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Friendship Is Worth More Than Anything Else


Friendship Is Worth More Than Anything Else


Most people consider themselves lucky when they are able to find one good friend. In the case of one homeless Brazilian man, his cup of fortune overflows as he has four loyal companions all willing to stand by his side through thick and thin. When Caesar a homeless gentleman found himself in need of emergency services to help manage a pre-existing condition at 3 a.m. on a Sunday, he was accompanied by four of his most faithful companions.

We Will Stand By You

For whatever reason Caesar did not go to the hospital that normally sees him for his pre-existing condition. Caesar chose to seek help at Regional Alte Valo Hospital in Rio do Sul, Brasil. While Caesar was receiving the medical attention he needed something magical what’s happening outside of the doors at the hospital. Caesar’s four companions were capturing the hearts of the people in the waiting room as well as members of the hospital staff. Caesar’s buddies were teaching everyone who witnessed their display of love and affection a very valuable lesson. The lesson they taught was, friends can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and even species. Loyalty knows no bounds and the four dogs who sat outside the doors of the hospital patiently awaiting the return of their beloved companion Caesar, was truly a heartwarming experience for all those who witnessed their display of love.

I Will Do Anything For You

In a world where it seems like it’s everyone for him or herself, it was hard for visitors and staff at the hospital to believe this homeless man and these four dogs could have such a strong bond with each other. Even more amazing was the fact that all four dogs appeared healthy and in good condition. The dogs had shiny coats, no evidence of injuries and appeared happy, friendly, well adjusted and well trained. It was more than obvious that Caesar spent a lot of time with his furry companions teaching them how to behave and how not to be aggressive. It was all clear that Caesar made sure his dogs were well-fed even if that meant skipping meals himself so that they could eat. The love, selflessness, and kindness Caesar shows his dogs it’s not only admirable but an overwhelming display of human kindness.

Motivated Into Action

As Hospital staff continued to observe the close bond and dedication Caesar’s four companions had to making sure he was being taken care of and was going to be okay, they were motivated into action. The hospital workers allowed all four of Caesar’s companions to come in and visit him so that they could check on him themselves. All who witnessed the reunion between Caesar and his dogs were treated to yet another act of selflessness and kindness.Hospital workers brought Ceasar a sandwich during the dog’s visit. Instead of eating the sandwich himself, Caesar without a second thought make sure he gave each of the dogs a portion of his sandwich so they could have something to eat. Hospital staff could hardly believe what they were seeing, as clearly Caesar needed that sandwich to help get his strength back, yet he chose to share it with his dogs. Caesar and his dogs are living proof that love and friendship is worth more than all of the riches the World has to offer.

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