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Man’s Not so Friendly Best Friend 40 of The Feistiest Dog Breeds Around





Are you looking for a four-legged friend? Dogs can be one of the best options when considering a pet. They are smart, loyal, and affectionate, especially when you adopt them as pups. One of the best things that you can do before choosing your canine companion is research because not all dogs are created the same.   Like people, all dogs have their own individual and unique personality, but lets take a look at some of our canine companion that are known for being feisty.

Wolf Hybrid 

Wolf Hybrids are the offspring of a domestic dog and a grey wolf. Because of their instinctual nature, Wolf Hybrids are extremely territorial and like to roam. Experts suggest that one should only consider a hybrid if they can invest the time, energy, and money it takes for training and upkeep, as they can be high maintenance.


Chihuahuas are known for their feisty attitude. They are the smallest of the dog breeds which could explain their “small dog syndrome.” Despite their larger than life personalities, with the right time and training they have the potential to make great companions.


The Dachshund originated in Germany and is often refered to as as the “weiner” dog due to their short legs and small bodies. Originally bred for hunting, he is the smallest of all hounds. Although they do have the potential to be loving family dogs, they are not the ideal pet if you have small children, as they can be aggressive.

Jack Russell

Jack Russell’s are known for being energizer bunnies. These dogs love to hunt and dig, and if not trained properly, can be quite destructive. Jack Russells do best in homes with older children who know how to handle them properly. They also tend to be slightly aggressive towards dogs of the same sex.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds were originally bred to be worker dogs and were used to guard sheep. Since then, they have moved on to become police detectives, guide dogs for the blind, and have a pretty good reputation. German Shepard’s do however have some aggressive tendencies, but with proper training can be a good family dog.


The Akita has also undergone some career changes, as they were originally used to guard royalty in Japan. Akitas are known to be quiet yet powerful animals and aren’t to keen of smaller children. If you don’t mind a quiet and independent friend, the Akita may be the companion for you.

Chow Chow

The chow is also a Chinese native. They are known for their independent nature and although loyal, prefer not to have too many cuddle sessions.  Chow Chows require extensive socialization as they are not to keen of strangers. If you’re looking for an affectionate dog, this may not be the one for you.


The Doberman originates in Germany and is known for its energetic nature. He requires lots of exercise and play time. If not socialized and exercised properly you could have a snappy and irritable pup on your hands, but for the most part he can be a good companion.


Rottweilers have somewhat of a bad reputation for being aggressive and territorial. If not socialized at an early age, they can grow up to be quite ill mannered. Despite their bad reputation, people still consider the Rottweiler to be quite the canine companion.


Don’t let their cute furry face fool you, these little lap dogs can be quite stubborn. While they may not be an aggressive breed, if it doesn’t benefit them, you may have a hard time telling this little guy what to do. Like most of the dogs on the list, they can be trained with a little time and patience.


Despite their quick speed, greyhounds can be quite the couch potato, and for the most part prefer to sleep the day away. Greyhounds are great family pets; however, because they prefer a serine environment, they may not be the ideal pet for those with noisy children or other pets. 

Saint Bernard 

Despite their large size, this gentle giant has the potential to be a loving family pet. Although they are not an aggressive dog they do need to be taught what is expected of them to prevent them from accidentally hurting small children. 

English Toy Spaniel

These pampered canines hate to be alone and can be the ideal pet for someone who wants a side kick. They can however be a little stubborn and develop quite the attitude. Positive reinforcement during training is just the thing this little guy needs to  keep his attitude under control.


Nicknamed the “silver ghost” this pup was originally bred to be a hunting dog but has since made his way into the family home. The Weimaraner can make a great family dog even if you have small children ,just don’t leave them alone for long periods of time as they develop serious separation anxiety. They also need lots of exercise and are not ideal if you have other small pets because they have an instinctual desire  to hunt.

