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18 Cute Children of Royal Families in the World

Shannon Jackson




Royal families have always caught people’s attention, especially when a special occasion or unexpected occurrence happens. Perhaps these families are the idea of some of these fairy tales we hear. Whatever the reason, royal families will always have a spot light on their head. Here are some photos of some children from royal families around the world. Their poses and appearance will captivate you.

Princess Louise of Belgium

Royalty is about formalities and optics. Princess Louise does not dispute this culture but sometimes it is good to relax. She has been captured posing in a typical child’s posture. She tried forgetting her title and position for a few minutes and being a normal child.

Prince Jigme of Bhutan

He is the next in line for the crown in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Prince Jigme is about two years now yet he is a vibrant baby. The photo shows how he has a cute dimple on his cheek when he smiles. The prince will make an amazing king if he grows to become the jovial individual he is.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

The most fascinating thing about Princess Charlotte is how she resembles her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth of England. The photo expresses the little princess as a stern lady. Probably she will take after her grandmother’s traits and make a great leader.

Prince George of Cambridge

The bubbles clearly excited Prince George and he thought life is beautiful. Despite him being a royal, Prince George is like any other baby who appreciates little joys. Simple things make him happy and inspired. The prince is about five years and standing third in the line of succession.

Princess Isabell of Denmark

She is the first girl child to be born in the Danish royal family since 1940s. Princess Isabell is also countess of Monzepat. The photo shows an enthusiastic girl who loves nature and life. Her mother is Australian and she is third in line for succession. Meanwhile, she will continue enjoying her childhood and loving life.

Prince Hisahito of Akishino

This Prince is a vibrant young boy who can’t wait to exploit his full potential. At his age, he seems to be innovative and already ahead of his age. Prince Hisahito is third in the line of succession. Even if he does not get the crown, the prince will make a brilliant leader elsewhere.

Prince Hashem of Jordan

The prince and his father share a birth date. The prince is said to come from a genealogy that goes back to Prophet Mohammad. This occurrence is probable an indication that the young prince is certainly destined for greatness. He may still be young today but he better grow up preparing for a bright future.

Princess Amalia and Prince Liam of Luxembourg

This photo stands in its own uniqueness. The two baby royals represent innocence and pure sibling love. They may have long titles and positions in their kingdom but they are first siblings to each other and then other things. May they grow to keep the love between them.

Princess Gabrielle and Prince Jacques of Monaco

This is yet another set of siblings that will carry you away. They are twin born two minutes apart. The princess came first then the prince. According to the royal culture of Monaco, the prince will take the throne before the princess, despite the birth order.

Princess Lalla Khadija of Morocco

Her birth was such a delightful moment for the king until he pardoned thousands of prisoners. Princess Lalla is a beautiful girl and we hope she will grow up to become an influential personality in Morocco. Princess Lalla’s family has been in power since the 17th century. She is expected to continue this trend that has been on for centuries.

Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway

This prince is quite a comedian, especially with an audience comprising of girls. Apparently, he is known to make humorous poses on other photos. Well, considering he is an adolescent, the behavior is expected. Prince Sverre is standing third in the line of succession.

Princesses Leonor and Sofia of Spain

The two sisters show so much sibling love in this photo. Princess Leonor is older, which makes her second in the line of succession. When they pose together their eye color reveals their beautiful eyes and how excited they are about each other.

Princess Leonor of Sweden

The princess is quite a diverse young girl. Princess Leonore has Swedish descent and American citizenship where she was born. At the same time, the princess calls London her home. She may be so far from taking the throne but her diversity may come in handy in making her a great leader.

Prince Taufa’ahau of Tonga

The adorable young prince has cute eyes that say how ready he is for life. Prince Taufa’ahau may be a young boy right now but his pose suggest a lot. He looks alert and prepared for whatever awaits him. He is second in line of succession so, the prince is definitely going to take a leadership position when he grows up.

Mia Tindall, United Kingdom

She is an active girl and the princess t-shirt suggests she is quite assertive. Although she is not exactly in the official titles, Mia is a great granddaughter of Queen of England. She is seventeenth in line for succession.

