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The Most Amazing Cat Pictures





Best Buddies

It is a common belief that cats do not get along with dogs and other creatures. Contrary to popular opinion, however, cats really can get along with anyone- even their so-called natural born enemies! These pictures are all about spreading the love. Maybe humans can learn a little something from this display of unconditional love? Maybe we can really can all learn to get along.

Both furry and cuddly, these two pals are going to burrow in the rug together and keep each other warm. Cold weather is always better with a pal.

Unlikely Duo

Cats lean on each other when times are tough. The even lean on their canine friends if need be. This unlikely duo looks like it has been an incredibly difficult day. The two love relying on each other for support.

Lift Up

They know how to lift each other up when they cannot carry on alone and how to accept help when they need it. 


They even share a kiss from time to time, even with the noisy bird that loves to peck at their paws and squawk when it is nap time.

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These four-legged babies have mastered the art of sleeping where they lay- or sit. And they have learned the importance of rest. This fuzzy feline could not go on another minute. I have been there more than once.

Working It Out

Though naps and rest are vital to health, cats also know the importance of physical activity, so they fit in their 30 minutes of movement a day. This little guy is training for his time in the ring. He just finished up his sit-ups and jump roping. Now he is doing his favorite part- bobbing and weaving! He is starting young so that he can defeat his big brothers who like to tackle him. If he practices enough, he will be a pro by the time he is grown. 

On a Ledge

And here we see the excellent balance and tight rope skills that they work at. That is some talent right there! I cannot see myself being brave enough to attempt this. Can you? I guess the view is worth the risk.

Embracing Paws and Flaws

We cannot all be perfect, right? Cats have learned to accept their imperfections and focus on the positive.


After a tough day at work or school, kitties love to cuddle up. These two fur babies fell asleep in the middle of their homework. I think a few of us have been there before.

Hugs Take #2

And they hold each other tight. These sweet babies know how to cuddle. Look how peaceful they are resting knowing that they are safe and loved. Studies show that petting and cuddling with a pet can help treat anxiety. I bet these two are some calm kitties.

They Really Do Love Their Humans

Look at this baby smiling away at the love of her life- her human. (It might be behind her back, though, since kitty cats love to act as though they do not care.)

Cats Dress Appropriately

This kitty wants to play in the snow. He knows it is cold outside and makes sure that he is dressed appropriately for the weather. No cold or flu here! He’s a great role model for his two-legged siblings.

Brutal Honesty

One of the greatest things about cats is that you can trust them to tell you like it is. No holds barred, no sugar coating, no beating around the bush- just the cold hard truth with nothing more than a look. 

“Mom, no! Stop it! That’s a horrible idea! You are going to embarrass me! You’ll embarrass yourself, too, and regret it later! And maybe you should change your shirt. Red is really not your color.”

Sweet Dreams

Kitty cats dream in sparkles and rainbows, peace and love. This little one’s projecting its dreams outward to share them with us.

They Are Not Too Proud to Beg

These sweet things will let you know when they want something. They will even beg if necessary. I hear people mention “puppy dog eyes” all the time. I could be wrong but judging from this picture, I think kitten eyes might be pretty effective, too. I mean, could you say “no” to this adorable face?


I do not think this one is going to take “No” for an answer. He really wants something from the ice cream truck.

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Kitties Love Letting Their Hair Down…And Their Tongues Hang

Look at this cutie! Eyes full of wonder and that little tongue….maybe he is entranced by the bag of kitty treats his mom just brought home. Or maybe he is staring at the goldfish bowl amazed by the little guys swimming around and around.

Air Cat

I cannot decide if this guy just likes making silly faces or if he has not yet recovered from the catnip party last night. Either way, what a cutie!

They Keep Themselves Pretty Clean

Even the little ones bathe themselves like this one below. Isn’t he precious? “Really? You’re just going to sit there and watch? How about some privacy, please?”

The Term “Cool Cat” Had To Come From Somewhere

This baby is giving us a lesson in style and bringing back some great memories. I can just picture John Lennon and hear Ted Nugent singing “Cat Scratch Fever”. For the younger ones who have no clue who those people are, can you not hear “Cooler Than Me” playing in the background when this guy walks into the room?

Their Eyes Can Be Absolutely Mesmerizing

These eyes are so beautiful that it is hard to look away. The shades of blue are amazing enough on their own. Add that to the marbled look and they are perfect. Does anyone know where I can get some contacts in this color? 

Cute animal pictures

They Are Very Studious

Yet another great role model for children! This cat knows the importance of reading and education. I can see him snuggling up for bedtime stories with his kids.

They Love Selfies and Are Great Photographers

How much more perfect can a selfie get? He got a great angle and an awesome background. I’m sure we will see this on his Instagram account later.


