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Money Secrets for Seniors

Kevin Wells




Senior Discounts Ahead

People enjoying the benefits of senior discounts can also appreciate the available offers for tourism opportunities, cost savings, and the daily perks of being a certain age.

There may be thousands of dollars in savings available and the process is simple to understand.  Vacation planning and enjoyable shopping trips can be arranged for seniors appreciating discounts.

The savings can be amazing and the additional amounts of money available can instead be utilized for fun projects or exciting opportunities.

Here are some amazing “Money Saving Tips”  available to you.   

Know about the Available Programs

The FMERR program is an example of a quick and easy way to reduce mortgage costs.  More than $3,100 each year can be saved with the Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Refinance program (FMERR).

The savings can be used for other items that can bring you more comfort and happiness.  The cost is free and the process can take less than five minutes to use the online form.

Qualifying For Large Cash Payouts With Amounts Of $100,000 or More

Cash out payments may be ready for you.  As a homeowner, you can check to see if you qualify for programs that offer amounts up to $100,000.  

It is a quick process and people are encouraged to do this at least twice per year.  The amounts can be helpful for debt payoffs, vacations, or other nice purchases.

Reduce Your Life Insurance Premium By Up To 70%

Quality policies should be affordable and comfortable with cost savings up there around 70%.  An easier qualification process is available with affordable prices, benefits, and borrowing capabilities.  

Your protected account has your money that should be available as a personal banking account with interest and loan availability.

Save Thousands Easily

Knowing what to research for health plans can be nicer as you know the best ways to take good care of yourself.  

Focusing on fitness and health can help save thousands on healthcare and some supplemental insurance plans with medicare offer gym memberships for good health.  Staying out of doctor’s offices can save thousands.

Home Maintenance and Cost Savings

Smartly researching options for home maintenance and repairs can be a nice way to cover any costs for improvements.  

Home warranty programs are available for people who haven’t just moved into a new home, and they can help with any costs for heating, air conditioners, appliances, or even larger projects such as a roof.

Understand Debt Relief and Helpful Programs Available

Debt relief is available!  

People with more than $20,000 in credit card debt have relief from high interest rates (18-30%) and the burden of high monthly credit card bills.  Thankfully, the process has been simplified to get quicker relief with workable solutions.

Homeowners Insurance Savings

Homeowners insurance should be affordable and a savings of 30% might be available for you with comfortable solutions for monthly or yearly payments.  

Policy options should provide quality homeowners insurance with the right protections of your belongings.

Store Discounts for Food and Necessities

Buying food at a discount can help on a monthly basis and shopping trips can be more enjoyable.  Available discounts at local stores can be a smart way to plan for meals, snacks, and beverages.  Certain days of the week may be when the discounts are honored.

Saving money with discounts and coupons can make meals even better with additional selections to enjoy and healthy choices always available.

Enjoyable Outings for Food and Nourishment

Sometimes people are craving certain foods which may include a nice helping of international cuisine.  With great health benefits, these restaurants and food locations might offer certain discounts.  

This may apply for delivery services so be sure and ask about options, discounts, and any suggested orders that might satisfy your appetite.  Good food is a healthy choice and satisfying your cravings can be part of good fitness with excellent health benefits.

Save on Monthly Expenses  

A good place to cut costs could be with any utility bills.  Most companies and cooperatives offer savings, discounts, and programs.  

Saving on your bills for heating and cooling are easily achievable and there are national grants available also to help cover costs.  

Affordable Plans are Available

Several options are now available for cell phones.  Prepaid services are easier for planning purposes and a simplified way of payment makes this even nicer.  Larger stores are now offering choices for cell phones with many options that could work with a comfortable amount prearranged for monthly expenditures.  Data usage and messaging services could be included with some of the purchases available.

Shopping Trips and Planned Outings

Knowing the best places for discounts can be an enjoyable way to plan out those shopping trips.  

Many department stores and boutiques offer discounts that may apply without any restrictions.  Often, food can be enjoyed during these fun shopping visits and the options available can really make it nice for planning the best trips.

Vacation Planning

Some of the best planned vacations may include a simple car rental that offers flexibility while traveling.   

With the discounts and cost savings, some people find it even nicer to plan out vacations with options to enjoy the outdoors with the right car rental.

Saving Money with Tourist Packages

Discounts are available for traveling to many destinations.  Researching options can be enjoyable with resort discounts and travel packages available throughout the year.  

Saving money can make it nicer to see incredible sites with tourist attractions.

Tourism Packages

Some hotels offer discounts on food, local attractions, and other purchases that are appealing for travelers.  Finding these hotels is easier now and customizing your packages is often an option.  Making the arrangements is also simpler with online research.

