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Hilarious Antics of Pets Realizing They Were Tricked to Going to the Vet





By looking at their faces, we can infer that our pets have the same feelings about going to the vet just like little kids are going to visit the dentist. So it might require some sort of trickery and cleverness to take them for a check-up. Here are some hilarious pets’ reactions when realized that they are going go to vet.

Oh No! It’s Time For That Fearful Meet Again

The time for the annual trip to the vet has come and this dog received the bad news. Maybe curling up into a ball and moping on the floor will not work for this year, so it’s time to prepare, buddy.

Oldest Dog Trick

This German Shepard tries one last desperation move by using the oldest dog trick: puppy sad eyes. However, it’s too late because he’s already on the vet’s table.

Using His Cuteness To Avoid The Inevitable

This puppy’s eyes is a clear proof of the arts of manipulation. However, this nurse is being very gentle with this little pup.

Looking For Some Support

Our pets always get anxious when it’s time to visit the vet. So it’s important to show them some moral support even if it means carrying a really big dog while you’re waiting for your turn.

Are We Going To The Park, Right?

This photo shows how self-aware dogs can be. We can see the fear in his eyes after the owner did not stop in the park. There is no need for words, this dog already knows where they’re going.

You Told Me We Were Going To The Park

That look is the typical expression when a dog was deceived by “going to the park” and instead they stopped at the vet for the check.

Desperate Times

As the saying goes, “desperate times call for desperate measures,” this cat decided to sacrifice his cleanliness to hide in a perfect spot: a trashcan, and then be saved from the threat, or better said, the vet.

Please, Don’t Put Me Down

This poor dog is so stressed about visiting the vet he had to be carried like a baby. The problem is he is not a little puppy anymore. Poor owner’s column…

I Don’t Trust You Anymore

Really? Like if it wasn’t enough to carry this horrendous scarf and now you take me to the vet too? I’ll never forget this act of treachery.

Denying His Fate

This cat is another desperate fighter or we should say “hider”. He already knows his fate is sealed but he’s trying one last attempt at moving his head under a very small opening.

Are You Kidding Me?

There is no doubt this dog is feeling a big disappointment about his owner when he realized that actually, they’re heading to the vet.

Looking For A Perfect Hiding Spot

This cat thought, “Maybe If I hide here, they’ll forget about me and the check-up,” and then he decided to hide in the vet’s sink. However, there is some bad news for you, kitty.

I Don’t Want To Come Back Here Again

This puppy came to his first ever check-up and judging from his facial expression, he didn’t like at all. Now, the owner should explain to him that this is only the first of many trips…

No! Stay Away From Me!

Contrary to begging for pity like their canine counterparts, this feline opted to show some resistance. Sadly, all these attempts are futile but at least this cat makes vet’s job a little funnier and more challenging.

A Moment Of Realizing

This dog has that wide-eyed look because he just realized his fate. They’re going to the vet, but going there is not so bad as he might think, isn’t?

You Can Hide But You Can Never Escape

She is trapped inside the vet’s office and already knows that is the end. However, this cat doesn’t want to just give up. Although she knows hiding is useless, she’ll show some resistance.

Panic Attack

This little dog started to have a panic attack just after receiving the terrible news of where he is going to. We hope everything went better than this poor dog’s expectations.

That’s Not Funny

This dog cannot hide his disappointment with his first experience at the vet. He just wanted to be honest with his owner that and clearly expressed that he is not happy of being taken to the vet against his will. Or perhaps he is planning his revenge once they arrive home.




Family Adopts an Enormous Puppy Who Is Compared to a Hippo

Shannon Jackson



There is a saying that dogs are a man’s best friend. There are countless individuals and families out there who are looking to share their love with a dog. One of the biggest questions people face when they are thinking about adopting a dog is the type of breed they would like. There are so many great options to choose from that it can be hard to make a decision. One couple in the United Kingdom decided to go with the biggest puppy they could possibly find.

