be ashamed about. They were also very appreciative of Chase and his actions.

Finding the Man

The Internet is an amazing thing when it crowdsources thousands of brainpower points. Chase Irwin was located very quickly as a result. He was found by his occupation, working as a manager at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row restaurant, neatly parked in Nashville, TN. Both the restaurant and Chase started realize the power of a viral movement. Their website was overwhelmed with well-wishers, and the local media picked up on the story fairly quick.

Character Embodied

When he was interviewed, Chase made it clear getting his name on TV was never the intent of his actions. Instead, something inside him as a person said he needed to act when he saw the words the old man was writing on his phone. Originally, Chase thought he was just going to make a point after the flight was over. However, when he saw the old man was making fun of Savannah, Chase felt he had to act. Her crying put him over the top.

Watching the Whole Time

Chase was immediately aware of the problem Savannah was dealing with as soon as she arrived at her seat. He practically had a front row audience spot, watching the behavior of the old man and how it was visibly affecting her. Then he saw the phone texting and the vicious message the man thought he could get away with. As he saw Savannah lean away, Chase knew it was time to do something.

Pettiness in Digital Form

The old man’s message wasn’t just one sentence. He was pouring out the hate as he typed his text in full view of Savannah. “Hey babe, sitting next to a smelly fatty. She’s overflowing over my armrest. I think I’m going to be sick!” Chase could also see Savannah being crushed and starting to tear up.

Phones Everywhere

The old man wasn’t the only one who was on his phone. Chase was as well, video-recording the man and what he had done. ‘This guy, prob mid-50s just text his wife that he is sitting next to a smelly fatty and was about to vomit. I watched her read his text and is now looking sad.” Chase literally documented the decision he had to make in that moment as well. “Should I… just say something when landing?” It didn’t take long for him to react.

Different Roads

Savannah and Chase never met again, but in her own interview Savannah did make a point that she forgave the hate from the old man on the plane. She also never really tried to maintain any connection with Chase, only knowing him as the man who helped on that plane ride when it seemed like trip from hell. But posting the story she did want everyone to know what he did and how standing up for others can mean so much. Between them both, their story has added more to why body-shaming is so wrong, and increased people’s awareness as a result.



Centenarian Beats Coronavirus and Prepares For 109th Birthday

Kelly Taylor



Millions of people have been dying across the world as a result of contracting the Coronavirus.

One of the most emphasized points has been for the elderly and people with underlying health conditions to shelter-in-place or wear protective gear at all times.

It is therefore understandable why the world is celebrating the fact that a centenarian has been able to survive the brutal virus.

She is actually well on her way to a decade past the century and doing so in fine style.

Not only has she fought and won the battle, but she is taking preparatory steps to celebrate another birthday.

One hundred and nine years, she has managed to survive on this earth, two world wars, multiple Presidents, Stock market and housing market crashes, now a pandemic.

Ruth Stryzewski of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, has only three weeks to go, but plans are in high gear. If anyone has anything to celebrate, she certainly does.

Maybe if she were fifty years younger, it would not have been such a surprise that she pulled through the virus unscathed, but at her age, that’s unheard of anywhere in the world.

The pandemic has devastated the United States and has led to the loss of lives in the region of four hundred thousand.

Some survivors recover in the slated two-week period, but others take weeks and even months to recuperate.

Some have symptoms that appear to be long-term, like loss of taste and smell or even fatigue.

Some are still laid up in bed, struggling to regain their stamina, trying many home remedies to help them become rejuvenated.

Yet 108-year-old Ruth Strzyzewski of Oshkosh managed to evade all the horrible symptoms and, above all, death, which she is genuinely grateful for.

The coronavirus toll on the elderly has been disproportionate to all other ages. Even seemingly young robust people have succumbed, as well as infants.

However, this older woman was having none of it. She has decided that the virus will not be determining her fate.

For several weeks she remained isolated, putting up an intense fight against the severe virus that has brought many nations to their knees.

Fortunately, she did not need to be hospitalized, even though several symptoms presented themselves.

After her solace period, Strzyzewski has emerged with no ongoing effects and seems to be recuperating with no issues. She’s expected to make a full recovery to her usual cheerful self.

One health official highlighted the remarkable feat, noting that at her age, Strzyzewski being on the road to recovery would have been the last thing on anyone’s mind, not with so many people losing the coronavirus battle.