Great Dane

This gentle giant isn’t the heaviest of them all but he is definitely the tallest. The Great Dane is often described as loyal and affectionate, and he  often forgets how big he is  during his frequent cuddle sessions. Despite their even-tempered nature, they are another breed that doesn’t like to be left alone, and if they are you may notice quite the attitude.

Bull Mastiff 

The masiff is both strong and powerful yet loyal and affectionate. Due to their large size, it is suggested that they be monitored around small children to prevent any unintentional harm. While the mastiff usually adapts to children well, they are not so accepting of strangers and can be quite suspicious.

French bulldog

The French Bull dog, also known as “frenchies” love to be the center of attention. Owners of these flat faced pups often describe them as attached and lovable. While they do make great family pets, they can be quite stubborn when it comes to things like house training and being left alone; however, with the proper training and patience they can be the perfect four legged family member.

Siberian husky

This working dog originated in Asia and was originally used to pull large loads through extremely cold weather; however, today, you will often see them in dog sled races. When they aren’t racing, they are mild tempered and playful. Because of their athletic ability they require lots of exercise and prefer to spend lots of time outside. The husky may not be the pet for you if you have small pets as they may harm them.

Presa Canario

 The Canario is a large rare breed of dog, originating from the Spanish Canary Islands. They were originally used to drive cattle and is a very energetic breed. While they are intelligent and highly capable of loyal relationships with their owners, it is important they receive the proper training, as they can be unpredictable.


The Affenpinscher also known as the monkey terrier, is fearless and has a big dog attitude. Like many dogs with “small dog syndrome” this little dog thinks of himself as the protector of the home . Despite his small size,  the Affenpinscher doesn’t usually do well in homes with small children. 

Bull Terrier 

This pointy nose pup was originally bred to be a fighting dog; however, today they are much more affectionate then the fighters they were created to be. While he may not be the ideal pet if you have other small animals, with the proper training and socialization the Bull Terrier has the potential to be a loving family dog.

Afghan hound

You may recognize this beauty by its long silky coat. Many would describe the Afghan as aloof because he doesn’t really  get excited about much. He can however make a good family pet if you’re looking for a laid back independent companion.


The Basenji first originated in Congo and was originally used to hunt small rodents. He is a fun-loving family dog to have around; however, he isn’t the ideal pup for those with small animals. The Basenji can be a little stubborn to train due to his independent nature, but he can be tamed with a little patience. 

Dogo Argentino

This muscular dog originated in Argentina and was used to hunt wild boar. Today you can see him training as a police dog, service dog, or guide dog for the blind. The Dogo Argentino is very protective so it is important that he is socialized and taught to behave around strangers. 

Safforshire Terrier 

The “staffie” is a medium size dog from Staffordshire England. They are fun and loving and have lots of energy. If left alone for long periods of time, this curious pup tends to get bored and is likely to get into mischief and chew up whatever he can find. 

Miniature Poodle

Despite their elegant look, the poodle is far from high strung and loves to have fun. They are an intelligent breed and can sometimes even be stubborn and mischievous. As long as they have something to stimulate them you wont have to worry about them getting into trouble.  

Chinese Shar-pei

This wrinkly rascal originates from Canton China was bred to be a fighting and guard dog. He can be quite aggressive and stubborn so its important that they are trained and socialized early. The Shar-pei may not be ideal for those with small children unless they are introduced to him as a pup as he may not be tolerant of the handling of little hands.

Neapolitan mastiff 

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a guard dog from Italy and has the size and strength to prove it. He makes a great family dog, but strangers may not want to trespass without his permission.  If you’re looking for a lover and a protector, the Mastiff may be the dog for you.

Australian Sheppard 

This cuddly cowboy, despite his name originated in the United states and is often used to herd life stock. One thing to note about the Australian Sheppard, is that he loves to exercise. They don’t necessarily need a large backyard, but they love to run and play. A lack of exercise and boredom can lead to some obnoxious and mischievous behavior.

