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Couple Who Fed Hippo Jell-O For Their Gender Reveal Respond: ‘It Was A Very Small Amount’

Kelly Taylor




Feeding a hippo Jell-O to reveal the gender of an unborn child is not an everyday thing. Perhaps such is why this couple decided to solicit the services of Tank, a friendly hippo who happens to love Jell-O and watermelon, to help them reveal the gender of their baby. 

The couple from Texas went to great lengths to make their big reveal different. “Everyone it seems has done the cake thing,” the expectant father says. “You cut the cake open and there is either pink or blue inside. Not many people think outside of the box with these things,” he adds. The father-to-be and his wife hoped to change that dynamic. 

The expectant couple went to Capital of Texas Zoo in Cedar Creek where Tank the friendly hippo currently resides. “From the moment we saw Tank, we knew that he was the one,” the mother-to-be says. “He came right up to us,” she adds. “He was so friendly.” 

The couple formed a bond with the animal and knew that they had to have him at their gender reveal party. “We asked the zookeeper and he told us everything that we needed to know about Tank. He told us about the hippo’s sleeping patterns, when he is most interactive, and his favorite foods.” 

The couple got an idea upon hearing that Tank loves Jell-O and watermelon. “Why not fill a watermelon with Jell-O that represents the color of our unborn child’s gender? We knew that our idea was fresh,” the mother-to-be says. 

Fresh is one way to describe the notion of giving a hippo blue Jell-O (the couple is expecting a son). Controversial is another word that comes to mind. Social media was certainly happy to see another couple expanding their family with the expectancy of a child. Viewers were not thrilled to see the father-to-be give Tank the mystery watermelon. 

“Are you serious,” one Twitter critic asked. “Who had the bright idea to give this animal food coloring? How dumb can you be? And they’re having a kid??? God help us all.” Another critic was not as harsh. 

“Jell-O may be good for humans but it is not the best thing for animals,” the social media viewer wrote. “There is a lot of sugar in Jell-O and other artificial ingredients that a hippo’s system may not be able to digest. Did you all do any research before deciding to do this?” 

The expectant couple assured their critics that they in fact researched the matter. “This was not a rush job,” the father-to-be wrote in response to all the scrutiny. “We asked Tank’s caregiver what would be best.” 

If given the opportunity, would the couple do things differently? “I think we would do it again,” the mom-to-be says. “We probably wouldn’t share it with the world, though,” she added. “There are way too many critics out there.”



A Call to Change by An Amazing Third Grade Class

Renee Yates



I have always believed that hate and greed are things that humans are taught- that they are learned behaviors- not characteristics that we are born with. Children are pure and, unless taught otherwise, they are full of love and compassion. This story encompasses this theory more than any other I have ever seen.

Just a few weeks ago on September 21, 2019, sweet and lovable eight year old Daniel Hunt’s and his family’s Tennessee home went up in smoke, along with their possessions. This included all of Daniel’s beloved toys. What was a devastating blow to this child did not stop him from being the happy and friendly kid on campus.

More touching, though, is his classmates’ response. It started with being overly friendly- making an extra effort to play with him, holding doors for him, even sharpening his pencils for class- but sweet Daniel could have never guessed just how far it would go. 

After being sent on an errand by the teacher, Daniel Hunt returns to his classroom to find a large pile of toys and classmates yelling, “Surprise!” Turns out, his teachers and classmates had been secretly collecting toys for Daniel. This group of 8 year olds had such compassion for their classmate that they put extreme effort into replacing the possessions that kids love most- his toys.

And, in true Daniel Hunt fashion, while being elated at his new toys, he responded in a way that most adults would not: He turned to his classmates first- before even approaching his new toys- to say, “I love it!” and called them all in for a giant group hug.