Visiting Other Locations

Traveling to another city or location is an opportunity to enjoy the outings offered to local residents and tourists.  Visiting some of the best restaurants might be enjoyable so planning ahead can make the trip even better.  

International discounts may also apply and it is smart to plan ahead for currencies and money exchanges.

Cruises, Food, and International Visits

Traveling internationally with a cruise ship can be an enjoyable vacation.  Often these types of cruises provide opportunities to visit international cities.  Preparing is much easier now as people understand what locations are offered and what type of planning is suggested when they arrive at those places.  Several cruise packages offer discounts and the options for traveling are amazing.  

Parks and Trails

Enjoying the outdoors can be another reason to plan out vacations and international travels.  There are online resources available with park locations, trail descriptions, and suggested supplies for these types of outings.  

Local hotels might offer discounts for vacation planning.

Check for Better Auto Insurance Rates

Knowing to ask about discounts could be the smartest way to save money with auto insurance and other opportunities.  Huge discounts are available for certain areas and people that drive less than 50 miles a day on average.  

Even if you think your premium is low, it may be worth checking for discounts.  

Classic Car Insurance is also simpler now with many options for quality policies.



Think About the Science of the Mind Can Lead to a Happier Life

Shannon Jackson



There are people who say that the mind is a place unto itself. It can be formed into heaven, hell, or anything in between. The brain is one of the most powerful machines. Given that no other intelligent life has been found anywhere else, many people believe the brain to be the most powerful, interesting, creative, and awesome machine that has ever been created. The brain is an incredibly complex thing and is responsible for everything that man has ever created, both concrete and abstract. In a sense, the brain is also amazing because it is completely organic. No matter how hard people try, they cannot make anything that compares to the human brain.

The brain gives rise to a host of impressive cognitive abilities and feats. It allows humans to think and feel. It gives rise to the imagination. It gives rise to perception. People can respond to emotions with concrete actions, weigh the options, and make the correct decision. Along with the feats of speaking and memorizing, the brain is incredibly powerful. Perhaps the most impressive part of the brain is the ability to process emotions and translate them into visible reactions.

There are lots of viewpoints when it comes to the mind and the brain. Some people think they are the same. Other people think they are different. Today, most people think that the brain contributes to the power of the mind. There are older views who believe the mind is totally different and is not connected to the physical body in any way. Therefore, the brain has also given rise to some of the most impressive debates in human history.

Now, there are people asking whether or not the mind is the sole property of humans. Does anyone (or anything) else out there have a mind? On this planet, there are millions of species. There have been millions of species in the past. Undoubtedly, there will be millions of species in the future as well. Throughout the entire time, people are the only species that appear to show any evidence of intelligence.

Scientists and engineers are working hard to come up with a way to mimic the human mind. Right now, they have settled on the development of AI. Many people have hailed this as a breakthrough. Some are afraid that something similar to Terminator or I Robot is going to come out of the development of AI. The development of AI is far more than just a fancy video game. It is more than automation technology. In reality, AI is the first technology to even attempt to replicate the human mind. It will be interesting to see where this research goes.

On the other hand, the development of AI has spurred the human research of the central nervous system. Neuroscience is the study of the physical nervous system and how it impacts the mind and body. It is the natural foil for the study of the physical motor system. There are plenty of ancillary fields such as psychology and psychiatry that study how people respond to a variety of situations and their emotions. Some of these extend into the clinical field. Now, people are pushing for the development of mindfulness and meditation as their own field. Evidence is starting to show that the study of the mind itself can lead to a happier life. Some people feel that when people study the mind, they study themselves. This can lead to the fulfillment of individual identity, making people feel fulfilled. Regardless, mindfulness is going to be important in the future.

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If You Feel Lost, Look for Signs

Shannon Jackson



 There is a saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. On the other hand, even the strongest people may feel overwhelmed from time to time. This is only natural. From time to time, there’s only so much that we feel we can handle on our own. Some of the toughest events to handle in life include getting fired from a dream job, going through a divorce or relationship ending experience, and even being evicted from the house, home, or apartment. Some people might even develop serious health problems, leafing to other issues that they feel like they cannot handle. The list seems to go on forever and ever. These are events that will make anyone feel small. This can’t leave people feeling helpless, wondering what they can do next. In the situation, how was someone supposed to respond? 

