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No Surprise Here, Identical Twins Choose Identical Career Paths

Identical twins are very interesting. The whole concept of having someone else on earth who looks exactly like you is certainly incredible. Almost every year, a story about twins appears in the media about twins choosing to pursue the same career path like being judges, doctors, lawyers, etc. Aya and Misa are no different, they both attend the same University.

The Smart Twins

18-year old Aya Shanout and her identical twin sister Masa Shanout were very happy after discovering that they both got As in Biology, Chemistry and Math at their all-girl school, Camp hill, which is situated in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Same University

Due to their exceptional A level achievement, both of these girls joined the University of Birmingham in September. Their parents are very proud of them. They are identical twins, but their personalities are different, however they both chose to pursue Dentistry.

Masa did not know what course to do in University at first, maybe Medicine, but her sister wanted to pursue Dentistry, and she encouraged Masa to check it out. The more she read about it, the more Masa wanted to follow the path of Aya.

Proud Parents

The parents of these outstanding young girls are very happy, especially their mother. Their mum has always wanted them to do the same things and always stay together.

Aya and Masa’s friends and teachers were surprised at the news because it is highly unlikely to be accepted for dentistry, and even harder to acquire a place at the same university. The girls did not listen to them as they were determined to study together, therefore they applied to the same higher learning institutions any way.

Same Level Always

The twins have always never been at different levels, always the same. Ever since they were little girls, they were super close, they studied together and assisted each other, therefore it is very good that they will continue sharing memories in Uni as well. Dentistry is not an easy course, so it is really awesome to have somebody in a similar position who knows you completely.


Undoubtedly, it is surprising to see identical twins doing the same course. The sisters say that most people are usually surprised when they meet them, they perceive they are seeing double. Only their parents and other close family and friends can tell them apart. Though the two siblings look completely the same and share the same interests, they have different personalities.

Happy and Pleased

Both girls are very pleased with their academic grades, and so pleased that they got accepted at the same university, and the same course. They are ecstatic. Growing up, the two brilliant girls have been close friends. In school they were encouraged to work together sharing their complimentary skills.

Every year there’s an interesting story that hits the web about twins who attained the same academic grades and are going to the same Uni to pursue a similar course. Aya and Masa are no different, they got the same A level results that qualified them to pursuing a great course in University.

The Facts

Identical twins are knows to share a certain intense bond. Scientifically speaking, they are the result of the division of one fertilized ovum into two, which gives them an identical DNA. Identical twins are therefore as close as 2 separate individuals can be, they can even talk in unison. Moreover, it is no surprise for them to choose the same career path.

It is easy for non-twins to get envious of the insane bond that identical twins share. It is not only twins who share the closeness, also other rare multiples such as triples and quadruplets share the closeness too. Some evidence has shown that identical twins are bound to enjoy some lifelong benefits as a result of being together.


Grandpa Rudy Noorlander’s Remarkable Recovery After Grizzly Bear Attack

Shannon Jackson



In the rugged wilderness of Montana, a brave 61-year-old man named Rudy Noorlander faced a terrifying encounter with a 9-foot-tall grizzly bear that left him with a ripped-off jaw. Despite this harrowing experience, Rudy’s indomitable spirit and determination to recover have amazed his family and community.

On September 8th, while helping a father and son track a shot deer in Custer Gallatin National Forest, Rudy unexpectedly crossed paths with the massive grizzly bear. In a moment of sheer surprise, the bear attacked him, resulting in what Rudy humorously described as the “most disgusting French kiss of his life.” The bear tore into his lower jaw, leaving Rudy in a life-threatening situation.

Recalling the traumatic incident, Rudy shared that the attack happened so quickly that he couldn’t deploy his bear spray in time, and a misfire from his gun further complicated the situation. Desperate to fend off the bear, Rudy resorted to using his hands, but the grizzly clamped onto his lower jaw with incredible force. Despite the unbearable pain and the bear’s rancid breath, Rudy valiantly fought for his life.

Miraculously, Rudy survived the ordeal, and he is expected to make a full recovery. Reflecting on the incident, he acknowledged that there were things he could have done differently to change the outcome, but he remains optimistic about the future. Supported by his family, including daughter Ashley, Rudy jokingly declared that he’s going to be “like Rambo out there” in the Montana wilderness.

Despite facing one of the most challenging moments of his life, Rudy Noorlander maintains a positive and resilient attitude. Describing him as the “most positive person” she knows, Ashley praised her father’s will to live and his fighting spirit. Rudy, a Montana native, owns Alpine Adventures, a snowmobile rental shop in Big Sky, and the incident has strengthened his connection with family, God, and personal growth.

