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College Professor Finally Relents After Multiple Requests, Allows Student to Bring Dog to Class

There is a saying that dogs are a man’s best friend. There are numerous people who grow up with dogs and decide to treat them as members of their own family. When people head off to college, they often miss their dogs. Some people even bring them to college with them. This is the story of a golden retriever who simply wanted to go to class with its owner. For those who have a golden retriever, they know how awesome these dogs can be. They are fun, loving, and always eager to please their owners and those around them. Many people who own golden retrievers simply take them everywhere because these dogs make such great company.

One college student was attending a school in Michigan. He loves his golden retriever, whose name is Tahoe. Everyone knows that college is a little bit different and is an opportunity to do things differently. In the spirit of this difference, this student sent an email to his professor. He was taking a sociology class at the time and, no, this email did not have much to do with society. Instead, the email simply had a single subject line, saying “dog” in it. The email, politely, asked if he could bring his dog to class. Of course, not very many teachers would even acknowledge such a ridiculous request. There are multiple reasons why dogs aren’t allowed in classrooms. They don’t know how to sit still. They bark. They distract the students. They get in the way. Yes, these are all very good reasons not to have a dog in class. Yes, they need to be mentioned. But on the other hand, it’s an opportunity to have a dog in class. So, why not ask?

Well, the professor didn’t acknowledge the first email. Or the second. Or the third. The student began to attach pictures of his dog, Tahoe, to the emails. There were pictures of Tahoe loving its owner. There were pictures of Tahoe playing. There were pictures of Tahoe eating. There were pictures of Tahoe being happy. The student continued to send multiple emails to his professor. The dog continued to get more adorable. The student was begging the way a dog would.

The story even made its way to Twitter. The story went viral. The story had gotten the student more than 4,000 followers on the popular social media platform. People simply want ed to see more pictures of Tahoe. They wanted the story to have a happy ending. This student endorsed multiple other students’ attempts to bring their own dogs to school. Fortunately, Tahoe is a very well-behaved dog. Eventually, the professor relented and allowed the student to bring his dog to class.

Tahoe was well-behaved in school as well. Tahoe even went up to the board to participate in class. This is a great way to elevate the mood of everyone taking the class. This story is a lesson for everyone. Dogs are man’s best friend. Even though the idea of having a dog in class might sound ridiculous, it isn’t. They help people see the big picture. Dogs aim to please their owners. They can be trained to do anything, including behave in class. Anyone who loves dogs needs to read about this story. There are countless people out there who want to spend more time with their furry friends. This is a great example of how to do so. Why not expand the places that dogs are allowed? Almost everyone loves having a dog around.



Secret Twin Shocks Grandparents

Shannon Jackson



After losing their baby in utero, Tom and Brianne were devasted. Following the loss, Tom hoped that he would be the father to twins.

In utero is a Latin language term meaning in the womb or uterus. In legal terminology, in utero refers to an unborn child. Approximately 24,000 fetuses per year die in the womb or are stillborn in the United States.

In 2019, Tom blew his birthday candle out with the wish that he and Brianne would become pregnant again with twins. Someone was clearly watching that day since the couple recently welcomed new twins to the world.

After birth, the babies were premature and had multiple health complications that doctors were required to monitor. That means they had to stay in the NICU for several weeks before coming home. Finally, the couple was able to bring home their miracle babies once the health issues subsided.

The couple notified their parents that Brianne was pregnant but the twins they were having were kept a secret.

Since the birth occurred during the pandemic, Tom and Brianne could not have visitors in the hospital at any point. This made it much easier to keep the secret.

When Tom showed his parents, his mother’s first words were, “that’s a real baby” as she was clearly in shock. The grandmother knew about the birth of her granddaughter, Brinkley Hope, but when Tom walked out with a second baby, Ace Leo, she was in utter shock.

With Brianne filming the entire conversation, the couple stated that the parents were the first to know about the twins.

