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Father Takes Action After Daughter was Expelled for Appearance

Enough Is Enough

This father’s jaws fell open as he listened to the scathing remarks from his daughter’s school administrator, stating the reason for his daughter being booted from a prom event. He was at boiling point and had enough.

He thought enough was enough after only a few seconds and was ready to address the situation head-on.

About Tony Alarcon

Tony Alarcon was not a man who sat back and let things happen to him. He was used to getting his way as a successful investment banker and real estate developer. The things his daughter’s school said about his young daughter were utterly improper. He realized he had to utilize all of his energies to set things right when he saw her tear-streaked face.

Is this a case of an overreaction?

Demetra, Tony’s daughter, was horrified that she had been singled out on that particular day. Her scenario was far from unique, but that didn’t make it any less awkward for the adolescent. She hadn’t seen anything wrong with the clothing that had gotten her tossed out of school when she chose it. So, what exactly was the big deal?

The Outfit That Created So Much Disruption

Although schools have different dress codes, Demetra’s school did not require her to wear a uniform. All they asked was that the youngsters wear modest clothing to school. Demetra never anticipated her charming little costume to generate such a sensation – and result in an epic dispute between the school and her father – when she picked it out one scorching Californian morning.

Tragic Selection

Demetra’s clothing had become a big issue overnight, and she was immediately engulfed in a media frenzy and public protest. But why is that? After all, Demetra’s fashion choices were similar to those of other young women her age. Who could blame her on such a scorching day? Aside from the attention, there was another consequence of her clothing that she had not anticipated. And things got a whole lot worse.

Defamation in Public

The current location of Raymond J. Fisher Middle School in Los Gatos, California. It was 90 degrees and rising on this particular day. Demetra went for the blue romper since it was the most comfortable. Nonetheless, there was something about this attire that made everyone go insane. The teacher called her out in front of the entire class during the first period. The principal then made the mistake of dialing her father’s number.


The principal gave Tony two options. He had two options: he could come and get Demetra right away, or he could bring her a change of clothes. Tony was taken aback by what he was hearing. He hadn’t seen anything unusual or suspicious about Demetra’s attire today – and he should have. That morning, he was the one who had dropped her off!

Keeping It Nice

Tony, enraged, decided to get Demetra a change of clothes. He rummaged through her drawers until he found a plain tank top and a pair of denim shorts that he thought would be appropriate. He arrived at the school to find his daughter, tear-streaked, waiting at the gate. Demetra was still being singled out by the school. Tony’s fight was just getting started.

What Exactly Was the Issue?

The principal declared her clothes were unsuitable again after Demetra changed out of the inappropriate attire and into something else. Tony was now enraged. He inquired as to the nature of the issue with the school’s administrator. He even made Demetra bend over to show that her shorts were sufficiently covering her. He wouldn’t be satisfied until they revealed the truth to him.

Making a Stand for His Daughter

Tony was unsatisfied with the school administrator’s response and demanded to know why his daughter was being singled out. He had a notion, but in this day and age, he couldn’t rule out the possibility. Even though he had anticipated this, he was nonetheless enraged when they said it outright.


The school official went on to say that the dress code infraction was all about length, not modesty. She mumbled that both outfit choices failed what is known as the “fingertip test.” Tony, on the other hand, was well aware that this was not the case.


Tony insisted that the other females in Demetra’s class were dressed similarly, claiming that he had seen them as he pulled into the parking lot. Why weren’t they being escorted out of class since they were wearing shorts and tank tops? And what was the point of the “fingertip test” in the first place? Tony’s rage was growing by the minute.

Fingertip Test Exhibition

The “fingertip test” was the criteria that the school’s students had to follow, according to the administrator. Tony requested that Demetra relax and allow her arms to fall to her sides so that he could examine her. However, the hem of her shorts fell just below her outstretched fingertips. When she realized that her enraged father would not accept this excuse, she hastily devised a new one. Tony, on the other hand, turned scarlet when he heard it.


What was the school administrator’s specific implication about his daughter? He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard what he was hearing. Before flying off the handle, he requested her to repeat herself so he could absorb what she’d just said. He reasoned sarcastically. The actual reason, of course, was because of the lads in Demetra’s class.

An Obstruction

The administrator immediately regretted the words that had come out of her mouth. Tony exclaimed, “Ha!” He finally understood why his daughter’s attire was causing such a stir at school. And he wasn’t going down without a fight. His daughter’s tears were not caused by the school’s need to maintain a specific image or that she was dressed inappropriately. It was because she was a potential source of diversion for the lads in her class.

Adhere or Get Out

The administrator then told Demetra that the only way she could attend her lessons was if Tony brought her some leggings to cover her up in. Amid a 90-degree heatwave! Demetra and her father couldn’t comprehend how unjust everything was. Demetra thought she was being singled out, and her father agreed. This school was about to be put through its paces.

Two Sets of Standards

Today, Demetra promptly pointed out that the lads in her class were never required to follow the school clothing code. She gave the example of wearing caps in class. The guys routinely disobeyed the school’s prohibition on wearing hats in class. Worse, they hadn’t been called out individually to face their entire class, nor we’re the parents notified! Then her father decided to add his two cents.

