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The Funniest Thanksgiving Prank – Texting Mom and Asking How Long It takes to Microwave a Turkey

Shannon Jackson




Thanksgiving is a time for holiday traditions: gathering around the table, eating turkey and cranberry sauce, watching the game on television. This year, you can add a new tradition to the list — millennials pranking their moms.

It started on Instagram. A poster named blessed.mess.jess texted her mom and asked her how long it would take to microwave a 25-pound turkey. Her mom’s responses were hilarious, including a suggestion that her daughter put the stuffing up her butt (that wasn’t the word she used). Blessed.mess.jess posted a screenshot of the conversation on Instagram, and a new trend was born, which soon spilled over from Instagram into Twitter.

The funniest exchanges were the ones where the moms, like the mom in the original post, lost their cool. In a Norman Rockwell vision of Thanksgiving, mothers are consistently patient and kind, always ready with an encouraging word for their children. In the real world, though, the moms pranked by their kids often cursed a blue streak or shook their fists at the fate that had brought them adult offspring who seemed so ignorant of the ways of the world. And the pranking millennials loved it, plastering the screenshots all over social media and claiming bragging rights for having the funniest mom.

Some pranked moms blamed their own parenting skills for raising such deficient offspring. Some thought their kids were drunk or high. Some used colorful descriptions of their children’s abilities and of the way a microwaved turkey would taste — like a bicycle tire, one mom said.

Some of the prankers may have gone a wee bit too far, genuinely scaring their moms, who thought their offspring might blow themselves up when their turkeys exploded in the microwave.

The whole basis of the prank is that, of course, you can’t microwave a 25-pound turkey, much less fit one into a microwave oven. Or can you? In an unexpected twist to this story, Butterball, the famous turkey company, actually responded to the prank by saying that yes, you CAN cook a turkey in a microwave oven. Here, in case for some crazy reason you want to try it, are Butterball’s instructions:

1. Start with a turkey that’s smaller than 25 pounds. This seems like Butterball is cheating a little, but the company does say that a smaller turkey will have enough meat for a typical millennial get-together.

2. Thaw it out first.

3. Put it breast-side down on a dish that is safe for the microwave.

4. Cook for 4 minutes per pound of turkey. Use the full power setting.

5. Baste the turkey with the drippings, then flip it over.

6. Cook for 8 minutes per pound at half power.

7. That’s going to take a while, but don’t go anywhere! Every 18 minutes (don’t ask where Butterball came up with this number), you’re going to need to use a meat thermometer to check the turkey’s temperature. While you’re in there, baste it again.

8. You’re looking for a temperature of 180 to 185 in the turkey’s thigh or 170 to 175 pounds in the turkey’s breast.  When you see that, the turkey is done!  Yay, time to eat. But first, baste it one last time.

So, there you have it. Butterball actually pranked the prankers by showing that it really is possible to cook a Thanksgiving turkey in a microwave oven, though a 25-pound turkey isn’t going to fit in a normal-sized microwave. As long as you go a little smaller, though, you can do it. Or so Butterball claims. Has anyone tried it?



The Odd Pair

Renee Yates



A piglet and a cat might seem like an odd pair, but the kitten named Sriracha and the little pig Batman have proved otherwise. The friendship and interactions of these two close friends are the most heartwarming thing you will ever see. Both animals lived at Rancho Relaxo – a non-profit rescue farm in Woodstown, New Jersey established by Caitlin Cimini.  They were more than just friends because Sriracha depended on Batman in a big way. 

Sriracha, a cute black kitten, suffers from a non-progressive and non-contagious neurological disorder known as feline cerebellar hypoplasia, causing walking and balance issues. There are seriously bad days when Sriracha has two seizures in a row and becomes a little “off”.  Feline cerebellar hypoplasia is caused by improper development of the parts of the cerebellum or exposure to infections, toxins, and nutritional deficiencies. It might be hard and sad to see the kitten shaking but, actually, such condition is absolutely painless. 

 When Sriracha was going through the bad period of her life, she found comfort and support from a two-week-old orphan rescued piglet. Caitlin Cimini says that Batman always felt when the kitten was about to experience a seizure. He rushed immediately to her to put his body on top of Sriracha’s and comfort his poor friend.  Caitlin wrote on her Instagram: “Sriracha found comfort in Batman. And Batman almost knew what he was doing for her. It was a beautiful thing to watch”.  The baby Batman did not leave his buddy alone. He cuddled up to Sriracha by keeping her company. Though the kitten cannot speak, she was definitely thankful for her little pink friend.  They got really attached to each other and became inseparable. 

Unfortunately, due to congenital problems, Batman passed away. Sriracha was devastated and brokenhearted by sobbing for a little pink buddy for days. However, fortunately, in an odd twist of fate, Caitlin soon rescued Batman’s bittersweet sibling from the auction and named him Dragonlord.  To everyone’s surprise, after Dragonlord warmed up, he started taking care of Sriracha even better than his brother Batman did. Dragonlord and Sriracha became very close best friends by spending a lot of time together. Just like Batman, Dragonlord comforts the kitten every time when she is experiencing a seizure. In return, Sriracha shows her love by grooming her supportive friend and showering him with kisses.  

