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Elderly Dog Saves This Toddler’s Life

The dog is referred to as ‘man’s best friend.’ And there are countless stories that individuals can share of the friendship and love that they have with their dogs. However, the story of a three-year-old girl in Australia is a remarkable one. At first, one might be forgiven to think that it is a fictional story off a movie or storybook. But, the events are actual, and it goes to depict how amazing animals especially dogs can be once trust and loyalty have been built.

The encounter
The dog named Max has been around for over fifteen years and is partly deaf, partly blind. However, these shortcomings did not affect his intuition to know that Audrey was heading somewhere she might need help. The little girl was wandering off into the bush without the company of an adult, and the dog knew to follow her. If one was watching from afar, you might have thought that Max was just being playful and would not follow the girl for long but the little girl had just gotten a savior in disguise.

Search Efforts
It did not take long before the parents of Audrey realized that she was missing. As the night approached, they were terrified and had to report to the local administration for advanced search efforts to be initiated. Volunteers, neighbors and the fire department were dispatched into the forest in different directions to increase the chances of an early find. Nevertheless, the search progressed deep into the night and all hope seemed to be lost when it was almost daybreak. Not even a single trace of the girl or the dog after all those hours of searching! It was disappointing and horrifying. How could such a young girl bear the brunt of the night at such low temperatures and no appropriate clothing?

Ray of Hope
At daybreak, it seemed like it was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Just as despair was setting in, one of the members of the search team spotted a movement near a creek. On moving closer, he realized he was facing a dog similar to the one given in the description at the start of the search. It was aggressive as if protecting someone or something precious. The other search team members were alerted and came rushing with enthusiasm.

As the mother approached, Max cooled down and rushed towards where Audrey was sleeping. She was coiled under a creek and covered with dry leaves. However, on close examination, it was realized that she had frostbite and had some few cuts on her legs, arms, and back. The medical team swung into action and performed first aid on site before transferring her to the ER. Apart from the few cuts, Audrey was in good health. The family was happy to be reunited with their daughter and had Max to thank for his bravery and loyalty.



Reunited And It Feels So Good – Owner Finds Dogs After 3 Years

Renee Yates



Peaches & Herb may have been on to something when they released that hit single back in 1979, at least in terms of pets and owners looking for them. This is the emotional story of a Boston Terrier named Ziggy who was loved and cared for by a Miami woman. Three years ago, Ziggy and this woman were separated, as pets sometimes are from their owners. The nature of the separation is up for debate; was Ziggy stolen from the woman’s property? Or did Ziggy simply wander out of the yard? The details of the separation are not what’s important here. What IS important is that this woman has spent the last three years searching for her beloved Boston Terrier through phone calls, adverts, social media posts, signs on telephone poles, you name it, she’s probably done it.

Enter The Torneys

Brian and Danielle Torney foster dogs from time to time from their Port Charlotte home in Florida. They recently took on a new addition to the home, a Boston Terrier rescued by the Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida group. The Torneys were elated with the new pup and were nurturing the animal to eventually go to a good home. As always with each new addition, Brian scans the internet and social media posts to see if anyone was missing a dog. If nobody is located through this method, then the Torneys would continue to care for the dog until a new home can be found. Finding a previous owner in this fashion is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But stranger things have happened in these searches and Brian was bowled over by what he found.

Previous Owner Located Through Modern Technology

Through Brian’s perusing of Reddit and other sites, he came across a post by a woman from Miami trying to locate her missing Boston Terrier. Brian saw the pictures of the dog, and he compared the pictures to his new Boston Terrier and realized that the two dogs were one and the same. Brian was puzzled, how could this dog be 200 miles from his home?!? Where did the Boston Terrier Rescue team find this dog? Brain knew that he had a phone call to make.

The Phone Call

Brian called the number that was listed with the woman’s post and was soon greeted by a woman’s voice on the other end. Brian calmly explained that he was quite sure that he had her missing Boston Terrier and that he was located in Port Charlotte. The woman was overcome with elation, joy, and tears. She explained through happy sobs that her dog named Ziggy vanished three years ago, and she had some moments where her hope was failing, but she never lost it completely. In her heart, she knew that she would find him, no matter how long it took.

The Upcoming Reunion

The woman will be driving up from Miami to finally be reunited with her beloved Ziggy and the Torneys couldn’t be happier about the news! Ziggy seems happier as well, wagging his little tail with a little more pizzazz than usual. This is a win for lost pets and pet owners, but it’s a larger win for social media and the overall online community effort to get the news out about those owners who lose their loved pets.

