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It’s A Myth! These Dogs Break The Stereotype About Dogs Hating Cats

Instant Friends

These pals met one sunny day by the lake. She was a stray but as soon as puppers saw her she was a forever friend. Now the two enjoy their happily ever after keeping their hapless owner awake each morning with tag and chase! The kitty sure is lucky to meet her family that day.

The Safest Nap… Ever

These buddies fell asleep after playing and the results look like this may be the safest napping kitty in the world. And arguably the cutest.  Even big ole puppers like this have a soft spot when it comes to the tiniest of furry creatures. Thank goodness for it too, because now we get images like this on a bad day to show that the world is a pretty neat place!                       

No One Can Possibly Be More Comfortable Than This Kitten! 

A Saint Bernard is one of the largest dog breeds, and their hair seems to make up half their mass. There is no cat bed that could possibly be more comfortable for this little kitty than this massive fluffy pooch who does not seem to mind his guest one bit.   

Lazy Days and Sundays … Can Be Too Cute! 

These pals look like they went a little to long the last time they played. Or maybe they are both equally bored and tired waiting for their human to return home. Either way, this bored stack of fur reminds me teenagers looking for entertainment on a slow summer day. Lets hope their human brings home the pet’s version of Pizza and a movie for them to enjoy after their day of waiting for attention.

In Sickness and In Health 

The story behind this image is sad and heartwarming. This sweet dog was diagnosed with cancer, and his cat sibling who did not give him a ton of attention in the past (Just some here and there) suddenly has all the cuddles and love for the dog. No one knows exactly why the change in behavior, but doggie is not complaining.

Bundles of Energy Can be Too Much, But Doggo Just Goes On

 This monstrous looking beast is actually a big ole puppy at heart. Rottweilers are known for home defense and being large and intimidating, but these two kittens show that they are just sweeties at heart. They love their big sibling, and he tolerates their shenanigans even at nap time.

Snuggles in The Street

 These pals may have an age difference, and in a year this puppers may turn into a mountain that towers over the orange cat, but at his particular place and time they are best friends enjoying a purrfect snuggle in public. Even when the puppy is larger, he will likely still go ga-ga each time he sees his best friend.              

Three’s Perfect For A Nap

Just look at the smug face of this cat as she prepares for her morning nap between her two bodyguards and best friends. They may go crazy when they are awake, but at nap time you can barely tell them apart in their bundle of fur and snores. Even groups of cats and dogs can get along when they want to. 

Too Much Beauty in One Picture

 These buddies have been blessed with some stunning good looks. And they seem to compliment each other perfectly despite being different species. When they go for walks they turn heads, but at home, they are just the apple of their human’s eye. And each other’s best friends of course.

Sometimes it Takes Time 

This image shows new friends. One is already in love with his little snuggle pal. The other? Tolerant at best. The cat is unsure what it thinks of this unabashed adoration, but give the kitty a day and the roles will likely be reversed.

Um? Is that Dog Melting? 

This pup is sleeping so deeply with his cat pal as a blanket that it looks like he is just melting. The adorable picture captures the moment of complete rest and relaxing so well that I think need to go find a furry  pal to take a nap with.

Secret Rendezvous

This grown cat and calm dog do something highly unusual. They leave their homes to meet at a stranger’s house and hang out together. The owner of the house has seen them with such reliability he was able to snap a picture. Who knows what their home life is, but this is their hangout and what happens in stranger’s yard stays there. We can’t help but wonder if they live together and pretend to be mortal enemies in front of their human.

Still Playtime for Puppers 

This puppy does not want to be done playing so he gets up on the cat’s level to negotiate some more chase time. The cat seems less than amused at his big begging eyes, but surely she will leap down and join the fun soon.

Bath Time 

Grooming is a key way that cats show affection to their young and loved ones. Apparently, this dog makes the cut and is seen as a family member because his feline pal loves to wash him after play time. or maybe he just don’t smell so sweet.

A Bed Made For Three 

This small bed is clearly not for the huge boxer that has taken it over. His kitten pals don’t seem to care though. They say “the more the merrier”, in fact they seem to enjoy the extra warmth.

