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Tiny Crochet Sloths are the Most Adorable Things You Will Ever See


Tiny Crochet Sloths are the Most Adorable Things You Will Ever See


Who doesn’t love a sloth? How could you not? They are always smiling and just hanging around. They are like your cool laid back friend that you want to be like. They take everything in stride and everything is just cool. They are so loveable and are just one of the most adorable animals ever. The Twisted Crocheter has created a tiny crochet sloth that is the sweetest thing you will ever see. If they do not melt your heart, I’m not sure you even had one to begin with because they are that cute.

You can wrap these baby crochet sloths right around your finger. Who doesn’t want someone or something wrapped around their finger? It seriously does not get any cuter than this. They are so small, you can take them anywhere you want to go.

This baby sloths are the creative genius of The Twisted Crocheter. This is a crafter who sells the finished sloth, as well as the pattern, so you can do it yourself. The crafter makes several different versions of the sloths. One version has two sloths wrapped in a hug. They are adorable together and look like they are so in love. They have faces crocheted onto them also.

You can also get a single sloth that will wrap itself around your finger and hand out with you all day. These sloths are soft and definitely huggable. They go can anywhere you want them to. You can sit them on your desk at work, or in the chair next to you. I’m sure your co workers won’t mind. You can put them on your key ring or even tie them in your shoelaces. They offer just the right amount of cuteness to pick you up on any bad day.

You can purchase them on the Twisted Crocheter’s website. Or you can always download the baby sloth pattern and have a go at it yourself. The pattern is free to download and soon you can make a ton of little friends. If you aren’t feeling like you want to work for the cuteness, they are available to purchase in many colors and styles. You can also purchase crochet sloth key chains on the website.

The Twisted Crocheter really puts a lot of work into this little bundles of joy. They wrap around your finger, just like a sloth wraps itself around a tree in the jungle. They have faces crocheted on them and they become a friend on your finger. You can buy one for each of your friends and spread the joy. After all, we could always use a little more sunshine in our lives. Remember, if you don’t want to pay for them, you can download the pattern for free and being making your own sloths.

If you’re anything like me, crafty isn’t in your wheelhouse, so I would opt to purchase this cute little guys and give them out to all of m friends. They are just too cute not to share.


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