Tosa Inu 

The Tosa Inu is a rare dog that originates in Japan. Sadly,  he was bred to be a fighting dog.  Some consider the Inu to be a dangerous breed, and he is even restricted in the United Kingdom. Despite his questionable background, he is still capable of being trained in homes without small children.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is one of the most popular breeds in Italy and is often used as a guard dog. Because they are territorial, they are leary of strangers and prefer to stay right by their owners’ sides.


The Pitbull is another breed of dog with a bad reputation. He is known to be aggressive; however, most Pitbull’s are taught to be aggressive by their owners. With the right socialization and training they can be very well behaved pups.

Skye Terrier

The Skye Terrier originates in the United Kingdom and unfortunately  is one of the most endangered dog breeds. They were originally created to hunt small animals such as fox, but since has made its way into the family home. He isn’t one of the friendliest dogs when it comes to strangers, but he can be a good companion for his owners.


The Dalmatian is most widely known for his distinctive black and white spots. These dogs are very athletic and love to get lots of exercise. With positive reinforcement, the Dalmatian may be one of the easiest dogs to train. Since the he is such a big breed of dog, it is recommended that he be supervised in the presence of small children.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback originated in South Africa and is a natural born hunter. He is independent and active. Because of his hunting instinct, small animals are not safe in his presence. He is however quite affectionate and friendly and has the potential to make a good family dog. Because of his large size and high energy, he needs lots of space to run around.

Gull Dong

The Gull Dong is a popular breed in Pakistan and unfortunately is  commonly used as a fighting and guard dog. He is loyal and loving yet dominant and aggressive. Gull Dongs have high levels of energy and need plenty of space to run around. 

Fila Brasileiro

The Brasileiro is a large breed of mastiff that originates in Brazil. He requires an experienced dog owner who can train him properly as he is a powerful dog. Socialization and training at early age is especially important to ensure that he is obedient and well rounded. 

Caucasian Ovcharka

The Caucasian Ovcharka also known as the Caucasian Shepard  originates from the Caucasus Mountain and is used to guard flock from being eaten by wolves and other prey. Positive reinforcement will more than likely be ineffective when training. This dog needs someone who is experienced, firm, and loving. Due to his aggressive behavior, he may not be the dog for a house with small children.

Llasa Opso 

Don’t let his looks fool you, this playful pup from Tibet is energetic and fearless. Although he does like to play, he may be intolerant of little children and strangers. He is often described as independent and stubborn, and you may need extra patience during training. 

Cocker Spaniel

I’m sure you wouldn’t expect any trouble from this cute face, as the Cocker Spaniel is considered a great family dog. They are loving and great with kids. This breed does however hate to be alone, and will excessively bark, cry, and destroy if you’re gone too long. 


The beagle is a hunting dog that loves to play. Although small children should be supervised when handling any dog, he is more accepting of being handled with little hands. Beagles can be very mischievous and tend to get into a lot of messy trouble. 

Manchester Terrier 

The Manchester Terrier is A breed of dog that was originally created to keep the vermin population at bay in the 19th century. Because of this, he is not ideal for a home with small pets. The Manchester can develop quite a nasty attitude if not trained at an early age. 



This Adorable Pup Finally Got The Chance To Enjoy Snow

Kevin Wells



Snow is not something that a lot of us enjoy. In fact, it is a downright nuisance. The prospect of having to get up early to bundle up and clean off your vehicle before work each day is a harrowing one. However, dogs do not view things in the same way that we do. They have more of a glass half full approach at times like these, don’t they?

The dog in this story certainly does, that is for sure. Truffle resides in England and when the first snowfall came, he could not contain his excitement. He’s not one to care about the dirty and slippery aspect of snow. Truffle is here to have a good time and that is all there is to it.

