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The Most Amazing Cat Pictures





Best Buddies

It is a common belief that cats do not get along with dogs and other creatures. Contrary to popular opinion, however, cats really can get along with anyone- even their so-called natural born enemies! These pictures are all about spreading the love. Maybe humans can learn a little something from this display of unconditional love? Maybe we can really can all learn to get along.

Both furry and cuddly, these two pals are going to burrow in the rug together and keep each other warm. Cold weather is always better with a pal.

Unlikely Duo

Cats lean on each other when times are tough. The even lean on their canine friends if need be. This unlikely duo looks like it has been an incredibly difficult day. The two love relying on each other for support.

Lift Up

They know how to lift each other up when they cannot carry on alone and how to accept help when they need it. 


They even share a kiss from time to time, even with the noisy bird that loves to peck at their paws and squawk when it is nap time.

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These four-legged babies have mastered the art of sleeping where they lay- or sit. And they have learned the importance of rest. This fuzzy feline could not go on another minute. I have been there more than once.

Working It Out

Though naps and rest are vital to health, cats also know the importance of physical activity, so they fit in their 30 minutes of movement a day. This little guy is training for his time in the ring. He just finished up his sit-ups and jump roping. Now he is doing his favorite part- bobbing and weaving! He is starting young so that he can defeat his big brothers who like to tackle him. If he practices enough, he will be a pro by the time he is grown. 

On a Ledge

And here we see the excellent balance and tight rope skills that they work at. That is some talent right there! I cannot see myself being brave enough to attempt this. Can you? I guess the view is worth the risk.

Embracing Paws and Flaws

We cannot all be perfect, right? Cats have learned to accept their imperfections and focus on the positive.


After a tough day at work or school, kitties love to cuddle up. These two fur babies fell asleep in the middle of their homework. I think a few of us have been there before.

Hugs Take #2

And they hold each other tight. These sweet babies know how to cuddle. Look how peaceful they are resting knowing that they are safe and loved. Studies show that petting and cuddling with a pet can help treat anxiety. I bet these two are some calm kitties.

They Really Do Love Their Humans

Look at this baby smiling away at the love of her life- her human. (It might be behind her back, though, since kitty cats love to act as though they do not care.)

Cats Dress Appropriately

This kitty wants to play in the snow. He knows it is cold outside and makes sure that he is dressed appropriately for the weather. No cold or flu here! He’s a great role model for his two-legged siblings.

Brutal Honesty

One of the greatest things about cats is that you can trust them to tell you like it is. No holds barred, no sugar coating, no beating around the bush- just the cold hard truth with nothing more than a look. 

“Mom, no! Stop it! That’s a horrible idea! You are going to embarrass me! You’ll embarrass yourself, too, and regret it later! And maybe you should change your shirt. Red is really not your color.”

Sweet Dreams

Kitty cats dream in sparkles and rainbows, peace and love. This little one’s projecting its dreams outward to share them with us.

They Are Not Too Proud to Beg

These sweet things will let you know when they want something. They will even beg if necessary. I hear people mention “puppy dog eyes” all the time. I could be wrong but judging from this picture, I think kitten eyes might be pretty effective, too. I mean, could you say “no” to this adorable face?


I do not think this one is going to take “No” for an answer. He really wants something from the ice cream truck.

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Kitties Love Letting Their Hair Down…And Their Tongues Hang

Look at this cutie! Eyes full of wonder and that little tongue….maybe he is entranced by the bag of kitty treats his mom just brought home. Or maybe he is staring at the goldfish bowl amazed by the little guys swimming around and around.

Air Cat

I cannot decide if this guy just likes making silly faces or if he has not yet recovered from the catnip party last night. Either way, what a cutie!

They Keep Themselves Pretty Clean

Even the little ones bathe themselves like this one below. Isn’t he precious? “Really? You’re just going to sit there and watch? How about some privacy, please?”

The Term “Cool Cat” Had To Come From Somewhere

This baby is giving us a lesson in style and bringing back some great memories. I can just picture John Lennon and hear Ted Nugent singing “Cat Scratch Fever”. For the younger ones who have no clue who those people are, can you not hear “Cooler Than Me” playing in the background when this guy walks into the room?

