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Why Do Strong Girls Always Burn Out? There are a Few Key Reasons Why.

Everyone needs a busy life that can be filled with stress from time to time. Sometimes, people are ashamed to admit that they are overwhelmed. People hesitate to admit that they have too much on their plate. They might not want to say that they can’t handle everything but they have to do from day to day. On the other hand, people should never be ashamed to ask for help. Nobody should be ashamed to say they are falling apart at the seams and would like help from other people. Sadly, this is often what happens to strong girls who have high expectations.

Strong girls with high expectations often burn out because they have such high expectations of themselves. They often strive to reach success in both their personal and professional lives. It is fair to have big dreams and high hopes. It is also fair to have strong faith. This is what makes a strong girl so strong. At the same time, strong girls are also grounded. They understand how the world works. Strong girls know how hard they have to work and how much effort they have to put in if they want to turn their dreams into reality. It is important to keep working hard, even when motivation isn’t always there. It is this drive to make a difference and do better that sets them apart, even when their energy is running low or the gas tank is on empty.

Strong girls also tend to burn out because, as strong as they drive to succeed might be, they also have an innate drive to help their family members and friends. They do not know how to say no. If someone needs help, they want to step up and provide that assistance, even if they cannot take care of their own responsibilities. It is this generosity, drive, and compassion that often sets them apart. As a result, strong girls off and do not take the time to rest even when they need it. They feel like if they rest, they are going to let someone down who needs their assistance. By saying no, they feel like they would leave opportunities on the table. These opportunities may make it hard for them to live up to their full potential later down the road.

Strong girls often burn out because they don’t know how to take breaks. They don’t know how to take vacation time. They don’t know how to relax, let those, and have fun. Even when strong girls are off the clock, they feel like they should be working. They feel like they are falling behind. As a result, even when they are on vacation and supposed to be relaxing, they feel a tremendous amount of stress. After all, if they are working, someone else is. They are falling behind. This means that even when they are on vacation, they aren’t truly relaxing. This only contributes to the burn out.

Fortunately, there is a way for strong girls to prevent from burning out. It is important to take time to breathe. It is important to ask for help when it is needed. It is OK to take days off. After all, without days off, people are only going to get tired. Finally, it is also critical not to be ashamed. No strong girl should ever be ashamed of asking for help. This is never a sign of weakness. This is not a reflection of her independence. Remember, strong girls are never in this alone.



A Furry Companion Unlike Any Other

Renee Yates



People enjoy learning about pets on social media sites and when a dog seems to exude a behavior that is unique or charming, many people may wind up viewing a post, ultimately making a canine a worldwide sensation. In the past, there was a small dog named Boo, who was noted for popular Instagram photos and videos, which showcased the dog’s tendency to be dressed up in cute clothing. Boo normally spent time alongside his pal Buddy. Unfortunately Boo passed away a few years ago, but he did live a long and happy life.

Today, there is a new internet star by the name of Milo. Milo is a duck tolling retriever and already has over 30,000 followers on Instagram. He enjoys spending time outdoors and is especially fond of butterflies. This interest became apparent when his owner, Jenn Bennet, noticed that Milo was carefully observing some Monarch butterflies that were flying in her flower garden.

Some of the butterflies actually landed on Milo’s head and his owner took a picture of him. This picture is what first made Milo popular with people worldwide. “He has a gentle demeanor and loves nature and living creatures”, stated Jenn during an interview on Good Morning America. Monarchs are dwindling in number worldwide and Jenn wants to do her part to protect this species from harm.

Another one of Milo’s interests has to deal with hobby cooking. Milo doesn’t actually cook, but Jenn jokes around about how Milo is her helper and how he will sit patiently waiting for her to create dog treats. The treats include peanut butter carrot cake, peanut butter donuts, and granola bars. Jenn has created personal recipes for a while now and she enjoys trying out new flavor combinations and allowing Milo to taste test each creation.

All natural ingredients are used for each recipe and the snacks are offered in conjunction with Milo’s normal diet. “Milo will sit patiently on the floor, watching me add ingredients to a bowl and observing me whisk the items until they are blended. Before using cookie cutters or a roller, I allow Milo to sample each batch of goodies. Milo’s way of thanking me is by using his tongue to give me a sloppy kiss”, stated Jenn.

Jenn has been sharing her love of cooking and the healthy ingredient combinations that she uses to create dog treats. If you would like to learn more about the treats that Milo prefers, you can acquire a listing of the ingredients used and the preparation steps, by visiting Jenn’s Instagram page.

Additionally, if you want to be inspired by a furry creature who is only 2 years old, but has a lot of character and love for life, be sure to stay updated, by browsing the photos and the unique captions that Jenn shares with her audience. Who knows, you may even become inspired to adopt your own dog companion and to share some of the heartwarming moments that you experience when you are alone with your new pet.

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Dad suffering from broken heart syndrome, tells others to watch out for stress during the pandemic. 

Kelly Taylor



Richard Watkins is a family man first and businessman second who lives with a family in Ohio. As the executive of a large car manufacturing firm, stress is already something Richard is quite familiar with. 