Kitty on The Bottom 

Even though the pup is larger than his kitty pal he still thinks he is the size he was when they met and will climb upon his feline bedmate to nap. The cat doesn’t seem to mind but the dog looks bewildered that his bed has shrunk.

Arrggg Matey

 This big old dog did not have a pirate hat for dress up so it appears that his kitty pall stepped up as a hat and eye patch in one. This adorable image has been shared across social media as proof that dogs and cats are best friends for life.

Don’t You Say A Word To My Fluffy Best Friend! 

These pals look like they would stand up for each other through thick and thin. The matching smug, yet adorable expressions makes this picture almost to much cuteness to handle in one day!

Just One of The Gang! 

When mama dog added a bundle of new pups to the family, the cat could have responded with hisses and scratches. Instead she joins the fun at feeding and snuggle time and seems to enjoy her new pals. The mama dog, on her part, could have responded defensively and instead welcomed kitty to the bunch. The new happy family is heartwarming to see.

Snow Pals Forever! 

These buddies love to go outside together after being cooped up from the cold. But they don’t try to each run in different directions, no they enjoy the fluffy chilly weather together before returning in for a long winter’s nap by the fire to dry their fur and wait for their next play date in the yard.

Well, This Is My Life Now!

The expression on the dog’s face says it all. He may have an interloper in his bed but he is so excited to have a new friend that he does not even care. The cat looks pretty happy to be near the big friendly beast as well.

Proud New Siblings.

Like the dog in the other picture, this cat looks proud and pleased with his new puppy. Who says pets always get jealous when new animals come to stay? Maybe the jealousy is proportional to the age of the new pet?

Hidden Kitty, Can You See Her? 

This picture is so relaxing to stare at, I want it hanging on my wall! The fluffy cat almost blends in too well with her snuggly dog pal, if her eyes were closed she may be invisible in a pile of fur. How long did it take you to see her?

So Fluffy!

This huge dog looks like he could gobble up his kitty pal. But he never would, in fact he would defend her if needed. And the cat feels just the same about her big old warm bed and yard playmate.

Rock-a-Bye Kitty?

Aw, look at this golden holding his kitten in his arms like a careful older sibling with an infant. The kitten don’t seem to mind one little bit as she relaxes back against him with her tiny ball. This picture tells a whole story itself.

Friends Come in All Sizes

These pals have such a size difference one could imagine the kitten getting plump on the large dog’s crumbs alone! The larger dog may be sized to make even grown humans nervous but this kitten could not care less. Her buddy is the perfect size to play on.

Friends in Good and Bad Times Alike

When this dog has to have a procedure that required an Elizibethian collar a.k.a. cone of shame, his kitten friend made the best of it and climbed right in with him. What a lesson for us humans to join our friends when they can’t fit in with us but still need a pal.

We Can Share!

These pals share their toys, their bed, their humans, and their fun. This is not to say that they don’t enjoy a rough game of chase and chew but they show that friendship has plenty of ups and downs and toys are the most fun when shared with a friend.

Who Needs a Whole Couch? 

Not these pals. Or maybe the cat is sitting on her doggie friend so she has reasonable deniability when asked if she got on the furniture? Either way they look pretty comfortable all piled up on the bright blue couch.

Friendship is Art

This image looks like something that belongs in a museum exhibit. But it is just another day for these pals enjoying a ray of sunshine by their shared window. Who knows what plans they are planning for later that day when their human goes to work?

We Don’t Know Where One Ends and The Other Begins

These pals look so much alike, and they are together so much that they are just a shadow when they lay together for a nap. Cats and dogs can be friends and when they have the same exact same shade of fur, apparently they can become one, at least in pictures.

Warm in Winter

These pals have snuggling down to a science. And can save their humans money because they are more than happy to share the same pet bed. It may look like an awkward pose for the cat but if you lean in you can hear the roar of her purring as she sleeps next to her best pal in the world.

Be Still My Soul

Jack Russel’s are known for being very excitable breeds, and this one is no exception. He loves to play with his best friend and kitty but equally so his kitty is the only one who seems to be able to calm him enough to cuddle and relax as well.

Great Balls of Fur 

You can barely tell which is the cat and which is the dog in this bed full of balls of furry pals. At nap time they all seem to take the same form and sleep calmly next to each other. When awake it is another story altogether and it is chasing and playing all day long.