Their Eyes Can Be Absolutely Mesmerizing

These eyes are so beautiful that it is hard to look away. The shades of blue are amazing enough on their own. Add that to the marbled look and they are perfect. Does anyone know where I can get some contacts in this color? 

Cute animal pictures

They Are Very Studious

Yet another great role model for children! This cat knows the importance of reading and education. I can see him snuggling up for bedtime stories with his kids.

They Love Selfies and Are Great Photographers

How much more perfect can a selfie get? He got a great angle and an awesome background. I’m sure we will see this on his Instagram account later.


Between the snow and the beautiful sunset, this guy has his nature selfies mastered. Sharing the camera with his canine pal on the left is another story.

New Crew in Town

Does this not remind you of that one friend that always takes pictures at the worst times? Like when no one else is looking at the camera or before you have time to pose? I thought that was just a human thing. I guess I was wrong!

They Are Awesome at Playing Hide and Seek

I have to admit, this is a great spot to hide. I mean, who would think to look here? I don’t think I would have thought of this spot. And he looks so comfortable that he could probably stay there for days. Good luck to his hide-and-seek opponent! You are going to need it!


Hiding behind a tree may seem like a bit of an obvious spot, but people keep hiding behind them for a reason. Looks like this kitty cat realizes that tried and true ways are worth it. And she looks absolutely adorable while hiding there!

Cat Burrito

Snug as a bug in a rug- that’s what this baby is. This hiding spot is absolutely genius! It is brilliant! I think that the other player should just give up now. The game is over- there is no finding this little love! She has once again outwitted her opponent. 

They Love Putting On Makeup

Like some human girls I know, this precious girl spent hours getting her eyeliner just right. It makes her blue eyes stand out so well. I wonder how long she had to practice to master this look? 

These Expressions Though

After dress shopping with her human today, they finally found the perfect one. The bride to be must be a beauty from the look on this fur baby’s face.

They Are Sneaky Little Suckers

Like this one pictured here. It looks like an innocent move. Perhaps he is just running and playing or trying to chase his ball of yarn. Maybe he is being good…

Cats Are Some Fierce and Determined Creatures

Look at this girl’s face. She may be little, but she is going as fast as she can to beat her older siblings to the food bowl. They have beaten her to the good stuff one too many times!

They Do Not Take Up Much Space

It is easy to share space with cats because they will just fit in wherever they can squeeze in. These cuties learned that being stackable was a desired trait among homeowners, so they watched and learned.

They Let Nothing Stand In The Way Of Their New Year’s Resolutions

The beauty in this picture decided it was time to drop a few pounds and is going to make sure to make that happen. I can hear her now…

They Accept Differences

It is clear that one of these cuties looks quite different from the other three. Instead of shunning him though, they surround him and make him part of their group. And what an adorable group they make!

Siblings Treat One Another Well

The little brother is following his older brother around. Though humans tend to find that annoying, cats do not seem to mind. After all, how else is the little guy going to learn to chase mice and make his way in the world? Someone has to show him the ropes of feline life. 

They Love to Dress Up 

This cute little guy fell asleep while stepping into his role as king. Looks like his first day was exhausting. Being a leader is a really tough job but somebody has to do it…right after his nap.



Experts Warn Pet Owners About The Dangers Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Shannon Jackson



Pet owners are always looking to make sure that their four legged friends are safe and sound. It only makes sense, right? Our pets look to us for food, shelter and care. If we are not going to look out for them, who will? Now that Himalayan salt lamps are steadily rising in popularity, pet owners have been looking into the potential benefits that they have to offer.

These benefits are numerous to the owner but are these salt lamps truly safe for the pet? It is a question that certainly deserves answering. They might be a great addition to the home but these advantages could come at a cost to your pet. In a best case scenario, the lamps clean the air in the home and allow us to get a good night’s sleep. 

They are also said to offer a marked improvement to our serotonin levels. One woman has a horror story to offer about her cat and it is disconcerting, to say the least. The hidden dangers of these lamps need to be exposed, so that no other pets are forced to suffer from a similar fate. That’s what makes this story such an important one to pass along and share with fellow pet owners.

