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Caught On Camera – Funny & Wild Trail Cam Photos

Wild trail camera photos are great. They catch wild animals in their real habitat doing their real behavior unaffected by the intrusion of humans or anything else. And, animals being animals, some of them do the most oddball things caught on camera when they think nobody is looking. After all, animals work on a totally different ruleset and world than us. How we interpret that perspective, however, tends to give a giggle once in a while.

I Really Gotta Go

Animals don’t understand the need for privacy when following biological processes, so anywhere is as good as anywhere. However, in the case of one coyote, he decided the camera was a good place too, especially given the face he gives the lens when busy.

All You Can Eat Buffet

These raccoons didn’t care who was watching – they were going to indulge and fall into a food coma. Is this heaven they asked themselves and their fellow raccoons – it must be heave.

Too Close for Comfort

Despite what humans think, animals interact with each other a lot. The Wild can be pretty crowded in terms of who is in the neighborhood. That was the case in this photo with a turkey getting bothered by a young deer. Personal space does matter.

Wow That’s a Lot of Birds

Almost like a scene out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, this cam shot was practically obliterated by birds, everywhere! Anyone standing in that mess is sure to get knocked sideways by an errant bird or two during takeoff.

One-Horn Bambi

Nature is not neat and nice like Disneyland. Instead, mistakes happen on a regular basis. In the case of this Bambi character, he’s going to go through young life missing an antler for some reason. It happens more often then people think. The deer falls, it was in a scrap, the antler broke on something or similar. The locals just call him one-horn for short.

There Is No “I” In “Team”

These trash pandas are smarter then you think and they will do just about anything for food. I wonder if they had to draw straws to see who had to be on the bottom of the stack?

That’s Going to Hurt

There are no band-aids in the wild. When you get scratched, it’s usually down to the muscle, and it’s going to heal hard if not get infected. That was the case for this deer, either hit by something like a car or ripped by a predator. Apparently, it’s still up and walking, but that rip is going to hurt a lot for weeks.

The Nose Knows

Animals rely far more on their sense of smell and hearing than sight. In fact, humans are one creature on earth that can’t use smell effectively for figuring out what’s going on in the environment. It’s amazing we’ve survived as a result in our early history. This deer, on the other hand, has to put a nose right up to the camera for good measure.

Deer in the Headlights

The classic nighttime photo of a deer, frozen still and the eyes lit up by the flash. In the case of this stag, he’s been around long enough not to fly in the air at the first sound, but all senses are on full alert in this photo.

Poor Piggy

The wild isn’t nice to its animals. It’s eat or be eaten. And, in the swamp areas, gators tend to do most of the eating. For this poor wild hog, his last day in the water was in the photo as the gator involved has a clean grip on the piggy and its lights out in a matter of seconds.

Camo In The Winter

Can you spot the second deer in this photo? On the left and blending in with the snow is a beautiful albino deer. She definitely has a male admirer. This deer is rare and so cool to see.

My Horns are Bigger

Even moose get in on the act. These two were attracted by a salt lick left by the camera operator, but the image makes them look like they are in the act of comparing antler sizes.

Hello? Trick or Treat!

You don’t expect the wild to walk right up to your front door, but when you live in the country, that’s exactly what it does. This bear decided the front porch was good place to check out, so he ambled up the steps to get a closer look for anything interesting.

This is the Wrong Party

In the category of accidental contact, lots of things go bump in the night when moving in a hurry. This raccoon seems to have run out of the bush and made a wrong turn, ending up face to face with a deer. They’re not as friendly to each other as they are in Disney movies.

Ahhh That’s The Spot

Back scratches are the best! This bear tends to agree and he found the perfect tree to lean against and get his scratch on. The bark is rough enough to really get at that itchy skin.

Conga Line

Who says animals don’t dance when humans aren’t around? These two deer prove that even animals can do a conga line when give the chance. I’d had to think where the front hooves go though.

Turkey Fan Club

These birds just had to show off their feathers like they don’t care. The irony of this cam shot is that there is a hunter’s blind in the background with a clear view across the meadow. This would have been one of the easiest shots to take for a Thanksgiving feast.

More With the Nose

This deer decided it wanted an up close portrait. The eyes make the picture as the nose just gets shoved right into the lens.