The magical moment was not going to pass this dog by. He’s the type to appreciate life and all that it has to offer. Some of us could stand to learn a thing or two from this pup. Once you have gotten the chance to watch this awesome video, you are going to see exactly what we mean by that.

Jo is his mother and the two live together in York, England. The cocker spaniel is known to have quite the lust for life, too. While he had never experienced snowfall in the past, he wasted no time inserting himself into the mix. He was given the chance to head outside and enjoy it by his mother, running full speed all the while.

Luckily, Jo was willing to record this moment and share it with the rest of us. Try your best not to grin as you watch this dog living it up. There is something about seeing snow for the first time that brings out the inner child in all of us. The dogs that we know and love are certainly no different in this regard. They do not have the same worries that we do.

Truffle does not have to worry about going to buy a winter coat or a set of snow tires. All he has to do is play. Let Jo be the one to scrape the car off when it is time to go to work. Truffle will be too busy dashing through the snow and letting us know just how much fun he is having.

Watching this dog slip and slide around like this is giving us life. Once it was time for the dog to come back inside, he had a very predictable reaction. Truffle decided that he was going to show his mother that he was not ready yet. Instead of racing back inside like some dogs do when they are exposed to the cold, he elected to pout instead. The mental image of this dog sulking is too much! We cannot stop laughing.

While we are not dealing with the same amount of snowfall where we live, we can still appreciate a video like this one. Who wouldn’t love to see Truffle react like this on an everyday basis. This video is making us wish that we could take our dog out to play in the snow, to be honest. As soon as you have seen Truffle enjoying the snow, you will want to share this clip.

All of the dog owners in your life are sure to appreciate this one. There is nothing quite like seeing your first snowfall and this is an experience that needs to be shared. Please take a moment to pass this one along to your Facebook friends as soon as possible. It is time that the rest of the world got to know our good friend Truffle. 

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This Beloved Police Dog Took A Bullet In The Line Of Duty

Kelly Taylor



While there are many people out there who love to offer negative commentary on the police, few stop to realize the amount of risk that they are taking on each day. This level of risk even extends to the four-legged officers who assist the police force with important busts. Mikey the police dog is a prime example.

He took a bullet in the line of duty back in 2017. The shooting took place during a SWAT call in Fresno, California. Mikey was shot when a bullet passed through the dog it was meant for and hit him as well. He bled out for some time and lost two toes as a result of the incident. 

Deputy Jerry Kitchens was his handler at the time. He made sure that Mikey received the medical assistance he needed but he did not think that the dog would ever return to duty. The shooting was severe. Jerry just wanted to make sure that the dog would be able to recover. The idea of him returning to active police duty was too much to fathom.

However, Mikey had other ideas. He wanted to return to his post and did not care about his own safety. The dog eventually recovered from his initial wound and made his way back. These are the police-related stories that are not always told. These officers are willing to risk life and limb to make sure that their communities remain protected.

Mikey received the surgery that he required so that he could keep his leg. This was the first step to a full comeback. If not for the work of this surgeon, who knows what might have happened to Mikey? We shudder to think. Dogs are just like the rest of us, after all. They need to have a sense of purpose in order to be happy.

He proved all of his doubters wrong in no time at all. This is one dog that was bound and determined to return to his regular duties. Many animals would have been content to live out the rest of their days as a police hero. Mikey would have had all of the biscuits he could eat and a nice, warm bed. Instead, he pushed through the pain and found his way back.

The rehab and training processes were challenging. He did not allow them to break his stride. He was back on his feet again and ready to assist his fellow officers once the rehab and training were complete. Can you believe that he was back and ready to work within just four months?

These are the stories that remind us how resilient dogs can be. When they put their minds to something, there is nothing that can stop them. The initial injury took place in July and Mikey was back on the front lines by November. Most humans would not be able to replicate the speed of his recovery. That’s what makes this story such a special one.

If you would like to see how excited Mikey was to return to the police force, please be sure to check out the video below. He is not even showing signs of the injury. Mikey came back, good as new and ready to rock and roll. The officers are also happy to have him back, as you would expect.