Between the snow and the beautiful sunset, this guy has his nature selfies mastered. Sharing the camera with his canine pal on the left is another story.

New Crew in Town

Does this not remind you of that one friend that always takes pictures at the worst times? Like when no one else is looking at the camera or before you have time to pose? I thought that was just a human thing. I guess I was wrong!

They Are Awesome at Playing Hide and Seek

I have to admit, this is a great spot to hide. I mean, who would think to look here? I don’t think I would have thought of this spot. And he looks so comfortable that he could probably stay there for days. Good luck to his hide-and-seek opponent! You are going to need it!


Hiding behind a tree may seem like a bit of an obvious spot, but people keep hiding behind them for a reason. Looks like this kitty cat realizes that tried and true ways are worth it. And she looks absolutely adorable while hiding there!

Cat Burrito

Snug as a bug in a rug- that’s what this baby is. This hiding spot is absolutely genius! It is brilliant! I think that the other player should just give up now. The game is over- there is no finding this little love! She has once again outwitted her opponent. 

They Love Putting On Makeup

Like some human girls I know, this precious girl spent hours getting her eyeliner just right. It makes her blue eyes stand out so well. I wonder how long she had to practice to master this look? 

These Expressions Though

After dress shopping with her human today, they finally found the perfect one. The bride to be must be a beauty from the look on this fur baby’s face.

They Are Sneaky Little Suckers

Like this one pictured here. It looks like an innocent move. Perhaps he is just running and playing or trying to chase his ball of yarn. Maybe he is being good…

Cats Are Some Fierce and Determined Creatures

Look at this girl’s face. She may be little, but she is going as fast as she can to beat her older siblings to the food bowl. They have beaten her to the good stuff one too many times!

They Do Not Take Up Much Space

It is easy to share space with cats because they will just fit in wherever they can squeeze in. These cuties learned that being stackable was a desired trait among homeowners, so they watched and learned.

They Let Nothing Stand In The Way Of Their New Year’s Resolutions

The beauty in this picture decided it was time to drop a few pounds and is going to make sure to make that happen. I can hear her now…

They Accept Differences

It is clear that one of these cuties looks quite different from the other three. Instead of shunning him though, they surround him and make him part of their group. And what an adorable group they make!

Siblings Treat One Another Well

The little brother is following his older brother around. Though humans tend to find that annoying, cats do not seem to mind. After all, how else is the little guy going to learn to chase mice and make his way in the world? Someone has to show him the ropes of feline life. 

They Love to Dress Up 

This cute little guy fell asleep while stepping into his role as king. Looks like his first day was exhausting. Being a leader is a really tough job but somebody has to do it…right after his nap.



North Carolina Teen Bitten by Shark, Unassailed

Kevin Wells



Paige Winter, 17, was swimming at Atlantic Beach in North Carolina with her sister when she was pulled under in waist-high water. It quickly became clear that it was a shark attack. 

Paige initially gave in, perhaps initially not realizing that it was a shark. She’d thought it was a turtle. When she realized what was happening, she fought back hard. It is that tenacity and courage that has continued to aid her in her survival and recovery. She just would not give up. 

Paige’s Rescue 

Witnesses reported screaming and panic. Paige’s father, Charlie, is a paramedic, so he immediately jumped to her rescue. He dove underwater and punched at the shark until he was able to wrestle her free from the shark and carry her to the beach. A bystander offered a belt, which her father used as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding on the beach. 

Paige was quickly transported via medical helicopter to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, where her leg was amputated. She underwent additional surgeries for his leg, pelvis, and hand.  

No parent ever would dream of seeing their child being dragged underwater by a shark, but her father’s quick actions saved Paige’s life. Then, bystanders and emergency medical personnel were a part of the rescue, as well as doctors and surgeons who worked to save Paige’s life.  

Next Steps

What lies ahead for Paige is recovery and rehabilitation as she learns to walk again with a prosthetic limb. She must also re-learn how to function with more limited functionality in her hands. 

Paige’s resilience is clear, though, despite the severe injuries she sustained, and the body altering surgeries. She remains positive and in good spirits. Her family says that she was groggy but already telling jokes when she first woke up after the shark attack in the hospital. Her continued road to recovery won’t be easy, but her will to live and overcome the odds has already gotten her this far. 

Doctors and also her father mentioned the serendipitous collision of chance encounters and dumb luck that both brought her to the beach that day but also saved her life. When so much could have gone horribly, impossibly wrong, enough separate events went right that she will someday walk again.

Paige survived. It’s not all the “pieces of the puzzle.” Some are missing, as she told Washington Post, but “it’s okay.” She still advocates for marine life and doesn’t blame the shark for biting her and shaking her like that. Her message is about education, learning more about sharks and understanding.

Spunky as ever, Paige told the medic, “Don’t be mad. Sharks are good people.” That positive attitude and that willingness to forgive even in the face of a savage attack is part of what has made her story a viral sensation across media spheres. 

