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Man Gives Girlfriend Timeless Gift, Two Years Later She Finds the Secret Inside!

Terry held the piece of polished wood in his hands for a moment, thumb gracing the secret seam. The gift had been carefully selected and patiently chosen. After all, what Terry was looking at was far more than a simple piece of polished wood. Inside of the gleaming wooden prism was a second gift, a secret one, for the love of Terry’s life, Anna.

The gift itself was not meant to be found right away and so Terry let Anna hold onto it, knowing one day he’d help reveal the gift inside to her. What was inside? What was Anna’s reaction? Let’s dig in!

Let’s Start With an Introduction

There is something to be said for falling in love. It’s a wondrous feeling and when you find it, you hold onto it tightly! For Anna and Terry, the feeling was as instinctual as it was instant. The two had bonded over a shared wanderlust for the world and their affinity for exploration, surprise, and adventure would surely be the fuel for the story that is about to unfold.

But we all know why you are here. You are here to learn about a secret gift, one held close to heart but unrevealed for nearly two full years!

A Secret Gift Begins With a Plan

Terry and Anna had begun dating in 2013 and by the following year, they could tell that the relationship was going to get serious. For Terry, this meant creating a perfect gift to present to Anna on their anniversary. The only question is, what could Terry get the love of his life that would accurately show how he felt?

As a lover of romance and treasure, Terry decided to do something unique. He decided that he was going to make his own gift with a secret inside of it!

3. The Best Gifts Are Made From Scratch

As we all know and agree, the best gifts are often ones that we make from scratch. Not only do we get to imbue the gift with our love and passion, but we also get to present our loved one with something truly unique. Terry turned to his woodworking studio where he had begun to hone his skills.

As a challenge, Terry decided that he would craft a gift-within-a-gift from scratch, by hand, and for Anna. Intimidating, right?

Is There More Than Meets The Eye

Terry didn’t rush into the anniversary project and instead, he spent several days trying to decide what to craft. What could he make that would provide her with something now and in the future? What could he make as a relatively new woodworker that would truly showcase his love and appreciation/

Terry decided that the answer to his question was a pendant. But what kind of pendant? What material? As it turns out, Terry had a few more good ideas up his sleeve.

Working With Tasmanian Huon Pine

In order to craft her the loving gift that she deserved, Terry knew that he would need to work with a special wood. Enter the Huon Pine, known for its growth throughout Western Tasmania. Huon Pines only grow in wet and temperate climates which makes them particularly hard to raise in certain areas of the planet.

The perfect wooden gift would require the perfect material to craft with!

A Special Material for a Timeless Gift

What makes the Huon Pine particularly alluring for crafters is the relatively elastic nature of the material itself. Huon pine timber is known for its unique smell, elastic quality, and propensity to not split during crafting. The Huon Pine takes roughly 500 years to reach full maturity. Thanks to research, we also know that there are Huon pine trees more than 3,000 years old!

The Gift Was Well Received & Cherished

Needless to say, Terry had found the perfect wood for the gift he was giving Anna. After working to carve and treat the pendant, the gift was finally ready and Anna was thrilled! In fact, after hanging the pendant on a piece of white twine, it would become part and parcel of Anna’s outfit for days, weeks, months, and years to come!

Throughout the months to come, Anna wouldn’t realize that something quite precious was hidden within her already prized gift.

Travel Brought Them Together

After Terry presented the gift to Anna, it was easy to see that he had chosen correctly. She had fallen in love with the necklace and had decided to wear it everywhere, including on their big trip! Anna and Terry had bonded early on in their relationship over their love of travel and that shared passion wouldn’t diminish in the years that their relationship progressed.

Now that Anna had received her gift, Terry was ready to plan a special trip. Where would they be going to?

Compiling Their Shared Bucket List

The couple from Australia had been working on their traveling bucket list for quite some time. After a few years together, they had gotten to go on some pretty fun adventures. Along the way, they kept jotting down places that they would one day like to visit if the timing were ever right.

Terry and Anna pored over their bucket list together before finally selecting one destination from the listed options.