Is There Something in My Ear?

This picture is too cute. It is almost as if the dog tucks his kitty friend in under his arm with his warm floppy ear as a blanket when he’s ready to nap, just to know his cat will be safe. The kitten looks like a bored child at nap time.

Who Rescued Who? 

This rescue dog was welcomed immediately by the large family cat. It was like he knew that the puppers needed a little extra love and attention. The buds are still snuggling pals to this day, and the rescue puppy has forgotten his cold nights in a cage.


These pals are on high alert ready to jump at whatever comes their way. Whether it’s a pile of food, a sweet treat, or even a play session from their human they are ready to tackle it together with gusto because life’s more fun when your pal is there to enjoy it with you. I wonder how long it takes the kitty to topple down when her noble stead leaps up? 

Stop and Pose! 

This puppy and kitten will grow up together and continue to play but right now it is hard to get them to stop for even a moment. When they do stop and look at the camera the results are stunning just look at the cute and mischievous faces of these pals? It makes me want to go get a bunch of puppies and kitties just to watch them play all day long.

Too Perfect

The complimentary colors of the dog and cat, the shading, the flower pots lined up with random pops of contrasting colors. This picture is just perfect. It should be painted and framed, or duplicated into a poster of an ideal moment in time. Whoever lives here with these pets is lucky to bask in such a pretty setting, and these pets are lucky to have each other to play and snuggle with.

Welcome to The Family! 

Love at first sight is what this cat experienced when she saw her new family member. But just look at those big brown puppy dog eyes, can you blame her. I think my reaction would be a big hug as well. And the dog just looks relieved to finally be home at last, and that her family loves her instantly.



A Speedy Baby Sloth Arrival

Renee Yates



Sloths are slow, amazingly, grindingly slow when it comes to moving. However, one particular baby sloth didn’t get the appropriate speed memo before being born. Instead, veterinarians and zoo staff and the London Zoo had the awkward experience of dealing with a particular newborn who wanted to see the new world at full speed.

A pregnant sloth is a pretty obvious affair to a trained zookeeper’s eye. And the zoo team had a pretty good idea the mother involved was going to be due at some point. However, while everyone thought the mother was sleeping and resting, little did they know the incoming baby sloth decided to make an appearance. Fortunately, zoo teams are required to do regular hourly checks on their wards to make sure everything is okay and no issues are developing, especially for a pregnant animal. As it turned out, the pregnant sloth in question was well underway in labor and producing a newborn with an amazing amount of speed for a creature famous for not being fast at anything.

The first inspection of the day provided no hint what was about to occur. According to the resident sloth keeper, there was no sign of any changes in the mother sloth’s condition signaling a birth. However, one hour later, a little arm was visible next to the mother’s sloth’s belly. Sure enough, a new baby sloth had been born while nobody was watching. Nature is sneaky that way, even in a zoo.

According to the zoo team, the big entrance was made as the mother sloth positioned herself in her cage tree, twisting enough for a full view, and there was a fully developed newborn sloth clinging and taking in a brand new world. For the mom, everything seemed normal, run of the mill, and just another day at the zoo aside from a new roommate in the sloth cage.

Two weeks later, the newborn sloth was growing healthy and had a new name, Terry. However, other details are still up in the air until the DNA analysis of specimens confirms the full details of Terry’s status and gender. The baby sloth was named after Terry March, a well-known figure at the London Zoo for all the work done by him on conservation of vulnerable animals as well as enlightening the public of the same. Today, Mr. March is a peppy age 65, but his relationship with the London Zoo started back in 1973 as a basic entry trainee. Sources 

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Reunited And It Feels So Good – Owner Finds Dogs After 3 Years

Renee Yates



Peaches & Herb may have been on to something when they released that hit single back in 1979, at least in terms of pets and owners looking for them. This is the emotional story of a Boston Terrier named Ziggy who was loved and cared for by a Miami woman. Three years ago, Ziggy and this woman were separated, as pets sometimes are from their owners. The nature of the separation is up for debate; was Ziggy stolen from the woman’s property? Or did Ziggy simply wander out of the yard? The details of the separation are not what’s important here. What IS important is that this woman has spent the last three years searching for her beloved Boston Terrier through phone calls, adverts, social media posts, signs on telephone poles, you name it, she’s probably done it.