This couple had been looking for a new dog for a long time. They already have four dogs at home but were ready for another. They were waiting and not sure if they would ever get the call that there was a dog waiting for them. Eventually, they got the call. There was a 5-month old puppy at the shelter who was looking for a new home. The animal had been surrounded by its previous owner who was no longer able to take care of the puppy. He was surrendered to the local shelter. The couple was so excited. They rushed down to meet the puppy.

They were utterly shocked by what they saw. They couldn’t believe the dog they saw was still a puppy. Their eyes locked with a Great Dane. It was love at first sight. It turns out this puppy also happens to be the largest puppy in the entire country! The couple couldn’t believe their luck!

The puppy was already towering at 6 feet tall. he also weighed in at 95 pounds. For comparison, this is more than most baby hippos! The owners were shocked to learn all of this information about a puppy that was going to be theirs. The shelter even told the couple that as the dog grows up, he might even get bigger. His size has the potential to double, which is quite absurd to most; however, this is exactly what happens with Great Dane puppies. The couple was so excited and started to love on him immediately.

The couple is already happy at home with their new family member. They say that the puppy has a big heart to match his enormous size. His heart is every bit as big as he is. He is playful and gentle at the same time. He is a joy to have around the house. The couple also knows that they don’t know what’s going to happen as he continues to grow up. The dog is only going to get bigger, so the couple has taken it upon themselves to try to safeguard some of the fragile items around the house. 

Furthermore, the family also four other dogs they need to take care of in addition to the Great Done. The family also has a beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux, two separate Chinese crested dogs, and a gorgeous French bulldog. The family has said that the dogs still get along well. The dogs were a bit nervous at the size of the new puppy at first; however, they get along great now. The family is so excited to have a full house and there is plenty of love to go around.

The family also posts videos of what life is like with their new gentle giant as well. The walks can be quite entertaining as the family works to manage all of the dogs at once. This is a perfect example of the joy a dog can bring to the lives of people. What a beautiful family of dogs.

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If You Feel Lost, Look for Signs

Shannon Jackson



 There is a saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. On the other hand, even the strongest people may feel overwhelmed from time to time. This is only natural. From time to time, there’s only so much that we feel we can handle on our own. Some of the toughest events to handle in life include getting fired from a dream job, going through a divorce or relationship ending experience, and even being evicted from the house, home, or apartment. Some people might even develop serious health problems, leafing to other issues that they feel like they cannot handle. The list seems to go on forever and ever. These are events that will make anyone feel small. This can’t leave people feeling helpless, wondering what they can do next. In the situation, how was someone supposed to respond? 

 In these situations, it is good to look to the universe for help. From time to time, the universe will give us size. Some people are patient and will wait for the universe to tell them what to do next. On the other hand, there is another answer, what comes in the form of asking the universe for a sign. That’s right, it is possible to ask the universe for help. The guidance is always there. Help is always available. All anyone has to do is stop, ask, and listen. No one is ever alone. Even though people may feel hopeless, there’s always more hope for us down the road. The universe has been designed to assist us, teach us, and show us the way. The universe actually wants us to thrive. These challenges are placed before us in order to strengthen us. By overcoming these challenges, people are going to feel both happy and fulfilled. 

For those who are ready to ask the universe for a little bit of assistance, it is helpful to slow down. Sit still. Take the time to take a look around. Observe. The universe is going to listen to our request and respond to us appropriately. There doesn’t need to be a special chant. No one has to go to yoga class or sit and meditate for hours on end. There doesn’t need to be a special ceremony. Asking for help can be either as easy or as complicated as anyone desires. There are a few ways where someone can connect to a higher power and asked for help. Nobody should ever feel ashamed of asking for help.

First, consider keeping a journal. And the journal, write a letter to the universe or higher power and explain your situation. Talk to the journal about what’s going on. Why are you struggling? What questions do you have? Talk out the situation like you were to any other person and ask the journal for help. Next, consider repeating affirmations that you feel helpful. It is a good idea to simply step back and say, “I am going to let the universe lead me.” This affirmation is simple and straightforward. Repeat this affirmation on a regular basis. You should surrender your worries to it. Be open to guidance in the most unexpected places. Finally, if you have a specific question, do not hesitate to get to the point. The universe is going to listen. If you open up your heart and your mind, you will see the answer. It is only after surrendering ourselves to the universe that we are able to see the path ahead. The answer is there. You simply need to ask the universe for a sign.

