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After 35 Years in Captivity, Elephant Is Finally Freed

An Asian elephant spent 35 years chained up inside a zoo. The elephant, Kaavan, was called the loneliest elephant in Pakistan. He had been there for so long and was in such terrible circumstances that a number of viral campaigns sprang up with the goal of getting him freed from his prison. Now, he has been given back his freedom. Next month, a Cambodian animal sanctuary has agreed to take him in. 

Many groups dedicated to animal welfare broadcasted their concern for the elephant’s physical and mental well being.From 1990 to 2012, the elephant had a roommate called Saheli, but since her death Kaavan has lived all alone. Over the years, he has shown more and more signs of being under mental stress.

Beginning in 2015, Samar Kahan created a petition to get Kaavan freed. It talked about the abuse the poor animal endured and how cruel the zookeepers were to him. It told the public about his legs being chained up at all times. It also said that Kahan visited the zoo, and the elephant barely moved. He would only bob his head from side to side. This is a motion called weaving, and elephants do it when they are depressed and stressed out.

Luckily, this petition went viral around the world. Thanks to it, there was a lot of pressure for Pakistani officials to free this elephant. Even Cher got into the cause. She spoke publicly about the elephant and in 2016 sent someone to go to the zoo to see for himself how the elephant was being treated. Her representative found that the situation was pretty bad. He found that Kaavan had mental problems from being chained up for so long. When Pakistani officials heard this, they declared that the elephant’s mental damage was from losing his mate and that a new mate would fix the problem. Cher’s representative said that the answer wasn’t just to give Kaavan a mate. Instead, he needed a an enclosure that was far bigger and nicer. He argued that if the zoo didn’t have the money for a new enclosure for Kaavan, they ought to close down the zoo for good.

The years of public advocacy for the chained-up animal has finally paid off. Recently, the Islamabad High Court decided that the zoo would have to talk to the nation of Sri Lanka, where Kaavan was born, to find out how to return him to the wild. They gave them 30 days to find a suitable place for him. The rest of the animals in the zoo have 60 days to be relocated.

Cher was happy to hear about the court’s decision and tweeted out her excitement at him being freed. She also thanked the government of Pakistan for making this decision. Recently, a perfect animal sanctuary was found for the elephant in Cambodia. While he waits in the zoo for his freedom, he is being better taken care of. He must be checked out for a vet before being returned to the wild. Once he has had medical tests, the permit to move Kaavan can be applied for. Of course, Covid-19 has made the move that much more complicated. But, everyone is still committed to getting the veterinary tests, applying for the permit and moving Kaavan to his new home in Cambodia.



A Furry Companion Unlike Any Other

Renee Yates



People enjoy learning about pets on social media sites and when a dog seems to exude a behavior that is unique or charming, many people may wind up viewing a post, ultimately making a canine a worldwide sensation. In the past, there was a small dog named Boo, who was noted for popular Instagram photos and videos, which showcased the dog’s tendency to be dressed up in cute clothing. Boo normally spent time alongside his pal Buddy. Unfortunately Boo passed away a few years ago, but he did live a long and happy life.

Today, there is a new internet star by the name of Milo. Milo is a duck tolling retriever and already has over 30,000 followers on Instagram. He enjoys spending time outdoors and is especially fond of butterflies. This interest became apparent when his owner, Jenn Bennet, noticed that Milo was carefully observing some Monarch butterflies that were flying in her flower garden.

Some of the butterflies actually landed on Milo’s head and his owner took a picture of him. This picture is what first made Milo popular with people worldwide. “He has a gentle demeanor and loves nature and living creatures”, stated Jenn during an interview on Good Morning America. Monarchs are dwindling in number worldwide and Jenn wants to do her part to protect this species from harm.

Another one of Milo’s interests has to deal with hobby cooking. Milo doesn’t actually cook, but Jenn jokes around about how Milo is her helper and how he will sit patiently waiting for her to create dog treats. The treats include peanut butter carrot cake, peanut butter donuts, and granola bars. Jenn has created personal recipes for a while now and she enjoys trying out new flavor combinations and allowing Milo to taste test each creation.

All natural ingredients are used for each recipe and the snacks are offered in conjunction with Milo’s normal diet. “Milo will sit patiently on the floor, watching me add ingredients to a bowl and observing me whisk the items until they are blended. Before using cookie cutters or a roller, I allow Milo to sample each batch of goodies. Milo’s way of thanking me is by using his tongue to give me a sloppy kiss”, stated Jenn.

Jenn has been sharing her love of cooking and the healthy ingredient combinations that she uses to create dog treats. If you would like to learn more about the treats that Milo prefers, you can acquire a listing of the ingredients used and the preparation steps, by visiting Jenn’s Instagram page.

Additionally, if you want to be inspired by a furry creature who is only 2 years old, but has a lot of character and love for life, be sure to stay updated, by browsing the photos and the unique captions that Jenn shares with her audience. Who knows, you may even become inspired to adopt your own dog companion and to share some of the heartwarming moments that you experience when you are alone with your new pet.

