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It’s A Myth! These Dogs Break The Stereotype About Dogs Hating Cats




Instant Friends

These pals met one sunny day by the lake. She was a stray but as soon as puppers saw her she was a forever friend. Now the two enjoy their happily ever after keeping their hapless owner awake each morning with tag and chase! The kitty sure is lucky to meet her family that day.

The Safest Nap… Ever

These buddies fell asleep after playing and the results look like this may be the safest napping kitty in the world. And arguably the cutest.  Even big ole puppers like this have a soft spot when it comes to the tiniest of furry creatures. Thank goodness for it too, because now we get images like this on a bad day to show that the world is a pretty neat place!                       

No One Can Possibly Be More Comfortable Than This Kitten! 

A Saint Bernard is one of the largest dog breeds, and their hair seems to make up half their mass. There is no cat bed that could possibly be more comfortable for this little kitty than this massive fluffy pooch who does not seem to mind his guest one bit.   

Lazy Days and Sundays … Can Be Too Cute! 

These pals look like they went a little to long the last time they played. Or maybe they are both equally bored and tired waiting for their human to return home. Either way, this bored stack of fur reminds me teenagers looking for entertainment on a slow summer day. Lets hope their human brings home the pet’s version of Pizza and a movie for them to enjoy after their day of waiting for attention.

In Sickness and In Health 

The story behind this image is sad and heartwarming. This sweet dog was diagnosed with cancer, and his cat sibling who did not give him a ton of attention in the past (Just some here and there) suddenly has all the cuddles and love for the dog. No one knows exactly why the change in behavior, but doggie is not complaining.

Bundles of Energy Can be Too Much, But Doggo Just Goes On

 This monstrous looking beast is actually a big ole puppy at heart. Rottweilers are known for home defense and being large and intimidating, but these two kittens show that they are just sweeties at heart. They love their big sibling, and he tolerates their shenanigans even at nap time.

Snuggles in The Street

 These pals may have an age difference, and in a year this puppers may turn into a mountain that towers over the orange cat, but at his particular place and time they are best friends enjoying a purrfect snuggle in public. Even when the puppy is larger, he will likely still go ga-ga each time he sees his best friend.              

Three’s Perfect For A Nap

Just look at the smug face of this cat as she prepares for her morning nap between her two bodyguards and best friends. They may go crazy when they are awake, but at nap time you can barely tell them apart in their bundle of fur and snores. Even groups of cats and dogs can get along when they want to. 

Too Much Beauty in One Picture

 These buddies have been blessed with some stunning good looks. And they seem to compliment each other perfectly despite being different species. When they go for walks they turn heads, but at home, they are just the apple of their human’s eye. And each other’s best friends of course.

Sometimes it Takes Time 

This image shows new friends. One is already in love with his little snuggle pal. The other? Tolerant at best. The cat is unsure what it thinks of this unabashed adoration, but give the kitty a day and the roles will likely be reversed.

Um? Is that Dog Melting? 

This pup is sleeping so deeply with his cat pal as a blanket that it looks like he is just melting. The adorable picture captures the moment of complete rest and relaxing so well that I think need to go find a furry  pal to take a nap with.

Secret Rendezvous

This grown cat and calm dog do something highly unusual. They leave their homes to meet at a stranger’s house and hang out together. The owner of the house has seen them with such reliability he was able to snap a picture. Who knows what their home life is, but this is their hangout and what happens in stranger’s yard stays there. We can’t help but wonder if they live together and pretend to be mortal enemies in front of their human.

Still Playtime for Puppers 

This puppy does not want to be done playing so he gets up on the cat’s level to negotiate some more chase time. The cat seems less than amused at his big begging eyes, but surely she will leap down and join the fun soon.

Bath Time 

Grooming is a key way that cats show affection to their young and loved ones. Apparently, this dog makes the cut and is seen as a family member because his feline pal loves to wash him after play time. or maybe he just don’t smell so sweet.

A Bed Made For Three 

This small bed is clearly not for the huge boxer that has taken it over. His kitten pals don’t seem to care though. They say “the more the merrier”, in fact they seem to enjoy the extra warmth.

Kitty on The Bottom 

Even though the pup is larger than his kitty pal he still thinks he is the size he was when they met and will climb upon his feline bedmate to nap. The cat doesn’t seem to mind but the dog looks bewildered that his bed has shrunk.

Arrggg Matey

 This big old dog did not have a pirate hat for dress up so it appears that his kitty pall stepped up as a hat and eye patch in one. This adorable image has been shared across social media as proof that dogs and cats are best friends for life.

