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Hell, MI, Appoints Wonky Feet Big-Eyed Cat as Mayor

Don’t let the name fool you, because Hell, a town in Michigan, is nothing like the name might suggest. Most recently, the town went as far as to install its most unlikely mayor, a cat! Keep reading for all the details.

A small Michigan town will very soon have as its mayor, a cat with big eyes and crooked feet. And it’s not just any city either. Hell, which is approximately 20 miles to the north of Ann Arbor, will be under the control of this tiny black cat.

Just about anyone can elect the mayor of Hell for one day. Part of the town’s marketing strategy. Pets, on the other hand, are a very different story. This is going to be an unprecedented move to have a cat intervene to keep Hell from erupting on April 24.

They’ve been together since Jinx’s rescue by her owner, Mia, three years ago. Jinx follows Mia anywhere she goes. Mia is always in Jinx’s vicinity.

California is where they reside. Because of Jinx’s large number of followers on social media, Mia, a.k.a. MiaJinx, refused to have her surname included in this tale. We’re talking about 735,000 TikTok followers as well as 400,000 Instagram followers here.

“I didn’t even hunt for a cat when I saved Jinx in 2018,” Mia told MLive. “I returned home from a football event early one day. I was meant to get home a long time later. I found her after hearing her meow in the backyard. She was only 3 weeks old at the time.”

As Jinx developed, Mia claims she began to notice something odd about her new kitten.

“She had large eyes that didn’t shrink in size as she grew larger, and I also noted she had large feet. The vet says she’s healthy and hasn’t found anything wrong with her. She’d just been born with these abnormalities. She’s also a touch sluggish and awkward compared to other cats. This is her first year of landing on her feet.”

From afar, Jinx will control Hell for the day. At approximately 4 p.m. ET which is 1:00 p.m. on the Pacific coast, Mia intends to make a huge declaration through Livestream on Jinx’s Twitch page.

On the day before the cat’s impeachment by the Reverend, Mia plots to jokingly produce graphs demonstrating how Jinx was elected mayor by a landslide, as well as what her proclamation states for the day.

According to Hell’s Reverend Vonn, who will swear in Jinx as mayor over the phone, “We adore our in-person and faraway mayors.” When it comes to individuals who are difficult to buy for or already have everything, the Mayor of the Day bundle is the ideal solution. They get to spend one Helluva wonderful day and then get the dreaded telephone call that they’re about to be impeached.”

How did a viral cat’s owner in California come across the small town of Hell and realize that she could appoint her beloved kitty mayor for the day?

“I made a joke about Jinx running for president on Twitter. After seeing animal mayors earlier, I asked on Twitter how to make Jinx mayor, and somebody mentioned Michigan as well as the possibility of paying to be the mayor of Hell for a day.

For both animals and humans alike, it costs $100 to reign Hell for a day. It comes with a certificate of impeachment, a cup from Hell, a shirt from Hell, along with a certificate of mayor proclamation. In Hell, the mayor will have the property of his or her own as well. One square millimeter of space.

Interested in becoming mayor of Hell? Fill out a form or contact them at 734-878-2233 to find out when the position is available.


Milwaukee’s Popular Pup: Shih Tzu’s Night Out at the Bar





In a heartwarming turn of events, a 16-year-old Shih Tzu named Bear embarked on an unexpected adventure that left his owner, Jenny Hazard, both frantic and amused. Bear, known for his love of exploration, went missing in January, prompting a search that ended in an unlikely place – a bar in Milwaukee, WI.

Jenny Hazard was initially distraught when Bear disappeared, especially considering his age and heart condition. “When he was younger, he was a runner,” she shared. “He can’t go far in snow.” Despite her concerns, she turned to social media for help, hoping to locate her beloved pet.

It wasn’t long before she received a surprising text – Bear had been found at Finks, a local tavern located a mile from their home. “I’m like, ‘What?'” Hazard exclaimed upon hearing the news. A photo sent to her phone showed Bear happily mingling with patrons at the bar, seemingly enjoying his newfound popularity.