Such a beautiful and unusual friendship of animals has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world on social media. “That is why I do what I do” – says a founder of Rancho Relaxo on her Instagram. “This is the reason why my entire life is dedicated to helping animals. They are the most beautiful creatures on this planet”. So far, Caitlin and her husband have rescued already hundreds of animals, and they do not have an intention to stop. 

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Saint Bernard and Son Spoof Mom on Emergency

Renee Yates



There is a saying that dogs are man’s best friend. In many ways, pets are a great way to teach Sean responsibility when they were growing up. In other cases, that’s can’t even pull pranks on their owners. This is exactly what happens when a mother got a call from her son.

A mom was surprised to get a panicked phone call from her son saying that you need to come home right away. When parents receive this phone call, they often think that their child has been injured or has fallen ill. At the phone call continued, this wasn’t quite what happened.

She listened to her son continue talking on the phone and realized that the dog had somehow gotten on the roof of the home. While most homeowners don’t even think about their roofs until there is a problem, this is probably not the type of problem the homeowner had in mind. The sun proceeded to tell her that the giant Saint Bernard, who weighs more than 100 pounds, had somehow climbed up to the roof.

At first, the mother thought this was some sort of prank. At the phone call continue, the details made it undeniable. Even if she didn’t quite believe it, she had no choice but to rush home and figure out what was going on. Indeed, when she got home, she could not believe her eyes. She didn’t think other people would believe her either. Therefore, she pulled out her phone and decided to film the entire incident. At the time, her biggest fear with the family die was going to jump from the roof of the house. This would lead to an absolute disaster.

She shared the video on social media. In the video, the dog can be seen standing on the slope of the roof. In this position, it is easy to see how the homeowner might have been afraid of the dog was going to jump from the roof. She shouts at the dog, in the process of figuring out what he’s doing up there. She says in a stern voice, like a mother to a child, that the dog needs to get off the roof.

As most pet owners will attest, pets don’t always do what they are told. In this case, her begging and commanding did not work. The St. Bernard stayed right where he was. He clearly had no intention of going anywhere quickly. Therefore, the homeowner did not have much of a choice. She needed to ask for help and call in the big guns.

She decided to pick up the phone and calling the local fire department. Eventually, a team of professionally trained firefighters came to the rescue of the dog. They deployed a ladder and leaned it up against the side of the house. Then, they climbed up to get the dog down. That is when the mystery was revealed. It was clear the dog had passed through a window. Then, the dog walked straight through the broken window out to the roof of the small house.

Because of the size of the dog, the firefighters decided that the easiest way to handle the situation was to push him back through the window from whence you came. Then, the dog is safe inside. To this day, the homeowner believes that the dog was mocking her in some way. She says that he was just having a good time hanging out on the roof. Of course, like most good pet owners, she would not trade her dog for anything in the world. She still loves him dearly. 

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Feisty Chihuahua: The Perfect Hunting Dog?

Shannon Jackson



Kris Burget made a video in September 2011 where he explained the basics of how he prepared for hunting. Kris is a normal sized guy, but he goes out and hunts elk. Even a small elk is at least 500 pounds, but Kris is easygoing and confident as he explains how he gets ready.

The first thing he explains is that you should always have extra clothes, and he points out that even as he was speaking it looked as though there was a rain storm headed his way. If he became too wet and uncomfortable, he would have to cut his trip short, so he wanted to be able to change into rain gear if necessary.

The next thing he talked about was his cow calling gear. The gear was in his pocket and Kris squeezed it so listeners could hear the odd noise it made. Cow calling gear is available at sporting goods stores and hunters can use it to get the attention of the elk they are looking for. There are tutorials online so hunters can learn the best techniques and methods for using the gear.

Kris also carries an extra gun, as could be expected, and he has jerky within easy reach. Beef jerky is a convenient snack that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and that can be eaten without silverware, so hunters can conveniently carry it for when they need a snack while they are spending several hours in the outdoors. Hunters have to learn to be patient and do without nice things while on the hunt.

Finally, Kris pointed out that one of the most important things to bring on a hunting trip was a really good companion. For Kris, the perfect companion is his hunting dog. 

Anyone watching up to that point would be wondering where his dog was. Most people assume a hunting dog is going to be large, especially if the dog hunts elk. However, this is where Kris surprised everyone.

At that point, with a sly smile, Kris opened his camouflage backpack so he could introduce his hunting dog Coco. At first, you can’t see Coco because she is so small, but then she scrambles into view.

Kris is explaining how great Coco is at hunting, and how she is all business when it comes down to it. While he is talking, Coco seems to understand, because she lifts her tiny head higher and barks like crazy.

Kris warns everyone not to let Coco’s size fool them. Even though she looks small compared to other Chihuahuas, Coco obviously believes she is fierce and frightening. Her small size might be what makes her so good at tracking.

At the end of the video, Kris picks Coco the rest of the way out of the backpack and holds her up there with one hand. Is it true? I would have to see it to believe it.