Prince Christian of Denmark

The twelve year old prince poses like any other adolescent but seems to be a thoughtful young man. That is understandable considering he is the crown prince of his kingdom.

Princess Salma of Jordan

She is certainly a lively and hopeful daddy’s girl. The princess is 17 years and quite ready to step into adulthood. She may not be heir of the throne but Princess Salma is destined for greatness.

Princess Ingrid of Alexandra of Norway

The thirteen year old princess pays attention to detail, as it is evident in this photo. She is second in line for the throne. Regardless of her teen age, the princess engages in royal engagements.


Mother Goose Saves Her Babies from a Hungry Leopard

Shannon Jackson



There is a saying down south that goes, “Don’t mess with momma!”  A mother will do anything they can to protect their offspring.  It does not matter if it is a “David and Goliath” situation.  Leopards are one of the quickest creatures on the planet.  A hungry leopard cornered a family of Egyptian Geese, and the mother goose saved her babies with intelligence.
In South Africa, at the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, a male leopard was captured on video how he planned to have geese for dinner.  The leopard was quickly outsmarted by the mother goose who separated herself from the flock and her young.  She faked a wing injury and caught the attention of the leopard, forcing him to chase her instead of the others.  The mother knew this was the only way to save her babies which was too young to run or fly away. This heroic act drew the leopard away so the other geese could take the babies to safety.
If an animal senses its prey is injured, it will be its choice of the kill.  This mother goose timed it perfectly and was in the perfect environment.  Leopards can only hold their speed and stamina for a short time.  The mother goose kept the leopard chasing her through a water hole which wore out the leopard.  When the mother goose saw the leopard was exhausted, she continued to fake the injury upon getting out of the water with the leopard on her tail.  When the mother goose had the leopard far away from doing any harm to the flock and her babies, the tired leopard gave up the chase.  The mother goose made her way back to the flock and mother and babies were reunited safe and sound.
There are different types of geese, but they all keep the same loyalty to their flock.  For example, if one goose gets hurt or sick and falls out of formation, then a few geese will stay with the sick or injured for protection.  They will not leave the goose until it dies or flies.  The geese will remain with each other when they take off again.  They may fly with another flock until they catch up to their own.
Geese are territorial creatures and can get vicious when people walk by their family or their babies.  If they have a nest and someone walks by, rest assure, they will attack.  Geese will not attack a predator.  In the case of this leopard or another large predator, they use their intelligence to ward them off.  It can be amazing to watch nature and how intelligent some animals are.
Here we learn of the heart of a mother and the loyalty of a flock of geese.  We learned how instinct takes over fear, and this mother goose becomes the ultimate hero.  The flock pulled together, and they all waddled away happy.  The ultimate lesson is, in nature, it is the survival of the fittest, but it is also the survival of the smartest.

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Vail’s Newest Ski Patroller is a 9-Week-Old Puppy

Kevin Wells



Vail Ski Resort has a new ski patrol trainee, a 9-week-old puppy named Cowgirl. Cowgirl is a Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever born in Port Coquitland, B.C., a town near Vancouver. She and her handler Kori Landauer, will be training for the next two years to gain their Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment certificate and become the newest member to the ski patrol team. First though, she must get acquainted with one of the busiest ski mountains in America, and her four other canine co-workers.

Hannah Dixon, a spokeswoman for Vail Ski Resort, told the Denver post that Cowgirl did well on her first day and her first goal is to become desensitized to all of the things on the mountain to include snowcats, chair lifts and the mass of people.

Ski patrol dogs are needed on large mountains for avalanche rescues and for many other duties, like helping teach ski safety to guests and kids, assisting as therapy dogs for injured skiers, and more. With their speed, agility, and sense of smell, they are capable of locating buried avalanche victims. Luckily, avalanches within ski resort areas are rare. This is in part due to avalanche control measures that patrollers take part in, like firing explosives on risky slopes. Although avalanches are rare on ski resorts, ski patrol dogs continue their training and may even be called to help with off-site avalanche rescues by the county sheriffs. It is said, that one dog and its handler can do the job that 150 trained searchers can do in the same amount of time. 