With unwavering faith, Rudy believes that there is a purpose for his survival, and he plans to share his story through church devotionals and inspirational talks. He sees the attack as a turning point that has guided the rest of his life’s journey.

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Jughead’s Journey: A Dog Is Rescued After Surviving With Jug On Head

Shannon Jackson



In the quiet neighborhoods of Montgomery County, Texas, a furry friend named Jughead found himself in a tight spot—literally. This courageous canine had inadvertently stuck his head inside a jug, turning a simple act of scavenging for food into a perilous predicament. Little did he know, a compassionate woman named Teri Goodnight would become his guardian angel.

Jughead, a stray dog with a name as unique as his misadventure, was affectionately dubbed after the container that caused his troubles. The jug, which turned out to be a cat feeder, became a makeshift helmet for poor Jughead, restricting his vision and creating a challenging barrier to eating and drinking. Enter Teri Goodnight, a woman with a heart full of compassion and a determination to make a difference.

Teri spent an entire month, investing not only time and effort but also several hundred dollars in fuel, on a mission to rescue Jughead. His elusive nature made the task a formidable challenge, as he roamed the neighborhoods near FM 1314 and Lazy Lane in the Porter area. But Teri refused to give up.

“We took wire cutters and cut all the way around it and pulled it off of his head. So this was the only way he was able to eat and drink or see,” Teri explained. Despite the initial fear that Jughead couldn’t breathe, it became clear that he could still manage essential functions. Yet, Teri’s determination to free him from his plastic prison only intensified.

Jughead’s story is not one of despair but of resilience and triumph. Teri’s tireless efforts paid off, and Jughead, along with his friend Red, was finally captured and rescued. The jug was removed, unveiling a grateful pup who could now enjoy the simple pleasures of life without hindrance.

Reflecting on the emotional moment, Teri shared, “I literally cried for 10 minutes after I caught him, I just broke down started crying. I was relieved it was over.” Jughead’s rescue was not just a personal victory; it represented the power of kindness and the difference one person can make in the life of an innocent creature.

Now under the care of the East Texas Hoof and Paw Animal Rescue, Jughead and Red have a chance at a brighter future. Teri expressed her hope that they would find loving homes, breaking free from the challenges of street life.

“These two had a foster, they are now with a rescue so they will be vetted and adopted out and go to loving homes and not have to be street dogs anymore,” Teri joyfully shared, emphasizing the transformative impact of compassion and dedication in the world of animal rescue.

Jughead’s journey from a jug-bound wanderer to a hopeful candidate for a forever home is a testament to the remarkable bond between humans and animals, proving that sometimes, all it takes is one person with a big heart to change a life.

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Sumatran Rhino Delilah Welcomes Calf – The 2nd Sumatran Rhino of 2023

Kevin Wells



In a heartening development for the conservation of Sumatran rhinos, Delilah, a critically endangered Sumatran rhino, has successfully given birth to a healthy male calf in Way Kambas National Park, Lampung province, Indonesia. This joyous occasion marks the second Sumatran rhino born in the country this year, shedding light on the dedicated efforts of the Indonesian government in preserving these magnificent creatures.

Sumatran rhinos, scientifically known as Dicerorhinus sumatrensis, are a critically endangered species native to Southeast Asia. These remarkable animals are distinguishable by their relatively small size, distinct reddish-brown fur, and two prominent horns on their snouts. Their dwindling population is primarily attributed to habitat loss, poaching, and isolation, making conservation initiatives crucial for their survival.

The newborn, a 55-pound male, is the offspring of Delilah and Harapan, a male Sumatran rhino from the Cincinnati Zoo in the United States, born in 2006. The successful birth not only brings hope for the species but also highlights the collaborative efforts between international conservation organizations and the Indonesian government.

The birth occurred 10 days earlier than the estimated delivery date, catching the conservation team by surprise. A diligent conservation guard discovered Delilah with her calf, both in good health, reaffirming the urgency of continuous monitoring and protection for these endangered creatures.

Indonesian Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar expressed the significance of this event, stating, “This birth is also the birth of the second Sumatran rhino in 2023. It emphasizes the government commitment of the Indonesian Government on the rhino conservation efforts in Indonesia, especially the Sumatran rhino.”

The conservation team reported that the newborn calf quickly demonstrated its strength and vitality by standing upright and walking shortly after birth. Observations revealed that the calf wasted no time in adapting to its surroundings, showcasing the resilience inherent in these incredible creatures.

Delilah and her calf are now under the watchful eye of conservationists, ensuring their safety and well-being. The calf’s ability to breastfeed while standing further attests to the robust health of both mother and baby, offering a glimpse of hope for the future of Sumatran rhinos.