These selfless, loving, and compassionate acts from such young hearts is incredibly touching. At the same time, it calls us to question ourselves. When is the last time we have given so selflessly to others in need? As adults, it is so easy to worry about whether our bills are paid as opposed to caring for others as we should. Not these young children- they simply worried that their friend had nothing to play with.

This group of eight years olds- both Daniel and his classmates- can inspire the world to be different. They can remind us of the compassion that we should show other humans. They can remind us of the joy of giving. It is time that we learn to give again.

People are in need year round, so there is always a reason to give, but this time of year is a great time to start. With the holidays quickly approaching, we should bear in mind the families who cannot afford to buy their children Christmas presents, the elderly who have no family to visit them, the single moms and dads who are merely trying to keep their heads above water, the families with no heat for the winter, and those with no home at all.

Let’s take a lesson from these incredible children and find the love that we were born with to give to others what they need this year and every year to come. 

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10 Young Girls Who Are Knocking Down Society’s Walls and Influencing Change

Renee Yates



Let’s be truthful: females and minorities are at a disadvantage. In fact, unless you are a Caucasian male, you face unfair challenges. Many people simply accept this as “just the way it is” and find a way to deal with it. That seems like the easiest thing to do: take the path of least resistance, try not to rock the boat, accept our lot in life. And, with that, we go on about our days and lives, finding a way to live the best we can.

Then, there are those of us who simply refuse to accept how it is, and these are often what we consider heroes. They are the ones who take the road less traveled, go against the grain, and rock every boat necessary to reach their desired outcomes. They are the trailblazers, and we admire their strength and courage and dedication. And why not? They are admirable people. 

What, though, is more impressive than an adult blazing new trails and working hard to change something? When a young female does it. These amazing girls have multiple “strikes” against them: their gender, some of them their race, and- of course- their ages, but they let none of those things stop them from reaching their goals. Consider the ways in which they are working for things they believe in.

Greta Thunberg

This young lady knows that protecting the planet lies in the hands and actions of its inhabitants. At only 16, she addressed the UN on the topic of climate change. Most of us are too nervous to address our middle school class or coworkers in a large meeting. Greta put her game face on and became the leader of what is known as the largest climate strike in history. 

Mikaila Ulmer

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Or, better yet, have you ever wondered just what a specific insect or “pest” does for us? Mikaila Ulmer has done both. At only four years old, she was stung by a bee while selling lemonade. This led her to study just how important bees are for the planet. At only nine years old, she went on Shark Tank to promote her business Me & the Bees, which sells flaxseed lemonade that supports bees. Next time you visit a Whole Foods store, look for her lemonade sitting on shelves.

Amariyanna “Mari” Copeny and Autumn Peltier

These two young ladies have found fighting for clean water as their cause. You might recognize Amariyanna. At only eight, she wrote a letter to President Obama about the Flint water crisis, which resulted in the President’s visit. She even spoke at the White House regarding the issue.

Autumn Peltier is a fifteen year old Native who spoke at the UN about communities, especially indigenous ones, that lack access to clean drinking water. She was only 13 when she addressed the UN, and is quoted as having said, “We can’t eat money, or drink oil”- wise words from one so young. 

Malala Yousafzai

At only 17, Malala took on the fight for providing an education to everyone- an unaccepted idea in her part of the world. Even though she has put a target on her back, so to speak, from organizations that do not believe in women’s rights, she pushes on with the goal of helping women meet their own educational goals. 

Bana al-Abed

Do you remember what you were doing at 8? It is safe to say that most of us were playing as opposed to dealing with the war in Syria and becoming such a young refugee. Though this experience could have easily hardened young Bana al-Abed, she chose a different route. She used Twitter to share a very detailed account of what was really happening in Syria, and the truth of the suffering behind it. She was offered a book deal, and used her platform to petition worldwide leaders for change in the war-torn country. She quickly became one of the youngest activists for change.

Sophie Cruz

At a mere six years old, Sophie Cruz was facing losing her parents due to immigration laws. She took it upon herself to write a letter to the pope- one that was intended to keep ICE from breaking up families. Now, at eight, she continues to fight immigration laws.

