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Caught On Camera – Funny & Wild Trail Cam Photos

Wild trail camera photos are great. They catch wild animals in their real habitat doing their real behavior unaffected by the intrusion of humans or anything else. And, animals being animals, some of them do the most oddball things caught on camera when they think nobody is looking. After all, animals work on a totally different ruleset and world than us. How we interpret that perspective, however, tends to give a giggle once in a while.

I Really Gotta Go

Animals don’t understand the need for privacy when following biological processes, so anywhere is as good as anywhere. However, in the case of one coyote, he decided the camera was a good place too, especially given the face he gives the lens when busy.

All You Can Eat Buffet

These raccoons didn’t care who was watching – they were going to indulge and fall into a food coma. Is this heaven they asked themselves and their fellow raccoons – it must be heave.

Too Close for Comfort

Despite what humans think, animals interact with each other a lot. The Wild can be pretty crowded in terms of who is in the neighborhood. That was the case in this photo with a turkey getting bothered by a young deer. Personal space does matter.

Wow That’s a Lot of Birds

Almost like a scene out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, this cam shot was practically obliterated by birds, everywhere! Anyone standing in that mess is sure to get knocked sideways by an errant bird or two during takeoff.

One-Horn Bambi

Nature is not neat and nice like Disneyland. Instead, mistakes happen on a regular basis. In the case of this Bambi character, he’s going to go through young life missing an antler for some reason. It happens more often then people think. The deer falls, it was in a scrap, the antler broke on something or similar. The locals just call him one-horn for short.

There Is No “I” In “Team”

These trash pandas are smarter then you think and they will do just about anything for food. I wonder if they had to draw straws to see who had to be on the bottom of the stack?

That’s Going to Hurt

There are no band-aids in the wild. When you get scratched, it’s usually down to the muscle, and it’s going to heal hard if not get infected. That was the case for this deer, either hit by something like a car or ripped by a predator. Apparently, it’s still up and walking, but that rip is going to hurt a lot for weeks.

The Nose Knows

Animals rely far more on their sense of smell and hearing than sight. In fact, humans are one creature on earth that can’t use smell effectively for figuring out what’s going on in the environment. It’s amazing we’ve survived as a result in our early history. This deer, on the other hand, has to put a nose right up to the camera for good measure.

Deer in the Headlights

The classic nighttime photo of a deer, frozen still and the eyes lit up by the flash. In the case of this stag, he’s been around long enough not to fly in the air at the first sound, but all senses are on full alert in this photo.

Poor Piggy

The wild isn’t nice to its animals. It’s eat or be eaten. And, in the swamp areas, gators tend to do most of the eating. For this poor wild hog, his last day in the water was in the photo as the gator involved has a clean grip on the piggy and its lights out in a matter of seconds.

Camo In The Winter

Can you spot the second deer in this photo? On the left and blending in with the snow is a beautiful albino deer. She definitely has a male admirer. This deer is rare and so cool to see.

My Horns are Bigger

Even moose get in on the act. These two were attracted by a salt lick left by the camera operator, but the image makes them look like they are in the act of comparing antler sizes.

Hello? Trick or Treat!

You don’t expect the wild to walk right up to your front door, but when you live in the country, that’s exactly what it does. This bear decided the front porch was good place to check out, so he ambled up the steps to get a closer look for anything interesting.

This is the Wrong Party

In the category of accidental contact, lots of things go bump in the night when moving in a hurry. This raccoon seems to have run out of the bush and made a wrong turn, ending up face to face with a deer. They’re not as friendly to each other as they are in Disney movies.

Ahhh That’s The Spot

Back scratches are the best! This bear tends to agree and he found the perfect tree to lean against and get his scratch on. The bark is rough enough to really get at that itchy skin.

Conga Line

Who says animals don’t dance when humans aren’t around? These two deer prove that even animals can do a conga line when give the chance. I’d had to think where the front hooves go though.

Turkey Fan Club

These birds just had to show off their feathers like they don’t care. The irony of this cam shot is that there is a hunter’s blind in the background with a clear view across the meadow. This would have been one of the easiest shots to take for a Thanksgiving feast.

More With the Nose

This deer decided it wanted an up close portrait. The eyes make the picture as the nose just gets shoved right into the lens.

Party Time in the Left Forest

This particular wolf pack was out and about on a full moon night, which is caught in the same cam image. The whole seen looks like a foursome of young wolves dorking around instead of actually on a serious hunt. The flash trigger even caused one to hit the deck with his front paws.



Dolls Mysteriously Take Up Residence In Michigan Man’s Mailbox

Kelly Taylor



A man in Michigan, Don Powell, was left completely puzzled when he discovered two small wooden dolls in his mailbox one day, along with a note that read, “We decided to live here.” The dolls were named Mary and Shelley, and they came with little pieces of furniture too.