Multiple Offenders

He kept his rage away by pointing out that when he was in the parking lot, he had seen other students who were not obeying the regulations. He claimed that the girls, particularly his daughter, were being observed significantly more than the boys. What makes you think this is fair? Then he brought up another crucial point.

Daddy Bear to the Rescue

How could the girls wear leggings on such a scorching day? He claimed that the school’s dress code made it plain that hot weather was not permitted. When temperatures are this high, Tony believes that kids should be given some leeway. It’s a simple matter of being comfortable in the heat by wearing shorter, lighter clothing. He couldn’t stand the fact that his daughter couldn’t relax because of the disturbed lads. And he wasn’t ready to let it go without a fight.

A Questionnaire

Tony decided to enlist the help of Demetra’s friends in expressing their thoughts on the subject, and they did not disappoint. Almost every girl he spoke with thought the dress code requirements were unjust and that the system was broken. In the summer, these girls were made to feel uneasy because the lads couldn’t contain themselves? Tony was adamant about not accepting it.

Seeking Media Intervention

The enraged father went on the Today, and a few other local news shows to discuss his daughter’s predicament. He expressed his concerns, the most serious of which the school had treated her that day. He claimed that a girl her age cares about being comfortable. When his daughter was pulled from class because of what she was wearing, she was mortified. Would Tony, on the other hand, be victorious?

Taking On The System

When questioned about a solution to the school’s out-of-date dress code, he suggested that it shouldn’t be up to the teachers to decide what was and wasn’t proper. He believes that the decision should be made completely by the parents of the pupils. Tony decided to go public once his viewpoint gained traction.

A More Serious Problem

He offered acceptable changes to the school’s dress code, stating that “underwear and midriffs should not be shown” and that “no shirts with spaghetti straps” should be worn. But he had no idea that he was only scraping the surface of a much larger societal problem. Everyone did not share Tony’s stance.


While the majority of people supported Tony, claiming that he was exposing the issue of body image and the objectification of girls, some claimed that allowing teenagers to wear whatever they wanted would throw the educational system into disarray. Everyone was talking about the hot-button topic after one father generated such a commotion.


It didn’t take long for the school to respond to Tony’s allegations. The dress rule, they explained, was put in place to create guidelines for “acceptable civility.” Tony was adamant that the school had overreacted to his daughter’s clothing and refused to back down. Principal Fraser ultimately called a meeting and admitted that some sacrifices were required. Only time will tell what such changes will be. After all, Demetra wasn’t the only adolescent to cause a stir in school dress code policies, which means the issue is far-reaching



Gold Miners Dig Up a Lot More than Ancient Gold

Kevin Wells



Gold miners are used to finding all sorts of things from ancient times. It’s not uncommon to find relics of prior miners, old habitats, animal remains and even dinosaur fossils as they dig deep into the earth or excavate large areas. However, it’s not an everyday occurrence to find a practically intact mummy of a baby mammoth.

Based on the estimates possible on first evaluation of the mummified baby mammoth found on June 21 by operations at the Klondike gold deposit, way up in the northern part of Canada, miners discovered a baby female mammoth assumed to be probably 30,000 years old. An occasional dinosaur or mammoth bone is uncommon but a regular occurrence. However, finding a complete set of remains of a baby mammoth is extremely rare and a big news in the world of paleontology and biology. Even better, the specimen is practically complete. Most times the remains have been tampered with by other animals or hunting and scavenging. Then nature moves things around even further and separates parts. In this case, however, the baby mammoth was complete, intact and well-preserved.

Named Nun cho ga but the local tribes, the find essentially means big baby animal, no surprise. All the skin and hair is intact, which makes the find extremely valuable in terms of understanding exactly how junvenile mammoths looked and probably behaved mechanically as well as physically. In terms of scientific information, the find is huge. It’s similar to finding an entire painting by a famous artist versus just having a brush he or she might have used.

Locked away in permafrost for centuries, the baby mammoth was literally preserved in the earth’s freezer, untouched by bacteria or the elements for an amazing amount of time. Scientists evaluating the specimen guess that the juvenile likely passed away earlier, maybe from sickness, as its pack was moving since there were no predatory marks on it or scattering of remains. Or, also likely, the animal may have gotten stuck in a deep mud pit or quicksand and was quickly buried, protecting it from rot or degradation.

The last time anyone found a North American baby mammoth in good condition was in 1948, some 70 plus years ago. That one was named Effie, and was located inside a gold mine in Alaska. Additionally, another more recent find was in 2007 in Siberia. That find was estimated to be much older, at 42,000 years of age. It was comparative to the same size as Nun cho ga, which means the two together will provide some interesting comparative notes and years of study going forward. It’s enough to make a dinosaur scientist get giggly.