A Momentous Trip is Planned

A trip to Scotland was in the cards and Anna and Terry knew just the place, Durness. Durness is located on the coast of Scotland along the Scottish Highlands. Terry had wanted to take Anna to the Smoo Cave along the beach. His goal for this trip was simple, to help Anna unlock the final piece of the puzzle that was their anniversary gift two years prior.

The Smoo Cave complex was the perfect destination for what Terry and Anna were about to experience!

Was the Time Finally Right For The Gift?

By this point in the story, Terry and Anna had been dating for three years. Terry had given Anna her unique present after their one-year anniversary and now it was finally time to unlock the final secret. Terry had chosen to incorporate a hidden gift because the idea of waiting for the time to be right appealed to him. There was something almost poetic about a gift waiting to be given, resting neatly in public view.

Anna Begins to Grow Suspicious

At this point in their journey, Anna was starting to get a little suspicious. After all, you don’t often take romantic trips to Scotland. What was up Terry’s sleeve? Did he have some major plan ready to launch when they arrived? And why did he keep smiling so much about her old necklace, anyway?

These were certainly the thoughts running through Anna’s mind as they made their way to the Smoo Cave.

They Head to the Beach Near Durness

During all of their traveling together, Terry had kept a close eye on the pendant necklace he had given Anna. Fortunately, she had kept it safe and sound throughout the two years they had spent together since the gift had been given. Terry joked, “At one point I thought she was going to trade with a blacksmith at a market.” The blacksmith reportedly made an offer on the necklace but Anna didn’t budge.

Now drawing near the vortex of caves, Terry was very grateful the pendant had not been sold. He was even more grateful about what was to happen next!

And Terry Takes a Knee to Anna’s Shock

When Terry and Anna finally found their destination, Terry knew that the time had come. Before taking a knee, he gestured to the necklace that had hung around her neck for two years. Terry would go on to say, “She stood there dazed for a second, trying to work out what was going on.”

As the gorgeous treasure unveiled itself, the reality began to truly settle upon Anna’s shoulders!

Revealing the Treasure Inside

Perfectly preserved within the wooden box was a stunning ring, bought and paid for two years prior. Terry had the ring specially fitted into the wooden container so that it would stay snug, preventing it from rattling around during their journeys. While Anna was rightfully blown away by the ring, she was also shocked!

Anna would say, “Wait, it’s been in there the whole time? I could have lost it you idiot!” 

She Said YES!

Of course, concern gave way to love and Anna was quick to say YES. Terry said of her final response to the gift, “She was quite a hilarious mix of happy and angry.” The couple would end up getting officially engaged before the Smoo Cave with a handmade gift that they had been sharing together for more than two years.

What do you think? Could you hide away a wedding ring for two years, only to unveil it in such a romantic gesture? If we are being honest, we might have to step up our engagement game!



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Not only that, you end up being stuck outside your house because the authority figures you called in to deduce what it is came in droves and quarantined your home.

Yes, this is hard to fathom but one couple lived it after deciding to do more than look at the strange object but to seek help.

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Elderly Man Found Hanging On To His Capsized Vessel For Survival

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Family members, friends, fellow mariners are all thankful that a senior who went missing off the coast of Florida has been found and is receiving medical attention.

62-year-old Stuart Bee was rescued by the crew from a cargo ship en route to Denmark even as the US Coastguards and others searched diligently for him for two consecutive days.

Mr. Bee was hanging on for dear life to the bow of his boat and waving his shirt desperately to draw the attention of anyone in the approaching vessel. Little did he know that they were headed to retrieve him from the salty water and overall weather he had been exposed to for the three days.

The crew on the vessel known as Angeles had been on the lookout for the stranded man as they had received an enhanced call from the United States Coast Guard to stay alert for a missing sailor and his vessel. The critical message from the Coastguards reached every large boat within a certain mile radius to help with the mission.

How did Mr. Bee end up in this horrific situation?

About 4:00 Friday after Mr. Bee went for what was deemed as a typical ride out to sea, which would only be for a few hours. He was onboard a recreational Sea Ray boat named Sting Ray; a 32-foot vessel left to sea from Cape Marina at Port Canaveral.