The COVID-19 pandemic, which hard last March in the United States, however, has made his stress rise to entirely new levels. Due to shutdowns and decreasing consumer demands, many jobs had to lay off or fire many workers as nearly 52% of small businesses have shut down for good. 

In the face of mass layoffs, which left nearly 30 million Americans out of work and no jobs to turn to, Richard found himself in the position of having to lay off many workers as well. 

The company simply couldn’t afford to keep paying worker wages while taking in no revenue since their manufacturing had all but stopped. 

The result was an unfortunate but necessary layoff where Richard had to tell hundreds of workers the company could no longer pay them and had to lay them off for the time being. 

In the midst of that incredibly stressful time, Richards’s father, who was 91 years old, also passed away. 

On the day of Richards’s father’s funeral, Richard remarked to his wife that he’s back felt unusually tight, and his arms both went numb. 

Richard then laid his head down on the kitchen table and closed his eyes. Initially, his wife didn’t react as Richard just seemed to be bowing his head down. 

However, after nearly a minute of silence, Richard began to turn blue and did not respond to his wife’s frantic calls to him. Richard’s heart had stopped beating. 

Richards’s wife immediately called 911, and paramedics were able to resuscitate Richard and get his heart back up and running. 

Doctors at first believed Richard had suffered from a heart attack. However, this wasn’t the case. Richards’s heart and arteries did not have any blockages, and we’re seemingly healthy. 

Instead, Richard says that immense stress had caused his stress to stop beating. Although rare, this phenomenon has been documented in the past. 

Now Ricard has taken to social media to warn people about the dangers of stress. Richard says that reducing stress and dealing with it head-on is extremely important for your health. In fact, stress can even cause other issues like chronic inflammation, poor sleep, depression, and more.

Richard says he found many ways to reduce stress, which may or may not work for other people. One popular and scientifically proven way to reduce stress is through meditation. That doesn’t necessarily mean sitting silently for hours at a time. 

Some people meditate for just five to ten minutes at a time. While others may “actively meditate” by silently walking and paying attention to their thoughts as they walk. Other people find other coping mechanisms like reducing obligations in their schedlues and taking more “me time” for themsleves. 

Other experts urge people to take mental health days, and spend more time and money foucsing on their happiness other than pleasing work bosses or appeasing other unhealthy work ethics. All in all, the key seems to be making your life more simple and getting outside more often. 

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The Normality of Single-Parent Households

Kevin Wells



There is a common misconception in society regarding the end of a marriage as a woman. The thought is that the marriage ends because you are searching for a better option. While that may be the scenario in some instances, this is not the case in all.

Of course, having a partner is helpful for some situations but not all women are looking for their next husband and not all children need two parents to have a happy childhood. In many cases, the household is much happier without the father around since there is the added stress component.

Some mothers prefer to live and parent on their own. Naturally, there are challenging aspects, especially not having a dual income, but they can also run their home the way that is best for their children. This also lends to being the single person who is in charge.

For the strong-willed parent, it can be difficult to strike a balance between maintaining that train and keeping up with the best way to raise children, all while being happy in the marriage. On many occasions, both parents must compromise their feelings which can become cumbersome and feel like too much is given. This can be mentally exhausting and cause marital problems.

Single parents enjoy the opportunity to spend time and enjoy life with their children without butting heads with their spouse. This helps build relationships with the children in a loving and caring environment.

Of course, there are stresses associated with being a single parent but feeling like you can be yourself in parenting and life is the most important aspect of single parenting. It is difficult to constantly be happy with yourself when angry at your husband. Attempting to exist in a poor marriage can take its toll on your self-worth, which can occur for many years. Eventually, everyone hits a breaking point if improvements are not made.

Single parents get to enjoy the freedom of running the household and only focusing on the needs of their children and themselves. Of course, companionship is always a plus, assuming it is a positive relationship. When children are at a young age, a single parent needs to create a stable and sturdy environment.

Dating is often still acceptable, but it is different when the new boyfriend is taking up half of a dresser drawer with their belongings, half of the bed, and half of the entire residence. When having so much freedom as a single parent, it can be difficult to imagine having a live-in boyfriend or spouse.

There is a double standard for men versus women when a divorce occurs. Many men get re-married quickly after a divorce because they need that companionship. Generally, society is more accepting of men having and enjoying their freedom. On the other hand, society frowns upon women also enjoying their freedom.

Despite the differences between men and women post-divorce and the way society views everyone, the most important aspect of a single parent is creating a happy and supportive home for their children.

There will always be times of doubt when you wonder if you made the right decision, this is normal. They look at the joy in your children and the happiness in yourself, knowing you made the right decision.

Also, showing your children that you are a strong single parent is a powerful lesson in development. This shows that you do not need two parents in a single household to create a loving family and genuinely be happy. This is a life lesson they will carry with them for years to come!

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A Unique Graduation Picture Set

Renee Yates



High school graduations are occasions that get people thinking about both the past and the future. Many people become nostalgic when they graduate from high school. They think about their first school days. Dylan Bliss took this a step further.