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Why Did Barbara Streisand Clone Her Dog Twice?

Renee Yates



There are lots of people who own dogs. After all, they say that dog is a man’s best friend; however, one of the only drawbacks to owning dogs is that they have a relatively short lifespan. It can be hard for someone to let go of a pet they love. Most people see pets as members of their own family. For some people, like Barbara Streisand, they don’t have to let go of their pets. The actress and singer is a legend and one of the titans of the entertainment industry. She even had her dog Sammie cloned after she died. In fact, she ended up cloning her twice.

Sammie passed away back in 2017. Now, Barbara Streisand is raising two dogs named Miss Scarlet and Miss Violet. Both of them are clones of the original Sammie. Recently, Barbara Streisand spoke about why she decided to do that.

She explained that she was incredibly devoted to her beloved 14-year-old dog Sammie. Barbara Streisand explained that she looked at Sammie as though she was a daughter. She spoke about the personality that Sammie had and how well they both got along. Sammie was a bit of an oddball and Barbara Streisand fell in love with her. She decided that she needed to get another Sammie.

Barbara Streisand even went on to talk about how the cloning process worked. The doctor had to go off somewhere and get a special kit. Then, the doctor had to use the kit to take a few cells from Sammie. Then, these cells were used to isolate Sammie’s genetic material. Finally, using this materials, Sammie was able to be cloned.

In addition to the two clones of Sammie, Barbara Streisand also has a third dog that she rescued from the shelter. Of course, like any good dog owner, the pets are incredibly spoiled. In exchange, Barbara Streisand said, the dogs return unconditional love. That is one of the sweetest parts of owning dogs. Barbara Streisand has told people in the past that even though the two dogs are exact clones of Sammie, they don’t have the same personality. Therefore, they aren’t total clones in the exact sense; however, they do have the same genetic material.

This story should serve as an inspiration to everyone who has ever fallen in love with a family pet. When someone takes a dog into their home, they often think the dog is going to live forever. This is because nobody wants to think about the death of a family member even a dog. Therefore, some people decide not to think about it at all.

At the same time, this story about Barbara Streisand and Sammie does offer up a few lessons. First, it is key to remember that dogs do not live forever and it can be hard to let go. What Barbara Streisand did is sweet; however, she was not able to make an exact clone of Sammie even with the literal kit. Her dogs still have different personalities from Sammie; however, she loves them all just the same, even the dog from the shelter Furthermore, it is okay to remember a beloved family pet yet move on just the same. Dogs provide us with unconditional love; however, death is a part of life. This is true for dogs and people. Barbara Streisand’s story offers a powerful message to everyone about life, death, and love. She used her beloved pet Sammie as a medium through which to share this story. We all owe Barbara Streisand our thanks for opening up to us in this manner.

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For Those Military Families Who Cannot Make it Home, There is a Ray of Hope

Kelly Taylor



The holidays are supposed to be a time on families and friends can come together, hang out, catch up, and make new memories that are going to last forever. Sadly, not everyone is able to do this around the holidays. Regardless of whether or not someone celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, it can be challenging for families who have members who are stationed overseas. Even though there are songs about families coming together for the holidays, many members of the military are not able to join in this tradition.

On the other hand, when the members of the military are stationed overseas, they can still celebrate with each other. Often, they come together, share presents, and put on a festival where they make gingerbread houses and share many of the traditions that make the holidays a great time of year. Even though many members of the military do you get to go home during the holidays, this is not possible for everyone. Fortunately, one of the biggest companies in the world has stepped up to help members of the military during this time of year.