Technology has helped out so many people over the years with advancements in medicine, quality of life, and staying in touch with loved ones. Much like old friends and high school classmates get back in touch through a site like Facebook, lost pets and their loving owners can eventually find each other over time, Ziggy and the Torneys are proof of that!

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A Marriage Proposal on the Race Track

Kevin Wells



Making a marriage proposal can be a risky step. Doing it in front of thousands of people is really taking a big chance that could go sideways. As it turned out, that’s exactly what a runner’s guide did at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics, giving his partner the biggest award of her life.

Keula Nidreia has been a top notch runner most of her life. She’s also visually impaired. Competing in the 200-meter women’s event has been a top goal of hers, especially in reaching the ParaOlympics representing her country, Cape Verde. Ideally, what she wanted to win by preparing for, practicing and developing her strategy for the big race, was to win the gold metal. She was not expecting to win something else instead.

Being visually impaired, Keula has long needed a guide to help her during the training, development, sporting events and similar. The guide’s role is to help make up for the contestant’s limitations during the unfamiliar portions of an event, helping the athlete find and learn exactly where things are to be able to compete effectively as well as run on the track. Manuel Antonio Vaz da Vega has been Keula’s guide for years, and he has been with her during most of the runner’s primary athletic development. However, while everyone’s focus on the race has been Keula’s ability to compete, no one was expecting what Manuel had up his sleeve.

When Keula finished her race, however, a Paralympics gold medal was not in the cards. She finished in the hardest spot possible, fourth. However, as the deflation of the moment battled with Keula catching her breath and realizing the results, Manuel walked up to her with a close crowd nearby and the entire audience watching. Then, he knelt down on one knee, and he asked Keula to marry him, holding her hand with a ring box. Within a fraction of a second, Keula’s disappointment in the race disappeared as she realized she had won something much, much bigger in life. Crying sudden tears, Keula embraced Manuel and said yes. They hugged and the entire stadium applauded along with the other athletes present.

Life imitated life. During the race and training all those years, Keula had been tied by tether to Manuel to know how to race and where to be on the track. Now she would be tied in marriage to him. They switched from the track of the Paralympics to the track of life as many in the audience noted. The Paralympics soon tweeted similar in the official coverage of the race and related events. All the other racers immediately reacted as their guides explained what had just occurred with Keula. No surprise, she became the biggest winner of the 200-meter event.

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A Lost Scrapbook Recovered





Small businesses take a great amount of effort to get started as well as keep them going and begin to make a sustained profit. So, when Javier Folgar reached the first year of his company, he wanted to celebrate all that hard work and everything that went into with an amazing blog post showing all those details to folks, clients and partners. The idea needed content, and Javier believed he knew exactly where to find it, from a scrapbook his mother had put together for him and gifted as a Christmas present.

At the time, Javier’s company had just gotten off the ground. Only a few months old as a business, Javier’s mother, Carmen, had quietly put together a whole bunch of clipping, photographs, bits and bobs and similar in a scrapbook and surprised him with it. The scrapbook was so emotional Javier wanted to add to it and keep it going for the rest of the first year of business. Carmen took on the role of being the memory-keeper, and it was to be returned to Javier in September at the one-year anniversary mark.

So, expecting to see the details of what year of business success held, Javier got on the road and headed out to his mother’s home in New Jersey to pick up the book. It was precious, and Javier wanted to make sure nothing damaged it on the trip. So when he began packing the car again for the return home, he placed the scrapbook on the roof of the car to keep it out of the way until the car was fully loaded. Unfortunately, those good intentions ended up being the cause of a big mistake.

As so often happens when a person is tired, Javier forgot the location of the scrapbook, jumped in his car and took off. While it stayed on the car roof for a while, eventually the wind caught the scrapbook and pulled it off the car. Javier had no idea. Eventually, he had to pull over for gas and, while at the station filling up, he checked his emails. Lo and behold, he got a message from a sender he didn’t recognize. But the name isn’t what caused his alarm. Instead, the message talked about finding his scrapbook tossed all over one of his prior directions, Valley Road. She had sent the email hoping he was the right owner and to let Javier know of the contents she had recovered. At moments like these, the world suddenly has an amazing amount of clarity, and Javier realized what had happened with the scrapbook.

As Javier reflects, he owes everything of memories for his business to Alyssa and her mother. Additionally, his parents never gave up, immediately going to the site to find whatever else they could to save the scrapbook. It was meant to be, and Javier knows how much that means in the grand scheme of things.