 In these situations, it is good to look to the universe for help. From time to time, the universe will give us size. Some people are patient and will wait for the universe to tell them what to do next. On the other hand, there is another answer, what comes in the form of asking the universe for a sign. That’s right, it is possible to ask the universe for help. The guidance is always there. Help is always available. All anyone has to do is stop, ask, and listen. No one is ever alone. Even though people may feel hopeless, there’s always more hope for us down the road. The universe has been designed to assist us, teach us, and show us the way. The universe actually wants us to thrive. These challenges are placed before us in order to strengthen us. By overcoming these challenges, people are going to feel both happy and fulfilled. 

For those who are ready to ask the universe for a little bit of assistance, it is helpful to slow down. Sit still. Take the time to take a look around. Observe. The universe is going to listen to our request and respond to us appropriately. There doesn’t need to be a special chant. No one has to go to yoga class or sit and meditate for hours on end. There doesn’t need to be a special ceremony. Asking for help can be either as easy or as complicated as anyone desires. There are a few ways where someone can connect to a higher power and asked for help. Nobody should ever feel ashamed of asking for help.

First, consider keeping a journal. And the journal, write a letter to the universe or higher power and explain your situation. Talk to the journal about what’s going on. Why are you struggling? What questions do you have? Talk out the situation like you were to any other person and ask the journal for help. Next, consider repeating affirmations that you feel helpful. It is a good idea to simply step back and say, “I am going to let the universe lead me.” This affirmation is simple and straightforward. Repeat this affirmation on a regular basis. You should surrender your worries to it. Be open to guidance in the most unexpected places. Finally, if you have a specific question, do not hesitate to get to the point. The universe is going to listen. If you open up your heart and your mind, you will see the answer. It is only after surrendering ourselves to the universe that we are able to see the path ahead. The answer is there. You simply need to ask the universe for a sign.

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It Is Easy to Hate Yourself. It is Harder To Love Yourself.

Renee Yates



There are a lot of challenges in life. These come in many shapes and forms. Perhaps the hardest challenge you are ever going to face is that of loving yourself. It is so hard for someone to love themselves. It is unclear why; however, it is much easier to feel down. It is easier to be a pessimist. It is easier to be a cynic.

Yes, it is always easier to get down on yourself over the things that you’ve done wrong. It is easier to say that you should’ve done better. Do you know what’s hard? It is much harder to take a step back. It is harder to accept that you are going to make mistakes. It is harder to accept that you have your flaws. 

Why is this the case? Is this because we somehow expect ourselves to fail? Is this because we have high expectations of ourselves and we expect to meet those expectations? While this is understandable, what’s more important is to find hope in ourselves. This comes in the form of loving ourselves and accepting ourselves in light of our successes as well as our failures.

It is easier to say that you’re not good enough. It is easier to accept that you have made unforgivable mistakes. It is easier to never let these things go. But do you know what happens when you refuse to let go? You lose out. This comes in all areas of life. For example, what happens if you do not let go of that last relationship? You will never know closure. If you cannot have closure, then you can never move in. It is easier to hurt. It is harder to accept that you may never find that explanation which you feel you need and deserve. You need to love yourself to move on.

It is easier to hold grudges. It is easier not to forgive. It is easier to lose faith in yourself and others. Instead, choose to love yourself. Choose to believe that you have what it takes to succeed. You deserve fulfillment. You deserve to live in your own version of happiness, whatever that might be.

Sure, it is easier to do something else. It is easier to fall apart at the seams. It is easier to accept that you are broken. On the other hand, you deserve to be put back together. You deserve to get up off the mat. You deserve to feel whole. You deserve another opportunity to try again because you know that despite your flaws you will be strong enough to make it through to the other side.

It is easier to complain. It is easier to say that you are the way are you because of prior scars. It is easier to seek pity from others. It is easier to admit that you are a toxic person. On the other hand, if you love yourself, you know that this doesn’t have to be the case. You need to admit to yourself that you can make changes. You can pull yourself up. You deserve better. 

Instead of moping around all day listening to sad music and combing through old texts as you stuff your face, move on! You deserve this. You deserve to love yourself. You need to move forward and search for someone who loves you like you love yourself.

It is easier to hate yourself. Do not take this path. Instead, choose to love yourself. When you love yourself, others are going to love you as well.

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Woman Trains Her Own Service Dog To Help With Bipolar Disorder

Kevin Wells



Mental health issues are among the most pressing medical concerns today. There are countless people who suffer from mental disorders, including bipolar disorder, and there is a severe lack of mental health providers who can treat them. One such individual who suffers from bipolar disorder found herself in the hospital again. She was coping with another suicide attempt. She had attempted to kill herself multiple times in the past I need to find an alternative to living with bipolar disorder. Therefore, she had the idea of investing in a service dog. Service dogs have a long and impressive track record of helping people with numerous medical conditions, including mental health issues. She decided this would be a good idea and looked into it.

