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No Surprise Here, Identical Twins Choose Identical Career Paths

Identical twins are very interesting. The whole concept of having someone else on earth who looks exactly like you is certainly incredible. Almost every year, a story about twins appears in the media about twins choosing to pursue the same career path like being judges, doctors, lawyers, etc. Aya and Misa are no different, they both attend the same University.

The Smart Twins

18-year old Aya Shanout and her identical twin sister Masa Shanout were very happy after discovering that they both got As in Biology, Chemistry and Math at their all-girl school, Camp hill, which is situated in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Same University

Due to their exceptional A level achievement, both of these girls joined the University of Birmingham in September. Their parents are very proud of them. They are identical twins, but their personalities are different, however they both chose to pursue Dentistry.

Masa did not know what course to do in University at first, maybe Medicine, but her sister wanted to pursue Dentistry, and she encouraged Masa to check it out. The more she read about it, the more Masa wanted to follow the path of Aya.

Proud Parents

The parents of these outstanding young girls are very happy, especially their mother. Their mum has always wanted them to do the same things and always stay together.

Aya and Masa’s friends and teachers were surprised at the news because it is highly unlikely to be accepted for dentistry, and even harder to acquire a place at the same university. The girls did not listen to them as they were determined to study together, therefore they applied to the same higher learning institutions any way.

Same Level Always

The twins have always never been at different levels, always the same. Ever since they were little girls, they were super close, they studied together and assisted each other, therefore it is very good that they will continue sharing memories in Uni as well. Dentistry is not an easy course, so it is really awesome to have somebody in a similar position who knows you completely.


Undoubtedly, it is surprising to see identical twins doing the same course. The sisters say that most people are usually surprised when they meet them, they perceive they are seeing double. Only their parents and other close family and friends can tell them apart. Though the two siblings look completely the same and share the same interests, they have different personalities.

Happy and Pleased

Both girls are very pleased with their academic grades, and so pleased that they got accepted at the same university, and the same course. They are ecstatic. Growing up, the two brilliant girls have been close friends. In school they were encouraged to work together sharing their complimentary skills.

Every year there’s an interesting story that hits the web about twins who attained the same academic grades and are going to the same Uni to pursue a similar course. Aya and Masa are no different, they got the same A level results that qualified them to pursuing a great course in University.

The Facts

Identical twins are knows to share a certain intense bond. Scientifically speaking, they are the result of the division of one fertilized ovum into two, which gives them an identical DNA. Identical twins are therefore as close as 2 separate individuals can be, they can even talk in unison. Moreover, it is no surprise for them to choose the same career path.

It is easy for non-twins to get envious of the insane bond that identical twins share. It is not only twins who share the closeness, also other rare multiples such as triples and quadruplets share the closeness too. Some evidence has shown that identical twins are bound to enjoy some lifelong benefits as a result of being together.



Drew Carey’s Beyond Generous Gesture to Support Striking Writers

Kevin Wells



In times of struggle, acts of kindness and generosity can bring hope and relief to those in need. Drew Carey, a well-known television personality, has once again shown his compassion by providing daily lunches for members of the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) who are currently on strike. This remarkable gesture is helping to alleviate some of the financial strain faced by these hardworking individuals.

Drew Carey is graciously covering the expenses at two local businesses for WGA members who show their guild card. The two restaurants involved in this endeavor are Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank and Swingers Diner on Beverly. With every meal, Drew is estimated to be spending thousands of dollars per day to ensure that these writers are well-fed during this challenging time.

This is not the first time that Drew Carey has demonstrated his support for the WGA. During the 2007 strike, he generously provided lunches to struggling writers for two consecutive months. His commitment to helping others in need has not wavered over the years, and he continues to be a beacon of kindness.

The gratitude expressed by the WGA members for Drew’s actions is overwhelming. Many writers have taken to social media to share their appreciation and to highlight the impact of his generosity. One writer tweeted, “Drew bought me lunch for two months straight in ’07 when I was struggling with that WGA strike. In a better place now, but Drew continues to be a good dude.” The outpouring of thanks and support from the WGA community is a testament to the positive effect that Drew’s kind gestures have on their lives.

The participating restaurants have become a gathering place for WGA members, who are not only enjoying the delicious meals but also feeling the love and support from Drew. The writers express their gratitude repeatedly, and the staff at the restaurants are grateful to be part of this compassionate act. They feel privileged to play a role in facilitating Drew’s generosity and witness the joy it brings to those in need.