Not only has she fought, but she has won and is doing very well. Her strength continues to build each day, and she’s almost back to a state of normalcy.

Her birthday celebration, slated for February 20, will be a high point for 2020. Many health officials are likely wondering about the possibility of someone this old conquering the virus.

Maybe they’ll be revisiting the round table and analyze her specimens to see what is so different about a woman over a century old that made her survive the vicious virus.

Either way, as they contemplate, she will be having a whale of a time celebrating her 109th birthday on 20 February with whatever number of people will be allowed.

Be assured; it will be covered by media houses not only in the United States but globally.

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Man Dubbed a Hero After Saving a Baby Elephant With CPR

Renee Yates



People who are trained to provide CPR to rescue others expect to be called upon in the odd moment to act. However, Srivate Mana never expected that his knowledge in how to save a life would be critical in saving a baby elephant. Yet, that is exactly what he found himself doing and was filmed in a video that went viral on the Internet shortly after. Savings a baby elephant left on the side of the road, Mana was able to bring the elephant back and it was standing again within 10 minutes.

Animals Can’t Read Road Warning Signs

Like any animal, the baby elephant was simple moving from one part of the area to another looking for food and following its herd. However, unlike the older pachyderms, the young elephant was not yet used to the roads and vehicles that cut through roaming area of Chanthaburi. It had no idea what to make of the noise or the lights the vehicles had to signal they were approaching. And curiosity ultimately ended up being the animal’s weakness. As a result, it had no idea what was hurtling towards the small animal when a motorcycle rider slammed into the creature at speed. The rider was okay, aside from scuffs and being thrown from the motorbike. Unfortunately, the baby elephant took the brunt of the impact and was laid out on the road.

Things Weren’t Looking Very Good

When Mana arrived at the scene traveling the same path as his crew, he could see his coworkers taking care of the downed rider, but nothing was happening for the elephant. In the distance he could also hear the mother and adult elephants calling for the baby creature. Instinctually, Mana knows to jump into action to save a life, and even the elephant parents calling seemed to trigger his training. Trying to guess where the elephant’s heart was, he got close to the creature on the road and started figuring out where to apply CPR. At the same time Mana was crying, feeling a wave of emotion for the junior pachyderm. Amazingly, the elephant began to move. He was in shock but for a good reason.

A Miracle on Four Legs, With a Trunk

After a few seconds of standing the baby elephant began to reorient itself and went right back to the same location where it was originally hit, probably looking for its mother. Amazingly, the baby elephant wasn’t seriously injured, just completely dazed and confused. As the young elephant started calling out for any sign of its herd, the mother and the rest of the elephants came back out of the countryside to fetch it. Mana watched the reunion and smiled.

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UPS Driver Gets Dazzling Appreciation From Appreciative Community





From the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, most households have been reliant on UPS drivers to deliver their necessities, especially since many physical stores had closed their doors to the public. 

The drivers put themselves and their families at risk to get those essentials delivered to millions of homes across the country and make the quarantine less strenuous for families. 

One particular UPS delivery driver caught the attention of residents in Smithtown, Long Island, New York where he has been dropping packages off tirelessly both day and night.

For 25 years, Gregory Watkins Sr. has been working for UPS and he has spent the last thirteen of these years assigned to Long Island.  

Didn’t he eventually get bored? Actually, it was the opposite for Watkins, who says he liked his job and the welcoming atmosphere of the community he’s been serving for more than a decade.

Recently, in a bid to help meet the pandemic demands, Watkins took on additional shifts which did not go unnoticed by the residents. 

The residents were blown away by the father of four turning up six days every week and we’re moved to show their appreciation. 

The fact that the busy driver always wore a smile, and went above and beyond to assist the customers, was the icing on the cake. 

The residents huddled and came up with a surprise plan, which turned out to be just that, for the valuable UPS delivery driver. 

The clueless driver reacted to a text message for assistance from one of the residents, but came upon a host of people converging on the roadway and vehicles lining the sidewalks.

He was unsure of whether to drive through the crowd, but his desire to fulfill the customer’s wishes outweighed his doubt and he slowly began driving towards the crowd.

What greeted him next made the driver gasp for air as residents began emerging from their vehicles with signs and loud cheers egging him on and showing their appreciation.

The driver questioned if what was going on was really to honor him. The doubts were quickly erased as he heard his name being chanted by the excited residents.

As he continued driving down the road, he saw the many signs with positive messages showing appreciation for his remarkable service.