After all, there are no shortage of people out there who are probably blissfully unaware of the issues that these lamps present. They reside at the intersection between home decoration and vital self care. It is easy to see why so many pet owners have already fallen under their spell. Maddie Smith was forced to wake up to a pet owner’s worst nightmare recently.

Her cat was not behaving in her usual manner. Something was wrong with poor Ruby but Maddie was not sure what it was. Initially, she believed that the cat was simply feeling chilly. She tried her best to warm up Ruby and left for work. Unfortunately, the cat’s condition slowly started to worsen. By the time Maddie was able to come back home, she could tell that something was seriously wrong with the cat.

When she took the animal to the vet’s office, the connection between her condition and the Himalayan salt lamp that was being used had been revealed. Humans must avoid excessive exposure to salt and pets experience the same risk factors. These lamps release a sizable amount of salt into the air, causing pets to go through all sorts of harmful side effects.

If Maddie had not brought her pet to the vet’s office when she had, we shudder to think of what may have happened next. Lamp owners need to take the proper precautions going forward. It all starts with proper lamp storage. The lamp cannot and should not be kept in an area that pets have easy access to. The owner should be storing the salt lamp far away from their animal.

Maddie’s Facebook post about the matter was shared far and wide. She wanted to make sure that other pet owners did not make the same mistake as she did. It is easy to see how these errors happen, though. We mean well and we try our best to keep our homes looking and feeling nice. The last thing that any pet owner wants is to hurt their best friend.

Please do your part to assist other pet owners who might be experiencing similar issues by sharing this story. If you know someone who owns a pet and a Himalyan salt lamp, this is your chance to set things right. Ruby may have been licking this lamp excessively but she is going to be OK now! Let’s do our part to make sure that other pet owners do not have to learn this lesson the hard way. 

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Why More People Are Finding Snakes Hiding in Their Toilet

Shannon Jackson



Sitting down on the toilet and then realizing there is a snake in there. It’s a scene from a horror movie and can be anyone’s worst fear. Snakes hiding in toilets are becoming more and more common.

The latest story making the headlines is from Mike Green in North Carolina, who says he has pulled six snakes out of his toilet in the past four years. This is not the only example. Country singer Brett Eldredge recently shared that he walked in the bathroom where he was staying on vacation in the Bahamas and found a snake in the toilet bowl. There are plenty of stories of pythons hiding out in toilets in Australia.

There is a reason why this is happening. A former plumber and curator of reptiles at the Los Angeles Zoo is sharing the reason. He says that snakes are sleek animals and it’s easy for them to fit into tight spaces in their current environment. Snakes feel more at home when they are in a dark, tight space. When they get into a pipe, they feel good about it and it’s easy to navigate through the sewer system and then find their way up the pipes into someone’s toilet. Snakes get in through the ventilation pipes on the roof. Since the bathroom plumbing is usually connected through the ventilation pipes the snake slithers its way through the system and into the bathroom. It’s easy for snakes to slither up anything that will lead them to the roof, such as a tree. If you have a tree that is close to your roof and the ventilation pipe then it can increase your chances of having a snake in the bathroom

If you are wondering what to do if a snake gets in your toilet, know that flushing it away won’t work. If you do find a snake in your toilet then call animal control. Animal control can help you get rid of the snake but can also identify the snake. While the good news is that most snakes are harmless, there is a chance you could have a dangerous one. Don’t be a hero and handle it yourself, just in case it is dangerous.

If you want to avoid snakes in your toilet, there are simple things you can do. Find a way to make sure the ventilation is covered but that it is still able to do the job it is intended to do. By having some sort of block, such as wire covering and mesh, it not only prevents snakes from getting in but also other pests, like rats. You can also install a roof vent hood. These hoods help protect the venting and keep any creepy pests out. Who would have thought that you actually needed to take care of issues on the roof in order to prevent snakes from slithering through the pipes? If you are truly worried then you can invest in a multi-flap that fits over the toilet pipe and allows waste and water to exit but keeps critters out.