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Motherhood at Every Age and Life Stage

Shannon Jackson



Some individuals become mothers early in life. Others have their first children when they’re a bit older. There are many factors involved either way. Both of these situations have their own unique challenges and advantages. Parenthood in general is not easy, and people shouldn’t make any assumptions about mothers of any age. It’s clear that parents of all ages can be successful parents, and that’s certainly the case with older mothers.

For one thing, there is evidence to suggest that the kids of older mothers are academically successful. They have educated parents, and they’ll tend to become educated themselves. These children have excellent verbal abilities. They benefit from the fact that their parents have more life experience. 

Children can benefit from having knowledgeable and experienced parents in other ways. Kids who have older parents also sometimes have healthier lifestyles than other kids. Their parents are more likely to be both financially and emotionally stable. As such, it’s easier for older parents to make sure that their kids get medical care if necessary. They’ll be more likely to have health insurance.

Of course, the fact that older parents tend to be very responsible helps. These individuals can often afford to send their kids to the hospital if necessary. However, they’re also less likely to need to go to the hospital in the first place. Kids in these sorts of families tend to get injured less often. Older parents often take comparatively few risks, and they look after their kids carefully. 

People can become parents in late adulthood or close to late adulthood for many reasons. Some people specifically want to be older parents and raise children at that point during their lives. Other people care for their grandchildren, nieces, or nephews after a horrible accident happens. People who get married for a second time might change their minds about having kids. 

Older parents will sometimes have to cope with health problems. Raising children can be challenging physically. Even many young adult parents are exhausted at the end of the day, so older parents may struggle even more. However, it’s still possible for people of any age to make the adjustment.

People are often motivated to care for themselves more carefully when they have kids. The older individuals who have kids might ultimately become healthier or stay healthier than their peers, demonstrating that late parenthood can be positive on many different levels. 

Some people also age more quickly than others. There are plenty of grandparents who are still very energetic and healthy. Some younger parents are tired constantly, and they have a difficult time keeping up with their kids and the associated responsibilities. It really all does depend on the person, which should be something that all people should remember when this subject is addressed. 

Even young people sometimes have a hard time keeping up with technological changes now, because the world moves so quickly. For older parents, learning a lot of new technology can be emotionally difficult. However, while people can sometimes avoid new technological trends as adults, this is just not the case with most parents. Active parents are expected to be familiar with modern technology, and even many of today’s grandparents are careful to keep track of developments in information technology and social media. Parents of all ages have to do the same thing.

However, as long as parents still experienced with modern technology, they’ll avoid a number of different potential issues. If they stay healthy, people may not even notice that they’re older parents at all. No one needs to live their lives according to a strict schedule. 

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A Viral Video of a Kid Who Wants to Be a Doctor

Shannon Jackson



Some doctors say that they always knew that they wanted to be doctors. Many of them dreamed about entering the profession when they were very young children. Jakobi Nichols might be in that category some day. There’s a viral video of him giving his father Dequan Nichols a checkup. Jakobi is three years old now, and he might have an interesting perspective on this video when he watches it again as an adult. 

Jakobi was wearing a labcoat and even had a clipboard in the video. He asked Dequan his name, and Dequan said ‘Dada.’ Dequan then talked about having an achy neck in the morning, which is an issue that a lot of people have. Jakobi took his dad’s heart rate using the stethoscope and had a delightfully energetic reaction to it. 

Many people never truly figure out what they want to do with their lives. Jakobi already wants to be a doctor. Dequan has already encouraged his son by buying him a full doctor costume. The costume set even had toy medical instruments. One of the instruments was a stethoscope, of course, which is one of the most iconic and recognizable medical instruments.

The set also came with some round glasses that don’t have lenses. Most people will need glasses while they’re still young these days. Kids don’t usually tease each other about wearing glasses anymore, since it’s so common. Kids already get used to the idea of wearing glasses early in life. They’re living in a very different world than people did in the past. 

People all over the world have now seen this video, and it just keeps on accumulating more views. It’s a video that really resonates with a lot of people. Parents can relate to it. Many of them have had these sorts of adorable moments with their kids. They aren’t always lucky enough to be able to catch them on video, however, which can be upsetting. When parents like Dequan Nicholas are able to do so and share those moments with the world, it’s special for all of us. 

Plenty of people would like to see some cheerful videos online these days, since it’s a complicated time period in many ways. Videos like this are brightening everyone’s day. 

It’s also interesting that kids in Jakobi’s generation will be able to look back on these videos of themselves. Three generations have been able to do so, and he’s a member of the third generation to have grown up with the Internet. People used to have a few small sets of photographs of themselves from when they were kids. They didn’t usually share those pictures with anyone other than family members or the occasional friend. Members of the general public certainly never got to see them. 

Now, videos like this go viral all the time. People can see precious family moments being recorded. The people who share these videos can make friends from all over the world as a result. 

Parents used to tell kids stories from their childhood, and the kids wouldn’t always believe them. They wouldn’t necessarily remember what happened, or they would think that their parents were exaggerating. Now, kids can look back on videos that were genuinely taken when they were very young. Many of their classmates would have seen these videos. People have long and detailed records of themselves, which really does make this time period stand out in a unique way.