Meanwhile a resident captured the entire event on camera, taking comments from multiple residents who openly thanked the driver. 

The residents expressed that they know his family, which drove home the fact that they knew he was making a huge sacrifice since he has four children at home. 

The dazzled driver regained his composure and decided to emerge from the vehicle where he was greeted with a barrage of gifts. 

He explained to the grateful residents that it has been sheer enjoyment delivering to their community and being of assistance in whatever way possible. 

He said watching how everyone evolved, including kids becoming adults or obtaining their drivers license was a part of the pleasure. 

As Watkin thanked the residents and expressed what he observed over the last 13 years, he informed them that his tenure would end in two years. 

There was a unanimous groan in response to the beloved driver’s statement, but that did not put a damper on the next few minutes as they continued to show their appreciation.  

Overall, Watkins says he felt love and care exuded from the residents who even penned their thoughts. 

He has been humbled by the gesture and plans to continue serving the community of Smithstown faithfully. 

Many people do good but it doesn’t always come back the way they give it. In fact it comes back when they least expect it and that’s exactly what happened to this hardworking father of four. 

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Five Heroic High School Freshman Heed Call to Action, Save Children From Icy Pond!

Kelly Taylor



When the worst happens in front of our eyes, we all hope that we will have the fortitude to act. For five teenagers from New Jersey, a call to action manifested before themselves while heading home from an evening at Beacon Hill Country Club. The five kids were all from a local high school and they had been sledding at the local country club in Middletown when they heard a commotion coming from a pond near the bottom of the hill. As it turned out, two children on a sled had been rocketing straight toward the ice-covered surface. What happened next could have ended in tragedy if not for a group of brave kids.

Tyler Armagan, Ryan Day, Kieran Foley, Drew Scalice, and Joseph Dietrich had been hanging out at their favorite sledding spot in town when their lives changed forever. Kieran, a 14-year-old from New Jersey, said that he saw the two children careening down the hill and toward the ice-covered pond. Kieran stated, “They just went so fast right down the hill.” 

According to Kieran, the father of the children had been yelling for his kids to jump out of the sled. The problem was that 8-year-old Olivia and 4-year-old R.J. were not in control. In the Olympics, sleds can reach speeds of up to 70mph. While little Olivia and R.J. weren’t going that fast, they were certainly not in control. True tragedy was hovering over the entire moment but the boys leaped into action.

As it turns out, Kieran and his friends were all from the same Boy Scout troop. The kids kept their cool and jumped into action immediately. Kieran and his friends formed a human chain down to the pond where the two children had fallen into the icy water. Knowing that time was of the essence, Kieran waded into the water. Kieran stated, “I knew it wasn’t that deep, the water, so I just picked them up..” 

Drew was also shocked by what happened though he was quick to act. Drew told reporters, “All I can remember is seeing the kids come down (the hill).” Drew would go on to describe how Ryan helped calm the kids down after pulling them from the water, asking them questions about Christmas and what presents that they would want. As it turns out, this was a wonderful way to calm the kids down as their parents arrived.

After pulling the children from the freezing water, Kieran and his buddies consoled them as they tried to keep them warm. Soon Richard Heid and Stephanie Irlbeck appeared, the parents quick to thank the heroic children that had stepped up to the plate to save their child. As frostbite can occur within ten minutes in the right frigid temperatures, it isn’t dramatic to say that Kieran and his friends potentially saved two lives.

While 2020 was a constant lesson in how dark and hard the world can be, there are always silver linings to turn to for hope and inspiration. While much of the world was engulfed in chaos relating to politics or COVID, good folks like Kieran and his friends continue to do great things for the people around them. Perhaps we could all learn a little bit more from these heroic kids!

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Military Officer Just Wanted To Get Home, When Man Confronted Her On Plane

Kelly Taylor



Packed plane rides tend to be the worst because if you’re not lucky enough to get on early, you get stuck with whatever is left. And that usually means being cramped in a middle seat squished between two others. It might be livable on a short flight, but a long flight can be torture sitting like that. For Jessica’s case, it was obvious to her when boarding that her flight was going to be a miserable experience. Everything was taken, and the only seat left was a middle seat in a cramped can of a ride. However, things got weird before she could even get her bag in the storage and sit down. Instead of sitting down, a man walked up and told her she couldn’t sit in the seat she finally found. The reason why just about knocked her off her feet.

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