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Mysterious Scratches Appeared On Her Babies Face, When She Review Camera Footage She Trembled In Fear

There are sounds you hear in your house or things you see that immediately fall in the “odd” category, but end up being predictable, like the unwelcome invasion of a rodent. Then there are other problems that can happen, and they fall in the category of the unexplained but clearly a problem that needs to be addressed or avoided. For one mother, noises in the night became far more than an occasional irritation, and ultimately ended affecting all of her family as well.

Starting With a Video

Heather Brough had had enough. She kept hearing noises at night while she was trying to sleep, and it had gotten to the point that she was confronting her fiancé, Joshua, about the racket which he was denying. Finally, she set up a monitor in her child’s room where it seemed to come from. However, what she ended up seeing was more than she bargained for in the process.

Scratches and Noises

The fuss started with Heather finding scratches on her baby’s face and an unexplained racket every night. There were only two people in the home, her and her fiancé. So, Heather finally confronted her partner about the matter. He denied anything. So, she set up a video monitor to catch what was going on in the guesthouse they were living in on Joshua’s mother’s property.

A Year Passed

The young couple had been borrowing the guesthouse from Joshua’s parents to have a place to live starting a new family. Heather and Joshua had just had a baby daughter and had spent their first year focusing raising their new girl. However, at about 13 months or so Heather noticed something odd about her child and realized the baby’s face had been scratched.


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Increasing Tension

The first scratch was chalked up to the child’s fingernails. However, the scratches kept show up with new injuries on the baby’s face. Finally, Heather decided to question her fiancé as he was the only other person who had been in the guesthouse with the child besides Heather. It didn’t help their relationship.

Things Were Great Before

The couple were in a simple but ideal world. They lived in a small town, quiet, and enjoyed their new life together with their baby. They were deep in love and a baby daughter had added another aspect to their relationship. Now, things seemed to be unraveling out of control.

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With her senses on alert, Heather woke up one night when she heard noises in the house at night. There was a floor thump, a door squeak, and sounds like someone walking around. The next morning there would be new scratches again on her child’s face. Small, but they were new each time.

Getting Down to the Truth

Now it was time for confrontation and to pin down what was going on. Heather went right to the jugular and asked her fiancé if he was getting up in the middle of the night and moving around. Specifically, she asked if he was going into Lily’s room at night. Was the truth going to shatter their wonderful home?

Denial and Proof

Joshua denied any possibility of moving around at night or going in their daughter’s room at night. But Heather didn’t believe him. She heard the sounds, and her daughter’s face kept getting injured. If it was really Joshua, then Heather was going to have to catch him doing the harm and figure out why. Maybe he was sleepwalking. Maybe he was taking drugs and not in his straight mind. She didn’t know, but she had to figure it out.

No Progress

Joshua continued to refuse acknowledging anything was his doing. Heather started feeling like she was somewhat losing her mind. Clearly, something was harming her child. Something was making the noise in the house at night. And something was creaking the doors. But Joshua was flat out refusing any of it was him. And Heather made sure everything was locked before going to sleep.

Other Possibilities

Eliminating all the quick and immediate explanations, Heather started realizing that another possibility could be occurring. The video monitor was going to confirm things conclusively. Either Joshua was involved and he was lying, or something else was happening. The couple agreed to get a monitor and set it up just to have peace in the house again.


The couple made sure the baby’s crib was in full view of the monitor. Heather also trimmed her daughter’s fingernails to insure they weren’t the cause as well. Joshua was sure that was the cause because babies are prone to scratching their faces during sleep from what he had heard separately.

Going the Extra Step

The couple didn’t cut corners on the monitor either. They made sure that the Logitech Circle 2 they bought could produce a clear video image and would continue to record everything going on as well as with night vision, showing anything moving in the dark.

Now What

The next morning, their daughter, Lily, woke up again with scratches on her face, new ones. The video was going to make it clear what the heck was going on. Heather was convinced she would find the answer. She was right. However, it wasn’t the answer she was prepared for. It was something else.

Time for an Investigation

The video did indeed catch a figure in the room. It wasn’t Heather, and it wasn’t Joshua. There was a man’s blurry image, which at first she immediately assumed was proof Joshua was indeed involved.

The Close Up

Heather could see the man in the room walk past the baby’s crib. She could also see her daughter was awake and noticing the presence. Her baby sat up in the crib for attention. The figure then turned towards her daughter, and Lily gets closer standing up using the crib wall. At this point in the video Heather knew immediately the figure was not Joshua at all.


Heather literally had a physical reaction run through her as she realized what she was looking at. Her heart felt like it stopped. The man was unknown, a total stranger in her child’s room. She couldn’t blink or turn away. Who the heck was this figure in her child’s room at night and how did he get in?