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Fishermen Find a Surprise Litter of Kittens at Sea

Kelly Taylor



Fishermen are known to catch lots of things in the course of their work, but securing and protecting a litter of newborn kittens is a bit off the beaten path, even for them. That was the case for the Kol-148 crew, a fishing boat operation out of Kolobrzeg. The litter was first discovered as the fishing vessel was going through preparations and the crew found the litter bundled in their rolled-up fishing nets. Six little furballs rolled out mewing loudly.

Realizing they had an emergency issue on their hands, the three men found a fish box and made an impromptu nest inside it with towels and soft material. The kittens were placed inside to make sure they didn’t get lost. Next, the crew radio’d for some on-the-spot veterinary help from the Tail Up Foundation, a local charity dedicated to protecting animals. Each of the kittens still had afterbirth on them and were generally newborns. The crew cleaned them up individually and then placed the kittens next to a bottle of warm water to prevent hypothermia. With limited options on the open sea, the crew had to think quick with what they had available.

Using a mix of sugar and water, the crewmembers fashioned a newborn sipping bottle to feed each of the kittens. It took a bit of creativity and dismantling an e-cigarette holder, but the contraption worked. Unlike the myths of old, newborn kittens are far too young to handle regular milk, so that wasn’t an option even though it was onboard. It was a good thing the water and sugar worked, as the only other options were cigarettes and oil, the crew joked afterwards.

The battle to keep the kittens alive lasted an entire four days until the fishing boat was back in harbor. With patience, tenacity and ad hoc creativity, the three men figured out how to keep all six of the kittens alive despite the odds. Once in dock, they were able to deliver the kittens to the charity, which immediately got the young animals critical veterinary attention. Each one had to be put in an incubator for protection and help; they were all in critical stages given the lack of steady food and a stable environment. The mother was nowhere to be found on the boat, so it was assumed the kittens were either abandoned or separated when the boat first left dock. Eventually, four of the kittens did pass away from too much stress to their bodies, but two lived. And if they make it to adulthood, they have managed to survive using up all their nine lives and then some.

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More than Three Decades After Adoption, DNA Reunites Mother and Son

Shannon Jackson



Melanie Pressley found out she was pregnant when she was 18 years old. Her boyfriend insisted on a termination, which she declined, but she worried that she wouldn’t be able to give her kid the life he deserved. She gave her baby child up for adoption, but she never forgot about him. The mother and son have eventually reunited after 33 years apart.

Pressley described what lead her to explore adoption in an interview. “I simply knew I wouldn’t be able to accomplish it financially,” she explained. “And the second issue is that I wished him to have parents, so I thought it best to place him for adoption at that juncture.”

During her pregnancy, Pressley engaged with an adoption center with the help of her family. She gave birth to her son in June of 1988 but didn’t name him. After an initial objection, she convinced a nurse to hold the baby, and her sister snapped a photo.

Even after marrying and having three additional children, she pondered what her first child looked like while stressing every year on his birthday. After the death of Pressley’s mother, she became overwhelmed with the desire to meet her son and cried since her mother never got the opportunity.

As a result, one of her daughters sent her a 23andMe kit as a surprise gift in May 2021. Meanwhile, her kid was doing the same activity approximately 300 miles away.

When Greg Vossler was nine years old, his parents informed him that he was adopted, but he was uninterested in learning more about his biological family. “I used to joke that ‘I don’t see a star who looks like me,’ or ‘No one who is a king or queen in some foreign nation looks like me,’” he remarked. “And I always claimed it was a joke. It was my method of getting that fast reply in my back pocket whenever someone asked; I’d never actually given it any serious thought.”

But later, Vossler had his child, a son whom he named after himself. “One night, my spouse and I were relaxing and talking, and I remarked, ‘I don’t know anything about my medical records, heredity, or where I came from,’” he recalled. “And there was some 23andMe campaign going on.” As a result, I took the exam.”

Vossler did the test in 2019; therefore, when Pressley sent in her specimen in 2021, he was immediately identified as a match. Pressley stated, “I immediately sent a reply, and my first text was, I believe we’re related.” “I feel I am your birth mother,” said the following message. And it just exploded up from there.”

They started conversing, though Pressley stated that she didn’t want to hear his voice until they met in person. They were ultimately reunited earlier this summer, and the bond was instantaneous. Vossler not only met his original mother, but he also received new family members. Meanwhile, Pressley has a recent photo of herself with her long-lost son.

“Everyone is emotional; they’re all holding hands or hugging one other. ‘Hey, I’m your half-brother, half-sister,’ and so on. Melanie’s elder sister, who was key in permitting Melanie to take that initial photo, approached me and touched my face. “It’s the first time she’s seen me in 33 years,” Vossler said. “It’s an incredible sensation. And that demonstrates that there’s always space for families to develop and more love to share among them.”

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