Being a writer can be challenging, with periods of financial uncertainty and limited opportunities. The current strike has exacerbated these difficulties, making every complimentary meal a significant relief for the writers. As one member explained, “They’re very, very happy and they’re very, very thankful to Drew.” The impact of Drew’s support goes beyond a single meal—it represents a lifeline for those facing financial hardships during the strike.

Drew Carey’s unwavering commitment to supporting the WGA and his genuine care for those in need is truly commendable. His actions remind us of the power of kindness and the difference one person can make in the lives of others. As the strike continues, the lunches provided by Drew serve as a ray of hope and a reminder that the writing community is not alone in their fight.

In times of hardship, it is heartwarming to see individuals like Drew Carey step forward and offer their support. His kindness and generosity are an inspiration to us all, and his contributions to the well-being of the WGA members are deeply appreciated.

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A Teen’s Inspiring Journey to Morehouse College

Kelly Taylor



Imagine the feeling of accomplishing your dreams after years of hard work and dedication. That’s exactly what happened to Amir Staten, a remarkable teenager whose video celebrating his acceptance into Morehouse College went viral. His infectious joy captured the hearts of people around the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

Morehouse College, located in Atlanta, Georgia, has a long and prestigious history. Established in 1867, it is a historically black college and one of the oldest educational institutions for African Americans. The college was founded with a mission to provide a quality education and develop strong leaders who would go on to make a positive impact on society.

Amir’s acceptance into Morehouse College is a testament to his perseverance and commitment to his studies. Not only did he receive an acceptance letter, but he was also granted a full ride scholarship. This scholarship covers the cost of tuition, which amounts to around $51,000 per year. This incredible opportunity has lifted a significant financial burden off Amir’s shoulders, allowing him to focus on his education and future aspirations.

In addition to the full ride scholarship, Amir was named one of 15 Bonner Scholars. The Bonner Scholarship is a prestigious program that emphasizes the importance of community service. To maintain this scholarship, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and contribute 10 hours of community service each week. It is a great honor for Amir to be chosen as one of these scholars, highlighting his dedication to making a positive difference in his community.

Amir’s hard work throughout high school has been nothing short of exceptional. He consistently achieved honor roll grades, demonstrating his commitment to academic excellence. But his accomplishments didn’t end there. Amir also took on leadership roles as the head of the Black Student Union, where he worked to promote inclusivity and raise awareness about important social issues. Additionally, he served as the captain of his school’s basketball team, showcasing his discipline, teamwork, and determination.

Amir’s accomplishments have not only made his family proud but have also inspired those around him. His mother expressed her admiration for his efforts, saying, “He has gone above and beyond what is expected of him.” With his acceptance into Morehouse College, Amir can finally take a deep breath, knowing that his hard work has paid off.

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Joy Ryan: A Grandmother’s Journey to Every National Park and Family Healing

Shannon Jackson



In an extraordinary adventure, 93-year-old Joy Ryan embarked on a mission to visit every national park, breaking records and healing a family rift along the way. Together with her grandson Brad Ryan, they traveled to 63 national parks over the span of eight years, documenting their experiences on Instagram. This incredible journey not only earned Joy the title of the oldest person to visit every national park but also brought her closer to Brad, bridging the gap that had separated them for years.

Twenty-one years ago, Brad and Joy Ryan reunited at Brad’s sister’s wedding. Years of estrangement resulted from Brad’s parents’ divorce, leaving a rift between him and his beloved grandmother. Joy, frail and distant at the time, left Brad with a heavy heart. However, as Joy began to recover and regain strength, Brad found the courage to reach out and suggest a shared activity: making raisin-filled cookies. Although the reunion had some initial awkwardness, it marked the first step toward rebuilding their relationship.

Brad, fresh off his transformative experience hiking the Appalachian Trail, sought solace and meaning. In his search, he proposed a trip to the Smoky Mountains to Joy, hoping to reignite their bond. Curious and willing to try new experiences, Joy agreed, and they embarked on their first national park adventure together. The trip proved to be a turning point, as they discovered the beauty of nature and the joy of shared experiences.

As they ventured from one national park to another, Joy’s resilience and strength blossomed. They embarked on thrilling activities like zip-lining in New River Gorge National Park, where Joy fearlessly broke the record for the oldest person to complete the course. Joy’s infectious enthusiasm and zest for life brought immense delight to both her and Brad, creating lasting memories of joy, laughter, and adventure.

