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The Most Expensive High Schools In The United States, Ranked

We all know just how expensive college can get, with high tuition, dorm fees, books, and living costs. Most parents spend the first 18 years of their children’s life saving up for the high expenses of college. However, sometimes parents may have to dip into these savings a little early with some highly sought after high schools. 

Today, we’ll look at some of the most expensive high schools in the U.S and see what makes them so desirable. The tuition on #1 is mind-blowing.

25. St. Thomas More School – $53,900

This school is the destination for basketball hopefuls. It has a long history of students who went on to play Division 1 basketball as well as playing in the NBA. Basketball isn’t all that’s offered at this all-boys school; they thrive to improve boys’ personal growth and shape them into the leaders of tomorrow. They’re also a school focused strongly on the Christian faith. 

24. Linden Hall – $54,200

Linden is an all-girls school founded in 1746 with an abundance of programs and opportunities for girls. It considers itself a school where girls can thrive and develop leadership skills and build confidence. They offer flight training for girls to potentially gain a there private pilot license as well as a riding program filled with state of the art facilities such as a cross-country course. Tuition is $54,200 per year.

23. The MacDuffie School – $55,450

The MacDuffie School is a college preparatory school located in Massachusetts with a vision beyond just academically preparing students for the future with high ethical standards and individualism. There are currently 193 students enrolled, with more than 50% being international students, so diversity is a big deal. You can also expect fancy, well-prepared meals through Sage, which even has a phone app. Tuition is $55,450 per year.

22. Grier School – $55,900

This all-girls school in Pennsylvania costs $55,900 per year, but you will quickly find out why. Currently, there are 300 students enrolled, with the largest class having 14 students and classes as small as four students to provide an immersive learning experience. Besides the 21 AP courses offered here, they specialize in fine arts, dance, music, and horse-riding to push the limits of what these girls can accomplish.

21. Avenues: The World School – $56,400

Located in Manhattan, this private school also operates campuses in three other cities across the globe, where students are also allowed access. While their education is top-notch, that’s not the only thing that attracts wealthy parents. They offer after school programs such as art, music debate, chess, and much more to keep the mind active. Not only is the facility state of the art, but children receive transportation to and from school. This comes with a hefty price of $56,400 per year.

20. Woodberry Forest School – $57,250

Woodberry Forest School has one goal, and that is to prepare boys for the future. They promote moral integrity, intellectual thoroughness, and good sportsmanship. There is a squash pavilion, football stadium, wrestling room, basketball gym, and so much open space to play things like frisbee or catch with your friends. It’s a captivating experience that aims to create future leaders of the world. Tuition is $57,250 per year.

19. Kent School – $58,400

This private school in Kent, Connecticut, promises to deliver a unique experience to its students through participation and individualism. There are 172 courses, 28 AP courses, and 56 clubs and organizations, so there is always something to keep you busy. Students are pushed to exit their comfort zones and try something new to expand their minds. Tuition is $58,400 per year.

18. Midland School – $58,600

There is no better way to learn than by actually doing the task, and no school incorporates this quite like Midland. Located in California on a 2,860-acre ranch, Midland is a hybrid of a high school and ranch. Students here live in cabins and have their phones confiscated to lessen distractions and keep them engaged. They are taught hands-on lessons like maintaining the farm, chopping wood, and gardening. By the way, they do all of this while having to keep up with their classes. Tuition here is $58,600 per year.

17. The Hill School – $59,050

The Hill School is one of the most well renowned private schools in the U.S, so much so that the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, attended there. They provide a tight-knit experience where teachers and students are well engaged in creating a great learning experience. There are athletic programs offered, such as Football, golf, soccer, field hockey, and water polo, to name a few. Tuition is $59,050 annually.

16. Northwood School – $59,920

Northwood is a boarding school located in New York that offers a college-prep curriculum with an average class size composed of 10 students. They offer a wide variety of programs outside of academics, such as an Entrepreneurship course, outdoor recreation, and community service. Not every student is required to live on campus, and they also offer a post-graduate year program. Tuition is $59,920 per year.