Initially, Don was a bit confused by the whole thing, but he admits that he kind of enjoyed the mystery and intrigue of it all. He went around to the other homes on his cul-de-sac to see if anyone else had received similar dolls, but nobody had. He even asked a neighbor named Shelly, but she denied having anything to do with it.

At first, Don thought about getting rid of the dolls, but something stopped him. Instead, he decided to let them stay in the mailbox, which was custom-built to look like his house, complete with details such as windows that let in light.

As the story began to spread, more and more items began to appear in the mailbox with the dolls, including a rug, art, and even a bed. Someone even swapped the dolls for little skeletons on Halloween, but the dolls returned by Christmas with presents by their side.

Don Powell still doesn’t know who put the dolls in his mailbox or why, but he’s grateful for the mystery and the joy it has brought to his life. He says that every day, he looks forward to seeing what new surprises the dolls and their mysterious benefactors have in store for him.

This story is a great example of how a simple act of kindness or a random act of whimsy can have a big impact on someone’s life. It’s also a reminder that sometimes, the greatest joys in life come from the unexpected and the unexplainable.

Whether it was a neighbor with a sense of humor, a stranger passing through town, or something else entirely, the mystery of the dolls in Don Powell’s mailbox has captured the imaginations of people all over the world. It’s a reminder that there is still magic and wonder in the world, and that sometimes, the most meaningful things in life are the ones that can’t be easily explained.

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A Fat Cat Becomes the Highest Rated Tourist Attraction in Poland

Kelly Taylor



Gacek the fat cat in Poland is a beloved feline who has become quite famous in his home country. Gacek is a large, fluffy cat who has a laid-back personality and loves to laze around in the sun. He is known for his love of food and often overindulges, which has contributed to his chubby physique.

Gacek became famous after appearing in a YouTube documentary. People were immediately drawn to Gacek’s cute face and lovable personality. 

Gacek is still just a regular cat who loves to nap, play, and eat. He lives in a box outside of a shop. The shop owners have become his guardians and asked that any food offerings to Gacek be left in sealed containers.

Gacek is one of the top tourist attractions listed on google maps. He has a perfect 5-star rating, with one reviewer even flying from Norway to visit him.

Despite his fame, Gacek remains a humble and down-to-earth cat. He still spends most of his days lounging in the sun and enjoying his favorite foods. Gacek the fat cat in Poland is a lovable and relatable feline who has captured the hearts of people all over the world. Whether you’re a cat lover or not, it’s hard not to fall in love with Gacek.

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A 47-Year Late Library Book





If you’ve ever had a late book due back to a library, then you know it comes with penalty. In most cases, that penalty is a fine. Sometimes the staff will waive the charge simply because the book was returned, but not always. In the case of a Minnesota book, however, the fact that it was due some 47 years ago might have scared off the borrower from returning it for almost half a century.

The particular missing book was finally returned this year, in 2022, after being absent for the same amount of time. The returnee signed the explanation with the book anonymously, which might have been a good thing if the library folks wanted to pursue a hefty fine reward on it. Additionally, the book came back in the mail, pretty much avoiding any personal contact, visual siting or interaction with grumpy librarians as well.

The particular book in question was a mechanic’s guide, namely, Chilton’s Foreign Car Repair Manual. The original checkout was back in 1975 and it never surfaced again until this year on the return. Inside the book, once unpackaged, was an apology as well as the original borrower’s reasoning for why it took so long to get the book back.

As the writer explained, he had originally borrowed the book to understand how to do some technical work on a German vehicle. What he didn’t realize at the time, however, was that the borrower was going to end up moving out of town shortly after. Along with all his other belongings, the book got packed up. However, it was never unpacked or returned. According to his explanation, the book only showed up again while going through some old boxes in a trunk.

The writer noted he was well aware the overdue penalty was likely huge if calculated mathematically and without any offset. And, the implication was also included that he wasn’t able to pay for it either. That said, the writer did provide a donation along with the book return. So, the fee was waived by the library staff. Staff noted penalties were stopped years ago, so there is now only a replacement fee if a book is permanently lost or damaged. However, like true librarians, their focus was only on the return of the missing book. Having it back was more than enough of a solution and a good ending to the story.

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Punk Kid Goes From Homeless to Opening A Quirky Barbershop

Renee Yates



If you’ve ever seen the musical movie, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter, then you could be forgiven for thinking twice before stepping into a barbershop for a straight-razor shave. However, many people have that reaction as well when stepping into Daryl Bidner’s Little Barbershop of Horrors in today’s Vancouver Island.

Bidner himself was never one for being mainstream. Growing up as a punk kid in his teen years, the barber today is a close-cropped fellow, arms blazoned with tattoos, and a late 1960s skinhead-style outfit décor via collared shirt, sleeveless sweater matched to his jeans and boots. However, when it comes to cutting hair, Bidner is all the professional and about business.