It turned out that a group of barhoppers had spotted Bear and decided to bring him along for the evening. “They took good care of him, and I guess he was pretty popular,” Hazard said, relieved that Bear was safe and sound.

Reflecting on Bear’s escapade, Hazard humorously remarked, “Old man breaks free — goes to bar,” highlighting the unexpected adventure of her adventurous pup. Bear’s night out serves as a reminder of the unexpected places and friends our furry companions can find, even in the bustling city of Milwaukee.

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A Fun New Drinking Game in the UK

Kevin Wells



Have you ever wanted to buy a stranger a drink, just for fun? In the UK, there’s a new game that’s all about spreading joy and drinks in pubs!

This fun game started because of a cool feature in the Wetherspoons app. Wetherspoons is Britain’s biggest pub chain with over 800 taverns. The app lets you order drinks online for any table in these pubs. You just need to manually enter the location instead of using location services. That’s how you can surprise someone with a pint, wine, or even a shot!

So, what are the rules? It’s simple and fun! People who want free drinks post a photo of themselves, the name of the Wetherspoons pub they’re in, their table number, and a nice message on a Facebook page called “Wetherspoons The Game!” There are 22 volunteer moderators who make sure everything is fair and polite. They check the players’ IDs and pick a few dozen lucky winners each night. These winners get their picture and message posted, and then the drinks start coming!

Politeness is a big deal in this game. If anyone uses rude language, they’re out. The moderators also keep an eye on how many drinks are ordered for one table. If it gets too much, especially with tequila, they step in and stop the orders.

Chris Illman, a 42-year-old man, created this game six years ago. He was going through tough times, battling cancer and dealing with his partner leaving him. What started as a fun game among friends to buy each other drinks grew into something huge. Now, he manages Facebook groups with over half a million members, all joining in the fun!

What’s amazing is how people love participating. Many enjoy sitting at home, ordering drinks for people out having a good time. According to Illman, it’s not about getting something in return. It’s all about the joy of giving and making someone’s night a little more special.

This game shows how a small act of kindness, like sending a stranger a drink, can bring a lot of happiness. It’s not just about the free drinks; it’s about the surprise and joy that comes with it. So next time you’re in the UK and at a Wetherspoons pub, who knows, you might just be the lucky one getting a surprise pint from a new friend! 🍻

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The Tale of the Welsh Tidy Mouse: A Shed’s Unexpected Helper

Renee Yates



In the quaint shed of a retired postal worker named Rodney Holbrook, an unusual and endearing story has unfolded. Rodney, curious about the mysteriously tidy state of his shed each morning, set up a night vision camera to unravel the mystery. To his surprise, the culprit turned out to be none other than a diligent mouse, earning the affectionate nickname of the “Welsh Tidy Mouse.” This industrious rodent has been performing its tidying routine for a remarkable two months.

Rodney first noticed the tidying phenomenon when items on his workbench were consistently organized each morning. Intrigued, he decided to investigate further by employing a night vision camera. The footage revealed a tiny mouse diligently picking up clothes pegs, corks, nuts, and bolts, and neatly placing them in designated spots. It seemed that this mouse had a penchant for order and cleanliness, turning Rodney’s shed into a well-kept space.

The Welsh Tidy Mouse’s routine involves not only tidying up but also repurposing some of Rodney’s belongings. Initially, Rodney observed that food meant for birds was mysteriously ending up in old shoes stored in the shed. It appears the mouse has found a clever way to use objects to hide away nuts, creating a win-win situation for both the mouse and Rodney.

Rodney, embracing the unexpected help, has altered his habits to accommodate the diligent mouse. Items left out of their designated places are effortlessly restored to order by the morning, thanks to the mouse’s industrious efforts. Rodney humorously suggests that the mouse might even tidy away his wife if given the chance.

Seeing the mouse’s knack for organization, Rodney has turned the shed into a playful experiment. He adds different items to the workspace, challenging the mouse to lift and rearrange them. The shed has become a shared space where a retired postal worker and a tiny, tidy mouse coexist in harmony.

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Kevin Bacon the Pig Found with Hollywood Help

Shannon Jackson



In a heartwarming tale that could rival any Hollywood movie, a missing pig named Kevin Bacon has been found after a two-week adventure in the woods of Pennsylvania. What makes this story even more special is the unexpected involvement of actor Kevin Bacon himself.