Colorado’s Rapid Avalanche Deployment team aims  for successful avalanche search and rescue. Cowgirl and Landauer will be trained for this and more to help save lives in case of an avalanche.

According to the American Kennel Club, Cowgirl’s breed make good work dogs, so they are perfect for ski patrol. Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are known for their intelligence, affection, are eager to please, and are hard-working. They also have a lot of energy and are strong, athletic, and agile.

Landauer grew up in Vail Valley and has worked as a patroller at Vail Ski Resort for the last six seasons. To become a handler, she has be training and working with the other patrol dogs, who have welcomed Cowgirl with open paws to their team.

Dixon said that Cowgirl “has been getting along great with the other dogs and is very smart, wide-eyed, and just taking it all in.”

If you’re wondering where the name Cowgirl came from, Landauer always wanted to be a cowgirl. She may not have lived up to that dream, but she now has a cowgirl in her life, in the form of her newest friend and puppy.

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Dog Owner Turns Dog Into Polar Bear, Among Other Animals

Renee Yates



Have you ever wanted to have a polar bear as a pet? Or maybe a giraffe, or even a lion? If you’re like expert groomer Rachelle McGinnis, it’s definitely possible. McGinnis doesn’t have these animals as pets. Instead, she transforms her poodle, 12-year-old Bijou, into these amazing creatures. The latest being a mini polar bear.

McGinnis has said she loves being able to transform her poodle into anything she dreams up because it shows off her creativity. To get the look just right, Bijou had to grow out her fur for 11 months, so it was long enough for her to resemble a polar bear. First Mcginnis cut her fur, which took her a few hours. She didn’t make Bijou sit for that long, though. She did the cutting in stages. Although it took hours to create the look, it only took 30 minutes to style it. Styling the hair includes washing and brushing and a lot of hairspray.

It takes a lot of time, work, and energy to get the look just right. After brushing Bijou’s fur, McGinnis posed her for pictures. She made sure her neck was elongated just right, and had her stand at certain angles. The pictures were taken in the snow, so that from a distance, it’s believable that she really is a mini polar bear roaming in your backyard. She looks so realistic that it would scare most people. But Bijou is anything but ferocious.

Bijou enjoys being pampered, groomed, and pet. McGinnis enjoys styling her and expressing her creativity, so it’s no surprise she has transformed Bijou into many animals. So far, she has transformed her into a horse, peacock, and a dragon. She has used different methods to transform her dog, like carving and dying the fur. She has said that she loves doing the wackiest designs because it lets her explore different creative outlets.

If you’re concerned about Bijou, she doesn’t mind the transformations one bit, or the attention. She enjoys meeting new people. Many have stopped their cars to meet her, pet her, and take a picture with her.

McGinnis has said that Bijou doesn’t care what she looks like, but craves the attention. Being groomed is like a spa day for her. She doesn’t care the outcome, just as long as she feels loved.

The hardest transformation so far was making Bijou into a horse. Bijou had a saddle and a mane. McGinnis said the carving was very intricate and it took about eight hours to complete. McGinnis has many other animals she wants to create but next, she plans on making her dog look like a sheep. This transformation will be easier to upkeep, however. It will include making her fur as fluffy as possible and her paws dyed back to look like hooves.

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Couple Renews Wedding Vows 75 Years Later, You Won’t Believe Where!

Shannon Jackson



Weddings can be some of the most romantic events in the world. When Jim and Irene Richardson tied the knot on April 12, 1944, they knew that they were getting together for the long-haul. Their marriage began during World War II which was a time of great unrest. Jim and Irene were 20 and 19-years-old respectively and that meant that they had a lot of life ahead of them. The two had met during a village dance in Lancashire and it wasn’t long until they were tying the knot for good. Now, 75 years later, Jim and Irene are going back home to renew their vows, in the very spot that they were married.

At 95 and 94 years old, Jim and Irene were ecstatic to head back home to Lancashire in order to celebrate their diamond anniversary. After 75 years of marriage together, they knew that they wanted to go ‘back in time’ in order to celebrate the start of their beautiful marriage. The retired farmers knew that they wanted to go back to the exact place that they had gotten married so that they could recreate their wedding photo. Believed to be the longest married couple in Lancashire, the celebration ended up getting quite a bit of attention.