It Continued

The figure didn’t stop with Lily. He kept moving around the room. Heather had to get to the bottom of things and figure how this guy was getting past locked doors into her child’s bedroom. She also needed to know how he was harming Heather’s child.

Nonstop Replay

Heather felt like she played the video over a thousand times. With the repeat detail, the mother could see the figure was at one point see-through or transparent. She was not dealing with something normal. Heather felt at chill at that second reached for her daughter.


Whatever the reason, Heather didn’t take long to put two and two together. The guesthouse was haunted. She confronted Joshua again and demanded that they leave the home, immediately. The scratches on her daughter’s face didn’t calm Heather any further.


Heather continued to react in shock. She was crying, questioning, panicking and freaking out. She grabbed a jacket, her daughter, and ran to Joshua’s mother’s house nearby. The scratches didn’t come from Lily. The side and distance didn’t match her baby daughter’s hand size.

How to Protect?

Joshua was relieved and scared at the same time. The video proved it wasn’t him, but something else was definitely in their house. He needed to protect them immediately. He practically stumbled outside right after Heather and called the police.

An Explanation for Everything

The police didn’t discount what Joshua and Heather reported. Instead, they were referred to the Scientific Paranormal Investigation of Michigan, an outfit that focused on investigating issues that didn’t follow the normal rules of cause and effect.

More Details Come Out

As it turned out, the baby was not the only one affected. Now it was starting to make sense. Heather finally admitted there had been mornings she would wake up struggling to breathe like someone was choking her, but no one was there. So, she thought it was a bad dream. She would also hear a male voice, like someone swearing hitting their shin on something.


Mike Priest, one of the paranormal investigators, already felt there was a good chance they would find something. The details and descriptions matched up behavior the team had seen before in other homes and locations that turned out to be haunted.

Quick Proof

Barely started on the investigation at Heather’s home and the team knew they had a live one. They would hear sounds, quirks, reactions and more to their presence. Mike quickly shifted the team to a full investigation mode.

Watch, Repeat, Watch, Repeat

Good paranormal work tries to follow the scientific process objectively confirming what’s going on, observed, and reconstructing it again repeatedly. Mike’s team follows the same process with video and tracking to repeat the same results that Heather described in the baby’s room.

Lots of Stories

The mother-in-law speculated quickly the figure was the ghost of the last resident in the guesthouse. When the bought the properly an elderly lady had lived in the guesthouse and died on the property, but that was in the main house. The death was due to a stairway fall and accident. Joshua’s dad thought a different story applied. A tenant had been in the guesthouse and turned out to have been schizophrenic. He was the brother of the lady who died.


While the paranormal investigation ultimately did not confirm anything further, Heather and Joshua were far from over with the issue. They weren’t going back into that guesthouse.

Meantime on the Internet

The video that Heather’s monitor had recorded end up on the Internet. And that triggered a viral reaction as the images were shared. Soon enough, an number of skeptics started voicing their opinions that the video may have been faked.

A Professional Skeptic

Kenny Biddle was a particularly focused skeptic, asking a lot of questions about the details on the video. He noticed shadows which shouldn’t occur with a real ghost. In short, he summarized the video figure as actually being one of the parents getting up in the middle of the night, walking through the room and unaware he or she had been recorded. Further, the scratches were common with babies and sharp fingernails.

The Big Odd Detail

However, what Biddle really found blew a lid off the whole thing. As it turned out, Heather had set up both a Facebook page and a GoFundMe page. The Facebook page had been around since November 2018. The GoFundMe request page was established on March 26, 2019, requesting help to raise $5,000. The reason: moving costs to escape a paranormal guesthouse.

Following Up on the Details

Kenny Biddle followed through on the contact details to Heather’s Facebook page to get more info and ask questions. This was normal; he had been investigating supposed paranormal events for two decades. He referenced Heather’s video and asked if he could see the entirety of the recording versus just the clip with the mysterious figure.


Unfortunately, while Kenny’s questions were fair giving the publicity of the video and Heather’s GoFundMe page asking for help, he never got an answer. To date, Heather has yet to respond to the information request at all.



High-Spirited Dog Causes A Stir In Toronto Airport, Disrupts Flights For 12 Hours

Kevin Wells



Appreciation continues to go to workers at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport for their bravery skills. 

Last week, a vivacious filled dog managed to flee from a plane and he ran around the runway for at least half the day.

How did it happen?

The dog, a white podenco named Crystal was aboard a British Airways flight, traveling to Canada with members of a Novia Scotia based rescue organization. This agency help to arrange adoptions between Spanish Podencos and residents of Atlantic Canada.

Crystal alongside three other podencos were on the plane scheduled be on a transfer flight to Halifax upon landing in the Toronto airport.

On touching down, the three others descended from their cargo in Toronto for their transfer flight, however, Crystal was missing.