Starting off definitely wanting his barbershop to stand out and apart from the competition locally, Bidner modeled the entire theme of his haircutting venue around the movie, Little Shop of Horrors. He parlayed his interest in cutting hair for friends with mohawks into a bona fide skill, and now enjoys regular business as a barber for clientele young and old.

However, life wasn’t always peachy-keen for Bidner. He was a school drop-out, had been in and out of drug addiction, and reached his own personal bottom after being homeless for an extended period. Ironically, it was a tattoo that finally seemed to put the young man back on track. His first tattoo allowed Bidner to skip the usual downspin of wasting the night high on something, and he sobered up. A number of days later, he did it again, using tattoos to get clean. By the 40th inking, Bidner was fundamentally off his addictions and broke his need to use mindlessly.

The tattooing was cathartic for Bidner, and he finally began to think about tomorrow instead of the next binge today. That in turn got him into thinking what Bidner could do for a proper living. Obviously, the young man was not going to go and wear a corporate suit the following Monday. So, he looked around at what made sense. Being a tattoo artist was logical, but then haircutting and being a barber appealed even more.

Bidner knuckled down, figured out how to get himself into barbering school, and after three years of grinding to perfect his skill, he had a license and started his own business with a single barber chair. Since that major breakthrough, Bidner has been at it as a barber for over five years, and he’s been involved with community help drives and giving free haircuts to the homeless at local shelters as well. No surprise, Bidner credits his profession for saving his life and giving him direction, but it has also been a living lesson to others that no matter how bad it gets, people can pull themselves out and up again.

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Hell, MI, Appoints Wonky Feet Big-Eyed Cat as Mayor

Renee Yates



Don’t let the name fool you, because Hell, a town in Michigan, is nothing like the name might suggest. Most recently, the town went as far as to install its most unlikely mayor, a cat! Keep reading for all the details.

A small Michigan town will very soon have as its mayor, a cat with big eyes and crooked feet. And it’s not just any city either. Hell, which is approximately 20 miles to the north of Ann Arbor, will be under the control of this tiny black cat.

Just about anyone can elect the mayor of Hell for one day. Part of the town’s marketing strategy. Pets, on the other hand, are a very different story. This is going to be an unprecedented move to have a cat intervene to keep Hell from erupting on April 24.

They’ve been together since Jinx’s rescue by her owner, Mia, three years ago. Jinx follows Mia anywhere she goes. Mia is always in Jinx’s vicinity.

California is where they reside. Because of Jinx’s large number of followers on social media, Mia, a.k.a. MiaJinx, refused to have her surname included in this tale. We’re talking about 735,000 TikTok followers as well as 400,000 Instagram followers here.

“I didn’t even hunt for a cat when I saved Jinx in 2018,” Mia told MLive. “I returned home from a football event early one day. I was meant to get home a long time later. I found her after hearing her meow in the backyard. She was only 3 weeks old at the time.”

As Jinx developed, Mia claims she began to notice something odd about her new kitten.

“She had large eyes that didn’t shrink in size as she grew larger, and I also noted she had large feet. The vet says she’s healthy and hasn’t found anything wrong with her. She’d just been born with these abnormalities. She’s also a touch sluggish and awkward compared to other cats. This is her first year of landing on her feet.”

From afar, Jinx will control Hell for the day. At approximately 4 p.m. ET which is 1:00 p.m. on the Pacific coast, Mia intends to make a huge declaration through Livestream on Jinx’s Twitch page.

On the day before the cat’s impeachment by the Reverend, Mia plots to jokingly produce graphs demonstrating how Jinx was elected mayor by a landslide, as well as what her proclamation states for the day.

According to Hell’s Reverend Vonn, who will swear in Jinx as mayor over the phone, “We adore our in-person and faraway mayors.” When it comes to individuals who are difficult to buy for or already have everything, the Mayor of the Day bundle is the ideal solution. They get to spend one Helluva wonderful day and then get the dreaded telephone call that they’re about to be impeached.”

How did a viral cat’s owner in California come across the small town of Hell and realize that she could appoint her beloved kitty mayor for the day?

“I made a joke about Jinx running for president on Twitter. After seeing animal mayors earlier, I asked on Twitter how to make Jinx mayor, and somebody mentioned Michigan as well as the possibility of paying to be the mayor of Hell for a day.

For both animals and humans alike, it costs $100 to reign Hell for a day. It comes with a certificate of impeachment, a cup from Hell, a shirt from Hell, along with a certificate of mayor proclamation. In Hell, the mayor will have the property of his or her own as well. One square millimeter of space.

Interested in becoming mayor of Hell? Fill out a form or contact them at 734-878-2233 to find out when the position is available.

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