This is the type of video that you will want to share with your closest friends and loved ones. They are sure to appreciate all of Mikey’s hard work. Mikey lives to help keep people safe and he does not know what to do with himself otherwise. In the meantime, please take the time to share this story with your Facebook friends today! 

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Zookeepers Set Up Camera And Capture Pregnant Rhino Giving Birth Without Any Assistance

Renee Yates



For a whopping sixteen months, Asha carried her baby in her womb. Asha, a rare greater one-horned rhinoceros, lives at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England. Luckily, her labor and delivery were much quicker than the gestational period was for her baby Rhino to come into the world.

After only about 20 minutes of labor, Asha successfully delivered a healthy male calf in the early morning hours on May 3, 2018, at her home at the Chester Zoo. The staff at the zoo were able to capture Asha’s labor and delivery on video. The mama had an easy delivery on the floor of her enclosure and did not require assistance from the staff as she labored and brought her 132-pound baby boy. Once he is fully grown, Asha’s son will balloon to an eye-popping two tons plus in weight!

Guests of the Chester Zoo were excited to visit the little rhino and his mama in their exhibit. Asha’s baby is named Akeno which means “beautiful sunrise.” Along with his birth, Akeno’s first steps were also caught on tape along with snuggles with his 11-year-old mother Asha. They are a hit at the zoo and seem to be getting along well.

The staff at the well-visited zoo have been working towards keeping beautiful animals like Asha and baby Akeno together and better protected. One-horned rhinos are one-horned rhinos that are endangered at this point in a critical way and the staff is hoping the miraculous birth will not only attract visitors to the zoo but will draw attention to their work on this front. Animals like Asha and baby Akeno are the object of hunters who illegally poach them to be able to obtain their horns and sell them. There is a market for them as they are used in traditional Chinese medicine. A hunter can sell a single horn on the Asian black market for around $65,000 United States dollars. Even more offensive is the fact that wealthy hunters simply want the horns to hang on their walls and show off to friends as a status symbol of wealth and popularity.

According to a staff member of the Chester Zoo, not long ago there were less than 200 greater one-horned rhinoceros in the wild.

“They were hunted almost to extinction. Just in time steps were taken to protect them. Now there are about 2,600, but they still face threats in India and Nepal… it’s important we do all we can to stop their numbers going down to critical levels again.”

As the staff and many others work hard to fight against the illegally poaching of these beautiful animals, Asha and Akeno, who appears like he is dressed in a dark gray suit of armor, are enjoying their stay at the zoo and the many delighted visitors they come into contact with each day. The birth of Akeno on video has drawn more new visitors to the Chester Zoo and everyone seems to be happy with this new situation.

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A Successful Dinner Party is Brought Together by a Garfield Cat

Renee Yates



When it comes to throwing a party, there is a lot to keep in mind. While most people like to think about the food, the guests, and the setting, there are several other key issues to address as well. This story comes from a land were cat lovers are trying to throw the ultimate dinner party. Sure, there are plenty of people out there who love cats. Cats are meant to be pets and they are incredibly popular, just like dogs. On the other hand, this mother was looking for a very specific type of cat. 

This mother has two young children who are absolutely obsessed with the cat known as Garfield. This cat is known for his mysterious stories and has been the focus of books, movies, and TV shows. One of the best-known facts about Garfield is that he has an innate love for all things lasagna. Therefore, this mother decided to go the extra mile for her children. She went out looking for a cat who looked like Garfield to complete the dinner party. Of course, the focus of the party was going to be lasagna; however, a cat that looked like Garfield would help to bring everything together. In the eyes of many, this could end up being the best Saturday night ever.

The mother went out on her search. She posted about her search for Garfield on International Cat Day. She tried to search everywhere looking for an orange cat that would suit her purposes. It turns out that a cat who looks like Garfield is a bit hard to find. Therefore, she became desperate. She decided to make a public sign that would announce her intent to the world.