Party Time in the Left Forest

This particular wolf pack was out and about on a full moon night, which is caught in the same cam image. The whole seen looks like a foursome of young wolves dorking around instead of actually on a serious hunt. The flash trigger even caused one to hit the deck with his front paws.



Ordinary People Experience Stardom on Belfast’s Red Carpet

Shannon Jackson



In a delightful turn of events in Belfast, Ireland, TikToker Alan Wallace treated unsuspecting passersby to a taste of celebrity life by rolling out a red carpet for them to strut their stuff. Known by his social media handle Inspiring Belfast, Wallace enjoys a following of over 50,000 on Instagram. His latest stunt captured the hearts of viewers, racking up more than 8.5 million views and over 720,000 likes on Instagram alone.

Wallace is celebrated for his feel-good content that often highlights the charm of Belfast, his native city. According to Upworthy, the most charming aspect of this event was how each participant wholeheartedly embraced their moment in the spotlight, displaying a range of responses from graceful walks by the elderly to playful dances and athletic stunts like cartwheels and skateboarding.

One standout moment featured a construction worker who dazzled onlookers with a performance reminiscent of a fashion show finale, demonstrating both confidence and joy.

While the video suggests some coordination might have been involved in the setup, the genuine delight of those featured was unmistakable. The video not only spread smiles among viewers but also served as a reminder of the joy simple pleasures can bring.

Comments flooded in from viewers who felt uplifted by the clip. One viewer expressed, “I’ve had such a bad day, and this has really cheered me up.” Another commented on the pure happiness the video brought, “Proof that simple things can provide so much joy! Infectious joy at that! More please!”

A particularly touched viewer noted, “I love how everyone reacts but especially the elderly. They are often lonely and overlooked. They’ll be thinking about this with a smile for a long time 😍”

This heartwarming spectacle underscores the impact of small gestures of kindness and how a simple act of fun can brighten someone’s day without needing a deep connection—sometimes, a smile or a playful interaction is all it takes to lift spirits.

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A Surprise Upgrade: How a Mistake Gave an Edmond Couple a New Roof

Kelly Taylor



Imagine coming home to find out that your roof has been replaced by mistake! That’s exactly what happened to Deborah and Scott Senner from Edmond. “We were like ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh,'” Deborah said. “We didn’t order a roof.”

The couple was actually five hours away when their 5-year-old roof was being removed. “I think it was about 80 percent off when they realized the mistake,” Deborah said. That’s when they got a surprising phone call from Doug Gray, the owner of Graco Roofing and Construction.

Gray admitted to the mistake, saying, “Had to be humble. We made a mistake and here’s what we can do to fix it.” Graco Roofing has been around for 30 years and had never made a mistake like this before. Gray even sent the Senners pictures of the progress, showing a huge dumpster, trucks, and a chute for throwing shingles.

The Senners could have been upset, but they weren’t. “They were very gracious, very sweet,” Gray said. “They understood – a little shocked obviously.” Scott found humor in the situation, saying, “It was pretty funny. You don’t expect something like that.”

The mix-up happened because of a small error in the address given to the installation team. “There’s protocols we put in place for years to avoid that,” Gray said. “Several of those were missed.” Despite the mistake, the Senners praised Graco Roofing. “We’re a total advocate for him. We think they did a phenomenal job,” they said. “Now we say we recommend Graco.”

In the end, the mistake turned out to be a blessing. The new roof was an upgrade, more resistant to hail, and it even lowered the couple’s homeowners insurance. “They did the right thing big time,” says Scott. Sometimes, a little mistake can lead to a big improvement!

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Milwaukee’s Popular Pup: Shih Tzu’s Night Out at the Bar





In a heartwarming turn of events, a 16-year-old Shih Tzu named Bear embarked on an unexpected adventure that left his owner, Jenny Hazard, both frantic and amused. Bear, known for his love of exploration, went missing in January, prompting a search that ended in an unlikely place – a bar in Milwaukee, WI.

Jenny Hazard was initially distraught when Bear disappeared, especially considering his age and heart condition. “When he was younger, he was a runner,” she shared. “He can’t go far in snow.” Despite her concerns, she turned to social media for help, hoping to locate her beloved pet.