Jakobi might decide to be a doctor one day. He might even mention this video when people ask him about what made him decide to be a doctor.  

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Fans of the Duggar Family have a new theory about Josh Duggar

Shannon Jackson



Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar continue to have a large fan following due to their 19 Kids and Counting  reality show that aired from 2008 to 2015. The controversial show featured nine girls and ten boys of Jim and Michelle. At one point the show was the most popular show on TLC and also landed in Neilson’s “Cable Top 25” ranking.

With 19 children in one house, there are a lot of different dynamics at play. Fan of the show believes that there is a money related dispute between Jim and Jill Bob. Both Derick and Jill don’t get much screen time as they are often shown to be busy with their own private life. The other family member that doesn’t get much screen time is Josh Duggar, who has developed a reputation for being a trouble maker. During his younger days, he was accused of sexually assaulting several family members. That eventually led to the cancellation of the show.

Recently, Josh Duggar has been back in the news. This time it is because of the fan theory that has surfaced online. According to the fan theory, Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are scheming to become owners of the Duggar family house, which is an enormous property, probably worth millions of dollars. Just to provide an idea of the size of the house, the laundry room has four washers and four dryers, running nine loads of laundry a day. The house has gone through expensive renovations and expansions.

The fan theory is based on the fact that Josh and Anna seem to be overly connected with the Duggar house. They continue to live in it even though Josh and his parents don’t get along too well. With the history of the violence of Josh, his parents have distanced them from him and Anna. Josh has also been accused of cheating on his wife. It would be fair to say, Josh has not demonstrated himself as a person of high moral standards and character. The fan theory believes that the only reason Anna has been staying with Josh is because of the greed to own the property one day. Josh has even admitted to cheating. Anna claimed she didn’t want to divorce him due to religious reasons but fan theory believes it all about the money. She is biding time until she gets the property. It’s all part of a plan. Anna is shown to be “very happy” on her social media accounts, but given the track record of the couple, the fans believe it is all fake. The couple already has five children and they expect to continue to have more. Looks like they don’t want to leave anything to chance and position themselves as front runners to inherit the house.

This theory is further reinforced with the news that Josh Duggar has not been doing good financially. The last job he had was of a used car salesperson and that was a while ago. On Reddit forums, this fan theory has gained a lot of attention. The fans believe that the Duggar child who has the most grandchildren might inherit the house. Also, Bob and Michelle might show some pity on Josh given that he has gone through a lot in his life, although it has mostly been his fault.

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The little boy shares a special moment with a police officer during a protest rally for George Floyd

Kelly Taylor



The ruthless killing of George Floyd has caused a thunderous uproar and rage throughout the world. In Winston-Salem, NC, hundreds of people gathered to protest against the killing of Floyd. They took to one knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds that is the exact length of time former police officer Derek Chauvin had shoved his knee onto Floyd’s neck which resulted in Floyd’s death. The killing of George Floyd has become a symbol of injustice not only in American society but throughout the world. “Say no to racism” has been the most trending topic in all regions of the globe. In this particular incident, it was a black man who was the victim and this is not the only time it has happened. Several cases have occurred which demonstrated the lack of compassion and justice in the way law enforcement has dealt with individuals from minority racial groups.

Yolanda Williams Dickey, a resident of Winston-Salem, NC, was driving by the protest when she decided she wanted her family to be part of this protest as a sign of solidarity against discrimination against the minority groups. She went home to pick up her husband and son, who were glad they got a chance to be part of this historic protest. For her little son, Kamari it was quite the experience. He had never seen a protest rally before this. He saw a lot of anger and pain in the faces of the protestors. He could also see his parents being very emotional too. His parents had told him what the protest was about and how Floyd had been murdered. Kamari couldn’t understand why the former police officer did what he did to George Floyd.

Kamari’s attention went to the police officers on the sidelines. He watched them very closely as they stood by making sure there was no violence at the protest. Kamari had always wanted to a police officer himself but now his mother was concerned that after this incident, maybe he would not want to be one. Most of the toys that Kamari had were related to the police and he spent most of his days playing with them. He often told his parents that when he grows up he wanted to be a police officer so he could catch the bad guys. This unfortunate killing of George Floyd might have shattered the dreams of the little boy. At the protest, as the family moved closer to the police officers, Kamari approached Sgt. Dan Battjes, who was sitting on his motorcycle.

Kamari formally introduced himself to the police officer, who was very kind and friendly to the boy. After a few minutes of talking, Kamari said goodbye to the officer by a friendly fist pump. While the citizens of the country are demonstrating against the police and there is an unbelievable level of anger toward law enforcement, this little boy kept no hatred in his heart. The innocence of the little boy showed the resilience of the American community. One incident cannot dismantle years of peaceful coexistence. Yes, there have been cases where the minority communities have been discriminated and there should be strict actions and reforms against such incident but Americans still need to live together. The dream of Kamari to become a police officer might still be alive. The question remains, is the dream of a multi-racial America living with each other with love, compassion, and tolerance still alive? Only time will tell if this dream is alive.

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