15. Episcopal High School – $60,900

EHS resides in Virginia on 130 acres of land. It has a 50/50 % ratio of boys to girls with all students living on campus. There are over 150 courses offered, with 75 being honors and advanced. Classes are very engaging, with an average class size of 11. Students also engage in Washington Program experiences to get hands-on experience. Tuition is $60,900 per year.

14. Salisbury School – $61,000

This school has everything from the state of the art athletic facilities to advanced classes. It is an all-boys school located in Connecticut and lies on 725 acres. They offer 15 advanced AP classes and project-based learning opportunities such as Boat Building, Digital Media, and Entrepreneurial Studies. Their goal is to provide students with all the tools necessary for a successful future in college and beyond. Tuition is $61,000 per year.

13. The Storm King School – $61,700

The Storm King School was founded in 1867 in New York and resided on 55 acres of land. There are 195 students currently enrolled, with an average of just eight people per class. They provide academic services such as world languages and ESL. Graduation requires a total of 20 credit hours of intense work that keeps students engaged and develops their thinking. Tuition is $61,700 per year.

12. St. Paul’s School – $62,000

This 2,000-acre campus located in Concord, NH, provides 145 academic offerings, 60+ student clubs, 17 different sports, and an average class size of 10. Involvement is a big deal in this school, as all students are expected to be a part of at least one sports team. 38% of their students currently receive some form of financial aid as they have packages designed for all forms of income. Tuition is $62,000 per year.

11. Trinity-Pawling School – $62,000

Trinity-Pawling School is an all-boys school located in New York that aims to provide a transformative experience for boys. “No boy sits on the sidelines” is a quote they strive to live by. Boys are transformed for the better through collaboration, critical thinking, and innovative thinking. The school sits on 230 acres, so there is more than enough space for these boys to explore. The tuition is $62,000 per year.

10. St. Andrews School – $62,280

St. Andrews School is an all-boarding school located in Delaware. It’s a Christian charter school that aims to provide top of the line education at a minimum cost, though they accept students regardless of religious background. Their goal is to develop students who are curious, thoughtful, creative, and utilize critical thinking. They offer a diverse selection of sports such as cross country, soccer, swimming, baseball, and more. Tuition is $62,280 annually.

9. Wasatch Academy – $62,300

This diverse private boarding school provides students with an opportunity for personal discovery, hands-on learning, and the potential to elevate their knowledge. Each dorm has what they call a “full-time dorm parent” that provides a home-like feeling in the dorms. What separates this school from others is it’s “Gen-Z” approach. They offer high-level learning services such as engineering, robotics, and technology to provide students with hands-on learning. It also has an art studio, ski club, and rock climbing, to name a few. It’s no wonder it costs $62,300 annually.

8. IMG Academy – $63,000

Imagine a school built for student-athletes with state of the art training facilities. This is exactly what IMG Academy is and what they offer. This is a private boarding school that focuses on helping student-athletes achieve their full potential in sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, track, and much more. Your schedule is designed, so you have time for both classes and athletics. Tuition is $63,000 per year for this athletic-based private school.

7. The Berkshire School – $64,200

The Berkshire School sits on 400-acres in Sheffield, MA, with a population of 400 students. The school helps to keep student life interesting by offering hands-on learning and real-world experiences that help to develop the mind, which, in turn, helps keep students involved and connected. Their motto “Pro Vita Non-Pro Schola Discimus “Learning—not just for school but for life” perfectly represents their approach to learning. Tuition is $64,200 annually.

6. The Lang School – $65,000

This private school located in New York has extremely high standards for the performance of their students. For $65,000 per year, students have access to education therapy and counseling to help navigate social changes and the strict curriculum. Each school year, there is a universal question students must answer, but there are no definitive answers. 

5. The Oxford Academy – $67,000

When you hear the word Oxford, you generally think of the University of Oxford, one of the greatest colleges in the world. The Oxford Academy delivers on just what you would expect a school with the name Oxford in it to do. They offer individualized learning with multiple one-on-one classes. It’s a small school with just 48 students with visual art classes and character development classes. Varsity soccer, Tennis, and basketball are some of the sports involved with the school, and BeeKeeping is another cool thing. It sits only one block away from the ocean, so with all these fantastic features and offerings, you can expect to pay $67,000 for tuition. 