Keep in mind if you live in an area that is prone to snakes then this issue may be more common and you may already know how to deal with it. Many snakes that find their way into a toilet are not native to the area where they were found. It’s likely they escaped or were let free by their owners that no longer wanted them and they choose your pipes as a nest. Many snakes aren’t able to survive in the main sewer pipe for very long since there can be relatively low temperatures below the ground where pipes are located, making it unlikely that they actually set up their home in a main sewer line.

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Ways to Get Rid of a Mouse to Avoid the Dreaded Snap Trap

Shannon Jackson



Occasionally, even if you don’t live in the country, you may have a mouse in your house. While the best answer to getting rid of a mouse would be to have a cat, there are other ways to get rid of mice without having to buy the dreaded snap traps and killing the little visitor. It’s best to take care of the problem sooner rather than later so you don’t have to worry about more mice popping up. Just with a quick Internet search, there are tons of different ways and anecdotes to get rid of mice the humane way. It seems the problem is harder to solve than you would think it is. Take a look at some of the popular suggestions and see if they will actually work to get rid of the mouse problem.

Dryer Sheets

This seems like a pretty simple solution. Mice don’t like the smell of dryer sheets and so it deters them from hanging out. Dryer sheets get mixed responses and some even notice droppings right next to the dryer sheet the next day.

Peppermint Oil

This is also a pretty easy suggestion and essential oils seem to be a cure-all for just about everything else. This doesn’t seem to work either but will make the home smell good. Mice also hate spicy scents and garlic so you can use this too instead of peppermint, but peppermint can be a better scent in the house.

No-Kill Trap

While there are plenty of suggestions to just kill the mouse, many people want to do the humane thing. There are no-kill traps where you can add some peanut butter to lure the mouse in. These can sometimes work but if the mouse never goes in, you are just out of luck.

Block Holes with Steel Wool

While this is a popular suggestion, it’s not always feasible. If you fill the holes where the mouse is getting in then the mouse has to leave since there is no way to get in. If you live in an old house then this is just not be possible.

Glue Traps

There are some horror stories about glue traps, including rats getting stuck to one. Many people think it’s a bad idea to try these but while the traps may be prebaited, there is no guarantee that your mouse will set foot on it. People were once able to just put peanut butter on the glue trap and that was enough to lure the mouse in.

Once you have the mouse humanely trapped the key is getting the little guy free. Using oil can help lure him off the trap first. After you get him free, you can send him off to an area far away from your house. It can be a lot of effort to humanely trap the mouse and set him free. While you can use regular traps and kill the mouse, you can also use sticky glue traps with some added peanut butter if you want to put in the effort.

When releasing the mouse, be sure to release it far away from the house. If you don’t then the mouse is going to find its way back to your home. If you see one mouse then there may be others still around. Be sure to set your trap again to catch any after the first mouse. If the trap is empty for a week or two then it may be worth it to seal up the holes to prevent any new ones from getting in and having to go through this process more than once.

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Pigeons With Small Hats are Showing up in Nevada

Shannon Jackson



It’s not uncommon to see a lot of weird things walking down some streets in Nevada. However, you may have thought your eyes were playing a trick on you when you saw a pigeon that was wearing a small sombrero or cowboy hat. While you may think it was just one of those dessert mirages, it’s not.

There have been sightings of a pigeon wearing a sombrero in Reno and then a number of pigeons in Las Vegas wearing cowboy hats. The city manager of Reno thought it was just adorable and funny. However, she was in for a rude awakening when she shared the pigeons on social media and then was attacked by animal rights activists. One of the Las Vegas pigeons that had a tiny hat glued to its head died. Activists are working to get the word out that regardless of how cute a pigeon with a hat on his head looks, it’s not a laughing matter.

The pigeons in Las Vegas were being spotted in mid-December. While the pigeons weren’t all wearing the same hat, the proximity of the sightings had many people believing it was the same group of people or one person that was responsible. The Internet was exploding with these pictures and there were even people getting tattoos of the cowboy pigeon. These people had a serious commitment to something funny but may be feeling a bit of regret when they learn the practice of gluing hats on pigeons is cruel.

