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18 Cute Children of Royal Families in the World

Royal families have always caught people’s attention, especially when a special occasion or unexpected occurrence happens. Perhaps these families are the idea of some of these fairy tales we hear. Whatever the reason, royal families will always have a spot light on their head. Here are some photos of some children from royal families around the world. Their poses and appearance will captivate you.

Princess Louise of Belgium

Royalty is about formalities and optics. Princess Louise does not dispute this culture but sometimes it is good to relax. She has been captured posing in a typical child’s posture. She tried forgetting her title and position for a few minutes and being a normal child.

Prince Jigme of Bhutan

He is the next in line for the crown in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Prince Jigme is about two years now yet he is a vibrant baby. The photo shows how he has a cute dimple on his cheek when he smiles. The prince will make an amazing king if he grows to become the jovial individual he is.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

The most fascinating thing about Princess Charlotte is how she resembles her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth of England. The photo expresses the little princess as a stern lady. Probably she will take after her grandmother’s traits and make a great leader.

Prince George of Cambridge

The bubbles clearly excited Prince George and he thought life is beautiful. Despite him being a royal, Prince George is like any other baby who appreciates little joys. Simple things make him happy and inspired. The prince is about five years and standing third in the line of succession.

Princess Isabell of Denmark

She is the first girl child to be born in the Danish royal family since 1940s. Princess Isabell is also countess of Monzepat. The photo shows an enthusiastic girl who loves nature and life. Her mother is Australian and she is third in line for succession. Meanwhile, she will continue enjoying her childhood and loving life.

Prince Hisahito of Akishino

This Prince is a vibrant young boy who can’t wait to exploit his full potential. At his age, he seems to be innovative and already ahead of his age. Prince Hisahito is third in the line of succession. Even if he does not get the crown, the prince will make a brilliant leader elsewhere.

Prince Hashem of Jordan

The prince and his father share a birth date. The prince is said to come from a genealogy that goes back to Prophet Mohammad. This occurrence is probable an indication that the young prince is certainly destined for greatness. He may still be young today but he better grow up preparing for a bright future.

Princess Amalia and Prince Liam of Luxembourg

This photo stands in its own uniqueness. The two baby royals represent innocence and pure sibling love. They may have long titles and positions in their kingdom but they are first siblings to each other and then other things. May they grow to keep the love between them.

Princess Gabrielle and Prince Jacques of Monaco

This is yet another set of siblings that will carry you away. They are twin born two minutes apart. The princess came first then the prince. According to the royal culture of Monaco, the prince will take the throne before the princess, despite the birth order.

Princess Lalla Khadija of Morocco

Her birth was such a delightful moment for the king until he pardoned thousands of prisoners. Princess Lalla is a beautiful girl and we hope she will grow up to become an influential personality in Morocco. Princess Lalla’s family has been in power since the 17th century. She is expected to continue this trend that has been on for centuries.

Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway

This prince is quite a comedian, especially with an audience comprising of girls. Apparently, he is known to make humorous poses on other photos. Well, considering he is an adolescent, the behavior is expected. Prince Sverre is standing third in the line of succession.

Princesses Leonor and Sofia of Spain

The two sisters show so much sibling love in this photo. Princess Leonor is older, which makes her second in the line of succession. When they pose together their eye color reveals their beautiful eyes and how excited they are about each other.

Princess Leonor of Sweden

The princess is quite a diverse young girl. Princess Leonore has Swedish descent and American citizenship where she was born. At the same time, the princess calls London her home. She may be so far from taking the throne but her diversity may come in handy in making her a great leader.

Prince Taufa’ahau of Tonga

The adorable young prince has cute eyes that say how ready he is for life. Prince Taufa’ahau may be a young boy right now but his pose suggest a lot. He looks alert and prepared for whatever awaits him. He is second in line of succession so, the prince is definitely going to take a leadership position when he grows up.

Mia Tindall, United Kingdom

She is an active girl and the princess t-shirt suggests she is quite assertive. Although she is not exactly in the official titles, Mia is a great granddaughter of Queen of England. She is seventeenth in line for succession.

Prince Christian of Denmark

The twelve year old prince poses like any other adolescent but seems to be a thoughtful young man. That is understandable considering he is the crown prince of his kingdom.

Princess Salma of Jordan

She is certainly a lively and hopeful daddy’s girl. The princess is 17 years and quite ready to step into adulthood. She may not be heir of the throne but Princess Salma is destined for greatness.