4. The Woodhall School – $74,500

This all-boys private school in Bethlehem, Connecticut, claims to provide an opportunity for success to above-average students who struggle in the traditional school setting. Individualism is a big deal at the Woodhall School as they want students to achieve their full potential. Class sizes are as small as 2-5 students to ensure students can work closely with teachers and their peers. Tuition is $74,500 annually, but that’s the cost of such hands-on teaching.

3. The Quad Preparatory School – $74,850

Quad Preparatory has one goal in mind, and that is to help students they consider gifted. They provide advanced classes completely tailored to challenge the minds of their students in such a way as to redefine the way they think and learn. Gifted students can feel socially different, and Quad Prep aims to provide an environment in which they feel welcomed and happy. Tuition is $74,850 per year.

2. Forman School – $80,000

Forman School is a private boarding school in Connecticut that aims to develop the minds of young people who display higher than normal academic potential. It was founded on the premise that more gifted students were held back by the more normal teaching standards. This college preparatory will set you back $80,000 for yearly tuition. 

1. Shortridge Academy – $85,000

This private school located in New Hampshire will cost you $85,000 per year intuition. Shortridge Academy is a boarding school that offers services to 9th to 12th graders. It’s an extremely challenging program with an average of 50 students on campus at any given time throughout the year. The school advertises itself as providing students with a normal lifestyle while also developing critical thinking skills and individualism. However, their therapeutic support system, which provides students with mental support to deal with new and challenging situations, makes them unique. 



25 Fitness Tips That EVERY Gym Enthusiast Needs to Know

Shannon Jackson



Every great journey begins with a single solitary step. In the fitness world, we begin our journey toward health and wellness in earnest when we begin putting in the work. As many newcomers to the world of exercise have come to realize, simply working hard will not always lead to direct and effective results. Do you feel like you are hitting your limits, spinning your tires, or otherwise stalling out with your fitness progress?

To enjoy a more successful journey toward your fitness resolutions, consider incorporating 25 of these secret fitness tips that every gym enthusiast needs to know!

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Use Mindfulness Methods to Cope with Holidays’ Uncertainty and Stress

Renee Yates



The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has stunned the entire world. The deadly virus has affected millions across the world in terms of health, business, and economy. Numerous research studies have highlighted the effects of stress on people in the cold winter season. 

However, 2020 is different because there is more stress due to Covid-19. People can’t go out for shopping, share Thanksgiving dinners, or celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. There are several ways to cope with stress and anxiety, but practicing mindfulness is the best method to let go of the past and future. 

Mindfulness allows you to recharge your brain and fully present in the moment. It helps fight depression, anxiety, and stress. At the same, mindfulness can help you cope with the uncertainty that usually occurs during the holiday season. Here are a few mindful ways to cope with tension and stress throughout the holiday season. Read on!

A Balanced Diet 

Food is the central point of any event or celebration, but the holiday season is incomplete without delicious recipes and dishes. It is a great time to enjoy your food traditions. However, unhealthy diets can affect you both physically and mentally. So, make sure you choose the right type of food that you enjoy and benefit your overall wellbeing. 

Studies show that the presentation of good food can enhance your eating experience. According to Dan Ariely, an experienced social psychologist, a good presentation of coffee can upscale its taste. Some people say that their coffee tastes more delicious when it is presented in fancy containers instead of paper cups. 

Likewise, it is crucial to eat and drink wisely. Slow chewing allows your stomach to digest the food properly. You will also experience the flavor, texture, and smell if you take time with each bite. 

Eat healthy food items, such as veggies and fruits because they are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can detoxify your body and increase blood flow to the brain. Eventually, you will have less stress and anxiety. 

Listen to Relaxing Music 

People enjoy the holiday season with the music they love. Listen to the music that demonstrates your religious, cultural, and societal norms. Many evolutionary psychologists say that early human beings developed music for enjoyment and calmness purposes. 

According to Steven Pinker, a psychologist, music is an auditory cheesecake, a byproduct of natural selection. Most psychologists believe that early human played and used music to strengthen bonds within their tribes.  

