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Read how pharmacist’s magic solution helped a Prince George Boy get rid of monsters under his bed

A boy is finally able to keep the monsters under his bed at bay with the help of a pharmacist’s potion.

Seven year old Jakob had always been scared when it’s time to sleep and often had to sneak to his parents’ bed. Seeing the frequent occurrences, his mother, Heather Garfield had to find something to quell her son’s uneasiness.

“He’s been having some trouble with fears at night and what lies in the darkness, what’s outside his bedroom, what’s under his bed,” she told CBC’s Radio West’s Sarah Penton.

The same thing had happened in the family years ago, albeit, it was Garfield’s older son this time around. He too developed the same anxiety at bedtime. To quell his worries, he crafted a “monster spray” to spritz all over his room. Garfield said, it worked.

It was over a different situation with Jakob as he had no belief in any age long home solution.

“He’s a little too smart for his own good sometimes,” Garfield said. “So I had to make it quite official.”

His mother had to do something and off she made her way down to Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy where she tabled her weird request: a bottle of monster spray. If that wasn’t available, Garfield wanted anything that bears a resemblance to that monster spray.

“She told me that she had one kind of weird request,” pharmacy manager Jepal Patel said. 

“I wanted to help her … I really loved her idea.”

She would later get it. Within a few minutes. She left the pharmacy with Jakob’s new solution, one that will quench the monsters in his room. The spray bottle came with a special packaging: it had the official pharmacy label, Jakob’s name and instructions for use.

“Spray around bedroom at night before bedtime and repeat if needed.”

What was the ingredients for the monster spray? Let’s keep that a secret but we do know water is one of them.

‘If monster spray is real that means monsters are real’

Getting home, Garfield mixed a small portion of lavender oil to boost its potency and gave the bottle to Jakob. She took a photo of the potion and made a post about it in her local Facebook group, detailing the story as well. Surprisingly, it received a lot of shares.

Many parents claim they’ve replicated the same idea for their kids as well.

Has it worked for Jakob? Garfield said the first night, she was startled at the sight of Jakob at her bed.

“He looks at me and says, ‘Mom I think it’s just water,'” Garfield said.

Garfield had to persuade and convince Jakob about the effectiveness of his special spray, assuring him the spray will work and the monsters will be no more.

“He said, ‘Well mommy, if monster spray is real that means monsters are real.”

Perhaps for now, the monsters will remain under the bed.


Kevin Bacon the Pig Found with Hollywood Help

Shannon Jackson



In a heartwarming tale that could rival any Hollywood movie, a missing pig named Kevin Bacon has been found after a two-week adventure in the woods of Pennsylvania. What makes this story even more special is the unexpected involvement of actor Kevin Bacon himself.

Kevin Bacon, the pig, became the center of attention when he went missing from his home in Pennsylvania. Owned by Chelsea Rumbaugh, Kevin had only joined the family in October before deciding to explore the great outdoors on his own. Chelsea shared the news of her missing pig on a Facebook group she created, aptly named ‘Bring Kevin Bacon Home.’

“We were so close to him; my 16-year-old was petting him,” Rumbaugh explained in her post. “He stayed close but eventually took off into the woods.”

Enter the unexpected hero, actor Kevin Bacon. When he caught wind of the missing pig’s plight, he shared the information on his social media thread. The actor’s post not only drew attention to the missing pig but also brought the community together in the search for the adorable runaway.

Despite the collective efforts to capture Kevin Bacon the pig, he remained elusive. That is until a clever strategy involving a sticky bun laced with pet-safe Benadryl was employed. The irresistible treat proved to be the key to success. After indulging in the sticky bun, Kevin Bacon the pig became drowsy, making it easier for the search party to guide him back to his pen.

To ensure that this escapade wouldn’t happen again, Kevin Bacon’s pen underwent reinforcement with concrete. This measure was taken to prevent the adventurous pig from using his tunneling skills for future escapes.

The story of Kevin Bacon the pig’s disappearance and rescue not only highlights the power of community efforts but also shows how even Hollywood celebrities like Kevin Bacon can play a role in helping those in need, no matter how small or four-legged they may be. The happy ending to this tale brings a smile to all those who followed the journey of Kevin Bacon, the pig who briefly took the spotlight with a little help from his famous namesake.

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Herriot the Heron and the Underpants Sling

Kelly Taylor



In the world of wildlife rescue, there are heroes who go above and beyond to help our feathered friends when they are in need. One such hero is Karen Ledger, a dedicated wildlife rescuer with a heart of gold. With over a decade of experience, Karen has helped countless birds in distress. However, it was her ingenious creation of an “underpants sling” that recently captured hearts and headlines, as she helped a heron named Herriot regain his ability to walk.

Herriot’s story began with a troubling challenge. This majestic heron found himself unable to use his legs for reasons unknown. It was a dire situation, and things didn’t look promising at the start. As Karen Ledger recounted, “It didn’t look good at the start. He couldn’t use his legs for unknown reasons. He might have been hit by a car.”

Determined to help this long-legged bird find his footing again, Karen put her inventive mind to work. She faced the daunting task of making a heron walk when it seemed impossible. Her solution? An unconventional yet effective “underpants sling” made with a pair of stockings and her husband’s underwear.

“I put the heron in the sling and physically made him use his legs three or four times a day until he could walk by himself,” Karen explained. It was no easy feat, requiring intense effort and dedication. But for Karen, every minute was worth it when she saw Herriot finally regain his ability to walk independently.

