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Money Secrets for Seniors

Senior Discounts Ahead

People enjoying the benefits of senior discounts can also appreciate the available offers for tourism opportunities, cost savings, and the daily perks of being a certain age.

There may be thousands of dollars in savings available and the process is simple to understand.  Vacation planning and enjoyable shopping trips can be arranged for seniors appreciating discounts.

The savings can be amazing and the additional amounts of money available can instead be utilized for fun projects or exciting opportunities.

Here are some amazing “Money Saving Tips”  available to you.   

Know about the Available Programs

The FMERR program is an example of a quick and easy way to reduce mortgage costs.  More than $3,100 each year can be saved with the Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Refinance program (FMERR).

The savings can be used for other items that can bring you more comfort and happiness.  The cost is free and the process can take less than five minutes to use the online form.

Qualifying For Large Cash Payouts With Amounts Of $100,000 or More

Cash out payments may be ready for you.  As a homeowner, you can check to see if you qualify for programs that offer amounts up to $100,000.  

It is a quick process and people are encouraged to do this at least twice per year.  The amounts can be helpful for debt payoffs, vacations, or other nice purchases.

Reduce Your Life Insurance Premium By Up To 70%

Quality policies should be affordable and comfortable with cost savings up there around 70%.  An easier qualification process is available with affordable prices, benefits, and borrowing capabilities.  

Your protected account has your money that should be available as a personal banking account with interest and loan availability.

Save Thousands Easily

Knowing what to research for health plans can be nicer as you know the best ways to take good care of yourself.  

Focusing on fitness and health can help save thousands on healthcare and some supplemental insurance plans with medicare offer gym memberships for good health.  Staying out of doctor’s offices can save thousands.

Home Maintenance and Cost Savings

Smartly researching options for home maintenance and repairs can be a nice way to cover any costs for improvements.  

Home warranty programs are available for people who haven’t just moved into a new home, and they can help with any costs for heating, air conditioners, appliances, or even larger projects such as a roof.

Understand Debt Relief and Helpful Programs Available

Debt relief is available!  

People with more than $20,000 in credit card debt have relief from high interest rates (18-30%) and the burden of high monthly credit card bills.  Thankfully, the process has been simplified to get quicker relief with workable solutions.

Homeowners Insurance Savings

Homeowners insurance should be affordable and a savings of 30% might be available for you with comfortable solutions for monthly or yearly payments.  

Policy options should provide quality homeowners insurance with the right protections of your belongings.

Store Discounts for Food and Necessities

Buying food at a discount can help on a monthly basis and shopping trips can be more enjoyable.  Available discounts at local stores can be a smart way to plan for meals, snacks, and beverages.  Certain days of the week may be when the discounts are honored.

Saving money with discounts and coupons can make meals even better with additional selections to enjoy and healthy choices always available.

Enjoyable Outings for Food and Nourishment

Sometimes people are craving certain foods which may include a nice helping of international cuisine.  With great health benefits, these restaurants and food locations might offer certain discounts.  

This may apply for delivery services so be sure and ask about options, discounts, and any suggested orders that might satisfy your appetite.  Good food is a healthy choice and satisfying your cravings can be part of good fitness with excellent health benefits.

Save on Monthly Expenses  

A good place to cut costs could be with any utility bills.  Most companies and cooperatives offer savings, discounts, and programs.  

Saving on your bills for heating and cooling are easily achievable and there are national grants available also to help cover costs.  

Affordable Plans are Available

Several options are now available for cell phones.  Prepaid services are easier for planning purposes and a simplified way of payment makes this even nicer.  Larger stores are now offering choices for cell phones with many options that could work with a comfortable amount prearranged for monthly expenditures.  Data usage and messaging services could be included with some of the purchases available.

Shopping Trips and Planned Outings

Knowing the best places for discounts can be an enjoyable way to plan out those shopping trips.  

Many department stores and boutiques offer discounts that may apply without any restrictions.  Often, food can be enjoyed during these fun shopping visits and the options available can really make it nice for planning the best trips.

Vacation Planning

Some of the best planned vacations may include a simple car rental that offers flexibility while traveling.   

With the discounts and cost savings, some people find it even nicer to plan out vacations with options to enjoy the outdoors with the right car rental.

Saving Money with Tourist Packages

Discounts are available for traveling to many destinations.  Researching options can be enjoyable with resort discounts and travel packages available throughout the year.  

Saving money can make it nicer to see incredible sites with tourist attractions.

Tourism Packages

Some hotels offer discounts on food, local attractions, and other purchases that are appealing for travelers.  Finding these hotels is easier now and customizing your packages is often an option.  Making the arrangements is also simpler with online research.

Visiting Other Locations

Traveling to another city or location is an opportunity to enjoy the outings offered to local residents and tourists.  Visiting some of the best restaurants might be enjoyable so planning ahead can make the trip even better.  