Don’t You Say A Word To My Fluffy Best Friend! 

These pals look like they would stand up for each other through thick and thin. The matching smug, yet adorable expressions makes this picture almost to much cuteness to handle in one day!

Just One of The Gang! 

When mama dog added a bundle of new pups to the family, the cat could have responded with hisses and scratches. Instead she joins the fun at feeding and snuggle time and seems to enjoy her new pals. The mama dog, on her part, could have responded defensively and instead welcomed kitty to the bunch. The new happy family is heartwarming to see.

Snow Pals Forever! 

These buddies love to go outside together after being cooped up from the cold. But they don’t try to each run in different directions, no they enjoy the fluffy chilly weather together before returning in for a long winter’s nap by the fire to dry their fur and wait for their next play date in the yard.

Well, This Is My Life Now!

The expression on the dog’s face says it all. He may have an interloper in his bed but he is so excited to have a new friend that he does not even care. The cat looks pretty happy to be near the big friendly beast as well.

Proud New Siblings.

Like the dog in the other picture, this cat looks proud and pleased with his new puppy. Who says pets always get jealous when new animals come to stay? Maybe the jealousy is proportional to the age of the new pet?

Hidden Kitty, Can You See Her? 

This picture is so relaxing to stare at, I want it hanging on my wall! The fluffy cat almost blends in too well with her snuggly dog pal, if her eyes were closed she may be invisible in a pile of fur. How long did it take you to see her?

So Fluffy!

This huge dog looks like he could gobble up his kitty pal. But he never would, in fact he would defend her if needed. And the cat feels just the same about her big old warm bed and yard playmate.

Rock-a-Bye Kitty?

Aw, look at this golden holding his kitten in his arms like a careful older sibling with an infant. The kitten don’t seem to mind one little bit as she relaxes back against him with her tiny ball. This picture tells a whole story itself.

Friends Come in All Sizes

These pals have such a size difference one could imagine the kitten getting plump on the large dog’s crumbs alone! The larger dog may be sized to make even grown humans nervous but this kitten could not care less. Her buddy is the perfect size to play on.

Friends in Good and Bad Times Alike

When this dog has to have a procedure that required an Elizibethian collar a.k.a. cone of shame, his kitten friend made the best of it and climbed right in with him. What a lesson for us humans to join our friends when they can’t fit in with us but still need a pal.

We Can Share!

These pals share their toys, their bed, their humans, and their fun. This is not to say that they don’t enjoy a rough game of chase and chew but they show that friendship has plenty of ups and downs and toys are the most fun when shared with a friend.

Who Needs a Whole Couch? 

Not these pals. Or maybe the cat is sitting on her doggie friend so she has reasonable deniability when asked if she got on the furniture? Either way they look pretty comfortable all piled up on the bright blue couch.

Friendship is Art

This image looks like something that belongs in a museum exhibit. But it is just another day for these pals enjoying a ray of sunshine by their shared window. Who knows what plans they are planning for later that day when their human goes to work?

We Don’t Know Where One Ends and The Other Begins

These pals look so much alike, and they are together so much that they are just a shadow when they lay together for a nap. Cats and dogs can be friends and when they have the same exact same shade of fur, apparently they can become one, at least in pictures.

Warm in Winter

These pals have snuggling down to a science. And can save their humans money because they are more than happy to share the same pet bed. It may look like an awkward pose for the cat but if you lean in you can hear the roar of her purring as she sleeps next to her best pal in the world.

Be Still My Soul

Jack Russel’s are known for being very excitable breeds, and this one is no exception. He loves to play with his best friend and kitty but equally so his kitty is the only one who seems to be able to calm him enough to cuddle and relax as well.

Great Balls of Fur 

You can barely tell which is the cat and which is the dog in this bed full of balls of furry pals. At nap time they all seem to take the same form and sleep calmly next to each other. When awake it is another story altogether and it is chasing and playing all day long.

Is There Something in My Ear?

This picture is too cute. It is almost as if the dog tucks his kitty friend in under his arm with his warm floppy ear as a blanket when he’s ready to nap, just to know his cat will be safe. The kitten looks like a bored child at nap time.

Who Rescued Who? 

This rescue dog was welcomed immediately by the large family cat. It was like he knew that the puppers needed a little extra love and attention. The buds are still snuggling pals to this day, and the rescue puppy has forgotten his cold nights in a cage.


These pals are on high alert ready to jump at whatever comes their way. Whether it’s a pile of food, a sweet treat, or even a play session from their human they are ready to tackle it together with gusto because life’s more fun when your pal is there to enjoy it with you. I wonder how long it takes the kitty to topple down when her noble stead leaps up? 