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Homeless Texas Man Returns to College 40 Years Later

Shannon Jackson



David Carter, 68, was homeless until the efforts of a Univerity of Texas student turned his life upside down.

Carter frequented the UT campus as a panhandler until a Junior-level Journalism student, Ryan Chandler, decided to interview him as part of an assignment on homelessness for the Daily Texan. What Chandler learned was shocking and timely. Not only was Carter a student in the College of Fine Arts back in 1971, but he’d dropped out of school when an alcohol-related accident put a swift end to his dreams of becoming an artist and writer. 

In the interview, Carter detailed how the subsequent years had been a roller coaster ride with mental illness, substance abuse, and homelessness all playing a part. He’d hitchhiked cross-country, and then he’d returned to Austin to care for his parents.  

David Carter’s Return to College

Perhaps the most poignant part of the story was the part where Carter admitted that he’d been hanging around campus as a panhandler for the last six years in the hopes that he might someday return to the campus as a student to finish his degree in the College of Fine Arts. His story is part of an American-Dream-gone-wrong. He stands as a very real representation of so many Americans who have fallen on bad luck, triggered perhaps by a series of circumstances beyond his control. He had just one semester left before graduating with his degree when he dropped out of school. 

The story went viral, and it really took on a life of its own. Then Chandler helped Carter navigate the complexities of reapplying for entrance into UT, and an anonymous donor helped out too. So Carter is returning to college to complete his degree, and this may just be the beginning of what could literally be a whole new chapter for him. He plans to research and write, which would seem to offer his own perspective on what it is to be homeless. He puts a unique face to the issues of homelessness and mental illness, with the intervening influences and tie-ins with substance abuse, family struggles and beyond. 

The Rest of the Story

Now, since more than 40 years have intervened since Carter dropped out of school, his one-semester requirement until completion has expanded to at least four semesters at UT. The first tentative forays into college classes, U.S. History and Black Political Thought, are already underway this month. Summer session is just the first step toward immersion in a course load, as he works to realize the dream he’s had for so many years. 

The College of Fine Arts at UT announced that they would help Carter in any way that they could. Carter’s persistent pursuit of higher education has been admired, applauded and supported by former Longhorns and community members. The story does inspire and it stands as a real-life reminder that it’s never too late to go back to school and finish a degree, even when decades have intervened. 

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“Homeless Hero” Saves Multiple People from Fiery Highway Crash

Shannon Jackson



Just two short days ago a man named Darin Barton, who the people and news are calling the “Homeless Hero,” saved multiple people from a fiery car crash on Colorado’s Interstate 70. 

Reports say the late April crash was caused by a truck driver that had lost control of his vehicle and collided with oncoming traffic. The same company has a bad history of problems with their vehicles. There are multiple reports letting trucks in need of repair on the road—including vehicles with break problems. 

Luckily for the survivors of the crash, Darin Barton just happened to be passing by. Barton, a local homeless man, saw the crash happen and immediately sprang into action. He was able to pull several victims from the wreckage before emergency services arrived on the scene. The survivors of the crash are all lucky to have had the “Homeless Hero” passing by in their time of need. 

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Barton has been a hero to the victims of a traffic accident. Two years ago, Barton saved a woman named Valerie Blease from a flaming car wreck. Blease describes how the collision left her confused and unable to escape her burning car when the “Homeless Hero” arrived and pulled her from the fire. She recalls that in the moment, she didn’t know what was happening, only that someone was telling her there was a fire and she needed to get out. 

Barton has become something of a local celebrity in Colorado despite his homelessness. He has appeared several times on the local news. Each of these appearances have been stories covering his heroics and even interviews with the “Homeless Hero” and the people he has saved. One of the victims of April’s pileup said she “wasn’t surprised” to learn that Barton had saved people from these kinds of wrecks before. 

Not to leave this selfless hero unrewarded, the local community has banded together and raised thousands of dollars to help Barton in his time of need. Just like he has helped save people from car crashes on multiple occasions, the people of Colorado have come together to help Barton. Local news agencies have started a fundraising effort that has, so far, raised thousands of dollars to help cover Barton’s costs as he finds work and a place to live. There have been some concerns that Barton may be the target of robbery given his insecure living situation and sudden rush to local fame, but a few local news agencies said they are working with local authorities to help ensure Barton’s safety. 

Darin Barton, the “Homeless Hero,” is an inspiration reminder that even those of us with the least to give can still help people in the time of need. When interviewed, Barton said he was just helping people in need and hopes that others will be inspired to do the same.

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A Natural Wonder: The Incredible Termite Mounds of Brazil

Renee Yates



Visible from space, the eastern section of Brazil holds a dramatic count of 200 million massive mounds of earth, all created by creatures that barely measure ½ of an inch long. Created solely by termites, these mysterious cones of earth measure 30 feet wide at the base and stand 6-13 feet tall.