International discounts may also apply and it is smart to plan ahead for currencies and money exchanges.

Cruises, Food, and International Visits

Traveling internationally with a cruise ship can be an enjoyable vacation.  Often these types of cruises provide opportunities to visit international cities.  Preparing is much easier now as people understand what locations are offered and what type of planning is suggested when they arrive at those places.  Several cruise packages offer discounts and the options for traveling are amazing.  

Parks and Trails

Enjoying the outdoors can be another reason to plan out vacations and international travels.  There are online resources available with park locations, trail descriptions, and suggested supplies for these types of outings.  

Local hotels might offer discounts for vacation planning.

Check for Better Auto Insurance Rates

Knowing to ask about discounts could be the smartest way to save money with auto insurance and other opportunities.  Huge discounts are available for certain areas and people that drive less than 50 miles a day on average.  

Even if you think your premium is low, it may be worth checking for discounts.  

Classic Car Insurance is also simpler now with many options for quality policies.



Dutch Artist Pays Off Student Loan Debt with Unique Tapestry Creation

Kelly Taylor



Mart Veldhuis, a talented Dutch artist, found a creative way to pay off his student loan debt. He crafted a remarkable tapestry that depicted the 46,000 euros he owed. This intricate work of art, titled “Eigen Schuld,” meaning “Own Debt” or “Own Fault,” became a symbol of Veldhuis’ financial burden.

Once completed, the tapestry found its home in the prestigious Dordrechts Museum. Unexpectedly, a buyer was captivated by the artwork and decided to purchase it for 45,879.40 euros. This generous offer brought Veldhuis closer to becoming debt-free, leaving him in a state of disbelief and joy. “This is what I had hoped for, but when I heard the news, I was really speechless. It still feels very unreal,” shared Veldhuis.

The tapestry itself was a visually striking piece, featuring various elements that conveyed Veldhuis’ feelings towards his indebtedness. One of the central motifs portrayed a Dutch lion clutching a menacing sword, symbolizing the artist’s perception of owing a significant debt to the state. The tapestry served as a powerful medium for Veldhuis to express his emotions and experiences.

The Dordrechts Museum facilitated the transaction and revealed the identity of the buyers as renowned art dealers Joke van Veen, 75, and Jaap Versteegh, 69. When asked about their decision to acquire the tapestry, Versteegh explained, “We bought the tapestry in the first place because we think it’s a good work of art. It is innovative and visually strong. In addition, the social theme of the work – the consequences of student debt and the social loan system – strongly appeals to us.”

Veldhuis’ creation not only captured the attention of art enthusiasts but also highlighted the pressing issue of student loan debt. Many students struggle with the financial burden of loans, and Veldhuis’s artwork serves as a reminder of this widespread concern. By showcasing his own experience, he sparked conversations about the consequences of student debt and the loan system in society.

The success of Veldhuis’ tapestry represents a triumph for the artist and sheds light on the power of art to address social issues. Through his creative expression, he not only managed to alleviate his financial struggles but also stimulated meaningful discussions about the challenges faced by students burdened with debt.

As Veldhuis moves forward, he can embrace a debt-free future, thanks to his artistic talent and the support of individuals who recognized the significance of his work. The tapestry will forever stand as a symbol of his journey, inspiring others to find innovative ways to confront their own challenges.

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Study Finds That Helping Others is Universal

Kelly Taylor



A new study led by Sydney Centre for Language Research Professor Nick Enfield has shown that the human tendency to help others within their social group is universal. The study, which was conducted across eight countries, found that people tend to help others in their close social circles when needed, regardless of their cultural background.

The study focused on small, pervasive low-cost requests such as passing items, helping to make food, or moving heavy objects. These requests are fulfilled immediately and are common in daily interactions within close social circles, such as in the home or village life. However, the study did not examine big requests, such as loaning large sums of money, or helping strangers in more formal settings such as workplaces, businesses, or shopping.

The research team conducted the study in towns in England, Italy, Poland, and Russia, as well as villages in rural Ecuador, Ghana, Laos, and First Nations communities across Australia. They found that people in all of these locations tend to help those in their close social circles without hesitation.

The findings of this study have significant implications for our understanding of human social behavior. They suggest that helping behavior within close social circles is not limited to specific cultures or regions, but is instead a universal human trait.

Moreover, the study’s findings suggest that this behavior is rooted in the social dynamics of human relationships. Close social relationships, such as those within families or small communities, are built on trust, mutual support, and reciprocity. Helping others within these relationships is a way to reinforce these bonds and ensure their survival.

The study’s lead author, Professor Enfield, emphasized the importance of studying these small acts of help and how they build trust and community. We tend to focus on big events like natural disasters, but the small acts of help that we see in our daily lives are just as important, if not more so, in building and maintaining the social fabric of our communities.