Enter The Torneys

Brian and Danielle Torney foster dogs from time to time from their Port Charlotte home in Florida. They recently took on a new addition to the home, a Boston Terrier rescued by the Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida group. The Torneys were elated with the new pup and were nurturing the animal to eventually go to a good home. As always with each new addition, Brian scans the internet and social media posts to see if anyone was missing a dog. If nobody is located through this method, then the Torneys would continue to care for the dog until a new home can be found. Finding a previous owner in this fashion is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But stranger things have happened in these searches and Brian was bowled over by what he found.

Previous Owner Located Through Modern Technology

Through Brian’s perusing of Reddit and other sites, he came across a post by a woman from Miami trying to locate her missing Boston Terrier. Brian saw the pictures of the dog, and he compared the pictures to his new Boston Terrier and realized that the two dogs were one and the same. Brian was puzzled, how could this dog be 200 miles from his home?!? Where did the Boston Terrier Rescue team find this dog? Brain knew that he had a phone call to make.

The Phone Call

Brian called the number that was listed with the woman’s post and was soon greeted by a woman’s voice on the other end. Brian calmly explained that he was quite sure that he had her missing Boston Terrier and that he was located in Port Charlotte. The woman was overcome with elation, joy, and tears. She explained through happy sobs that her dog named Ziggy vanished three years ago, and she had some moments where her hope was failing, but she never lost it completely. In her heart, she knew that she would find him, no matter how long it took.

The Upcoming Reunion

The woman will be driving up from Miami to finally be reunited with her beloved Ziggy and the Torneys couldn’t be happier about the news! Ziggy seems happier as well, wagging his little tail with a little more pizzazz than usual. This is a win for lost pets and pet owners, but it’s a larger win for social media and the overall online community effort to get the news out about those owners who lose their loved pets.

Technology has helped out so many people over the years with advancements in medicine, quality of life, and staying in touch with loved ones. Much like old friends and high school classmates get back in touch through a site like Facebook, lost pets and their loving owners can eventually find each other over time, Ziggy and the Torneys are proof of that!

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A Marriage Proposal on the Race Track

Kevin Wells



Making a marriage proposal can be a risky step. Doing it in front of thousands of people is really taking a big chance that could go sideways. As it turned out, that’s exactly what a runner’s guide did at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics, giving his partner the biggest award of her life.

Keula Nidreia has been a top notch runner most of her life. She’s also visually impaired. Competing in the 200-meter women’s event has been a top goal of hers, especially in reaching the ParaOlympics representing her country, Cape Verde. Ideally, what she wanted to win by preparing for, practicing and developing her strategy for the big race, was to win the gold metal. She was not expecting to win something else instead.

Being visually impaired, Keula has long needed a guide to help her during the training, development, sporting events and similar. The guide’s role is to help make up for the contestant’s limitations during the unfamiliar portions of an event, helping the athlete find and learn exactly where things are to be able to compete effectively as well as run on the track. Manuel Antonio Vaz da Vega has been Keula’s guide for years, and he has been with her during most of the runner’s primary athletic development. However, while everyone’s focus on the race has been Keula’s ability to compete, no one was expecting what Manuel had up his sleeve.

When Keula finished her race, however, a Paralympics gold medal was not in the cards. She finished in the hardest spot possible, fourth. However, as the deflation of the moment battled with Keula catching her breath and realizing the results, Manuel walked up to her with a close crowd nearby and the entire audience watching. Then, he knelt down on one knee, and he asked Keula to marry him, holding her hand with a ring box. Within a fraction of a second, Keula’s disappointment in the race disappeared as she realized she had won something much, much bigger in life. Crying sudden tears, Keula embraced Manuel and said yes. They hugged and the entire stadium applauded along with the other athletes present.

Life imitated life. During the race and training all those years, Keula had been tied by tether to Manuel to know how to race and where to be on the track. Now she would be tied in marriage to him. They switched from the track of the Paralympics to the track of life as many in the audience noted. The Paralympics soon tweeted similar in the official coverage of the race and related events. All the other racers immediately reacted as their guides explained what had just occurred with Keula. No surprise, she became the biggest winner of the 200-meter event.