A growing body of research evidence shows that music can help reduce anxiety and stress. Some studies show that music increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure levels. Not only does music improve balance, but it also boosts your brain’s plasticity. 

Recent studies have highlighted that music produces emotional effects on your brain and allows you to feel energized, calm, joyful, nostalgic, reflective, and stress-free. It is important to choose music that helps you to get rid of the hustle and bustle in your mind. Create a list of songs that soothes your mind and tranquil your heart.  

Explore Nature 

The holiday season is full of stress and anxiety of many people. Many people miss the pre-Covid-19 world where everyone could go outside and enjoy. Although urban life has its own mental implications, the pre-Covid-19 era was still better than the uncertain times of today. 

Exploring Nature is one of the best ways to cope with your mental stress. A recent research study showed that spending time in Nature, especially in trees for about 15 minutes can help reduce negative thoughts, anxiety, confusion, and depressive symptoms. On the other hand, people who live in urban areas experience more stress. 

Another research study highlighted that people who look up t tall trees for one minute had induced feelings of generosity and calmness. The participants of the study also reported that this practice had lowered their selfish behavior.

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Looking For Happiness? Studies Show It Might Come From Hydration!





According to a report by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, & Medicine, the average adequate intake for water is roughly 3.7 liters for men and around 2.7 liters for women. Obviously, these requirements may change based upon our body composition and day-to-day rigors, but that is a solid foundation to begin your water consumption. When we drink the appropriate amount of water, we know that our skin can become clearer and our organs can function better. However, did you also know that the amount of water you drink might have a direct impact on how happy you are in general?

A poll conducted by the team at OnePoll was performed in conjunction with Bosch Home Appliances to explore hydration, water intake, and its many impacts on our wellbeing. According to the report, the study found that nearly 40% of respondents would drink at least six or more glasses of water every single day. In doing so, these poll responders claimed that they strongly agreed that hydration was playing a beneficial role in an increase in their happiness. The study went on to theorize that refreshments, such as a glass of water or fresh juice, could help us wake up feeling more refreshed, less exhausted, and more ready to tackle the day.

As the study performed by OnePoll progressed, one thing became abundantly clear: people associated their water intake with success and happiness. Individuals who drank at least six glasses of water per day were far more likely to describe themselves as ‘successful’ and ‘least likely’ to be late on their way to the office. These numbers were almost directly polarized by individuals who reported significantly less water intake throughout the day. Those who reported drinking less than six glasses often described themselves as ‘struggling to wake up’ or ‘feeling exhausted’ at random times during the week.

While the study by OnePoll with Bosch Home Appliances was far from conclusive, it gave us a direct look into how our relationship to water can change the perspective we have on our own health. Those that did not keep up with their water intake were less optimistic overall. What does this actually mean and can any truth be gleaned from the is study? Those who drank plenty of water found themselves happier while also more satisfied and confident with their efforts.

Other factors that may impact how much water you should consume per day will vary based upon where you live, what you eat, how active you are, and your overall health. Extensive studies in China have found that avoiding water for up to 36 hours can have a direct and noticeable impact on attention, memory, reaction speed, focus, and overall levels of fatigue. According to studies within the U.S. healthcare system, nearly 75% of adult Americans walk around chronically dehydrated, subsisting on just 2.5 cups of water per day while over-consuming other, less healthy beverages.

One of the best ways to ensure proper water consumption is by incorporating a filtered water bottle into your day-to-day routine. Simply refilling a reusable water bottle multiple times per day can have a direct impact on your health, happiness, and energy levels.

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Veteran Father With PTSD Treated By Son’s Life-Changing Tech Development!

Kevin Wells



When Patrick Skluzacek went overseas to serve in Iraq on behalf of the United States Military, he returned home as a changed man. His son, Tyler Skluzacek, knew his father as an outgoing man brimming with joy and ready to laugh. The man that returned was not quite the same, instead consumed by memories of his time in places like Fallujah.

Chronic memories would prevent Patrick from sleeping, and instead throwing himself around while breaking out in heavy sweat. The vivid nightmares were unbearable and the manifesting case of PTSD was breaking the life Patrick had built. It would get so bad that Patrick would watch as his marriage fell apart, his career crash and burn, and the relationship he had with his loved ones change.