Princess Ingrid of Alexandra of Norway

The thirteen year old princess pays attention to detail, as it is evident in this photo. She is second in line for the throne. Regardless of her teen age, the princess engages in royal engagements.


American Couple’s Kindness Shines in Snowy Adventure with South Korean Tourists

Renee Yates



In a heartwarming tale of kindness and friendship, an American couple from Buffalo, New York, opened their home to a group of stranded South Korean tourists during a severe blizzard on December 23rd. What started as a simple request for shovels turned into a heartwarming story that went viral, bringing people together across borders. The couple’s act of compassion not only provided shelter but also sparked an enduring bond that led to a special reunion in South Korea. Let’s delve into this remarkable story and explore the lasting impact of their selfless act.

As the blizzard raged outside, ten South Korean tourists found themselves stuck in their van, unable to move through the heavy snow. Seeking assistance, they approached a nearby house and requested shovels to dig themselves out. However, they received much more than they had anticipated. The couple, who had prepared for a quiet Christmas at home, welcomed the strangers with open arms and invited them inside.

The storm had brought these strangers together, creating an opportunity for cultural exchange and friendship. During the two nights and three days they spent together, the couple and their unexpected guests bonded over stories, shared meals, and even watched American football. The couple, who had a deep appreciation for Korean cuisine, surprised their guests with an array of Korean food ingredients. The South Korean visitors were amazed to find soy sauce, mirin, chili powder, chili paste, a rice cooker, and Korean cookbooks, as if the couple had been preparing for their arrival.

News of the couple’s kindness quickly spread across the internet, captivating hearts around the world. Social media platforms buzzed with messages of admiration and appreciation for their selfless act. Many people were inspired by their story and were motivated to perform acts of kindness themselves. The couple received an outpouring of support, with kind messages, cards, and generous gifts from various Korean groups, including a year of free fried chicken at Genesis BBQ.

Months later, in May, the couple embarked on a 10-day tour of Seoul, graciously invited by the Korea Tourism Organization. This visit was not merely a sightseeing adventure but a chance to reunite with the guests they had sheltered during the blizzard. Andrea, the wife, expressed her gratitude and joy, saying, “To see everyone in Korea again is such a blessing.” The couple had always held an appreciation and interest in Korean culture, and their chance encounter had brought them closer to this beautiful country.

The bond forged during their time together in Buffalo proved to be strong and lasting. The couple and their South Korean guests became lifelong friends. The experience inspired not only the couple but also their guests, who felt compelled to pay it forward and spread kindness to others. Through their act of compassion, the American couple created a ripple effect of goodwill, reminding us of the power of empathy and humanity.

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Auto Shop Technician Rescues Kitten From Wheel Well — Then Adopts Her

Shannon Jackson



In a heartwarming story of kindness and compassion, a technician at Quality Plus Automotive Service, Inc in Raleigh, North Carolina, named Chris Hayes, found a kitten hiding in a car and rescued her. The little kitten, now known as Charcoal, was discovered in March in the wheel well of a woman’s car and was initially frightened and alone. After the woman called Animal Control, they advised her to take the car to the nearest auto shop, which is how Charcoal ended up at Quality Plus Automotive.

Chris Hayes, who was working at the shop that day, immediately took an interest in the scared kitten and worked to coax her out of the wheel well. With patience and care, Chris was able to rescue Charcoal and take her to a local rescue where she was given a medical inspection and spayed. The tiny kitten stayed on Chris and his wife Stephanie’s mind ever since.

Stephanie and Chris had been talking about adopting a kitten after their elderly cat passed away in December, and they were thrilled when they heard that Charcoal was available for adoption. Stephanie had always wanted a gray kitten, and Charcoal was the perfect fit. After applying to adopt her, Chris and Stephanie welcomed Charcoal into their home and gave her a loving forever family.

Charcoal is described as a lively and good-natured kitten who has brought joy and happiness to her new family. Chris and Stephanie’s act of kindness and rescue of Charcoal is a reminder of the importance of compassion and empathy towards all creatures, no matter how small or vulnerable.

The story of Charcoal’s rescue and adoption is a touching reminder of the power of kindness and compassion in our daily lives. It’s often the small, selfless acts of individuals like Chris and Stephanie that make a big difference in the world. As we navigate through our busy lives, let’s take a moment to remember the importance of empathy and kindness, and how it can positively impact those around us, including our furry friends.

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Puppy Palooza Event Relieves Stress During Final Exams Week At YSU

Kevin Wells



As the semester comes to a close, students are preparing for final exams and projects. The pressure and stress can become overwhelming, but Youngstown State University (YSU) in Ohio found the perfect way to alleviate some of that stress: Puppy Palooza.

