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Time To Toss: Items in Your Home That You Should Dispose of Today


Time To Toss: Items in Your Home That You Should Dispose of Today


Over time, we start to notice there is clutter building in our homes, but we are not sure where to start. From our closets to our kitchens, the mess seems to keep multiplying. Below are five items that you need to toss from your home today.


Clothes hangers come in wire, plastic, and wood options, and over time our homes accumulate more than we will ever need. Whether you pick them up from the dry cleaners or store purchases, hangers find themselves accumulating within homes. There is always more than enough, and they clutter up closet space. Find a cardboard box or plastic bin, load up the hanger surplus and drive to your local consignment retailer or dry cleaners. These retailers are always in need of such items and general recycling can be controversial for those wire types. Hangers are difficult to recycle due to their material types, shapes, and finishes. Because of this, donating them is the best option for home removal.


Those magazines collecting dust in your magazine rack are ready for the recycling bin. Magazines and other news outlets are becoming obsolete in the world of smart phones. All major magazine subscriptions now have a digital app that allow readers to log in and read the stories from their phone. Load your lingering magazines up in a plastic bin and drive them to the local recycling center. You will be doing a favor for yourself and the environment, since magazines can be recycled into a variety of paper uses.

Outdated Electronics

We know about that junk drawer. The one that is home to the decade old cameras with the memory cards. Ancient cell phones also seek refuge here, clogging up space and collecting dust. It is time to dispose of those electronics you will never use again. The cell phones will no longer work with today’s services, and that camera is just an extra piece to carry. How about the iPods and MP3 players that house music from the early 2000s? They, too, have become a figment of the past for music. Smart phones today have the uses of these devices combined in a single device. If you have no sentimental attachment to these devices, local tech stores or your recycling center will be happy to take them off of your hands. Make sure that when you dispose of these electronics, you carry any cords or accessories, freeing up more space for your convenience.

Plastic Storage Containers

It is time to tackle those dreaded kitchen cabinets. Housed inside one or several, you have accumulated a supply of plastic storage containers, and it is time to regain that cabinet space and declutter. First and foremost, inspect the condition of these containers. Many of them may have seen better days prior to being microwaved for several lunches. Trash any of these containers that are in questionable condition. If you are still left with an abundance of containers, take some and recycle them throughout your home. They are great for storing crayons, markers, and other crafts in the kids’ rooms.


Pull out all of the shoes hiding in your closet floor and under your bed, and toss them out. Commit to the one year rule, throwing out any shoe pairs that have not been worn in that time frame. If they are in like-new condition, consider donating to local consignment shops. For those that have been worn, and you have been hanging on to them, it is time to toss. Pack them in a plastic bin or box and head over to your recycling center for their disposal.

Disposing of these items in your home today will free up lots of space and diminish the clutter building throughout the home. A clean home is a happy home, so get tossing today!

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