Stop and Pose! 

This puppy and kitten will grow up together and continue to play but right now it is hard to get them to stop for even a moment. When they do stop and look at the camera the results are stunning just look at the cute and mischievous faces of these pals? It makes me want to go get a bunch of puppies and kitties just to watch them play all day long.

Too Perfect

The complimentary colors of the dog and cat, the shading, the flower pots lined up with random pops of contrasting colors. This picture is just perfect. It should be painted and framed, or duplicated into a poster of an ideal moment in time. Whoever lives here with these pets is lucky to bask in such a pretty setting, and these pets are lucky to have each other to play and snuggle with.

Welcome to The Family! 

Love at first sight is what this cat experienced when she saw her new family member. But just look at those big brown puppy dog eyes, can you blame her. I think my reaction would be a big hug as well. And the dog just looks relieved to finally be home at last, and that her family loves her instantly.



The Eurasian Bullfinch

Renee Yates



The color peach is most associated with the fruit of the same name. Apart from the fruit and a few flowers, the color peach is not commonly found in nature. There are certainly very few animals that have any shades of peach. However, there is one breed in birds that do display the color peach on its chest. The Eurasian Bullfinch is a small-size but bulky looking bird that is native to Europe and certain regions of Asia. Their range of travel is estimated to be around ten million square kilometers. Their preferred habitat parks, gardens, hedges, trees, and agricultural areas. They get their name from the bull-shaped head. Parts of the upper body are colored grey while the feathers are a mixture of black and white. The legs and feet are pinkish-brown in color. Juvenile bullfinch birds have the same shape as adult birds but they don’t have the same colors. The young ones are mostly grey and brown.

For breeding purposes, the Eurasian Bullfinch nests in tall bushes. They lay about 4-7 eggs. The chest is often mistakenly described as red, but it is as peach as it gets.  The males have brighter colors, while the females have a slightly beige color on their chest. Their unique color makes them easily recognizable from other birds with similar size and shape. Although the bird has a bulky shape, it is considered a small to medium-sized bird.

They are social creatures and are often found in pairs or groups. They are mostly found busy looking for seeds. Only 10% of BTO Garden BirdWatch gardens have the Bullfinch. Their shy and reclusive personality makes them a rare bird to fine. Although they mostly eat seeds, for their young ones do they occasionally feed on insects. Initially, they were mostly found in woodlands but have now slowly moved to gardens too. Although they migrate during winter months, mostly they stay in the same spot throughout their lives. If you are looking to spot one, try to look for them in a suburban garden with scrubs or thick hedgerows. They prefer to find a thick cover for the nests. As food supply has become more scattered, it has forced the bullfinch to travel more often.

There are reclusive in personality and shy away from human contact. During colder months, they migrate to southern regions of Europe and Asia. Their diet mostly consists of seeds from plants such as ash, elm, and nettle. Their liking for flower buds made them be considered as a pest of fruit trees. Although they are not considered to be an endangered species, their population has seen a decline due to the loss of arable weeds and new agricultural practices.

One of the unique features of the Eurasian Bullfinch is its ability to store seeds in a small sac at the bottom of their mouths. This feature is useful when they have to bring back seeds from long distances for their young ones. Amongst the finch species of bird, the Bullfinch is the only bird that has evolved into adapting this remarkable sac in the mouth.

Another stunning feature of the Eurasian Bullfinch is their singing ability. They have a beautiful soft and subtle call. When the male seeks to attract the females, it uses a soft tone mostly audible to other bullfinch birds only. The call from the male is a polite descending set of notes, repeated at specific intervals. The bullfinch is also skillful in mimicry and is popular birds to keep as pets. They are even able to follow tunes played to them.

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Personal Clouds- Samoyed Dogs

Kelly Taylor



Many people around the country and indeed around the world are absolutely in love with the animal that is known as man’s best friend- the dog. They go by many names and people love them all- dogs, doggos, canines, puppies, puppers, good bois, floofs, howlers, and woofers. Regardless of what you call them, and no matter what breed of dog you are talking about, a cute and well-behaved dog can instantly turn a bad day into a good day and put a smile on your face

However, some breeds garner special love and attention from their human companion. Some are better are defending our families and properties. Some are best-suited work helping us with work. Some are great with kids while others are best for a quieter family setup. Some like to run around and play all day. Some prefer to be laid back and lazy on the couch. Some are big and some are little. Some are plain-looking and some are very fancy. And then there are those rare breeds that seem to encompass so many groups that they stand out as a special breed all on their own, and the Samoyed breed of dog is one such example!