The couple brought the twins to grandma and grandpa’s house on grandma’s birthday. As Tom walked down the hall with baby Ace he said, “I’m sorry, I did not have time to wrap your present” and revealed the third addition to their family.

The grandmother thought he was holding a Baby Alive doll since it looked so real and the situation was so unexpected.

Tom had always said that if the couple was lucky enough to have twins that he wanted to keep one of them a secret and then have a revealing moment.

Since 1980, the birth rate for twins in the United States has seen a rapid increase. As of 2018, the twin’s birthing rate was 32.6 per 1,000 births. Medical professionals believe the reason for this increase is associated with the higher usage of Vitro fertilization and other forms of reproductive technologies that have become commonplace in recent years.

Twin birth rates across the United States vary based on location. The two states with the highest twin birthing rates are the District of Columbia and Connecticut. Another factor to be considered is ethnicity with the jump in twin births increasing across all ethnicities. The highest number of twins occurs in non-Hispanic black mothers with the least number among Hispanic mothers.

Age is another critical factor for twin birthing rates. In 2018, mothers between 45 and 54 had the highest rate of twin births in the United States.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is a medical remedy that treats infertility in men and women. One common outcome with this technology is having multiple births. In the United States, the most common occurrence when using ART was the birth of a single infant then multiple infant births.

Within all ART cycles, including treatments that did not lead to pregnancy, with non-donor eggs, multiple-fetus pregnancy is present in as much as six percent of all cases. As reproductive technology continues to expand and grow, the birthing rate of twins is expected to increase with it so the percentage will increase in future years.

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A bus that broke down resulted in the most unlikely of friendships

Shannon Jackson



It was a hot 92-degree day in Milwaukee as Shamika began her daily bus route. Shamika drives one of many city buses that provides cheap and convenient transportation for the inner city. As she drove the bus down the city’s streets, the bus began to buckle and make odd noises. 

After a few minutes of weird engine noises and trouble accelerating, fate struck. The bus came to a stop and the engine shut off, but would not turn on again. That also meant Shamika and the other passengers were left without air conditioning on that hot 92-degree day. 

With no other options, Shamika was forced to make the passengers leave the bus and wait outside. The inside of the bus was quickly heating up beyond 92 degrees. This happened because the heat entering the bus had no way to leave it, resulting in a sauna of sorts. 

As Shamika sat outside waiting for the city to send a tow truck for the bus, a young boy saw her. The boy was ten years old DJ Fromme or just DJ for short. He sat outside, killing time with his skateboard at hand. DJ watched the scene unfold and saw that Shamika was standing outside and was bored but looked unhappy. 

DJ then decided to walk over the Shamika and try to cheer her up. He pulled out his skateboard and asked Shamika if she wanted to learn how to skateboard. With nothing else to do, Shamika agreed. The two quickly formed a bond as DJ showed her tricks and other tips for riding the skateboard. 

Eventually, the two grew so comfortable with one another that DJ began to open up about his home life. Likely with no one else to talk to, DJ felt comfortable talking about his struggles with Shamika. DJ explained that he never met his biological parents. That alone had brought a lot of stress and negativity into DJ’s life, considering he was adopted. 

To make matters worse, DJ also told Shamika that his current legal guardian was diagnosed with brain cancer. Shamika did her best to listen and comfort the DJ while explaining the things in his life, causing him grief. 

After waiting a little while longer, the tow truck eventually arrived, and Shamika had to leave. Having been moved by DJ’s kindness and compassion, Shamika said goodbye to DJ at the bus stop and left. 

The story could have ended there, but Shamika decided to return the kindness DJ showed. The next day, Shamika knocked on the door of where the DJ lived. 

He answered the door and was surprised to see her standing at his doorstep alongside a brand new bicycle. DJ had said he wished for a bicycle the other day as the two became friends. DJ then accepted the bicyle and the two have contiued to be firends and a source of inspiration for others to be kind. 