Mr. Bee, who would typically return to the Marina, had not done so up to Saturday morning, which drew the concern of another marina member. The fellow seaman decided to report him missing just before midday on Saturday, less than 18-hours after the Sting Ray had left the docks.

He emphasized to Coast Guard officials that it was highly unusual for the small boat to be out at night and, even more so, such a long time.

All this time, the sailor was stranded at sea due to mechanical difficulties on his boat while more than eighty miles away from the coast. This rendered the boat immovable, and Mr. Bee had to call it a night. It’s, however, a night he won’t soon forget. On his second night stuck at sea, he noticed around midnight that the vessel was rapidly taking on water. This could not have been worse timing since everything around the mariner was pitch black.

The boat eventually capsized, and he clung to it with all he had, hoping for someone, anyone, to pass by and see him.

The Angeles crew members aboard their 225-foot cargo ship had been vigilant from the moment they got the Coast Guard message, and it reaped success. According to US Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class David Micallefto, about 11:00 Sunday morning, the Angeles crew sighted Mr. Bee and rescued him. To think he could summon the strength to wave after being exposed to the elements all weekend was indeed an inspiration to his rescuers.

Earlier that morning, a US Coast Guard team from Clearwater, with the assistance of an Aircraft hovering, made futile attempts to find the missing mariner. It was a sense of relief when they got the call from the Angeles crew that they had spotted Mr. Bee and rescued him.

Mr. Micallefto emphasized that everything about the rescue is so “amazing.” He said the Coast Guard is grateful to the Angeles team for responding so positively to the broadcast about the missing man. He says, more importantly, Mr. Bee can spend Christmas with his loved ones.

An important point to note is the unity among mariners. Everyone heeded the call for assistance, from the US Customs and Border Patrol to passing vessels. It proved to be profitable with the man’s rescue.

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A Lamborghini is supposed to be used as a race car. It is the ultimate design in vehicular mechanics and road-racing performance. That said, it’s not everyday one goes about driving 300 miles in just under two hours and it’s allowed.

The Italian police picked up their own copy of the Lamborghini Huracan in 2017. Italy is quite famous for some of its characters, and the police decided it made sense to have at least one vehicle that could keep up with an over-powered criminal in a very hot car. That said, that wasn’t the only purpose justifying the acquisition. When delivery of items or materials had to be done quickly, far faster than normal transport could provide, the Huracan was brought out. And that included transporting critical life-saving shipments as well. The vehicle was even fitted for refrigeration as a result.

Physically, the Italian police Lamborghini is by all respects a bona fide police vehicle. It is fitted with a light bar system, a full paint job and logo, and the inside is decked out with a police computer and radar tools for traffic enforcement.

In the latest major use of the vehicle, the Huracan was assigned for a fast delivery of a kidney. The distance was a long stretch, running from Rome all the way to Padua. The engine was more than up to the job. A V10 assembly easily capable of running at 145 mph without straining, the Huracan’s only major issue was the driver’s ability to control the car and other traffic being in the way. The second part was generally resolved with some flashing of the police lights and a bit of siren noise to wake up the sleepy truck driver or two.

Once arrived, the entire trip made for a very handy marketing event that the Italian police were quick to post online via Twitter, showcasing the entire affair and the vehicle as well. Driving from Rome to Padua basically totaled 489 kilometers (a smidge over 300 miles). Time wise, the police made the run in two hours with their Lamborghini, a trip that typically would take over five hours, even with a respectable vehicle at normal speeds.

There were other alternatives for the kidney transfer; Italy has plenty of its own helicopters, including the police agencies. However, the Huracan did prove its worth, and it gave the officers a chance to really put a 602 horsepower engine through its paces with full authorization.

The whole affair was quite operational and had no resemblance to a road rally. There were no crowds waiting at every turn or a track completely flagged with blaring horns and track lights. But as far as the doctors were concerned, there might as well have been because the kidney arrived in ample time, suffered no degeneration, and was implanted into the surgical patient successfully, likely saving another life. And that, ultimately meant everything that all the effort and resources could arguably be justified after all. But there’s no argument, the whole affair made for a good marketing for the Italian police as well.

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