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Firefighters Save Everyone, Even Little Birds

Have you ever heard a thud against your big home or room window, looked up and then wondered what happened? Or maybe you’ve seen a black sticker silhouette of a big bird on a window that looks odd without any apparent reason. The thud or sticker both have to do with the same common issue of small birds hitting windows frequently because they can’t see and differentiate plate glass as a surface when flying. They fly and get exhausted or just don’t realize the difference of a building and then the flight mistake occurs. The bird then impacts, gets knocked out, and falls to the ground stunned.

It just happened one day that two firefighters happened to be working at their station in South Carolina one day and found a stunned hummingbird on the ground as they went outside the station. The day was hot and part of heat wave in the area common in the South at certain times of the year. The two took a closer look and found an emerald-green creature lying almost dead still on the cement, showing now sign of life. But the eyes still showed signs of life. The impact wasn’t too much of a surprise however; bird stuns are common in South Carolina has it’s a major migratory path during the month of March and October annually.

David McCain, a fire marshal, and Jobeth Holmes, a firefighter, looked at the little bird up close and quickly realized the animal needed some kind of food and water or was going to die quickly. Hummingbirds naturally have a fast metabolism and energy consumption, burning out their internal resources in minutes and hours versus days. The two had found stunned birds before and this hummingbird was either recovering from a bad flight path or just dropped from exhaustion due to the hot temperature that day. From experience the two tried a few tricks they learned over the years to bring the bird back to life. Using bottled water and some table sugar, the created a quick mix and then made it possible for the bird to drink the solution. Coaxing the bird to take in the liquid, they patiently waited minutes for a response to occur.

Sure enough, the hummingbird began to perk up and react. The sugar metabolized quickly in the bird’s digestion and its energy level spiked. The bird keep drinking a bit more and then, like a laser dart, it zipped off in a spark, looking for more food and flower nectar. The departing bird didn’t give any acknowledgement or romantic movie-like thanks, but the two firefighters knew they had done a good deed in the grand scheme of life.



Chip and Joanna Gaines Unveil Their Amazing Restored Property

Shannon Jackson



If you’ve ever tuned into the HGTV channel, you know that their priority is reality television. At HGTV, there is no show bigger than Fixer Upper. Led by hosts Joanna and Chip Gaines, Fixer Upper is all about following one family as they revitalize homes with glamorous and trendy makeovers. Of course, the show is really about how the husband-wife duo works together, and they’ve cultivated quite the following as a result. Now, in the ultimate Fixer Upper twist, we are going to head into the home that Chip and Joanna fixed for themselves!


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She Did Not Guess That Her Secret Admirer Was a Cat

Kevin Wells



At most times, it feels really sweet to have a secret admirer. It feels nice to know that someone out there views you as special and interesting. Who said that all secret admirers have to be human beings? You will be interested to know that a secret admirer can also be your beloved furry neighborhood friend.

Rosie started to notice pink flowers everyday on the back of her deck, she did not think much of them at first until it became a continuous occurrence. Her secret admirer was very unexpected. Read on to know more about the unexpected feline admirer.

Flowers on Rosie’s Porch

Rosie relocated to a quaint neighborhood in the United Kingdom to start her life afresh. She shared the home with several roommates. 6 houses down from where she stayed lived a cat called Willow, who was not like any ordinary neighborhood kitty. Ever since the spring started in that particular year, Rosie would find a flower display on her terrace every day. It was pretty.

At first, she assumed that it was the wind that was blowing flowers on to her porch, but a housemate of hers told her about Willow the neighborhood cat. This kitty is well-known in the neighborhood as being friendly and affectionate to people who reside there. She just seems to care for the people who live there, who also tend to be kind too her too.

Rosie was baffled by the flowers on the porch until her housemate informed her that she had seen this beloved cat carrying pretty flowers in her mouth. This was really surprising to Rosie, and she wanted to witness this spectacle for herself.

Willow the affectionate kitty

The cat clearly liked Rosie and her housemates because she was stealing flowers from her owner’s garden and leaving them on their terrace. They would come home from their daily activities to find pink pretty flowers spread all over their back porch nicely. Clearly, there was a secret admire leaving the flowers on a daily basis.

Domestic cats have provided companionship to their owners for many centuries. Without a doubt, cats have a reputation for being unfriendly and proud animals that do not heed to commands, but Rosie and her friends are certain that their friendly neighborhood feline is different from other cats. Willow ensured that her new-found friends had a flower display daily on their deck.