On the sign, she wrote that she would only need to borrow the cat for a day or two at most. She knew that many cats already had owners and expressed her intent to bring the cat back after the party was finished. She probably didn’t know the attention the post was going to receive when she first put up the flyer about Garfield. The flyer read like a “help wanted” sign! She stated clearly that she only wanted to borrow an orange cat for a day or two at most. She mentioned the need to have a Garfield cat to eat lasagna with her family, including her children. She stated that she would make sure the cat was healthy and not require the cat to eat the lasagna if not desired. 

She even mentioned that she did NOT want to keep the cat! She mentioned that she even might sound a bit crazy but was really only desperate! The post was so funny and heartwarming that it was shared online. For sure, the post ended up going viral. Suddenly, it worked! There was a great Garfield cat that showed up to the house on Saturday night. This Garfield even brought along some cupcakes with orange icing! Without a doubt, the kids were thrilled. They all sat down for dinner and Garfield ate his own food instead. The family got time to play with Garfield after dinner until it was time for him to go home. It turns out, this Garfield already has a happy home.

This Garfield belongs to a medical student located in Oklahoma City. His willingness to donate Garfield certainly deserves to be praised. What a heartwarming story about someone who was willing to go the extra mile to make a family happy on a Saturday evening. Isn’t Garfield the best?

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Firefighters do not give up on horse stuck in mud

Renee Yates



It was a warm summer night in August of 2018 when Chris and Tiffany Flynn of Castle Rock, Colorado, noticed the neighing of their horses out in the pasture.

The beautiful 1,200-pound Tennessee walking horse named Partner had vanished and they knew something was wrong and they needed to find him quickly. The couple made their way down to a nearby pond and found their missing horse.

Partner had somehow managed to slide down a 10-foot embankment into a giant mud pit, where he had become stuck. He simply could not get his ample body loose from the thick, sticky ground that had seemed to swallow him.

At first, Chris and Tiffany could only stand there and look at their poor horse while frozen in shock. As panic and confusion set in, they tried to form a plan of action to save the life of their much-loved yet giant horse.

The couple worked at desperately trying to free Partner but he began to sink even deeper into the thick, sticky mud pit that had consumed him and it seemed like an impossible feat to achieve.

Tiffany made her way into the mud, walking waist-deep in it, as her feet began to sink. The realization that she may not be able to escape the muddy hole herself was not lost on her. As Partner continued to struggle to free himself, the deeper he sank.

Chris phoned 911 for help and by 11 p.m., Castle Rock firefighters and other first-responders were on the scene of the Flynn home in the beautiful suburb of Denver. They had to lug their equipment to the area where Partner was stuck which was complicated by the large distance it was from the main road to the farm.

Hiking with their equipment in tow for about a half of a mile to Partner’s location, the firefighter began digging. The continued into the night for about three hours before they were able to use a sling, which required webbing and a pulley to create, to secure Partner and drag him back up the 10-foot embankment to safety. A local veterinarian was on the scene to treat and hydrate the horse after he was freed.

She specializes in large animals and said it was the most technically difficult rescues she has ever seen.

Lt. Jay Allen, a firefighter with the Castle Rock Police Department, told a local news station that he and the other firefighters would attempt to remove the mud and water from the area in which the horse was stuck to no avail at first.

“We would try to remove the mud and the water from him, but he was just stuck in there, that vacuum that was created from it. And so it took finally breaking that vacuum, that seal that was there for us to pop him up and out,” said Allen.

After hours of working diligently, the firefighters were able to free the beautiful horse from his pit of mud.

“It’s amazing to see Partner out of the pit. We are so grateful to the Castle Rock Fire Department and others for working to free Partner,” said Chris as he put his arms around Partner’s neck to reassure him that he was not in trouble for the freak accident.

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