After visiting 62 national parks, Brad and Joy’s remarkable journey led them to the National Park of American Samoa, where their goal of visiting every national park was within reach. The airplane’s announcement of their upcoming achievement triggered a wave of applause from fellow passengers, acknowledging their remarkable feat. As they arrived at the park, surrounded by the warmth of tropical sunshine, they felt a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Through their grand adventure, Brad and Joy encountered challenges along the way but learned the importance of forgiveness and letting go of grudges. The tour of national parks became a catalyst for healing the long-standing rift between them. Joy’s wise words resonated: “You can’t hold grudges forever.” With each shared experience and breathtaking vista, their bond grew stronger, and the wounds of the past began to fade away.

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Red Wolf Pups Bring Hope for an Endangered Species at Great Plains Zoo

Renee Yates



In a momentous occasion, six red wolf pups were recently born at the Great Plains Zoo, located in South Dakota. These adorable pups not only bring joy to visitors but also play a vital role in the conservation efforts to save the endangered red wolf species. With their birth, the zoo takes another step towards bolstering the red wolf population and ultimately reintroducing them into the wild.

Red wolves, a critically endangered species, face numerous challenges that threaten their survival. Once roaming throughout the southeastern United States, their population has dramatically declined due to habitat loss, human encroachment, and hunting. Red wolf pups hold the key to the species’ survival, as each new individual contributes to the genetic diversity necessary for a thriving population.

The Great Plains Zoo in South Dakota is actively involved in the conservation of red wolves through its participation in the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan. This plan aims to breed red wolf pairs with the greatest possible genetic diversity, ensuring the health and resilience of future generations. By doing so, the zoo contributes to the larger goal of reintroducing these magnificent creatures back into their natural habitats.

To maintain the wild instincts and natural behavior of the red wolves, the staff at the Great Plains Zoo adopts a hands-off approach. Joel Locke, the zoo’s Director of Animal Care, emphasizes the importance of allowing the red wolves to retain their natural instincts and not associate humans with positive experiences. This strategy ensures that the wolves remain wild and better prepared for potential reintegration into the wild.

The red wolves at the Great Plains Zoo are of significant conservation concern, as they are among the most endangered animals housed on the grounds. Zookeeper Angie Blommer highlights the importance of saving this unique species, as red wolves are the only All-American dog species in America. The birth of each red wolf pup is a cause for celebration, as it contributes to the preservation of their species and ensures their genetic legacy continues.

The recent birth of six red wolf pups at the Great Plains Zoo brings both excitement and hope. The pups, four males and two females, were born to first-time parents Camelia and Uyosi. Zookeeper Angie Blommer expresses her enthusiasm, noting that every single pup is extremely valuable to the species as a whole. Each new addition helps maintain genetic diversity and increases the chances of a successful reintroduction into the wild.

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Brave 12-Year-Old Girl Saves Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning





In a remarkable act of courage and quick thinking, 12-year-old Jaziyah Parker from Fort Worth, Texas, became a true hero when she saved her family from a dangerous situation. Jaziyah’s keen observation and immediate action prevented a potential tragedy from unfolding.

One day, while Jaziyah was at home, she noticed something was wrong. Her mother and younger brother began to feel sick and lose consciousness. Jaziyah didn’t panic but instead sprang into action. She grabbed the phone and dialed 911, desperately seeking help. In the recording of the 911 call, Jaziyah can be heard saying, “Something wrong with my mama. Can you hurry up and come?” Her plea for assistance was a crucial step that would ultimately save her entire family.

Little did Jaziyah know, her family’s home was filling up with a silent but deadly gas called carbon monoxide. This odorless and colorless gas can be extremely harmful and even fatal when inhaled. But Jaziyah’s sharp instincts and timely call for help prevented a tragic outcome. Her actions ensured that her family received the necessary assistance in time.

The Fort Worth Fire Department recognized Jaziyah’s bravery and quick thinking during a special ceremony held on May 23, 2023. The firefighters honored her for her heroic act, commending her for the bravery she displayed in a challenging situation. Jaziyah’s actions exemplify the importance of staying calm and taking action during emergencies.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious concern, as it can occur in any home due to faulty appliances, heating systems, or ventilation issues. This incident serves as a reminder for everyone to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in their homes and to be aware of the signs and symptoms of poisoning. Symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, and confusion should never be ignored, as they could indicate carbon monoxide exposure.

Jaziyah’s story is an inspiration to us all. Her courage and quick response saved her family from a potentially fatal situation. She serves as a shining example of how even young individuals can make a significant impact and help those in need. Her actions remind us that heroes can emerge at any age, and we should always be prepared to lend a helping hand in times of crisis.

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