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A Unique Graduation Picture Set

Renee Yates



High school graduations are occasions that get people thinking about both the past and the future. Many people become nostalgic when they graduate from high school. They think about their first school days. Dylan Bliss took this a step further.

He and his dog Ruger took an adorable picture together when he first started school more than a decade ago. Dylan Bliss’s mother Corie had a clever suggestion. She knew that the two of them had posed for a picture together when Dylan Bliss became a first grader. They could take a similar picture again, and this one would demonstrate the passage of time in a unique way. 

Ruger is a much older dog now, but he’s alive and well. He was able to take a picture with Dylan Bliss to celebrate his graduation day. The family got Ruger when he was still a little puppy. Dylan Bliss and Ruger genuinely grew up together.

In both pictures, Ruger is wearing a collar and leash. Both of the collar and leash sets in the pictures match quite well, which helps to make the pictures look more similar and establish continuity. Dylan Bliss is holding onto the leash this time. 

The expressions of both individuals have also changed. Ruger has his mouth closed in the first picture, but his mouth is slightly ajar in the second. Dylan appears to be more guarded in the first picture, since he’s barely smiling. He seems much more relaxed and confident in the second picture, as an accomplished high school graduate. 

It’s also interesting to look at the changes in the quality of the pictures over the course of more than a full decade. The new picture is much clearer and brighter. It’s easier to see lots of fine details in the picture. Technology has changed over the course of Dylan’s life and Ruger’s life. Both pictures manage to make this clear, and both of them are capturing historical moments. 

The backgrounds for both pictures are also different, and there’s something symbolic about that. In the first picture, the background is simple and fairly empty. In the second picture, there’s a stone wall in the background, as well as lots of green plants. Ruger has lived a very full life since the first picture was taken, and Dylan has become an adult. The new background of the picture helps to demonstrate that both of them have richer lives and histories now than they did in the past. It’s a complex set of pictures that communicates a lot at once. 

People often purchase middle school, high school, and college yearbooks. They’ll remember those parts of their lives more effectively as a result. Taking professional senior class pictures is also popular. However, the pictures that people take at home can be just as special, especially because they’ll have plenty of chances to be creative. 

Online, it’s popular for people to take pictures of themselves periodically and use those pictures to show how they have progressed over time. At the end of each decade, there are frequently viral trends where people compare photographs of themselves that were taken at the end and the beginning of the decade. Dylan Bliss’s picture with Ruger is similar, at least in a way. However, it’s much more personal.

The end of a decade is significant for everyone. However, people’s high school or college graduation years can all vary. A random year in any given decade could be particularly important to a person who graduated from school in that year. Dylan Bliss will probably remember 2020 in a relatively unique way for that reason.

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No one wants to adopt ugly but charming Canadian dog Icy

Shannon Jackson



Looks can be deceiving. Icy is an ugly dog that is currently residing at a canine shelter in Canada. Despite the fact that Icy is not much to look at, this dog is renowned for his excellent disposition. Unfortunately, none of the visitors to Icy’s shelter have recognized the beauty behind the dog’s somewhat off-putting appearance.

Icy is a Cairn Terrier mix who has now reached five years of age. This great canine companion is currently residing at the Lincoln Humane Society that is found on St. Catharines in Ontario. To date, no one has applied to adopt this unforgettably sweet dog. 

Unfortunately, Icy has been through a lot during his relatively short five-year lifespan. In fact, Icy was taken in by the Lincoln Humane Society as the result of an investigation into animal cruelty. The investigation that brought Icy to the humane society is actually still ongoing. 

Icy is a dog that exhibits charmingly fluffy fur and an endearingly freandly personality. This dog has been at the Lincoln Humane Society in Ontario since late June. Hopefully, someone will come to claim Icy soon and offer a great home to this dog with a fantastic personality and the strength to surmount some pretty tough life challenges.