That is one disappointment said. When she started doing her research, she found out there will be a waiting period of five years in order to get a service dog from a nonprofit organization. Then, she decided to look into getting us a restock my profit center. That was when she decided the cost would be $30,000. She didn’t have the time or the money to go with either of these options. Therefore, she decided to try to train her own service dog. It can be a challenge to train a service dog, but she knew that it would be worth the time and effort. She had seen what service dogs have done for countless other people and knew that a service dog could help her get better as well. She said up a go fund me page in order to help her with her service dog.

On her page, she discussed what it would take for her to train her service dog. She took the dog to basic obedience training first. There, she thought the dog a number of different skills. First, the dog was taught to remind her to take her medication. There are a variety of medications that people with bipolar disorder might take, and his medications are important for helping people with this disorder remain level. Next, the dog would have to learn how to help her with her anxiety. One of the major therapies that is important for people with this disorder is called deep pressure therapy. After this, the dog would have to learn how to interrupt behaviors that she might engage in to harm herself. Given her a long history of suicide attempts, this was a critical portion of service dog training. Finally, the dog was trained to alert someone in the event that she became unresponsive. This has saved people’s lives in the past. Given her history of suicide attempts, and the fact that she lives alone, this was a central part of her training.

Eventually, she succeeded in getting her service dog. The service dog’s name is Rosie. She is a purebred, yellow, labrador retriever puppy. She will be going home with this woman in just a few short weeks in order to start her training as a service dog. It is important to know if that bipolar disorder is not something that anyone asks for. In reality, bipolar disorder is something that impacts countless people around the world. Many people are unfamiliar with this disorder and do not know how to react to those who have it. At the same time, dogs provide unconditional love. They are there for their owners no matter what. It is important to break the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. A service dog will be able to help someone do exactly that in addition to providing essential medical care.

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Experts Warn Pet Owners About The Dangers Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Shannon Jackson



Pet owners are always looking to make sure that their four legged friends are safe and sound. It only makes sense, right? Our pets look to us for food, shelter and care. If we are not going to look out for them, who will? Now that Himalayan salt lamps are steadily rising in popularity, pet owners have been looking into the potential benefits that they have to offer.

These benefits are numerous to the owner but are these salt lamps truly safe for the pet? It is a question that certainly deserves answering. They might be a great addition to the home but these advantages could come at a cost to your pet. In a best case scenario, the lamps clean the air in the home and allow us to get a good night’s sleep. 

They are also said to offer a marked improvement to our serotonin levels. One woman has a horror story to offer about her cat and it is disconcerting, to say the least. The hidden dangers of these lamps need to be exposed, so that no other pets are forced to suffer from a similar fate. That’s what makes this story such an important one to pass along and share with fellow pet owners.

After all, there are no shortage of people out there who are probably blissfully unaware of the issues that these lamps present. They reside at the intersection between home decoration and vital self care. It is easy to see why so many pet owners have already fallen under their spell. Maddie Smith was forced to wake up to a pet owner’s worst nightmare recently.

Her cat was not behaving in her usual manner. Something was wrong with poor Ruby but Maddie was not sure what it was. Initially, she believed that the cat was simply feeling chilly. She tried her best to warm up Ruby and left for work. Unfortunately, the cat’s condition slowly started to worsen. By the time Maddie was able to come back home, she could tell that something was seriously wrong with the cat.

When she took the animal to the vet’s office, the connection between her condition and the Himalayan salt lamp that was being used had been revealed. Humans must avoid excessive exposure to salt and pets experience the same risk factors. These lamps release a sizable amount of salt into the air, causing pets to go through all sorts of harmful side effects.

If Maddie had not brought her pet to the vet’s office when she had, we shudder to think of what may have happened next. Lamp owners need to take the proper precautions going forward. It all starts with proper lamp storage. The lamp cannot and should not be kept in an area that pets have easy access to. The owner should be storing the salt lamp far away from their animal.

Maddie’s Facebook post about the matter was shared far and wide. She wanted to make sure that other pet owners did not make the same mistake as she did. It is easy to see how these errors happen, though. We mean well and we try our best to keep our homes looking and feeling nice. The last thing that any pet owner wants is to hurt their best friend.

Please do your part to assist other pet owners who might be experiencing similar issues by sharing this story. If you know someone who owns a pet and a Himalyan salt lamp, this is your chance to set things right. Ruby may have been licking this lamp excessively but she is going to be OK now! Let’s do our part to make sure that other pet owners do not have to learn this lesson the hard way. 

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