The arrangement of houses in Willow’s neighborhood are such that Garden corridors have been used to separate each house. Each day, the popular cat would cross 6 garden corridors, and get some tasty treats in every house she passed before she reached Rosie’s home. Rosie admits that it is not easy to turn Willow down, she is just too cute and charming.

Seen in action

Rosie really wanted to see Willow doing what she always did. One day, as she was busy cooking in their kitchen, she happened to see what she had been waiting for. Rosie grabbed her phone quickly to capture the inspiring moment.

Willow was prancing up to their deck carrying a flower in her mouth. This was really surprising because cats are known for bringing dead animals at home, not pretty flowers! This was such a cute scene. Obviously, this friendly kitten understands how to keep the neighborhood happy. Rosie says that Willow holds a special place in her heart.

Willow is not the only cat with a unique story, every year interesting stories about affectionate animals hit the papers. It just goes to show that human beings are not the only species on earth that understands the meaning of caring and being considerate.

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A Valentine’s Day Story for The Ages

Kevin Wells



When you hear about Valentine’s Day, the first thoughts to hit your mind are likely to be romantic dinners, chocolates, cards, and happy couples. It is one of the worst times to be single. Most single people feel lonely especially since they have to watch other people receive gifts from their loved ones when they do not get anything.

The popular day has its roots in plenty of legends. The most well-known symbol of Valentine’s Day is Cupid. His representation is a chubby little boy with a bow and an arrow. One woman felt that her special day was going contrary to her expectations. Her father told her theta she had to go to school despite the fact that it was Valentine’s Day. You will be amazed at how she managed to change the day into a success.

The Romance Season

It is during Valentine’s Day that most people receive romantic gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears. Those that do not have anyone to give them these gifts, especially those in school, can feel left out. The existence and popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter make matters even worse. It adds to the pressure that already exists. It is in high school that most people try hard to fit in.

Special Day for Someone Special

Having no one with whom to share the special day can make your day sad instead of happy. Watching everyone else enjoy a good time with their loved ones may make you feel lonely. Valentine’s Day comes with plenty of pressure, especially for high school student. One woman knows how difficult it can be. She took to Twitter to express her frustrations. She explained that high school is already stressful. Adding the pressures of Valentines Day makes it even more difficult.

A Valentine to Remember

Dianna Sanders had one of the most memorable Valentines. The 10th-grade student made a tweet that went viral. The tweet went viral.

Not Feeling It

Like any other single woman, Sanders was not interested in seeing other people receive romantic presents and no receive any. She hoped that her father would let her skip school on that dreadful day ‘I didn’t want to see everyone have presents and I not get shXX,’ Sanders complained.

Having to Attend School.

Unfortunately for the 10th grader, her father would not let her skip school. She went because she had no choice. Dianne Sanders explains that she felt sad the entire time up to the the3rd period. Little did she know that she was about to have a pleasant day.

The Surprise

The delivery man showed up with a delivery that Dianne Sanders thought was for another girl. He delivered a big teddy bear, a large box of chocolates, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sanders was surprised when the delivery man called out her name to receive her parents.

A Lucky Recipients.

The delivery guy let her know that the delivery was for ‘Miss Sunshine.’ The pleasant surprise changed Sanders’s mood for the rest of her day. She knew that the gifts were from a truly special man. Her father fondly referred her as Miss Sunshine, so she instantly knew that he sent the gifts. She could hardly believe the sweet message that he wrote in the card.

 Beautiful Sentiment

‘Happy Valentine’s Day, love Dad. P. S. Tell everyone it was from an admirer.’ The loving dad wrote on a note. This father found a sweet and simple way to make his little girl happy. His was one of the most memorable Valentine’s Day.

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A Blind Marathon Runner’s Journey

Kevin Wells



Being visually impaired may seem like a valid reason for most people to avoid even the most basic activities. If you have ever tried walking or running with your eyes closed, you understand how challenging it is. Being unable to see where you are going or how far you have come may demotivate you. That is not the case for 56-year old Randall Crosby. The blind runner from Tallahassee Southwood has not allowed his condition to stop him from achieving his dreams. Tethered to his friend, Crosby runs around the neighborhood a few times every week. Last week, he competed in the Tallahassee marathon. It is a 26.6-mile annual marathon that includes the locals.

