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After 35 Years in Captivity, Elephant Is Finally Freed

An Asian elephant spent 35 years chained up inside a zoo. The elephant, Kaavan, was called the loneliest elephant in Pakistan. He had been there for so long and was in such terrible circumstances that a number of viral campaigns sprang up with the goal of getting him freed from his prison. Now, he has been given back his freedom. Next month, a Cambodian animal sanctuary has agreed to take him in. 

Many groups dedicated to animal welfare broadcasted their concern for the elephant’s physical and mental well being.From 1990 to 2012, the elephant had a roommate called Saheli, but since her death Kaavan has lived all alone. Over the years, he has shown more and more signs of being under mental stress.

Beginning in 2015, Samar Kahan created a petition to get Kaavan freed. It talked about the abuse the poor animal endured and how cruel the zookeepers were to him. It told the public about his legs being chained up at all times. It also said that Kahan visited the zoo, and the elephant barely moved. He would only bob his head from side to side. This is a motion called weaving, and elephants do it when they are depressed and stressed out.

Luckily, this petition went viral around the world. Thanks to it, there was a lot of pressure for Pakistani officials to free this elephant. Even Cher got into the cause. She spoke publicly about the elephant and in 2016 sent someone to go to the zoo to see for himself how the elephant was being treated. Her representative found that the situation was pretty bad. He found that Kaavan had mental problems from being chained up for so long. When Pakistani officials heard this, they declared that the elephant’s mental damage was from losing his mate and that a new mate would fix the problem. Cher’s representative said that the answer wasn’t just to give Kaavan a mate. Instead, he needed a an enclosure that was far bigger and nicer. He argued that if the zoo didn’t have the money for a new enclosure for Kaavan, they ought to close down the zoo for good.

The years of public advocacy for the chained-up animal has finally paid off. Recently, the Islamabad High Court decided that the zoo would have to talk to the nation of Sri Lanka, where Kaavan was born, to find out how to return him to the wild. They gave them 30 days to find a suitable place for him. The rest of the animals in the zoo have 60 days to be relocated.

Cher was happy to hear about the court’s decision and tweeted out her excitement at him being freed. She also thanked the government of Pakistan for making this decision. Recently, a perfect animal sanctuary was found for the elephant in Cambodia. While he waits in the zoo for his freedom, he is being better taken care of. He must be checked out for a vet before being returned to the wild. Once he has had medical tests, the permit to move Kaavan can be applied for. Of course, Covid-19 has made the move that much more complicated. But, everyone is still committed to getting the veterinary tests, applying for the permit and moving Kaavan to his new home in Cambodia.



Man Creates AI Program To Alert Him And Greet Dogwalkers in His Community

Renee Yates



Dogs are deemed as man’s best friend for a multitude of reasons. What we have to understand, though, is that the love has to be shown to the dog as much as we want to be delivered to us.

Watching someone walking their dog is a pastime that never grows old, to the point that one man decided to build a hi-tech machine to detect when dogs and their owners were passing by his home.

Is that a thing? Certainly it is, and it has been bringing immense joy to him as well as the pups and their masters as they pass by his home.

Some people think it’s cute, others eerie, but no one can deny the thought and creativity behind developing that machine.

This may become the new greeting technology based on the incredible level of responses that have been pouring out towards both the owner and his creation, as you’ll learn below.

If you have at any point spent an evening(or the whole year 2020) on the internet looking at adorable dog videos, you’ll understand why Ryder of YouTube fame decided to create a computer, powered by Artificial Intelligence, which is able to discern dogs walking along the street pass their house and instantly shout praises to the dog walkers or owners.

His Youtube program is called Ryder Calm and has earned quite a following.

Getting things done by looking at the real puppers has always been better than wasting time and looking at only pictures of puppies, so the development began as an automated manner for Ryder to identify when somebody was walking down the street past their home. The computer, which is based on a Raspberry Pi, assesses a live feed from the camera module and employs a machine learning model (in this case, the YOLOv3) that has been programmed to recognize about Eighty different items, including people, vehicles, and dogs.

