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Millennials are Going Wild Over The Fact That Vin Diesel Has A Twin


Millennials are Going Wild Over The Fact That Vin Diesel Has A Twin


Unless your favorite celebrity has a famous brother or sister, you often don’t think about their family life. Many celebrities keep their family lives very low key. Vin Diesel is one of these actors. This may be the reason that you don’t know that he has a twin brother.

Vin Diesel’s Career

When Vin Diesel starred in the 90’s film, Awakenings, he acting career really took off. When you think of Vin Diesel, you think of his role in The Fast and the Furious franchise or his role in the XXX films. He may have played in action and superhero movies, but he also did comedies. Who could ever forget him in The Pacifier, where protected and cared for a family?


Vin Diesel is known for being hard onscreen; however, off-screen, he is a family man. He often takes to social media to let his fans know what is happening in his life with his family. He even documents his workouts from time to time.  Paul Walker, his best friend, passed away in a tragic car accident.  Vin Diesel is very open about how much he misses Paul.

Losing His Best Friend

When Paul died, Diesel took it very hard. He shot may television specials about his best friend and what a hole his loss has left in his life. More than once he has called Walker his brother. There was one dedication post that Diesel created for his friend that was overlooked by many. Not only was it a dedication to his friend, but it also opened up a window into a part of Diesel’s personal life that we don’t know about.

Vin’s Twin

In 2014, Diesel posted a photo of Paul Walker and another man on his Facebook. The caption read, “The Two Pauls.” It turned out that the other man in the picture was named Paul and he was Diesel’s twin brother. When you look at the photo, Walker and Diesel’s twin look more alike than Diesel, and his twin does. Most people didn’t know that he had a twin. His brother’s name is Paul Sinclair, and he doesn’t mind that people don’t know who his twin brother is.

The Quiet Brother

Paul Sinclair doesn’t have much of an online presence. He works in Hollywood, but his job is behind the scenes. He is a sound editor. He chooses to stay out of the spotlight. That is something that he leaves for his brother. Paul is a father and a husband, and it seems as though he has a great relationship with his twin. Paul and his twin brother have a great relationship. He admires Diesel just as much as Diesel admires him.

Why the Secret Relationship?

Many people wonder why Paul and Diesel’s family ties have not been mentioned often in the media. It is because Paul wants it that way. He enjoys living a quiet life with his wife and his family. The last thing that he wants is to be followed by the paparazzi, being fielded questions about what it is like to be the twin brother of one of the most popular actors in Hollywood today. While he has a very close relationship with his brother, he prefers to keep their relationship out of the media. The two are as close as two twin brothers could be, they just don’t feel the need to advertise their family ties.

If you never knew that Diesel had a twin brother, you aren’t alone. If you follow Diesel closely on social media, you will likely see photos of the two spending time together. The two may not look alike, but that doesn’t make them any less close.

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