Herriot’s journey to recovery didn’t end there. After his progress in the makeshift sling, he continued to improve by walking in an enclosed outdoor area for weeks. Finally, the day came when Herriot was strong enough to be released back into the wild, near a tranquil dam.

Karen’s extraordinary efforts aren’t limited to Herriot alone. She has a track record of helping a variety of birds in need. One heartwarming tale involves a barn owl who had lost his mate in a tragic road accident. Karen noticed that the owl was not physically injured but was deeply depressed, spending a week with his eyes closed and his head down.

Karen knew she had to find a way to lift the owl’s spirits. “You have to think outside the square, just look at what you’ve got and adapt,” she said. Drawing on her resourcefulness, she placed a stuffed toy penguin, roughly the same size as the owl, next to him in his cage. This simple act of comfort worked wonders. “After a couple of days, he started brightening up and opening his eyes. He came back to the point that he was well enough to be released,” Karen said.

Karen Ledger’s wildlife rescue efforts extend beyond her heroic acts with Herriot and the barn owl. She has dedicated herself to helping a wide array of birds, from barn owls and tawny frogmouths to lorikeets, rosellas, kookaburras, and more.

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Dolls Mysteriously Take Up Residence In Michigan Man’s Mailbox

Kelly Taylor



A man in Michigan, Don Powell, was left completely puzzled when he discovered two small wooden dolls in his mailbox one day, along with a note that read, “We decided to live here.” The dolls were named Mary and Shelley, and they came with little pieces of furniture too.

Initially, Don was a bit confused by the whole thing, but he admits that he kind of enjoyed the mystery and intrigue of it all. He went around to the other homes on his cul-de-sac to see if anyone else had received similar dolls, but nobody had. He even asked a neighbor named Shelly, but she denied having anything to do with it.

At first, Don thought about getting rid of the dolls, but something stopped him. Instead, he decided to let them stay in the mailbox, which was custom-built to look like his house, complete with details such as windows that let in light.

As the story began to spread, more and more items began to appear in the mailbox with the dolls, including a rug, art, and even a bed. Someone even swapped the dolls for little skeletons on Halloween, but the dolls returned by Christmas with presents by their side.

Don Powell still doesn’t know who put the dolls in his mailbox or why, but he’s grateful for the mystery and the joy it has brought to his life. He says that every day, he looks forward to seeing what new surprises the dolls and their mysterious benefactors have in store for him.

This story is a great example of how a simple act of kindness or a random act of whimsy can have a big impact on someone’s life. It’s also a reminder that sometimes, the greatest joys in life come from the unexpected and the unexplainable.

Whether it was a neighbor with a sense of humor, a stranger passing through town, or something else entirely, the mystery of the dolls in Don Powell’s mailbox has captured the imaginations of people all over the world. It’s a reminder that there is still magic and wonder in the world, and that sometimes, the most meaningful things in life are the ones that can’t be easily explained.

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A Fat Cat Becomes the Highest Rated Tourist Attraction in Poland

Kelly Taylor



Gacek the fat cat in Poland is a beloved feline who has become quite famous in his home country. Gacek is a large, fluffy cat who has a laid-back personality and loves to laze around in the sun. He is known for his love of food and often overindulges, which has contributed to his chubby physique.

Gacek became famous after appearing in a YouTube documentary. People were immediately drawn to Gacek’s cute face and lovable personality. 

Gacek is still just a regular cat who loves to nap, play, and eat. He lives in a box outside of a shop. The shop owners have become his guardians and asked that any food offerings to Gacek be left in sealed containers.

Gacek is one of the top tourist attractions listed on google maps. He has a perfect 5-star rating, with one reviewer even flying from Norway to visit him.

Despite his fame, Gacek remains a humble and down-to-earth cat. He still spends most of his days lounging in the sun and enjoying his favorite foods. Gacek the fat cat in Poland is a lovable and relatable feline who has captured the hearts of people all over the world. Whether you’re a cat lover or not, it’s hard not to fall in love with Gacek.

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A 47-Year Late Library Book





If you’ve ever had a late book due back to a library, then you know it comes with penalty. In most cases, that penalty is a fine. Sometimes the staff will waive the charge simply because the book was returned, but not always. In the case of a Minnesota book, however, the fact that it was due some 47 years ago might have scared off the borrower from returning it for almost half a century.

The particular missing book was finally returned this year, in 2022, after being absent for the same amount of time. The returnee signed the explanation with the book anonymously, which might have been a good thing if the library folks wanted to pursue a hefty fine reward on it. Additionally, the book came back in the mail, pretty much avoiding any personal contact, visual siting or interaction with grumpy librarians as well.

The particular book in question was a mechanic’s guide, namely, Chilton’s Foreign Car Repair Manual. The original checkout was back in 1975 and it never surfaced again until this year on the return. Inside the book, once unpackaged, was an apology as well as the original borrower’s reasoning for why it took so long to get the book back.

As the writer explained, he had originally borrowed the book to understand how to do some technical work on a German vehicle. What he didn’t realize at the time, however, was that the borrower was going to end up moving out of town shortly after. Along with all his other belongings, the book got packed up. However, it was never unpacked or returned. According to his explanation, the book only showed up again while going through some old boxes in a trunk.

The writer noted he was well aware the overdue penalty was likely huge if calculated mathematically and without any offset. And, the implication was also included that he wasn’t able to pay for it either. That said, the writer did provide a donation along with the book return. So, the fee was waived by the library staff. Staff noted penalties were stopped years ago, so there is now only a replacement fee if a book is permanently lost or damaged. However, like true librarians, their focus was only on the return of the missing book. Having it back was more than enough of a solution and a good ending to the story.

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