Samoyeds are very unique among the thousands of breeds of dogs because, you see, they often remind people of clouds. All it takes is one look at a Samoyed to see where that comes from. It doesnt take a lot of brains to see how soft and white and fluffy this breed is and how cloud-like they truly are!

They are gentle giants and are great pets to have as part of the family. The American Kennel Club talks about the Samoyed breed and calls them a very adaptable, family-oriented, energetic, friendly, and surprisingly gentle breed. This is why the attention surrounding this breed has taken off in recent years as more and more people are discovering this gentle and gorgeous breed and are finding out for themselves how much fun it can be to have a living floof ball in the home.

While they may look like a cloud and even feel like one with their soft fluffy coat of fur, this breed makes for a very big cloud! Samoyeds can reach a height of almost two feet at their shoulder when they are standing on all four, and the average weight for a full-grown male is between 65 and 70 pounds.

They are also a very active and energetic breed of dog, and they can extremely social with people in gnarly but particularly so with their family. They often want to be right with you, in tour lap, or at your side, loving to get hugs, and pets, and belly rubs. When you make a Samoyed dog part of your family, you best plan to spend the majority of your free time going for walks, playing in the yard, and engaging with them in the home. These dogs may closely resemble the clouds that lazily drift along in the sky on a sunny day, but they are a far cry from being lazy couch potatoes!

The only real drawback to these floofy clouds is the extent to which they shed. If all your clothes are black or your fanciest dresses and suits are darker colored then you may have some issues with the white hair that will ultimately end up everywhere. Their thick white coats protect them from cold temperatures which is what they were bred for as an original working-class dog for northern climates. It also means that these double-coated dogs shed all year long- and the shedding gets even more prolific when the summer heat kicks in. Also, people who have severe allergies to dander may find that the prolific spread of the fur around the house might be too much for their immune system to handle.

For most people, however, dealing with the vacuuming and cleaning of hair is a small price to pay to have your own personal cloud to hug and snuggle anytime that you want!

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A 7-year-old gives a mesmerizing performance on Chaka’s ‘I’m Every Women’

Renee Yates



With the expansion of social media platforms, people can display their talent to millions of online viewers. Amongst these, some are blessed with exceptional talent. A video that went viral twice and shared by celebrities shows a 7-year-old girl giving a mesmerizing performance on Chaka’s ‘I’m Every Women’. Brooke Monroe Conaway is the little girl who is a big fan of Chaka Khan. With the help of her dad, Cornell, she was able to produce a video that became an online sensation. Brooke is very humble about her talent and said that she liked the video because she had fun making it with her dad. What makes the video even more special is that Brooke is not after fame or money. She is just happy that the video was able to bring a smile to many people around the globe.

Brooke’s dad shared that he has tons of videos of his daughter who is very fond of singing. Not only is Brooke got a blessed voice but she is very good at learning the lyrics of the songs. Apart from Chaka Khan, Brooke is a fan of the late Michael Jackson and Beyonce. She aspires to become a singer or an actress when she grows up but she is open to other professions. She is young and has got plenty of time to decide. She is certain that she wants to do something unique in life. She has started off doing something rare with a video that has gone viral twice.

Brooke and her dad have decided to make even more videos but their goal is just to entertain the people. At the moment, Cornell wants his daughter to just enjoy making the videos. Later on, if she wants to take it up professionally, it’s all up to her. He is happy to take the back seat. He believes that one should let their talent speak for itself. For now, as long as she enjoys singing and making videos, he is happy to support her. Cornell also points out that their videos help break a common stereotype that African-American fathers don’t give enough importance to their kids. The father-daughter relationship shown in the videos is one of the best aspects of the videos.

Brooke has already featured on several news channels and TV shows. She was invited to Little Big Shots which airs on NBC. The show features talented kids from all over the world. It was not just her viral video that got her to NBC. Many videos go viral and not all those people get the sort of coverage received by Brooke. Brooke and Cornell had to audition to get in front of the camera at NBC but with the special talent, Brooke has, NBC had to get her online. This was the first time Brooke go in front of a live audience and it was a great experience for her. She also learned a lot from the experience, especially if she wants to become a singer or actress, she needs to get used to being in front of the camera. Brooke’s getting a lot of attention from agencies who want to sign her up. So far she has decided to go with the Steward Talent Agency. We have high hopes for Brooke and Cornell but for now, we hope they continue making us smile.  

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Fans of the Duggar Family have a new theory about Josh Duggar

Shannon Jackson



Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar continue to have a large fan following due to their 19 Kids and Counting  reality show that aired from 2008 to 2015. The controversial show featured nine girls and ten boys of Jim and Michelle. At one point the show was the most popular show on TLC and also landed in Neilson’s “Cable Top 25” ranking.