Searches around revealed her cage wasn’t closed properly. It was then they discovered she was the one running around the landing area, frightening people in the dark.

Podencos are energetic dogs and are regarded for their pacy ability and enormous strength. Those who breed them also regard them for an ability they call “profound awareness” of their vicinity and sensitivity to humans.

“They are agile to the point they have been known to climb trees in pursuit of prey and can jump great heights from a stand,” reads the website of another non-profit group dedicated to saving Podencos from abuse and neglect in Spain, where they’re most often used to hunt rabbits.

“A secure yard with 6′ fence is required for this breed.”

Knowing this, the Airport crew knew they weren’t dealing with any kind of dog who might tire soon.

Thankfully, the airport took some precautions to handle the delicate situation. Pearson terminated all flights, brought in extra staff and made use of night-vision-equippped CCTV cameras to discover the hound.

“Make no mistake this was a very serious situation, a loose dog on the runways and Toronto is a big busy international airport,” wrote Beverly Farmer of Podenco Friends in a lengthy Facebook post describing the ordeal and thanking Pearson staff for their help.

“On two occasions Crystal was actually on the runway as a plane was coming into land. Luckily, the pilots did see her and they had to abort the landing and over shoot,” Farmer continued.

“This could have ended so badly; She could have got sucked into an engine which could have exploded and then a terrible accident. Planes and passengers were at risk. The airport closed the runways down, cancelled flights, it was (a) major incident.”

It ended well for sure with Crystal. The dog has now been united with her new family in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Farmer was thankful to the entire crew at Pearson for displaying extraordinary care and professionalism but pointed out the work of Keith Everett, an experienced falconer who she said was extraordinary in the capture of Crystal. Describing him as one who scares away “nuisance birds” off the runway.

“Boy, could she run,” said Everett to CBC Nova Scotia of Crystal, whom he chased up and down the runway for hours trying to lure.

Eventually, Crystal depleted in energy and slid under a truck to rest. Everett stooped down under the truck petting her with loving words and Crystal’s favorite meals, Everett was able to take her away from the premises of the runway.

“The airport should very proud how their team handled all of this,” said Farmer on Facebook. “They were totally professional, very caring and went above and beyond to bring this to a successful conclusion.”

“The Podencos have gained many more friends and, throughout all of this, the dogs remained calm and impressed so many people, for they were so friendly and well behaved,” she continued.

“Crystal… typical Podenco, [was] like ‘what is all the fuss is about?’,” wrote Farmer of the dog’s response to her rescue. “‘Someone get me a cheese burger.'”

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40 Unforgivable Movie Bloopers

Shannon Jackson



With that goes with making a movie, especially one for the big cinema screen, it’s not surprising when mistakes occur or edits are need. That’s what the editing room is for to go through the draft film and tighten up all the problems or loose spots in the film as well as to get it within the acceptable viewing time allowed. However, once in a while even the best of movies, including Oscar-winning films, have bloopers in them that just can’t be forgiven. They are such clear violations of quality film-making, people wonder how the blooper got through to the public viewing, and yet it does anyways. Here are 25 examples of film bloopers that never should have been allowed or the detail missed, but in the fictional world of movies they occur regardless.

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Stuck At Home? 40 Household Hacks You Can Try Right Now

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Everybody hears about “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” but beyond recycling some aluminum cans, most people do not really get into it. What if you could actually redecorate your home by implementing the phrase though? You can. You can repurpose what you already own.

This method lets you make home improvements and spiff up your living quarters without investing a dime. You simply repurpose items you already have at home.

Occasionally, the repurposing calls for varnish or paint. Use leftover paint from house painting or spray paint from school projects.

You can also repurpose common household items to improve and simplify cleaning your home. You can vastly improve your way of life with these 40 household hacks.

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40 Sideline Reporters More Interesting Than The Game

Renee Yates



Alanna Rizzo

Raised and home in Colorado Springs, Rizzo went to school in her home state and graduated with a masters degree in journalism (broadcasting) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is a well-recognized face on CBS where she anchored and then did a subsequent stint for the Root Sports Rocky Mountain channel. She is also a recipient of 3 Emmy Awards (regional).

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Man Casts Abandoned Ants Nest With Molten Aluminum and the Results Will Shock You!

Kelly Taylor



YouTube is an amazing platform that is brimming with unique content from around the world. If you have a keyword in mind, you can certainly find the corresponding video! Having said that, sometimes the internet can create videos that leave you scratching your head. In this instance, a 2003 video titled ‘Casting a Fire Ant Colony With Molten Aluminum (Cast #043) would take the cake! The strange video would feature an unknown man using molten aluminum to cast the inside of an ant colony!

If you think this story is odd, wait until you see the pictures for yourself!

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