All those at the shelter can attest to how sweet Icy’s personality is and how cheery it can be to have this unforgettable canine friend around. The Lincoln Humane Society announced the presence of Icy on its Facebook page. The humane society describes Icy as being a “sponge for love”. There is nothing that pleases Icy more than a thoroguh belly rub followed by a relaxation session in the lap of a devoted human companion.

Icy also likes to exercise. This dog is enthusiastic when it comes to action-packed rounds of fetch. Icy opens up to people and becomes playful once he gets to know new pals. This dog is anticipating an invite from a family in Canada who is willing to offer a loving home. Those who adopt Icy will quickly be charmed by Icy’s unusual appearance thanks to his charming personality.

Hopefully, the right applicant will come forward soon to offer Icy the home he deserves. If your household is lacking furry companionship, it’s time to take action. Icy is a medium-sized terrier who needs help overcoming some rough life experiences. If you visit the Lincoln Humane Society, you’ll quickly become attached to this one-of-a-kind friend who will eagerly welcome you home at the end of the day.

Those who are interested in adopting Icy should stop by the humane society on St. Catharines to meet Icy in person. Icy may be a little ugly and take some time to get used to you, but that doesn’t mean that this spunky canine won’t make the perfect companion for your household. Due to his difficult past, Icy requires some special care and has a few medical issues that need to be treated. 

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A Viral Video of a Kid Who Wants to Be a Doctor

Shannon Jackson



Some doctors say that they always knew that they wanted to be doctors. Many of them dreamed about entering the profession when they were very young children. Jakobi Nichols might be in that category some day. There’s a viral video of him giving his father Dequan Nichols a checkup. Jakobi is three years old now, and he might have an interesting perspective on this video when he watches it again as an adult. 

Jakobi was wearing a labcoat and even had a clipboard in the video. He asked Dequan his name, and Dequan said ‘Dada.’ Dequan then talked about having an achy neck in the morning, which is an issue that a lot of people have. Jakobi took his dad’s heart rate using the stethoscope and had a delightfully energetic reaction to it. 

Many people never truly figure out what they want to do with their lives. Jakobi already wants to be a doctor. Dequan has already encouraged his son by buying him a full doctor costume. The costume set even had toy medical instruments. One of the instruments was a stethoscope, of course, which is one of the most iconic and recognizable medical instruments.

The set also came with some round glasses that don’t have lenses. Most people will need glasses while they’re still young these days. Kids don’t usually tease each other about wearing glasses anymore, since it’s so common. Kids already get used to the idea of wearing glasses early in life. They’re living in a very different world than people did in the past. 

People all over the world have now seen this video, and it just keeps on accumulating more views. It’s a video that really resonates with a lot of people. Parents can relate to it. Many of them have had these sorts of adorable moments with their kids. They aren’t always lucky enough to be able to catch them on video, however, which can be upsetting. When parents like Dequan Nicholas are able to do so and share those moments with the world, it’s special for all of us. 

Plenty of people would like to see some cheerful videos online these days, since it’s a complicated time period in many ways. Videos like this are brightening everyone’s day. 

It’s also interesting that kids in Jakobi’s generation will be able to look back on these videos of themselves. Three generations have been able to do so, and he’s a member of the third generation to have grown up with the Internet. People used to have a few small sets of photographs of themselves from when they were kids. They didn’t usually share those pictures with anyone other than family members or the occasional friend. Members of the general public certainly never got to see them. 

Now, videos like this go viral all the time. People can see precious family moments being recorded. The people who share these videos can make friends from all over the world as a result. 

Parents used to tell kids stories from their childhood, and the kids wouldn’t always believe them. They wouldn’t necessarily remember what happened, or they would think that their parents were exaggerating. Now, kids can look back on videos that were genuinely taken when they were very young. Many of their classmates would have seen these videos. People have long and detailed records of themselves, which really does make this time period stand out in a unique way.

Jakobi might decide to be a doctor one day. He might even mention this video when people ask him about what made him decide to be a doctor.  

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