With 19 children in one house, there are a lot of different dynamics at play. Fan of the show believes that there is a money related dispute between Jim and Jill Bob. Both Derick and Jill don’t get much screen time as they are often shown to be busy with their own private life. The other family member that doesn’t get much screen time is Josh Duggar, who has developed a reputation for being a trouble maker. During his younger days, he was accused of sexually assaulting several family members. That eventually led to the cancellation of the show.

Recently, Josh Duggar has been back in the news. This time it is because of the fan theory that has surfaced online. According to the fan theory, Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are scheming to become owners of the Duggar family house, which is an enormous property, probably worth millions of dollars. Just to provide an idea of the size of the house, the laundry room has four washers and four dryers, running nine loads of laundry a day. The house has gone through expensive renovations and expansions.

The fan theory is based on the fact that Josh and Anna seem to be overly connected with the Duggar house. They continue to live in it even though Josh and his parents don’t get along too well. With the history of the violence of Josh, his parents have distanced them from him and Anna. Josh has also been accused of cheating on his wife. It would be fair to say, Josh has not demonstrated himself as a person of high moral standards and character. The fan theory believes that the only reason Anna has been staying with Josh is because of the greed to own the property one day. Josh has even admitted to cheating. Anna claimed she didn’t want to divorce him due to religious reasons but fan theory believes it all about the money. She is biding time until she gets the property. It’s all part of a plan. Anna is shown to be “very happy” on her social media accounts, but given the track record of the couple, the fans believe it is all fake. The couple already has five children and they expect to continue to have more. Looks like they don’t want to leave anything to chance and position themselves as front runners to inherit the house.

This theory is further reinforced with the news that Josh Duggar has not been doing good financially. The last job he had was of a used car salesperson and that was a while ago. On Reddit forums, this fan theory has gained a lot of attention. The fans believe that the Duggar child who has the most grandchildren might inherit the house. Also, Bob and Michelle might show some pity on Josh given that he has gone through a lot in his life, although it has mostly been his fault.

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Family helps raise $40,000 for an elderly man

Shannon Jackson



On father’s day, Michaelangelo Mosqueda and his Gonzalez-Dominguez family were spending some time outdoors when they stumbled upon a man selling ice pops. These ice pops were paletas, a traditional Mexican version of the ice pops. This vendor selling the ice pops was seventy years of age. His name was Don Rosario. He has been a resident of Chicago for over five decades. To keep up with life’s expenses, he has been selling pushing his ice pops cart through the street of the Windy City. Chicago can be brutal in the weather. It has icy cold winters but the summer can get very hot too. The crime rate is also very high in Chicago. It is not uncommon to be mugged while walking around the streets. Don Rosario was not the sort of man who would complain. Even in this heat, he wore his cowboy-style hat and always had a smile on his face. He took great pride in his work and never felt his work was tough. That was part of why the family just couldn’t ignore him.

On a day like father’s day, the Gonzalez-Dominguez family could not help but feel sorry for the old man struggling to sell his ice pops on a scorching hot day. The family thought that they were blessed to be able to spend the day with their family and enjoy all the luxuries of life, but others such as this old man are not so fortunate. The family decided to buy all the ice pops from Don Rosario so that he can go home and relax. This gesture bought tears to the old man, who was not used to such acts of kindness.

When Mosqueda posted the video online, it became viral. Online viewers of the video praised the family for what they did but Gonzalez-Dominguez went one step ahead and did something that would change the life of Don Rosario. They set up a GoFundMe profile with a final target of $10,000. Even the family did not expect what was going to happen after that.

The GoFundMe is an American free fundraising platform designed for people to set up their profile and raise money from different events in life such as illnesses, graduations, businesses, etc. When the profile of Don Rosario was set up, it instantly got people to donate money to him. By the time the campaign had ended, the fun had reached $40,000. That is enough money for Don Rosario to retire and not spend his old age trying to sell ice pops. Mosqueda plans on withdrawing the money and delivering it all to Don Rosario himself.

Many research studies have shown that one of the keys to happiness is helping others. The family could have used the money to buy something for themselves but helping others is far more noble and satisfying than spending on materialistic endeavors. The family who helped Don Rosario and the people who donated to Don’s fund blessed themselves with more happiness and satisfaction. This story should be an inspiration for others to help those who need and who have not been blessed with necessities in life. This story also should be a reminder to show gratitude for what you have, whether it is more or less, it certainly is more than someone else out there.

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