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A Lost Scrapbook Recovered





Small businesses take a great amount of effort to get started as well as keep them going and begin to make a sustained profit. So, when Javier Folgar reached the first year of his company, he wanted to celebrate all that hard work and everything that went into with an amazing blog post showing all those details to folks, clients and partners. The idea needed content, and Javier believed he knew exactly where to find it, from a scrapbook his mother had put together for him and gifted as a Christmas present.

At the time, Javier’s company had just gotten off the ground. Only a few months old as a business, Javier’s mother, Carmen, had quietly put together a whole bunch of clipping, photographs, bits and bobs and similar in a scrapbook and surprised him with it. The scrapbook was so emotional Javier wanted to add to it and keep it going for the rest of the first year of business. Carmen took on the role of being the memory-keeper, and it was to be returned to Javier in September at the one-year anniversary mark.

So, expecting to see the details of what year of business success held, Javier got on the road and headed out to his mother’s home in New Jersey to pick up the book. It was precious, and Javier wanted to make sure nothing damaged it on the trip. So when he began packing the car again for the return home, he placed the scrapbook on the roof of the car to keep it out of the way until the car was fully loaded. Unfortunately, those good intentions ended up being the cause of a big mistake.

As so often happens when a person is tired, Javier forgot the location of the scrapbook, jumped in his car and took off. While it stayed on the car roof for a while, eventually the wind caught the scrapbook and pulled it off the car. Javier had no idea. Eventually, he had to pull over for gas and, while at the station filling up, he checked his emails. Lo and behold, he got a message from a sender he didn’t recognize. But the name isn’t what caused his alarm. Instead, the message talked about finding his scrapbook tossed all over one of his prior directions, Valley Road. She had sent the email hoping he was the right owner and to let Javier know of the contents she had recovered. At moments like these, the world suddenly has an amazing amount of clarity, and Javier realized what had happened with the scrapbook.

As Javier reflects, he owes everything of memories for his business to Alyssa and her mother. Additionally, his parents never gave up, immediately going to the site to find whatever else they could to save the scrapbook. It was meant to be, and Javier knows how much that means in the grand scheme of things.

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Fishermen Find a Surprise Litter of Kittens at Sea

Kelly Taylor



Fishermen are known to catch lots of things in the course of their work, but securing and protecting a litter of newborn kittens is a bit off the beaten path, even for them. That was the case for the Kol-148 crew, a fishing boat operation out of Kolobrzeg. The litter was first discovered as the fishing vessel was going through preparations and the crew found the litter bundled in their rolled-up fishing nets. Six little furballs rolled out mewing loudly.

Realizing they had an emergency issue on their hands, the three men found a fish box and made an impromptu nest inside it with towels and soft material. The kittens were placed inside to make sure they didn’t get lost. Next, the crew radio’d for some on-the-spot veterinary help from the Tail Up Foundation, a local charity dedicated to protecting animals. Each of the kittens still had afterbirth on them and were generally newborns. The crew cleaned them up individually and then placed the kittens next to a bottle of warm water to prevent hypothermia. With limited options on the open sea, the crew had to think quick with what they had available.

Using a mix of sugar and water, the crewmembers fashioned a newborn sipping bottle to feed each of the kittens. It took a bit of creativity and dismantling an e-cigarette holder, but the contraption worked. Unlike the myths of old, newborn kittens are far too young to handle regular milk, so that wasn’t an option even though it was onboard. It was a good thing the water and sugar worked, as the only other options were cigarettes and oil, the crew joked afterwards.

The battle to keep the kittens alive lasted an entire four days until the fishing boat was back in harbor. With patience, tenacity and ad hoc creativity, the three men figured out how to keep all six of the kittens alive despite the odds. Once in dock, they were able to deliver the kittens to the charity, which immediately got the young animals critical veterinary attention. Each one had to be put in an incubator for protection and help; they were all in critical stages given the lack of steady food and a stable environment. The mother was nowhere to be found on the boat, so it was assumed the kittens were either abandoned or separated when the boat first left dock. Eventually, four of the kittens did pass away from too much stress to their bodies, but two lived. And if they make it to adulthood, they have managed to survive using up all their nine lives and then some.

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