Kevin Bacon, the pig, became the center of attention when he went missing from his home in Pennsylvania. Owned by Chelsea Rumbaugh, Kevin had only joined the family in October before deciding to explore the great outdoors on his own. Chelsea shared the news of her missing pig on a Facebook group she created, aptly named ‘Bring Kevin Bacon Home.’

“We were so close to him; my 16-year-old was petting him,” Rumbaugh explained in her post. “He stayed close but eventually took off into the woods.”

Enter the unexpected hero, actor Kevin Bacon. When he caught wind of the missing pig’s plight, he shared the information on his social media thread. The actor’s post not only drew attention to the missing pig but also brought the community together in the search for the adorable runaway.

Despite the collective efforts to capture Kevin Bacon the pig, he remained elusive. That is until a clever strategy involving a sticky bun laced with pet-safe Benadryl was employed. The irresistible treat proved to be the key to success. After indulging in the sticky bun, Kevin Bacon the pig became drowsy, making it easier for the search party to guide him back to his pen.

To ensure that this escapade wouldn’t happen again, Kevin Bacon’s pen underwent reinforcement with concrete. This measure was taken to prevent the adventurous pig from using his tunneling skills for future escapes.

The story of Kevin Bacon the pig’s disappearance and rescue not only highlights the power of community efforts but also shows how even Hollywood celebrities like Kevin Bacon can play a role in helping those in need, no matter how small or four-legged they may be. The happy ending to this tale brings a smile to all those who followed the journey of Kevin Bacon, the pig who briefly took the spotlight with a little help from his famous namesake.

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Herriot the Heron and the Underpants Sling

Kelly Taylor



In the world of wildlife rescue, there are heroes who go above and beyond to help our feathered friends when they are in need. One such hero is Karen Ledger, a dedicated wildlife rescuer with a heart of gold. With over a decade of experience, Karen has helped countless birds in distress. However, it was her ingenious creation of an “underpants sling” that recently captured hearts and headlines, as she helped a heron named Herriot regain his ability to walk.

Herriot’s story began with a troubling challenge. This majestic heron found himself unable to use his legs for reasons unknown. It was a dire situation, and things didn’t look promising at the start. As Karen Ledger recounted, “It didn’t look good at the start. He couldn’t use his legs for unknown reasons. He might have been hit by a car.”

Determined to help this long-legged bird find his footing again, Karen put her inventive mind to work. She faced the daunting task of making a heron walk when it seemed impossible. Her solution? An unconventional yet effective “underpants sling” made with a pair of stockings and her husband’s underwear.

“I put the heron in the sling and physically made him use his legs three or four times a day until he could walk by himself,” Karen explained. It was no easy feat, requiring intense effort and dedication. But for Karen, every minute was worth it when she saw Herriot finally regain his ability to walk independently.

Herriot’s journey to recovery didn’t end there. After his progress in the makeshift sling, he continued to improve by walking in an enclosed outdoor area for weeks. Finally, the day came when Herriot was strong enough to be released back into the wild, near a tranquil dam.

Karen’s extraordinary efforts aren’t limited to Herriot alone. She has a track record of helping a variety of birds in need. One heartwarming tale involves a barn owl who had lost his mate in a tragic road accident. Karen noticed that the owl was not physically injured but was deeply depressed, spending a week with his eyes closed and his head down.

Karen knew she had to find a way to lift the owl’s spirits. “You have to think outside the square, just look at what you’ve got and adapt,” she said. Drawing on her resourcefulness, she placed a stuffed toy penguin, roughly the same size as the owl, next to him in his cage. This simple act of comfort worked wonders. “After a couple of days, he started brightening up and opening his eyes. He came back to the point that he was well enough to be released,” Karen said.

Karen Ledger’s wildlife rescue efforts extend beyond her heroic acts with Herriot and the barn owl. She has dedicated herself to helping a wide array of birds, from barn owls and tawny frogmouths to lorikeets, rosellas, kookaburras, and more.

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