When a passing puppy is detected, an alarming automated text-to-speech voice warns Ryder via an actual megaphone, allowing them to rush to the window on time to catch sight, no matter what they’re doing.

Watching dogs is obviously not just his passion, but clearly an activity that his entire family enjoys doing. They enjoy it so much that they’ve programmed the system to function even during their absence. If that isn’t innovative, then what is?

For those occasions when they aren’t home to hear the alarm, the system can be programmed to play a pre-recorded “I like your dog!” message through the window, providing a complimentary dopamine boost to anybody walking their dog down Ryder’s street.

It’s a random and somewhat weird act of generosity, but I think we’d all take something at this stage. After all, any good gesture is better than the negativity endured throughout 2020, right?

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Caught On Camera – Funny & Wild Trail Cam Photos

Kelly Taylor



Wild trail camera photos are great. They catch wild animals in their real habitat doing their real behavior unaffected by the intrusion of humans or anything else. And, animals being animals, some of them do the most oddball things caught on camera when they think nobody is looking. After all, animals work on a totally different ruleset and world than us. How we interpret that perspective, however, tends to give a giggle once in a while.

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Look Into The Future and See How Your Favorite Celebrities Will Age

Kevin Wells



Time and age have been a blessing or curse for humanity through the ages. Regardless of being rich or poor, time eventually catches up with everyone. The effect is welcomed by some and feared by others, but we all get there eventually. Age has been reflected in the arts in thousands of ways which, ironically, has allowed images of people to live thousands of years longer than their biological form. Today, our celebrities are no different; they age just as much as anyone else. However, successful stars have a lot of tricks up their sleeve with cosmetics, exercise and similar to fend off the appearance of aging far better than most, which is not surprising given how much appearance matters in their industry. So, it was a bit of a shock for everyone when a computerized what-if via Face-App was displayed recently showing a number of the stars aged significantly. Some turned out okay, even more distinguished. Others, well, not so much.

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Dirty Sock Goes Viral

Kevin Wells



Social media is a very intriguing place, and just about anything can go viral these days—anything from a dancing cat to a romantic proposal. Sometimes, people post things on social media without the expectation of going viral, but some stories like the one today were just too good not to be viewed by millions of people.

Kids are notorious for leaving dirty laundry thrown around their room. They expect their parents to clean up after them, but it’s just something kids love to do. A mom from Port Townsend, Washington, had quite an interesting response to her daughter leaving dirty socks around the house.

Ms.Campbell had the idea of waiting for her daughter out, in a sort of “social experiment” with the hopes her daughter would clean up after herself. She left the dirty sock in place without picking it up.

The “Forgotten Sock,” the name the dirty sock on the bathroom floor came to be known as wasn’t an uncommon thing around the home of the Campbell’s. Just like most parents usually have to do, she would pick up the socks and throw them in with the dirty laundry, but this time she wished to switch things up a little. She decided it would be a great idea to play the waiting game with her daughter and see just how long she would leave a dirty sock lying on the floor. I know I’m guilty of leaving dirty clothes around my home once or twice before.

To her surprise, a week had gone by, and the sock was still on the bathroom floor. This was when she took to social media with her master plan of sorts. She did what any other parent would do, took pictures of it and labeled them, posting it on her Facebook account. She wrote about a paragraph describing what was taking place and hilariously calling her daughter an artist and describing the sock as “mixed media.”

The Campbell’s are a light-hearted family, and Ms. Campbell looked at this as more of a joke than anything else. She figured her daughter would find her post a bit funny and roll along with it. She assumed her daughter, who is her friend on Facebook, would eventually run into the post and pick her sock up, but that wasn’t the case. The series of events following this is best described as comical.

Most kids use social media nowadays, so it’s not surprising that her daughter ran into her mom’s post. After seeing the bar, her daughter sent her a text asking if she put the label on the picture. Instead of getting mad like most people her age would, she had a surprising response. Instead of picking up the dirty sock on the bathroom floor, she hilariously put the iconic “Forgotten sock” on a small pedestal she made.

