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Money Secrets for Seniors

Kevin Wells




Senior Discounts Ahead

People enjoying the benefits of senior discounts can also appreciate the available offers for tourism opportunities, cost savings, and the daily perks of being a certain age.

There may be thousands of dollars in savings available and the process is simple to understand.  Vacation planning and enjoyable shopping trips can be arranged for seniors appreciating discounts.

The savings can be amazing and the additional amounts of money available can instead be utilized for fun projects or exciting opportunities.

Here are some amazing “Money Saving Tips”  available to you.   

Know about the Available Programs

The FMERR program is an example of a quick and easy way to reduce mortgage costs.  More than $3,100 each year can be saved with the Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Refinance program (FMERR).

The savings can be used for other items that can bring you more comfort and happiness.  The cost is free and the process can take less than five minutes to use the online form.

Qualifying For Large Cash Payouts With Amounts Of $100,000 or More

Cash out payments may be ready for you.  As a homeowner, you can check to see if you qualify for programs that offer amounts up to $100,000.  

It is a quick process and people are encouraged to do this at least twice per year.  The amounts can be helpful for debt payoffs, vacations, or other nice purchases.

Reduce Your Life Insurance Premium By Up To 70%

Quality policies should be affordable and comfortable with cost savings up there around 70%.  An easier qualification process is available with affordable prices, benefits, and borrowing capabilities.  

Your protected account has your money that should be available as a personal banking account with interest and loan availability.

Save Thousands Easily

Knowing what to research for health plans can be nicer as you know the best ways to take good care of yourself.  

Focusing on fitness and health can help save thousands on healthcare and some supplemental insurance plans with medicare offer gym memberships for good health.  Staying out of doctor’s offices can save thousands.

Home Maintenance and Cost Savings

Smartly researching options for home maintenance and repairs can be a nice way to cover any costs for improvements.  

Home warranty programs are available for people who haven’t just moved into a new home, and they can help with any costs for heating, air conditioners, appliances, or even larger projects such as a roof.

Understand Debt Relief and Helpful Programs Available

Debt relief is available!  

People with more than $20,000 in credit card debt have relief from high interest rates (18-30%) and the burden of high monthly credit card bills.  Thankfully, the process has been simplified to get quicker relief with workable solutions.

Homeowners Insurance Savings

Homeowners insurance should be affordable and a savings of 30% might be available for you with comfortable solutions for monthly or yearly payments.  

Policy options should provide quality homeowners insurance with the right protections of your belongings.

Store Discounts for Food and Necessities

Buying food at a discount can help on a monthly basis and shopping trips can be more enjoyable.  Available discounts at local stores can be a smart way to plan for meals, snacks, and beverages.  Certain days of the week may be when the discounts are honored.

Saving money with discounts and coupons can make meals even better with additional selections to enjoy and healthy choices always available.

Enjoyable Outings for Food and Nourishment

Sometimes people are craving certain foods which may include a nice helping of international cuisine.  With great health benefits, these restaurants and food locations might offer certain discounts.  

This may apply for delivery services so be sure and ask about options, discounts, and any suggested orders that might satisfy your appetite.  Good food is a healthy choice and satisfying your cravings can be part of good fitness with excellent health benefits.

Save on Monthly Expenses  

A good place to cut costs could be with any utility bills.  Most companies and cooperatives offer savings, discounts, and programs.  

Saving on your bills for heating and cooling are easily achievable and there are national grants available also to help cover costs.  

Affordable Plans are Available

Several options are now available for cell phones.  Prepaid services are easier for planning purposes and a simplified way of payment makes this even nicer.  Larger stores are now offering choices for cell phones with many options that could work with a comfortable amount prearranged for monthly expenditures.  Data usage and messaging services could be included with some of the purchases available.

Shopping Trips and Planned Outings

Knowing the best places for discounts can be an enjoyable way to plan out those shopping trips.  

Many department stores and boutiques offer discounts that may apply without any restrictions.  Often, food can be enjoyed during these fun shopping visits and the options available can really make it nice for planning the best trips.

Vacation Planning

Some of the best planned vacations may include a simple car rental that offers flexibility while traveling.   