When contemplating the size of these mounds, it becomes staggeringly hard to grasp that an insect is capable of creating something this large. Known as the murundus, these mounds are fashioned in a honeycomb pattern, separated by about 60 feet from each other.

No one has studied the structure of these mounds more carefully than environmentalist Roy Funch, who has researched the murundus of Brazil for the past 30 years. Funch has no doubt that these mounds are created by termites. He explains, “I’ve seen termites building the mounds with my own eyes.”

Through his extensive research with colleagues, Funch has provided us with a glimpse into how termites create these vast mounds of earth, which cover an area as large as Great Britain.

He explains that as the termite workers are foraging leaves, they excavate their nest by building a vertical tube rising upward. He notes that this tube doesn’t have an opening at the top like a chimney does. Instead it has a few small side-holes around its rim. By simply excavating their nest, they throw soil out of these holes, which leads to a cone shape being created.

With such a vast amount of these massive mounds, one might assume that each mound houses its own large termite colony. However, Funch’s research has shown differently.

He collected soldiers from beneath different mounds to see if they would fight with each other. What he found was that a single colony can make their home beneath many different mounds.

In their search for fallen foliage, these termites need to expand their territory to cover a large amount of forested land. To accomplish this, they build a network of tunnels, with the intention of traveling from one mound to the next.

Paul Hanson, a colleague of Funch performed an experiment to determine the age of the murundus. He analyzed grains of sand from the center of 11 different mounds. The method he used was able to determine when the grains were last exposed to sunlight. This allowed him to determine when the first grains were buried, to identify when construction on the mound began.

Here is what his research found. The youngest mound was 690 years old, and the oldest was 3,820 years old! Obviously, termites don’t have this long of a lifespan. Researchers have yet to determine whether succeeding generations of termites take over these mounds, or if the mounds lay unused for hundreds of years.

Need another comparison to grasp the sheer size of these termite colonies? Through satellite imagery, the murundus of eastern Brazil have been proven to occupy 4,000 times the amount of space as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Who would have known that such a little creature could pack such a punch?

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Giraffes May Become An Endangered Species

Kelly Taylor



The US Fish and Wildlife Service will begin a 12-month review of the giraffe’s status as an endangered species. The global population of the giraffe has decreased 40 percent since 1965. These statistics are provided by the International  Union of Conservation for Nature. Several non-profit groups filed a petition with the  government to suggest a study be conducted. There are only about 68,000 adult giraffes left in the world.

US Fish and Wildlife Service  will study the giraffe for 12 months to determine whether it should be listed as an endangered species. During this time, the study will listen to public comments. The review process often takes longer that 1 year. The International Humane Society says that the governments frequently misses deadlines.

Some programs that support giraffes will be funded if they become listed as an endangered species. The importing of giraffe body parts that is unregulated will be under scrunity. Their parts are used for bone carvings, clothing, pillows, boot, knife handles and more. Legal hunting has little impact on the giraffe population, it is poaching that has diminished the global population.  Pro hunting organizations like the Safari Club International claim  that even in countries where hunting is banned giraffe populations are declining. They say that  a lack of hunting is responsible for the decrease in the giraffe population.

Sometimes hunting groups fund anti poaching projects in African countries . These groups say that making giraffes an endangered species would hurt the funds that US hunters pay for giraffe hunts. The new label could reduce funding for habitat  protect and anti poaching projects funded by hunters. The  US would have to change the laws concerning hunter importing giraffe parts for commercial gain.

In countries that have giraffes the animal is hunted for meat. Now, they are being hunted by residents of other countries and used for meat. One of the biggest causes of the decline in the giraffe population is loss of habitat. This is due to building roads, construction, drilling for oil, and mining. A solution might be to relocate these creatures to  protected locations. Poachers kill the giraffe for its tail because it is a status symbol in some countries and, the skin is used in fashion.

The giraffe is known as the world’s tallest animal. Orange colored  patches cover their body that are separated by white lines.. Tanya Serarib from the Center for Biological Diversity says that the biggest obstacle will be getting the giraffes on the endangered species list due to the many other species threatened. She is the legal director and senior attorney for this organization.

Giraffes should be listed on the endangered species because they are a uniqe and historical animal. Some interesting facts about giraffes are they only have seven bones in their long neck. Giraffes get water from the plants they eat. There are four different species of giraffes. Today giraffe are only found in sub-Saharan Africa. Their hooves are the size of a normal dinner plate. Often their horns are used by the males for fighting. Female giraffes give birth standing up.

Overall the fate of the giraffe surviving depends on conservation groups, consumers, the government, and hunting organizations working together to  change the laws to protect them from extinction.

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