The service began at 2 P.M., exactly as it had in 1944. Jim and Irene stood in the exact spots that they had stood in originally, with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. There were multiple reasons as to why this moment was so special for the couple. With four children together, Jim and Irene had made a wonderful life together. However, Jim had always regretted not properly thanking his mother during his speech. His granddaughter, Sandra Taylor, decided to help him pay proper tribute by putting together the ceremony.

The wedding was held at St Michael’s CE Church which is located in the heart of Lancashire. There were four children, eight grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, and one great, great-grandchild in attendance. Needless to say, Jim and Irene had the whole family gathered for the emotional and touching event. Sandra was proud of how the event turned out for her grandparents, and she made sure to capture as many photographs as possible.

Back in the ’40s, Jim had proposed to Irene while taking her for a bike ride. Jim had stopped their ride in a beautiful copse of trees on their cycling path in order to get on one knee and propose. In 1944, Jim and Irene were driven to Preston in order to get their photographs done for their wedding. Their wedding feast came from a local farm and it had featured salmon that were fished from the Lune river. Back then, Jim had worked as a mini-bus driver while Irene worked at a cafe. The two then spent decades together as farmers before retiring to St. Michael’s.

For the vow renewal, Sandra made sure to emulate as much of the original wedding as possible — with the addition of a special thank, you to Jim’s dearly departed mother. Jim and Irene were ecstatic with how the wedding turned out. Jim got to walk down the aisle to the Wedding March, and he claimed that the experience had made him feel ‘six feet tall’. Jim would go on to say that he was proud of his entire family, and he would happily do it all again. Irene was equally overjoyed, claiming that she could always go to Jim and the rest of her family with her troubles. Irene concluded her comments on the renewal by saying simply, “It has been a lovely life.” 

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Dog Aids Rescuers in Finding Owner

Shannon Jackson



Washington State Police say that a barking dog led them to the dog’s owner who had fallen and died during a hike. A 64-year-old man was reported missing by his wife when he did not come home after he was supposed to go on a hike. The woman said that he didn’t leave a note about where he was going, but he often went hiking with the dog. During the 911 call, the woman reported her husband and the family dog, Daisy, missing. Authorities started searching near Evans Creek. This is where the wife told police that her husband had been researching online about geocaching in that region.

A search began at sunrise in the Alder Lake area after authorities pinged the man’s cell phone and found his last location. However, authorities didn’t find the vehicle of the missing man until that afternoon at 4:45 p.m. An hour after finding the car, the newest member of the team that had been searching heard the sound of a barking dog. In the car, authorities also found a list of geocache locations. They were able to use the maps to search nearby locations, but ultimately it was the barking dog that helped with the case. It’s unclear from the statement if the maps did help them get closer to Daisy. The rescuer then walked in the direction of the sound of the dog for about 30 minutes. The rescuer spotted a dog that had the same description as Daisy. Daisy was on a steep embankment above the Marshall River. Due to the terrain, it took the search and rescue team another 30 minutes through the brush to get to Daisy’s location. When he found the dog, the rescuer also found the missing man’s body. The rescuers used a rope system to bring him down the steep hillside so he could be carried to the vehicle. Animal Control was also on the scene in order to return Daisy back home.

The man, who hasn’t yet been identified, is believed to have fallen while on a hike in the woods. During his fall, he likely sustained fatal injuries. In a statement, authorities said it a tough search with a sad end. The end of the search wouldn’t have been possible without Daisy. Without the barking, authorities would never have been able to find the man, especially given the steep terrain and heavy brush in the area. The local police department praised the efforts of the volunteers and deputies to find the missing man and dog and return to the family.

While this story doesn’t have a particularly happy ending, there are plenty of stories where dogs have been able to save their owners. Dogs really are man’s best friend and they do have a magical sense of knowing when owners are in danger. They are loyal just like Daisy was and will stay with their owners until the very end. Even though Daisy wasn’t able to save her owner, she still proved she was a loyal companion and ultimately did help in making sure he came back home.

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