With the discounts and cost savings, some people find it even nicer to plan out vacations with options to enjoy the outdoors with the right car rental.

Saving Money with Tourist Packages

Discounts are available for traveling to many destinations.  Researching options can be enjoyable with resort discounts and travel packages available throughout the year.  

Saving money can make it nicer to see incredible sites with tourist attractions.

Tourism Packages

Some hotels offer discounts on food, local attractions, and other purchases that are appealing for travelers.  Finding these hotels is easier now and customizing your packages is often an option.  Making the arrangements is also simpler with online research.

Visiting Other Locations

Traveling to another city or location is an opportunity to enjoy the outings offered to local residents and tourists.  Visiting some of the best restaurants might be enjoyable so planning ahead can make the trip even better.  

International discounts may also apply and it is smart to plan ahead for currencies and money exchanges.

Cruises, Food, and International Visits

Traveling internationally with a cruise ship can be an enjoyable vacation.  Often these types of cruises provide opportunities to visit international cities.  Preparing is much easier now as people understand what locations are offered and what type of planning is suggested when they arrive at those places.  Several cruise packages offer discounts and the options for traveling are amazing.  

Parks and Trails

Enjoying the outdoors can be another reason to plan out vacations and international travels.  There are online resources available with park locations, trail descriptions, and suggested supplies for these types of outings.  

Local hotels might offer discounts for vacation planning.

Check for Better Auto Insurance Rates

Knowing to ask about discounts could be the smartest way to save money with auto insurance and other opportunities.  Huge discounts are available for certain areas and people that drive less than 50 miles a day on average.  

Even if you think your premium is low, it may be worth checking for discounts.  

Classic Car Insurance is also simpler now with many options for quality policies.



Surprising Story: Wild Horses of the Missouri Ozarks

Shannon Jackson



Did you know that eight herds of wild horses live in a mountain range in the middle of America? Most people don’t know about the mountains–and even fewer know about the wild horses! Read on to find out about the curious little colts that get adopted from these herds.

America’s Midwest Mountain Range–Sort Of

Everybody spends time learning about the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains in school. But most of us don’t learn about the Ozarks–at least, not very much.

The Ozarks are actually the most ancient mountains in the continental United States. They were once as grand and tall as the Colorado Rockies.

But after centuries of erosion, the Ozarks aren’t as big as they used to be. While almost everybody refers to them as mountains, geologists call them the Ozark Foothills instead. They are gentle, rolling, and misty-green in the mornings. They also hide eight herds of wild horses!

Where Did The Ozarks’ Wild Horses Come From?

The wild horses of the Ozarks weren’t always wild. Before the 1930s, there were plenty of Ozark farmers who kept the horses on their farms.

But the Ozark Foothills aren’t great for farming. The rocky soil is good for oak trees, elm trees, and blackberry bushes–but not so good for crops. That’s why many farmers who moved to the Ozarks, had to move out during The Great Depression: They couldn’t grow enough crops to sell and make money on. In fact, they could barely grow enough for themselves!

That’s why many farmers in the region moved away during the Great Depression. And when they did, they had to leave most of their animals and possessions behind. That’s when the horses became wild!

Curious Colts of the Ozarks

Today, the horses still roam free around Echo Bluff State Park. When they were left behind, they learned to live off berries, grass, and other vegetation. They get their water from a collection of brooks and streams known as the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Thousands of people come to the park every year to float or walk along these rivers–and to see the horses!

But not every horse that is born wild, gets to stay wild. A handful are adopted by the people of the area every year. If it hadn’t been for one brave soul, the horses wouldn’t be there at all!

The Man Who Saved the Wild River Horses

In 1992, the National Park Service decided to take all of the horses out of Echo Bluff Park. They were worried that the horses were damaging the natural environment.

Many of the locals didn’t want the horses to go, however. One of them–a man named Jim Smith–even went to Washington, D.C., to testify in front of Congress. Smith told Congress how much the local residents loved the horses. They admired the herds for their grace, beauty, and strength. Congress agreed on a compromise.

The horses could stay, they said–but only 50 of them. To keep this number right, a handful of young horses–colts–are adopted every year.