It wasn’t long before she received a surprising text – Bear had been found at Finks, a local tavern located a mile from their home. “I’m like, ‘What?'” Hazard exclaimed upon hearing the news. A photo sent to her phone showed Bear happily mingling with patrons at the bar, seemingly enjoying his newfound popularity.

It turned out that a group of barhoppers had spotted Bear and decided to bring him along for the evening. “They took good care of him, and I guess he was pretty popular,” Hazard said, relieved that Bear was safe and sound.

Reflecting on Bear’s escapade, Hazard humorously remarked, “Old man breaks free — goes to bar,” highlighting the unexpected adventure of her adventurous pup. Bear’s night out serves as a reminder of the unexpected places and friends our furry companions can find, even in the bustling city of Milwaukee.

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A Fun New Drinking Game in the UK

Kevin Wells



Have you ever wanted to buy a stranger a drink, just for fun? In the UK, there’s a new game that’s all about spreading joy and drinks in pubs!

This fun game started because of a cool feature in the Wetherspoons app. Wetherspoons is Britain’s biggest pub chain with over 800 taverns. The app lets you order drinks online for any table in these pubs. You just need to manually enter the location instead of using location services. That’s how you can surprise someone with a pint, wine, or even a shot!

So, what are the rules? It’s simple and fun! People who want free drinks post a photo of themselves, the name of the Wetherspoons pub they’re in, their table number, and a nice message on a Facebook page called “Wetherspoons The Game!” There are 22 volunteer moderators who make sure everything is fair and polite. They check the players’ IDs and pick a few dozen lucky winners each night. These winners get their picture and message posted, and then the drinks start coming!

Politeness is a big deal in this game. If anyone uses rude language, they’re out. The moderators also keep an eye on how many drinks are ordered for one table. If it gets too much, especially with tequila, they step in and stop the orders.

Chris Illman, a 42-year-old man, created this game six years ago. He was going through tough times, battling cancer and dealing with his partner leaving him. What started as a fun game among friends to buy each other drinks grew into something huge. Now, he manages Facebook groups with over half a million members, all joining in the fun!

What’s amazing is how people love participating. Many enjoy sitting at home, ordering drinks for people out having a good time. According to Illman, it’s not about getting something in return. It’s all about the joy of giving and making someone’s night a little more special.

This game shows how a small act of kindness, like sending a stranger a drink, can bring a lot of happiness. It’s not just about the free drinks; it’s about the surprise and joy that comes with it. So next time you’re in the UK and at a Wetherspoons pub, who knows, you might just be the lucky one getting a surprise pint from a new friend! 🍻

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The Tale of the Welsh Tidy Mouse: A Shed’s Unexpected Helper

Renee Yates



In the quaint shed of a retired postal worker named Rodney Holbrook, an unusual and endearing story has unfolded. Rodney, curious about the mysteriously tidy state of his shed each morning, set up a night vision camera to unravel the mystery. To his surprise, the culprit turned out to be none other than a diligent mouse, earning the affectionate nickname of the “Welsh Tidy Mouse.” This industrious rodent has been performing its tidying routine for a remarkable two months.

Rodney first noticed the tidying phenomenon when items on his workbench were consistently organized each morning. Intrigued, he decided to investigate further by employing a night vision camera. The footage revealed a tiny mouse diligently picking up clothes pegs, corks, nuts, and bolts, and neatly placing them in designated spots. It seemed that this mouse had a penchant for order and cleanliness, turning Rodney’s shed into a well-kept space.

The Welsh Tidy Mouse’s routine involves not only tidying up but also repurposing some of Rodney’s belongings. Initially, Rodney observed that food meant for birds was mysteriously ending up in old shoes stored in the shed. It appears the mouse has found a clever way to use objects to hide away nuts, creating a win-win situation for both the mouse and Rodney.

Rodney, embracing the unexpected help, has altered his habits to accommodate the diligent mouse. Items left out of their designated places are effortlessly restored to order by the morning, thanks to the mouse’s industrious efforts. Rodney humorously suggests that the mouse might even tidy away his wife if given the chance.

Seeing the mouse’s knack for organization, Rodney has turned the shed into a playful experiment. He adds different items to the workspace, challenging the mouse to lift and rearrange them. The shed has become a shared space where a retired postal worker and a tiny, tidy mouse coexist in harmony.

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