According to a report published by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the story that we just unveiled surrounding Patrick is far from isolated. More than 52% of soldiers who see combat end up with some level of post-traumatic stress disorder, leading often to nightmares, broken relationships, and much worse. This number compares to roughly 3% of an average sampling of the civilian population, which goes to show just how much stress and pressure soldiers have to face.

While many of these veterans end up facing their nightmares alone, some savvy individuals are working to make a change for everyone. Patrick’s son, Tyler, would attend Macalester College in Saint Paul where he would begin learning about computer hacking and program development. During his years in school, he would learn to develop mobile applications, focusing largely on assisting those with PTSD.

Through his work at an on-campus job, Tyler was able to raise a sizable amount of money to fund a trip to Washington. He wanted to compete in a hackathon competition to showcase a smartwatch he had developed. Tyler had conceptualized a smartwatch that helped detect night terrors based on measurements like physical movement and elevated heart rate. The goal of the watch was to read this data and pulse a stimulus that helped the individual in question to pull from REM sleep before they were affected.

In order to win the competition, however, Tyler would need to test the smartwatch on someone willing to be his guinea pig. Enter dad. Tyler said of using his father as a client, “I was terrified.” Tyler would go on to explain that he was nervous about tracking so much data that it felt akin to ‘having a baby.’

Despite his nerves, Tyler and Patrick would work together around-the-calendar to develop the algorithm and hardware necessary to complete the task. Tyler cited the closeness he felt toward his father as a key motivator in the successful development of the device. Patrick remarked upon the first time he noticed the watch working, “It was night and day.” Patrick would go on to describe those moments as ‘little miracles’. After dealing with PTSD on his own for near a decade, Patrick had finally found a source of relief to the night terrors that had otherwise been a constant.

While it would be easy to temper expectations with such a small sample size, progress has exploded in the intervening time since the smartwatch’s inception. The Food and Drug Administration has already approved the application to function with Apple Watch. The V.A. is also getting in on the action by supplying the application through its prescription services for individuals who request it.

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State-of-the-art Clinic For Remote Australian Village Through Anonymous Donation

Renee Yates



Australia is a country known for its beaches, deserts, exquisite cities and of course The Outback. It has a population of 25 million people who mostly live around cities as most of the land is deserted. Australia is filled with lots of diverse wildlife, beautiful landscape, architecture, scenery and a very rich history that make it a very beautiful country.

It came as a surprise to the residents of the remote town of Innamincka, with its population of just 44 people when a generous donor donated a state-of-the-art medical clinic. Innamincka is more than 1,000 km away from the closest city, so it was pretty shocking for them to receive such a donation from an anonymous donor. The town is best known for being a location Burke and Wills passed through during their journey from South Australia to the North before tragically passing away. Innamincka sits on the Cooper Creek which is their biggest travel attraction for visitors as well as The Outback loop.

While we have seen many examples of different countries across the world getting donations for medical clinics to help their people, this one stands out because of the extremely small population of the town, the location and the fact that the donor remained anonymous. Before this clinic was put in place, the town was serviced by the Royal Flying Doctor Service but the opening of a medical clinic gave the people of Innamincka even better services.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service, while doing a good job for the town, could only do so much seeing as it wasn’t based in Innamincka and lacked a wide range of services. Officials say the clinic provided a range of new health services such as dental and mental services. Planes come in weekly bringing in health officials to assist with the needs of the people of the town. A general practitioner comes in to do normal checkups such as examinations. They also bring mental workers as they claim it is essential during this time with an ongoing pandemic. The clinic also offers dental services with dentists coming in on a weekly basis as well.

The opening of the clinic was very vital to the town because it is also a place that people travel through a lot and it gives them the additional confidence knowing there are these basic services available to them if anything were to go wrong. People can now travel through the outback knowing there will be a clinic available to aid their needs. It also gives the people of Innamincka more confidence and the ability to feel even less remote since they don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get these basic services.

Officials say the woman who made the donation wishes to remain anonymous but she is someone that most people in the town know and have met. Whoever this woman might be, the people of Innamincka are very grateful that she made such a donation and have given them a peace of mind during these trying times.

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