Every year since 1992, caring citizens like Mr. Smith have adopted young horses from the wild herd. Smith called the one he adopted, the “gentlest animal you’ve ever seen.” These colts have also been called exceptionally smart, good-natured, and beautiful. If you ever get to see them, we think you’ll agree!

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40 Haunting Discoveries Found Trapped in Ice!





There is a reason that Walt Disney chose to freeze his head. Ice is the great preserver and over the lifespan of our world, many things have ended up frozen beneath the surface of some body of water or another. Scientists have increasingly turned to ice in order to make discoveries about our past and predictions about our future. Today, we are going to take a close look at 40 incredible scientific discoveries that were found encased in ice! Buckle your seatbelt, this might get a little weird!

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Bettors Put Money on Royal Baby’s New Name!

Kevin Wells



To say that the Royal Family is a hot topic would be to put the concept to shame. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are perpetually in the news, for reasons both good and bad. However, you won’t believe why Prince Harry and Meghan managed to rack up headlines this time! In fact, the story has more to do with how we are fascinated by the Royal Family to an almost hilarious degree.

When it was revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan were expecting another addition to their family, the internet took the concept and ran. Any time a royal baby is born, the world seems to stand still — both here and across the pond. Beyond wishing for good health, the public has taken a fascinating interest in the name that the royal couple will choose for their child. In fact, people are starting to put SERIOUS money on the discussion.

While it has not been revealed whether the royal couple is expecting a boy or girl, betting websites are making sure to cover both sides of the coin. If you are willing to put some solid money down, you might just make a killing — depending on how creative Harry and Meghan choose to be when naming their child. According to the betting website Ladbrokes, Allegra is currently the sixth most likely girl name. We have no idea how they came upon that idea, but the odds are sitting at 12/1 after a furious round of bets flooded into the website.

According to researchers of the Royal Family, Allegra had been a favored name by the late Princess Diana. According to further research, Princess Diana had wanted to have her own baby girl named Allegra. Still, betting odds are currently rallying around the name Diana, and we don’t blame them. Diana and Grace are the two most popular name choices with betting odds at 6/1. Right behind Diana and Grace are the names Arthur and Elizabeth, sitting at 8/1. If you want to get away from the rest of the pack in order to put down some long-shot bets on the new royal baby, you might want to dig a little deeper into the treasure trove of options. Right now Albert and Victoria are in the hunt at 16/1.

Alex Apati is a leader at Ladbrokes, and he has been vocal regarding how to figure out where betting interest is coming from. Apati admits that the company is a little baffled by the interest in Allegra. With that being said, Apati can’t deny how fast the bets are coming in for the name. Allegra has rapidly become one of the most popular choices with punters over the past month or so. Perhaps all of this betting enthusiasm dates back to a single report in 2004 revolving around Princess Diana and her keen interest in having a child named Allegra. If that is all that there is to it, color us surprised.

Princess Diana had been desperately in love with her boyfriend, Hasnat Khan. The two had talked extensively about having a child and their dream was to get married and make a go of it. Allegra was Diana’s favorite name and it was purportedly chosen by her friend, Lady Annabel Goldsmith. For his part, Prince Harry has gone on record as hoping that their child will be a girl. Though, we suppose, the royal couple will be happy with whatever royal baby they end up having. The question is this, are you ready to put your money on the line betting on the name that they choose?

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Time To Toss: Items in Your Home That You Should Dispose of Today

Kelly Taylor



Over time, we start to notice there is clutter building in our homes, but we are not sure where to start. From our closets to our kitchens, the mess seems to keep multiplying. Below are five items that you need to toss from your home today.


Clothes hangers come in wire, plastic, and wood options, and over time our homes accumulate more than we will ever need. Whether you pick them up from the dry cleaners or store purchases, hangers find themselves accumulating within homes. There is always more than enough, and they clutter up closet space. Find a cardboard box or plastic bin, load up the hanger surplus and drive to your local consignment retailer or dry cleaners. These retailers are always in need of such items and general recycling can be controversial for those wire types. Hangers are difficult to recycle due to their material types, shapes, and finishes. Because of this, donating them is the best option for home removal.