While this birth is undoubtedly a cause for celebration, it also underscores the continued threats faced by Sumatran rhinos. Habitat loss due to deforestation, illegal poaching for their horns, and the challenges of fragmented populations pose ongoing risks to their survival. The successful birth of Delilah’s calf serves as a reminder of the importance of ongoing conservation efforts to protect these magnificent creatures and their fragile ecosystems.

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Ella, the Blue-Hued Pit Bull, Finds a Forever Home after 7 Years

Renee Yates



In the heart of Pennsylvania, a beautiful story unfolds at the Animal Resource Center in Bloomsburg. Meet Ella, a sweet and resilient blue-hued pit bull who patiently waited for seven years to find her forever home. Her remarkable journey took an unexpected turn when Kaitlyn, a compassionate woman, stepped into the shelter and noticed a touching coincidence that would seal their destinies.

Ella, a gentle and loving pit bull, captured the hearts of the staff at the Animal Resource Center, where she became their longest-ever resident. For seven years, Ella patiently waited for someone to see the beauty within her and offer her a loving home. That someone turned out to be Kaitlyn, a woman with a heart full of love to give.

Kaitlyn, who had recently lost her beloved dog, was ready to open her heart and home to a new furry friend. The moment Kaitlyn laid eyes on Ella, a special connection sparked between them. Despite Ella’s usual fear aggression and the need for multiple visits to warm up to someone, it seemed that Ella had already chosen Kaitlyn as her person.

As Kaitlyn approached Ella, there was an unexpected surprise that left everyone in awe. Ella was wearing a bandana around her neck, a bandana that had once belonged to Kaitlyn’s late dog, Jo. Kaitlyn, overwhelmed with emotion, pulled up a photo of Jo on her phone, wearing the exact same bandana. She explained to the shelter staff that she had donated all of Jo’s belongings to the shelter when he passed away.

The realization that Ella was wearing Jo’s bandana brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Out of the 20 dogs in the shelter, somehow Jo’s bandana ended up with Ella. Kaitlyn beautifully described it as “Jo’s stamp of approval,” a sign that this unexpected connection was meant to be.

With tears of joy and a heart full of love, Kaitlyn knew that Ella was the one. The bond between them was undeniable, and that day, Ella finally left the shelter with her new forever family. Ella’s seven-year wait had come to an end, and she was now destined for a life filled with love, comfort, and the companionship she had longed for.

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A Family-Owned Restaurant Fighting Toronto’s Food Crisis

Renee Yates



In the heart of Toronto, a family-owned restaurant, Samaira’s Kitchen, is making a difference in the community by addressing the growing food crisis. As the city faces challenges of rising inflation, increased food prices, and financial struggles for many families, this restaurant has taken a unique approach to support those in need. Since November 6, locals in the neighborhood have observed an inspiring initiative where free meal tickets are posted on the restaurant’s storefront, offering a helping hand to those experiencing hunger and financial hardship.

Samaira’s Kitchen, known for its create-your-own pizzas, burgers, and calzones, is not just a place for delicious meals but also a symbol of generosity. Chef Rajish, the owner of the restaurant, shared the motivation behind this compassionate initiative, stating, “Right now, if you look around, there’s a food crisis. People are barely able to put one meal on the table for themselves. Also, with inflation and food prices, there are so many reasons. People are not able to pay rent.”

Since the launch of the initiative, Samaira’s Kitchen has prepared and provided 250 meals for those facing food insecurity. The restaurant’s storefront has become a beacon of hope, adorned with dozens of free meal tickets accompanied by a heartfelt note: “If you are hungry and have no money, these meals have been paid for in advance.” This act of kindness has not only nourished bodies but also warmed the hearts of those in the community.

Local residents have expressed their admiration for Samaira’s Kitchen and its commitment to supporting the community. One person mentioned, “First of all, the food is terrific. The pizza is the best in the neighborhood. But now I’m even more impressed to hear about their generous spirit.” Another customer, who has been a patron for years, shared, “Samaira’s is the best! We’ve been ordering from there for years. Such friendly owners, and I’m heartened to see this give back to those in need.”

For those inspired to contribute to this meaningful initiative, Chef Rajish encourages patrons to participate in a pay-it-forward meal program. Customers can purchase a meal on-site at the restaurant and have the ticket posted on the storefront for someone in need to claim. This creates a cycle of generosity, fostering a sense of community and support for those facing food insecurity in Toronto.

Samaira’s Kitchen stands as a shining example of how a family-owned restaurant can play a pivotal role in addressing a community’s food crisis. Chef Rajish and his team have demonstrated that a simple act of kindness, like providing free meals, can make a significant impact on the lives of those struggling to put food on the table. As the restaurant continues to serve not only delicious meals but also a sense of hope, it reminds us all of the power of compassion and community support in the face of challenging times.

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