According to her interview done with Today’s Parents, she did not expect that reaction from her daughter. It took her by surprise when she went as far as making a pedestal for the sock, but they did have a really good laugh at the situation. They did enjoy the social media attention it received, and now it’s just an enjoyable time for them to look back on in the future.

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Toddler Forms Friendship With Life-Size Skeleton. He Takes Him Everywhere

Renee Yates



Abigail Brady was busy mopping up her basement after the family’s water heater got damaged thereby causing a little flood in the basement. All of a sudden, she was disturbed by the cries of her 2-year-old son, Theo who needed her attention urgently.

“Help! Sel-eton!” she said her son kept calling out. “Sel-eton!”

Brady who resides in Herriman, Utah hurried to have a glimpse at what was happening. On getting there, she was startled to see Theo struggling to pull one of their past Halloween decorations, a life sized skeleton up the stairs. The whole sight cracked her up.

“The Halloween decorations had been in a corner by the water heater, so I’d pulled them away from the mess,” she said. “While everything was drying out, Theo found the skeleton. It was an instant hit.”

The tall, life-sized skeleton had been bought a couple of years ago for $20 at a store in the neighborhood. Brady at that point thought it would be a good addition for her front yard as part of Halloween celebrations.

“When we put it out last year, Theo hardly noticed because he was only 1,” said Brady, a stay-at-home mom.

Things would change later this year. Her son had resolved to be a close pal of Skeletons.

After helping Theo by taking the Skeletons upstairs, Theo was adamant on bringing his bony pal along to a visit to a local reservoir that mid-September day, Brady said.

“And when we got there, he wouldn’t let me leave him behind in the car,” Brady said. “So I carried him out to the beach, and we propped him up in the sand.”

Children and their parents were thrilled by the sight of Theo’s friend. While this was happening, Brady took her phone and recorded a video of Theo and Skeletons, posting it on TikTok. The video surprisingly caught on with people and the next day, she was shocked to see that it had amassed several thousand views. Now it’s gained over 2 million views.

Theo would later develop close interactions with Skeletons much to his mom’s surprise.

Theo coaxed his mum and dad, Casey Brady in allowing Skeletons stay with him in his room. He wanted to show Skeletons his most loved books and toys and especially the little yellow construction excavator that he once used to carry everywhere.

The excavator would soon be abandoned though. 

“I put the skeleton in Theo’s rocking chair, but then I was lying in bed and thought, ‘It’s kind of weird to have a skeleton in my child’s room late at night,’ ” she said. “So I went in and sneaked it out.”

When Theo couldn’t find his new pal, his cries was heard yet again. “Sel-eton! Sel-eton!”

“After that,” Brady said, “I realized it was a losing battle.”

She and her husband came to an agreement to allow Skeletons to be his close pal.

“I really can’t say this is anything different for [Theo],” said Casey Brady, 30, who owns a roofing company. “It’s just a normal day for him. He’s the cutest kid — I love being his dad and seeing his imagination grow.”

Abigail Brady then came up with an idea to give Skeleton a name since he was going to accompany Theo on most days.

She sought for name suggestions on her Instagram page and eventually settled on Benny, the name of the skeleton character in the Disney series  “Halloweentown”.

Benny now tags along with the family frequently. From the grocery store to the playground and the local swimming pool, he’s a usual sight with Theo.

“We’ve even taken him to a wedding,” she said.

The bond has grown stronger and Theo now has his breakfast with Benny every morning and thereafter proceeds to watch his sitcoms with the skeleton.

“Sometimes, he’ll also join us for dinner,” Brady said. “He’s a picky eater and doesn’t eat much.”

Brady is happy. She’s overjoyed that people on social media find it funny when they see photos and videos of Benny.

“The year 2020 has thrown us a hardball, so it makes me happy to know people are finding something positive to connect with,” Brady said. Brady still harbors plans to carry on with the postings and is even more prepared for one special day: Halloween.

“We’re planning to have a small family party with my parents and sister, and we’ll all dress up,” she said.

When asked what will be Theo’s costume this year, her son has chosen already.

“He definitely wants to be a skeleton.”

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