Those magazines collecting dust in your magazine rack are ready for the recycling bin. Magazines and other news outlets are becoming obsolete in the world of smart phones. All major magazine subscriptions now have a digital app that allow readers to log in and read the stories from their phone. Load your lingering magazines up in a plastic bin and drive them to the local recycling center. You will be doing a favor for yourself and the environment, since magazines can be recycled into a variety of paper uses.

Outdated Electronics

We know about that junk drawer. The one that is home to the decade old cameras with the memory cards. Ancient cell phones also seek refuge here, clogging up space and collecting dust. It is time to dispose of those electronics you will never use again. The cell phones will no longer work with today’s services, and that camera is just an extra piece to carry. How about the iPods and MP3 players that house music from the early 2000s? They, too, have become a figment of the past for music. Smart phones today have the uses of these devices combined in a single device. If you have no sentimental attachment to these devices, local tech stores or your recycling center will be happy to take them off of your hands. Make sure that when you dispose of these electronics, you carry any cords or accessories, freeing up more space for your convenience.

Plastic Storage Containers

It is time to tackle those dreaded kitchen cabinets. Housed inside one or several, you have accumulated a supply of plastic storage containers, and it is time to regain that cabinet space and declutter. First and foremost, inspect the condition of these containers. Many of them may have seen better days prior to being microwaved for several lunches. Trash any of these containers that are in questionable condition. If you are still left with an abundance of containers, take some and recycle them throughout your home. They are great for storing crayons, markers, and other crafts in the kids’ rooms.


Pull out all of the shoes hiding in your closet floor and under your bed, and toss them out. Commit to the one year rule, throwing out any shoe pairs that have not been worn in that time frame. If they are in like-new condition, consider donating to local consignment shops. For those that have been worn, and you have been hanging on to them, it is time to toss. Pack them in a plastic bin or box and head over to your recycling center for their disposal.

Disposing of these items in your home today will free up lots of space and diminish the clutter building throughout the home. A clean home is a happy home, so get tossing today!

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At 600 Feet, India’s Statue is Now The World’s Tallest

Kelly Taylor



India is known for a great deal of things and innovation is certainly one of them. The country that has long been known as a leader of the tech industry, a forerunner in industry, and a spearhead for many other endeavors now has the distinction of being home to the tallest statute in the world.

The Statue of Unity

The statue is called the Statue of Unity and is a tribute to the independence leader, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was once the first Deputy Prime Minister of India. The statue was unveiled on October 31st of this year and is quite impressive to view.

The statue was designed by sculptor Ram V. Sutar and is located just above the Narmada River in Gujarat, a western Indian state. The statue was announced years ago and then Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he wanted the statue to be truly grand, so grand that everyone would stop and take notice the world over.

The aim was to make the statue of Sardar Patel larger than the statue of Liberty in the United States, twice as large in fact. The statue is an impressive 597 feet tall itself which is almost twice as tall as the statue of liberty. Its impressive, nearly 600 foot height makes it the tallest statue in the world.

Missing its Aim?

The statue, though it was meant to bring unity, seems to have done the exact opposite. The statue cost over $410 million dollars to build, which was pulled from state funds, individual funds, and federal funds. Many residents believe that the money could have been better used had it not been used to build the large statue.

So far, there have been many protests about the statue including those by farmers, tribal activists, and many more. Some of the protests have even turned violent which meant that thousands of police officers have had to be deployed to help stop the protests. Local farmers have even stated that they should be compensated for the money that has been taken by the government for various projects that should have come to the farmers.


The statute is a great symbol of unity according to the prime minister and he says that he is happy it was built. The statue is supposedly a sign of the integrity and resolve of India. The statue is not going to be the tallest for long however, the western state of Maharashtra India is also building a statue of their own. This state is said to be even larger. The statue is going to be of the Maratha Warrior King Shivaji that is supposed to be a grand 190 meters or 623 feet tall. For now, the current statue is the largest and the prime minister believes it will help draw tourists from far and wide to bring even more notoriety and prosperity to India.

Only time will tell what the new statue will mean and what it will look like and how tall it will truly end up being.

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