Randall Crosby’s Blindness

Unlike other runners, Crosby does not have the luxury of slipping into his favorite sneakers and heading out for a jog. He needs someone to guide him. The marathoner was not always blind. He has memories of the times when he could enjoy the view of his beautiful neighborhood and the beautiful face of his wife. According to Randall, it was love at first. He became blind at age 27 after suffering from a disorder called retinitis pigmentosa, RP. After suffering from the disease, he had to quit his job where he worked as a hotel supervisor. He spent his time taking care of his kids. He did not expect that he would ever get a job again.

Before he lost his vision, Crosby had always been interested in athletics and physical work. H was, however, unable, to play football because he suffered from night blindness. The bright stadium lights made it difficult for him to see. He participated in other sports such as wrestling, skiing, and swimming. He also helped his father with work on his farm. His Retinitis Pigmentosa went from night blindness to tunnel vision and finally to complete blindness. He, however, did not lose hope. Crosby acknowledges that he wishes he could get his sight back. He, however, has learned to accept his situation and lead a positive life.

Running For Life

Ironically, Crosby did not start running until he completely lost his sight. He jogs around his neighborhood, but it does not end there. Crosby has run in marathons that many people with perfect sight would be unable to run. Crosby’s friend encouraged him to participate in a 5K, and he has been in marathons ever since. ‘It begins and ends in my mind,’ he says. He has become an inspiration to other runners and people who are looking for positive inspiration in their lives. Gabrielle Gabrielli and Billy Miller, Crosby’s running guides, feel that he is one of the most positive people. All his actions are a reminder that losing sight is not necessarily the loss of human connection.

Crosby’s Café Inc.

Crosby now runs Crosby’s Café Inc. A program by the Randolph-Sheppard Act allows the visually impaired to get licenses for operating food services on government properties Crosby has experience in the business because he previously worked in the Kennedy Space Center and Denver’s capitol building. His spirit of gratitude and positivity is extended even in his area of work.

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What Happens When a Cat Finds Out She Is Pregnant Is Hilarious

Kelly Taylor



There are a few memorable events I life that we do not forget even after many years. Finding out that you are pregnant is one of these milestones for most mothers. Everyone remembers how they reacted. Were you shocked? Were you excited? Or did you stand and stare in utter terror? Ulla, a tabby cat, had a hilarious reaction when she first found out that she was going to be a mother. The veterinarians who took her ultrasound agree that it was one of the funniest reactions they have ever seen. She was just as shocked as anyone would be if they found out that they would be giving birth to four or five little ones in a few weeks.

 Getting Out of The Streets

When Ulla was found, she was homeless roaming the streets of Nuuk, Greenland. If she had not been rescued, Ulla might not have survived the cold. She was taken into Dyrenes Venner’s rescue organization. Ullah quickly got used to her new home. In the home, there were other cats, guinea pigs, and dogs. They did not know her little secret yet.

The Surprise

It was not long before the volunteers started to notice that Ulla was growing bigger and bigger. They suspected that she might be pregnant. They took Ulla to the vet for an ultrasound which confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. Ulla’s expression upon finding out that she was pregnant was hilarious.  The doctor managed to get a few photos of the cat’s expression. Tone Frank, a board member of the shelter, says he was happy to take Ulla to a vet for scanning, but she was not very pleased with her results. Ullah was expecting four to five kittens. She was due in the next two weeks. He says that he had never seen a cat get an ultrasound before. The shelter soon posted photos of Ullah’s amazing reaction on Reddit captioning it ‘When you find out you’re pregnant.’ It went viral soon after that.

After the Surprise

According to the policies of the shelter, Ullah and her young ones were spayed after she delivered. Soon after that, she was adopted by a loving family soon after her photos were shared online. Tec a-loving family adopted both Ullah and her young ones. The family as another cat called Sofus.

Ullah’s Story

According to Frank, the story of Ullah can be traced back to last year. When she first came to the rescue center, Ullah was very young. She found a home shortly after that, and they all assumed that she was leading a god life with her new family. It was not until April that she was back to Dyrenes Venner. Efforts to contact her owner were unsuccessful After posting her pictures on Facebook, they expected that the owner would see her and contact them, but that did not happen. It was at that point that they started looking for a new home for Ullah.


Reddit users have found Ullah to be hilarious and adorable. ‘Immeaowculate conception,’ commented one of the users. ‘Why aren’t they teaching kids safe sex practices?’ Another one added. The cat was, after all, only one year old at the time. Others went on to share their funny or cute cat stories. Ullah’s purr-fect reaction has earned her a good home with new humans who will help her to raise her kittens. Even though she seemed unhappy to be having kittens, many think that she will be an excellent mother to her kittens until they are old enough to be adopted.

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