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Finland Stays At #1 In 2023 World Happiness Report

Kevin Wells



The World Happiness Report has released its list of the 10 happiest countries in the world, and for the sixth year in a row, Finland has taken the top spot. The report, which looks at six key factors – social support, income, health, freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption – measures the subjective well-being of individuals in each country. Finland held onto the #1 spot despite the pandemic, and attributes its happiness to lifestyle, food, nature, and sustainability.

Finland is a country known for its stunning natural beauty and high quality of life. It has a strong social welfare system that provides a safety net for all citizens, and the country is committed to sustainability, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and preserving the environment. Additionally, Finland has a strong emphasis on education and gender equality, with women making up nearly half of the country’s parliament.

The rest of the top 10 happiest countries in the world include Denmark, Iceland, Israel, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and New Zealand. These countries all share similar characteristics, such as strong social welfare systems, a high standard of living, and a commitment to sustainability and the environment.

On the other end of the spectrum, Afghanistan and Lebanon remain the two unhappiest countries in the survey. Both countries have faced significant political instability and conflict in recent years, contributing to low levels of happiness and well-being among their citizens.

While the World Happiness Report is just one way to measure the well-being of individuals in different countries, it provides valuable insights into the factors that contribute to happiness and the ways in which countries can work to improve the lives of their citizens. As the world continues to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic and other global issues, it is more important than ever to prioritize well-being and focus on building happy and sustainable societies.

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Native Species Conservation Strengthened in Northern Victoria By Animal Tourism

Shannon Jackson



As the world grapples with the ongoing loss of biodiversity and wildlife, two wildlife sanctuaries in Central and Northern Victoria are working to strengthen their conservation efforts and protect threatened species from extinction. Jirrahlinga Dingo Conservation and Wildlife Education Centre and Kyabram Fauna Park are both expanding their operations and implementing new strategies to promote awareness and education about conservation and wildlife protection.

Jirrahlinga Dingo Conservation and Wildlife Education Centre is a unique conservation that combines two already established conservations – the dingo farm and the koala sanctuary – to provide the public with an opportunity to interact with animals while learning about their threat of extinction. All the animals at Jirrahlinga have been abandoned or rescued, and the center has hired six workers to help visitors interact with the animals and have the best experience possible. The tours are very popular and educational, providing visitors with a chance to learn about the importance of conservation and the role that they can play in protecting wildlife.

Kyabram Fauna Park, which has now combined with Zoos Victoria family, has also expanded its conservation efforts, pledging to protect 27 threatened species from extinction on their watch. The park is made up of evaporative ponds and has added thousands of tree plantings and restoration work which has seen the return of more than 35 bird species. One of the park’s biggest draws is the meerkat enclosure. People love meerkats because they are energetic and charming, and the park has made sure to incorporate these animals into their conservation efforts, promoting their conservation and educating the public about their important role in the ecosystem.

Both Jirrahlinga and Kyabram are doing important work to protect and conserve wildlife in Central and Northern Victoria. By offering educational tours and providing visitors with opportunities to interact with animals, they are promoting awareness about the importance of conservation and encouraging people to take an active role in protecting wildlife. With their combined efforts, these two wildlife sanctuaries are making a real difference in the fight to protect biodiversity and ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

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Stumpy, the beloved DC Cherry Blossom is blooming again

Kelly Taylor



Every spring, visitors to Washington D.C. are treated to a magnificent display of pink and white cherry blossom trees. These iconic trees have a rich history in the United States and are a symbol of the friendship between the United States and Japan. The cherry blossom season in D.C. typically lasts from late March to early April, and attracts millions of visitors to the nation’s capital each year.

Cherry blossom trees were first gifted to the United States in 1912 by Japan as a symbol of friendship between the two nations. The original gift consisted of 3,000 trees, which were planted along the Tidal Basin in D.C. Unfortunately, the trees were diseased and had to be destroyed. Japan sent another gift of 3,800 trees in 1915, and those trees still stand to this day.

While the majority of cherry blossom trees in D.C. are healthy and thriving, one tree has captured the hearts of many visitors. This tree, affectionately nicknamed “Stumpy,” is located near the Jefferson Memorial and has a disheveled appearance. In 2020, a photo of Stumpy went viral on Reddit, with many commenters expressing their love for the tree’s unique character.

Despite its appearance, Stumpy still blooms every spring, producing beautiful pink blossoms that serve as a reminder of the beauty and resilience of nature. The tree’s stunted growth is believed to be due to an overflow of water in the area, which can cause trees to wilt and eventually die. While Stumpy’s future is uncertain, for now, it continues to serve as a beloved fixture in the D.C. cherry blossom season.

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