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This Naughty Squirrel Got Themselves In Trouble With The Law!

Kelly Taylor



Vandalism is a serious problem that many communities are forced to deal with. This issue gets especially serious during the holiday seasons. There are too many people out there who like to mess with signage that is not theirs and the police officers who are tasked with assisting these communities are left to pick up the pieces.

But what happens when the vandals in question are not actually human beings? What happens if the vandalism is being perpetrated by animals? It’s not like there are any tiny handcuffs that can be placed on these creatures. When a vandal started messing with the Christmas lights in this New Jersey community one year, the officers were unsure how to proceed.

The Sea Girt Police Department decided that they would do their best to keep a close watch for the culprit. That’s all you can do in scenarios like these. Little did these officers know what they were up against. They would need to make a pair of tiny handcuffs to bring this particular culprit to justice. The lights were not being tampered with by a human being at all.

After they took a closer look at the surveillance footage from this lighting setup, they were able to identify the perpetrator. As it turns out, there was a little squirrel gnawing on the lights. We can’t believe that this squirrel was willing to risk their freedom like this! Don’t they know what happens to vandals in the clink? 

All jokes aside, we cannot stop laughing at the sheer absurdity of this story. These police officers probably thought that they were going to find some punk kid who was stopping by every night with a set of clippers. Instead, all they found was one silly squirrel who just wanted to find a place to get their gnaw on.

The cops knew that they could not give the squirrel any sort of special treatment just because they were an animal. They would need to make sure that the squirrel was actually going to pay for their crimes. Of course, this is all in good fun and they were not really going to arrest the squirrel.

They decided that the best way to go about this task was by creating a Facebook post. That’s how they would let the community know that they had brought this animal to justice. The post was made in jest but they were sure to let the community know that the squirrel had been charged for the crime. The animal would be facing criminal mischief charges!

The squirrel is probably not even aware of all this hubbub, which makes the story even funnier. Do you think that the squirrel would take this charge or would they start snitching on their fellow squirrels to get a lesser punishment? If you would like to see this squirrel getting caught in the act, you should definitely take the time to watch the video below. 

We are just glad that this town was able to get to the bottom of the mystery before it was too late. Anyone who has ever experienced tampering with their Christmas lights is definitely going to relate to this one. It can be annoying to have your handiwork ruined by a vandal and it is not a fate that we wish on anyone.

Hopefully, this squirrel was able to learn their lesson. We would hate to see them turn into a career criminal. Sometimes, all it takes is one bust for a wayward soul to turn their lives around. In the meantime, please be sure to share this hilarious story with your closest friends and loved ones. 

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This Adorable Pup Finally Got The Chance To Enjoy Snow

Kevin Wells



Snow is not something that a lot of us enjoy. In fact, it is a downright nuisance. The prospect of having to get up early to bundle up and clean off your vehicle before work each day is a harrowing one. However, dogs do not view things in the same way that we do. They have more of a glass half full approach at times like these, don’t they?

The dog in this story certainly does, that is for sure. Truffle resides in England and when the first snowfall came, he could not contain his excitement. He’s not one to care about the dirty and slippery aspect of snow. Truffle is here to have a good time and that is all there is to it.

The magical moment was not going to pass this dog by. He’s the type to appreciate life and all that it has to offer. Some of us could stand to learn a thing or two from this pup. Once you have gotten the chance to watch this awesome video, you are going to see exactly what we mean by that.

Jo is his mother and the two live together in York, England. The cocker spaniel is known to have quite the lust for life, too. While he had never experienced snowfall in the past, he wasted no time inserting himself into the mix. He was given the chance to head outside and enjoy it by his mother, running full speed all the while.

Luckily, Jo was willing to record this moment and share it with the rest of us. Try your best not to grin as you watch this dog living it up. There is something about seeing snow for the first time that brings out the inner child in all of us. The dogs that we know and love are certainly no different in this regard. They do not have the same worries that we do.

Truffle does not have to worry about going to buy a winter coat or a set of snow tires. All he has to do is play. Let Jo be the one to scrape the car off when it is time to go to work. Truffle will be too busy dashing through the snow and letting us know just how much fun he is having.

Watching this dog slip and slide around like this is giving us life. Once it was time for the dog to come back inside, he had a very predictable reaction. Truffle decided that he was going to show his mother that he was not ready yet. Instead of racing back inside like some dogs do when they are exposed to the cold, he elected to pout instead. The mental image of this dog sulking is too much! We cannot stop laughing.

While we are not dealing with the same amount of snowfall where we live, we can still appreciate a video like this one. Who wouldn’t love to see Truffle react like this on an everyday basis. This video is making us wish that we could take our dog out to play in the snow, to be honest. As soon as you have seen Truffle enjoying the snow, you will want to share this clip.

All of the dog owners in your life are sure to appreciate this one. There is nothing quite like seeing your first snowfall and this is an experience that needs to be shared. Please take a moment to pass this one along to your Facebook friends as soon as possible. It is time that the rest of the world got to know our good friend Truffle. 

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