When the pigeons were first spotted, the staff at Lofty Hopes, an animal rescue, wanted to track down the pigeons in order to try and remove the hats. Since the pigeons were all spotted wearing the hats for several days, the staff determined the hats were glued to their heads. The staff then worked on trapping the pigeons but it wasn’t an easy task. The staff named the pigeons in order for them to be easy to track. They went by Cluck Norris, CoolamityJane, and Billie the Pidge. Eventually, Cluck Norris and Billie the Pidge were caught and the volunteers and staff members could take a look at the damage that was done. At first, Billie allowed them to work on removing the hat. As the volunteers got to work, it was clear how much glue there was and how much damage was caused to the bird. Cluck allowed them to do the same thing and for him, the damage was even worse. The staff at Lofty Hopes later shared on Instagram that Billie the Pidge had died from an undetected illness. The staff shared that the hat could have interfered with the pigeon being able to dislodge small insects that gathered under it. Pigeons are active groomers and they don’t just groom themselves but also others in the flocks. Since pigeons have an extremely fragile respiratory system, the fumes from the glue could have contributed to slowly poisoning the bird. There are a number of things that could have gone wrong thanks to this prank.

Lofty Hopes is now working on tracking down the sombrero bird in Reno. The city manager is also doing her part to spread the word about the birds. She said while it is fun, it’s still inhumane and the birds are suffering. She said she doesn’t want the same thing to happen here with Billie dying. In the meantime, Lofty Hopes is still working on finding Coolamity Jane. They have kept a close eye on her but haven’t been able to trap her. The goal is to get the hat off as quickly as possible.

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Great Dane on Home Security Camera Seen Protecting Family from Intruder

Shannon Jackson



Humans just don’t appreciate dogs as much as they should. Tracey McCoy and her son were at their home in Oklahoma City when her worst nightmare came true.

McCoy’s security cameras were going in broad daylight and a strange man was seen going through the side door and entering the home. At first, McCoy thought that it was her older son. She was in the home at the time with her son, Nathaniel, who is blind.

The intruder walked right into the home as if he belonged there and owned the place. The intruder didn’t know that he was about to be greeted by Dubai, the family’s Great Dane mix, who weighs 133 pounds.

Dubai isn’t normally a vicious dog. In fact, he’s very friendly and docile. Dubai at first didn’t even do anything to this unwanted visitor and allowed him to say hello and pet the dog. Just as Dubai and the intruder were becoming friendly, McCoy walked into the kitchen and screamed. Dubai jumped into action and realized this was not a wanted guest and his owner was absolutely terrified by this stranger in the home. Dubai attacked the intruder and escorted him out by the rear end with his teeth. McCoy was able to watch the suspect run away and then come back moments later while he was in the back of a patrol car. Luckily, the police were able to snatch him out quickly before he was able to break into another home that didn’t have a trusty dog waiting to defend his owners. The suspect, Robert Ward, was positively identified by McCoy and is now facing a first-degree burglary charge but he was not armed.

This isn’t the first time a Great Dane has been able to spring into action and help its owners. There are countless stories of Great Danes protecting their owners and even helping an owner carry some groceries. While Great Danes aren’t usually thought of as service dogs, they are actually a perfect candidate for a service dog due to their size. The Service Dog Project has been training these large dogs to help war veterans and assist children with having a better quality of life. The Great Dane has stamina that was once needed to chase down bears and wild boars and they also have the strength and courage to stand up to predators, which was useful in the McCoy family case.

The Great Dane can be the perfect breed for a service dog because of its gentle personality and giant size. Dogs that are being used as balance support for the owner need to be large and about 65% of the person’s weight and 45% of the height. It takes a tall and strong dog to give confidence to someone who needs help to walk and support to regain balance if they start to fall. Great Danes serve this unique purpose. Great Danes may be large but don’t really require that much experience. Just a few walks a day are needed so it’s even better to pair this breed up with someone who has limited mobility. Great Danes can be trained to do specific tasks, such as hold open doors, turn on light switches, pull wheelchairs, and pick up dropped objects. Of course, they don’t need to be trained to protect their owners from intruders and will be happy to step in when needed.

While Dubai may not be trained to be a service dog anytime soon, he fulfilled his duty to the McCoy family and is getting lots of attention and treats for saving lives and property.

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