He and his dog Ruger took an adorable picture together when he first started school more than a decade ago. Dylan Bliss’s mother Corie had a clever suggestion. She knew that the two of them had posed for a picture together when Dylan Bliss became a first grader. They could take a similar picture again, and this one would demonstrate the passage of time in a unique way. 

Ruger is a much older dog now, but he’s alive and well. He was able to take a picture with Dylan Bliss to celebrate his graduation day. The family got Ruger when he was still a little puppy. Dylan Bliss and Ruger genuinely grew up together.

In both pictures, Ruger is wearing a collar and leash. Both of the collar and leash sets in the pictures match quite well, which helps to make the pictures look more similar and establish continuity. Dylan Bliss is holding onto the leash this time. 

The expressions of both individuals have also changed. Ruger has his mouth closed in the first picture, but his mouth is slightly ajar in the second. Dylan appears to be more guarded in the first picture, since he’s barely smiling. He seems much more relaxed and confident in the second picture, as an accomplished high school graduate. 

It’s also interesting to look at the changes in the quality of the pictures over the course of more than a full decade. The new picture is much clearer and brighter. It’s easier to see lots of fine details in the picture. Technology has changed over the course of Dylan’s life and Ruger’s life. Both pictures manage to make this clear, and both of them are capturing historical moments. 

The backgrounds for both pictures are also different, and there’s something symbolic about that. In the first picture, the background is simple and fairly empty. In the second picture, there’s a stone wall in the background, as well as lots of green plants. Ruger has lived a very full life since the first picture was taken, and Dylan has become an adult. The new background of the picture helps to demonstrate that both of them have richer lives and histories now than they did in the past. It’s a complex set of pictures that communicates a lot at once. 

People often purchase middle school, high school, and college yearbooks. They’ll remember those parts of their lives more effectively as a result. Taking professional senior class pictures is also popular. However, the pictures that people take at home can be just as special, especially because they’ll have plenty of chances to be creative. 

Online, it’s popular for people to take pictures of themselves periodically and use those pictures to show how they have progressed over time. At the end of each decade, there are frequently viral trends where people compare photographs of themselves that were taken at the end and the beginning of the decade. Dylan Bliss’s picture with Ruger is similar, at least in a way. However, it’s much more personal.

The end of a decade is significant for everyone. However, people’s high school or college graduation years can all vary. A random year in any given decade could be particularly important to a person who graduated from school in that year. Dylan Bliss will probably remember 2020 in a relatively unique way for that reason.

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Exercising From Home Today

Shannon Jackson



People who used to go to the gym on a regular basis are now exercising in their homes. Some people have always done so, and it has not been difficult for them to adjust to this new situation. However, plenty of other people find it boring to exercise at home.

They’re used to being able to see people at the gym and socialize. People who used to exercise outdoors often feel like they’re very isolated when they’re indoors. It’s sometimes difficult to come up with creative workouts from home, especially for the people who just aren’t used to this sort of thing. 

In the recent past, it was common for people to use fitness and exercise videos. Some people still do, and there are lots of videos like that on popular video content websites. However, other people miss the more social aspects of exercise, especially if they used to have personal trainers. People today are increasingly aware of the importance of socializing in general, especially with regards to exercise. 

Some individuals have a hard time motivating themselves to exercise in the first place if they are not able to see their friends at group classes. Other people enjoy getting emotional support from their personal trainers, who are able to offer encouragement. Many individuals enjoy working out with their friends. They’re less likely to miss a workout session if they go to the gym in teams or in pairs, which is already reason enough for people to adopt this sort of schedule. 

During the pandemic, it’s been difficult for people to be social when they exercise. However, a lot of fitness professionals are trying to make that easier for everyone. Instructors are now interacting with their customers or potential customers by using live streaming services. These streams are available every day, so it is possible for people to keep to a consistent exercise schedule. 

The instructors are also offering exercise classes on-demand, so people can still get some of the experience that they used to have at their own group exercise classes. There is also an entire fitness community connected to the new live streaming features, so students can still socialize with one another at a distance. 

This community focuses on diet as well as exercise. A lot of people are adopting unhealthy eating habits during quarantine. This is partly due to the fact that it’s getting so much easier to order food through delivery services, and not all of that food is healthy. Some people might be comfort eating because they’re nervous about the future and current events. Other people might just be dealing with food shortages in their areas.

However, this service is trying to make things easier for the people who are trying to eat more nutritiously. There are cooking classes that can help people prepare food more nutritiously. Certified professional nutritionists are also available for the people who want professional recommendations regarding meal planning. There are also some great recipes available, including recipes that people can follow more easily in today’s world. 

Many companies are currently adjusting to these unusual circumstances. Fitness instructors are capable of reaching broad audiences with today’s technology, even if this is an unusual world at present. Nutritionists and diet experts are capable of doing the same thing. 

Some people are using their time in quarantine to get healthier, while other individuals are trying to maintain the healthy habits that they have always had. Either way, fitness professionals are there for them and can help them. Group exercises classes like these might always be available, since some people will like this format better. 

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