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Pennsylvania Nurses Get a COVID Booster for Student Loan Debt

Shannon Jackson



Becoming a nurse is no easy day in the park. Aside from all the clinical hours required and bookwork in classes, a candidate still has to pass their state license exams as well as figure out how to pay for the education costs. It’s quite common for a graduating nurse, whether an LN or RN, to have thousands of dollars in student loan debt. That was already a significant barrier to recruitment before COVID-19 arrived. Things only got worse as experienced nurses left the field in droves after the pandemic’s burnout.

However, Pennsylvania is hitting the problem head on. The state decided that it was going to provide a pot totaling $55 million to help reduce or eliminate student loan debt for eligible nurses. Funded by a combination of state dollars matched to federal American Rescue Plan funds for overall economic stimulus, Pennsylvania directed its internal share to help boost nursing in-state again as well as keep nurses in their careers with financial stability.

Essentially, any nurse who worked during the pandemic, was licensed by the state, and cared for COVID-19 patients will be eligible to get a $7,500 payment for student loan relief. The funds are one-time, non-recurring, but they still represent a huge wave of debt relief for affected nurses. 24,000 plus nurses responded with applications before the deadline ended, which has exceeded the estimated fund allocation available, no surprise. To deal with this surge in eligibility, the state administrators will split the funds on a prorata basis between the impacted state areas and regions, based on the number of nurses who applied. Then, within each regional pot, nurses will be selected by random on who will get the one-time payment.

Those who are selected won’t see the funds themselves. To ensure the payment is used correctly, the money goes directly to the student loan servicer provided by that nurse in their application. The first recipients will see their student loans lowered this month, in August 2022. To help deal with the demand, an additional $15 million in federal dollars was redirected to the fund as well. The allocation for an awardee is $2,500 each year for three years. This allows an easier outflow of funds versus a demand surge all at once. Which will be a considerable amount of accounting work on the state side.

The hope is that with the eventual success of the program expected in nurse retention, the same model can be used again to bolster sagging industries seeing a brain drain in Pennsylvania, as well as stabilize people being crushed by student loan debt.

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Getting Bumped By a Stranger Usually Means Being Pickpocketed….. But Not In This Story!

Renee Yates



If you get bumped by a stranger in public, it usually means you were pickpocketed. The rude distraction is an age-old technique to distract the victim from paying attention to their valuables. While everyone is recovering from the “accidental” impact, the thief is intentionally using the split second to pull a wallet or valuable from the victim without him or her knowing it. Once the thief is away, the job is done and the valuables are stolen. It’s a common problem in big cities and tourist spots.

However, for one California lady, getting bumped may have been the best thing that ever happened to her. While she was busy working on a lottery machine at a grocery store in Tarzana, she focused on spending her $40 dollars on lottery scratchers. Normally, LaQuedra Edwards buys a number of smaller value tickets with one purchase, hoping to increase her odds with more scratchers than just one big one. However, when she was bumped, it caused her to put her hand forward and hit the $30 scratcher option. Money spent, the accident committed Edwards to the higher value ticket. Upset at first, Edwards turned to see who bumped her, but the fellow was out the door without even apologizing.

Figuring there wasn’t much she could do about the situation, and the person was gone, Edwards re-focused on her tickets. Now she had a $30 single scratcher and $10 left for other tickets. She finished her purchase and then pulled her tickets out of the machine. Going through them, she realized one of them was a winner. It was the accidental $30 ticket. However, what Edwards one was a far better return on investment. She had just scored a $10 million winning ticket.

At first, she got on the highway and drove home. The whole time, Edwards kept looking back at the ticket and confirming in her mind that her life had just dramatically changed. It didn’t feel real. But, sure enough, the ticket was indeed a winner. Even the grocery store got a share of the winnings. $50,000 went to the store for hosting the machine. Unfortunately, it was a chain store, so the bonus simply went into a corporate bank account instead of a small business owner’s business. However, that’s how the system works for retailers.

For LaQuedra Edwards, however, her share is going into a home purchase and helping out start a non-profit organization to help her community. Both moves make a whole lot of sense as well as have long-term benefits.

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Father Decides to Set Up Cameras After His Daughter Wakes Up With Strange Marks

Kelly Taylor



Weird Occurrences

What happened inside the house of an Ohio couple couldn’t have been predicted. Troublesome commotions could be heard in the wee hours while everyone slept. No one thought much of it until something strange occurred.

Darren’s suspicions were initially directed at his fiancé, who suspected of playing a practical joke on him. They staged a camera to sort things out after she denied it ultimately. The unsettling footage, on the other hand, would rock their world.

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40 Unforgivable Movie Bloopers

Shannon Jackson



With that goes with making a movie, especially one for the big cinema screen, it’s not surprising when mistakes occur or edits are need. That’s what the editing room is for to go through the draft film and tighten up all the problems or loose spots in the film as well as to get it within the acceptable viewing time allowed. However, once in a while even the best of movies, including Oscar-winning films, have bloopers in them that just can’t be forgiven. They are such clear violations of quality film-making, people wonder how the blooper got through to the public viewing, and yet it does anyways. Here are 25 examples of film bloopers that never should have been allowed or the detail missed, but in the fictional world of movies they occur regardless.

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