Google, the company known for its iconic search engine, stepped up and delivered google nest hubs to military families so that they can stay in touch with the people who matter most in their lives during the holidays. One of the executives who works for Google stated that the members of the military worked tirelessly to make our country a safer place. Therefore, the company decided to step up and help them out. For those who may not know, google nest hubs are a great way for families and friends to stay in touch. These devices are seizing on some of the latest developments in the world of technology, including cloud computing, to increase the ability of people to stay connected over vast distances. Therefore, this technology is perfect for members of the military who would like to keep in touch with members of the family.

A partnership with established between Google and the USO, which is a nonprofit organization that has been put together to help members of the military. This partnership is great for ensuring family members can be connected with loved ones who are still stationed overseas. The organization offers Wi-Fi in 230 locations throughout the world. These Wi-Fi connections allow military members to stay together to the family using some fantastic inventions, including her one last. For military families, this development transforms each house into a helpful home that helps loved ones stay connected with just a touch of a button.

This is only the latest example of a company stepping up to help the members of our military who put their life on the line every day to help us stay safe. Fortunately, Google is not the only company that is stepping up to help members of the military. Everyone is able to step up and help members in the military feel like they are a little bit more at home during the holiday season. It is important for everyone to pause for a second and take a minute to thank members of the military for their service. Even the small gesture can mean a lot, particularly during the holidays.

It was nice to see Google stepping up to provide nest hubs to military families are in the holiday season. Every year, another company steps up to help those in need. It will be exciting to see what happens next year. Every member of our military deserves our thanks and appreciation.

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Pigeons With Small Hats are Showing up in Nevada

Shannon Jackson



It’s not uncommon to see a lot of weird things walking down some streets in Nevada. However, you may have thought your eyes were playing a trick on you when you saw a pigeon that was wearing a small sombrero or cowboy hat. While you may think it was just one of those dessert mirages, it’s not.

There have been sightings of a pigeon wearing a sombrero in Reno and then a number of pigeons in Las Vegas wearing cowboy hats. The city manager of Reno thought it was just adorable and funny. However, she was in for a rude awakening when she shared the pigeons on social media and then was attacked by animal rights activists. One of the Las Vegas pigeons that had a tiny hat glued to its head died. Activists are working to get the word out that regardless of how cute a pigeon with a hat on his head looks, it’s not a laughing matter.

The pigeons in Las Vegas were being spotted in mid-December. While the pigeons weren’t all wearing the same hat, the proximity of the sightings had many people believing it was the same group of people or one person that was responsible. The Internet was exploding with these pictures and there were even people getting tattoos of the cowboy pigeon. These people had a serious commitment to something funny but may be feeling a bit of regret when they learn the practice of gluing hats on pigeons is cruel.

When the pigeons were first spotted, the staff at Lofty Hopes, an animal rescue, wanted to track down the pigeons in order to try and remove the hats. Since the pigeons were all spotted wearing the hats for several days, the staff determined the hats were glued to their heads. The staff then worked on trapping the pigeons but it wasn’t an easy task. The staff named the pigeons in order for them to be easy to track. They went by Cluck Norris, CoolamityJane, and Billie the Pidge. Eventually, Cluck Norris and Billie the Pidge were caught and the volunteers and staff members could take a look at the damage that was done. At first, Billie allowed them to work on removing the hat. As the volunteers got to work, it was clear how much glue there was and how much damage was caused to the bird. Cluck allowed them to do the same thing and for him, the damage was even worse. The staff at Lofty Hopes later shared on Instagram that Billie the Pidge had died from an undetected illness. The staff shared that the hat could have interfered with the pigeon being able to dislodge small insects that gathered under it. Pigeons are active groomers and they don’t just groom themselves but also others in the flocks. Since pigeons have an extremely fragile respiratory system, the fumes from the glue could have contributed to slowly poisoning the bird. There are a number of things that could have gone wrong thanks to this prank.

Lofty Hopes is now working on tracking down the sombrero bird in Reno. The city manager is also doing her part to spread the word about the birds. She said while it is fun, it’s still inhumane and the birds are suffering. She said she doesn’t want the same thing to happen here with Billie dying. In the meantime, Lofty Hopes is still working on finding Coolamity Jane. They have kept a close eye on her but haven’t been able to trap her. The goal is to get the hat off as quickly as possible.

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