Puppy Palooza is an event that YSU hosts every semester to help students relax and de-stress during finals week. The event took place outside the Recreation Center on campus, where a group of adorable puppies were brought in for students to enjoy some much-needed puppy therapy during their study breaks.

The rescue puppies were provided by New Lease on Life, a shelter in Struthers. The organization loaned out their furry friends for the event, giving the pups a chance to interact with loving students, and giving the students an opportunity to relieve some stress.

The event was a huge hit with the students, who enjoyed playing with the puppies, petting them, and snuggling with them. One student exclaimed, “They just brought a bunch of dogs we can love on and I am having the best time of my life right now.” The smiles on the faces of the students proved that Puppy Palooza was a much-needed break from their hectic schedules.

The puppies also seemed to enjoy the attention and love they received from the students. They wagged their tails and snuggled with the students, providing them with some much-needed emotional support.

Puppy Palooza was a win-win situation for everyone involved. The students got to relieve some stress, and the puppies got to interact with loving students. It was a great way to bring some positivity and joy to the YSU community during a typically stressful time of year.

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Parrots Learn To Socialize Through Video Calls

Renee Yates



Video calls turned out to be a great way for pet parrots to connect and interact with each other, especially when they are living alone or separated from their flock. This was the focus of a recent experiment conducted by researchers from Northeastern University, the University of Glasgow, and MIT. The goal of the study was to explore how pet parrots would respond to video calls with other parrots, and whether this could have any benefits for their well-being.

Parrots are social creatures that naturally live in flocks, and they thrive on social interaction and engagement with others. When kept as pets, however, they are often separated from other parrots and may become bored, anxious, or even self-destructive if they are left alone for long periods of time. This is why providing them with opportunities for socialization and engagement is so important for their health and happiness.

In this study, the researchers taught a group of pet parrots how to initiate video calls with other parrots using a touchscreen tablet. The birds were trained to ring a bell and then touch an image of another parrot on the tablet to start a call. In the first phase of the experiment, 212 video calls were made, each lasting up to 5 minutes or until the birds lost interest. During this phase, the birds showed a lot of curiosity and interest in the calls, and many of them learned new skills and behaviors from their bird friends.

In the second phase of the experiment, the birds were given the freedom to initiate calls on their own and choose who they wanted to call. They made 147 calls during this phase, and the calls typically lasted for at least 5 minutes each. The birds showed a wide range of behaviors and interactions during the calls, including singing, playing, showing off toys, and even calling out to each other.

According to the researchers, the birds seemed to really enjoy the video calls and benefited from the social interaction and engagement with their bird friends. They also learned new sounds and behaviors from each other, which suggests that video chatting could be a valuable tool for enriching the lives of pet parrots.

“I was quite surprised at the range of different behaviors,” co-author Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, an animal-computer interaction researcher at the University of Glasgow, tells the Guardian’s Hannah Devlin. “Some would sing, some would play around and go upside down, others would want to show another bird their toys.”

The study highlights the importance of providing pet parrots with opportunities for socialization and engagement, and suggests that video chatting could be a valuable tool for achieving this. By giving pet parrots the ability to connect with other parrots through video calls, we can help them lead happier and more fulfilling lives, and also learn new skills and behaviors from their bird friends.

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Boy Writes Letter To Police About Crushed Toy Car – Receives Heartwarming Response





On Easter Break in Bournemouth, Toby was playing with his toy car. It was his favorite toy and he took it with him everywhere he went. But that weekend, something terrible happened to the car that made Toby very sad.

Toby was getting into his family’s car outside his house when he accidentally dropped his toy car. The car bounced across the street and a passing car unknowingly ran over it, destroying Toby’s beloved toy. Toby was devastated and wanted to call the police about the incident. However, his parents convinced him to write a letter instead.

So Toby sat down and wrote a letter to the local police in Dorset. He told them about the incident and asked them to catch the “bad man” who had run over his toy car and tell him off for breaking it. Toby’s parents helped him to send the letter, hoping that it would make their son feel better.

To their surprise, they received a heartwarming reply from the local Sergeant. She expressed her sorrow for Toby’s toy car and included a brand-new toy car for him. Toby was thrilled and couldn’t believe that the police had taken the time to write back to him and send him a new toy car.

From that day on, Toby thought of the police as his friends. He had previously been a little frightened of them, but now he knew that they were there to help him. Toby’s parents were touched by the kindness shown by the local police and were grateful for their efforts to make their son feel better.

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