Asia Newson and Maya Penn

These two young African American businesswomen are making waves. Maya Penn started an eco-friendly clothing business at only eight years old. Since then, she has been name a “SuperSoul 100 Entrepreneur” by Oprah, had her own TED Talk, and started a nonprofit for environmental changes.

Asia Newson started selling candles at only five years old. She is now a teenager and uses her platform and talents help build small businesses in her hometown, teach other children how to run a business, and even providing jobs. 

Jazz Jennings

Jazz is a transgender teenager who has been standing up for her beliefs since early childhood. She has her own show on TLC- one which she has opted to use as a way to be a positive role model for other members of the LGBTQ community.

These young women are making strides and knocking down walls. It inspires us to ask ourselves: How can I be a positive influence and spark change? Do I accept my life “the way it is”, or do I take it by the horns and dictate my life instead of it dictating me?

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Loving Daughter Honors and Appreciates Her Hardworking Mom

Shannon Jackson



It is incredibly easy to worry as a parent. Working parents- especially single working parents- have an additional set of worries and layer of guilt. I know because I have been there. And, though I have not been a single mom in some time, I am still a hardworking one.  

My mind is bombarded with questions on a daily basis: Am I doing enough for my kids? Do I work enough? Or too much? What will my children remember of me? Will they remember that I was never around because I was always working? Will they hate me or resent me for what all I cannot give them? I want to do more for them, but doing more requires working more. How do I decide between working more and being with them more? I know that I am not alone in this worry, but I have hope to share with us all. 

Sabrina Long is a 51 year old mother of three. Just like many parents, she struggled as her children grew to take care of them and provide for them. The biggest memory on her children’s mind, though, is not doing without. It is instead the love and sacrifice their mother gave by working hard to do all that she could. This fact is appreciated so much by her 30 year old daughter, Shalanda Thurmond, that she found an incredibly creative way to show it on her mother’s recent 51st birthday. 

In front of Sabrina Long sat a box and in her hand, a card. She read the card that included a sweet and tearful literary depiction of appreciation from her daughter. The end of the card simply read, “I need you to pull something out of this box.” Sabrina did as requested and found an amazing surprise. 

It started with a $5 bill. As she pulled it from the box, she found it attached to more and more money in $5, $10, and $20 denominations. The end of the long chain brought the total up to $3,000. While Shalanda knows she can never fully repay her mother for all that she has done, she gave her mother something that most moms do not get: a large sum to be splurge on herself with.

While the gift Sabrina received is definitely one for the books and is touching in and of itself, the more heartwarming thing is seeing that this daughter remembers only the good of the childhood struggles. This can bring relief and hope to all hardworking parents. Though it is never wrong to strive to be a better parent or one that can spend more quality time with our children, we can take some of the pressure off of ourselves. 

Even when we work hard, when we do it for the right reasons, our children will see it. They will remember that we did all we knew to do for them, even if we wish it were more. It is relieving and encouraging to know that our children see the love we have for them through the actions we take, and that is what they will remember later in life. 

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Law Firm’s Siamese Cat Leon is Just the Latest in a Tradition of World-Famous and Influential Stray Cats

Shannon Jackson



Cat’s Don’t Like Rain, and Stray Leon Liked the Brazilian Bar Association’s Offices

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil is the Brazilian national bar association, a very serious institution for the country’s legal profession. When a stray cat arrived during the rainy season and made itself known, visitors began to complain. A stray cat is not right for a serious establishment, they said. Leon, a handsome Siamese, was prepared to debate the point.

Cats Can Choose Fame if they Want To

Cats have a natural talent for self-promotion. When people invite stray cats into their lives, amazing things do seem to happen as if the cats had planned it all along. It couldn’t be by chance, right? Cats have clout. For instance:

  • London stray Bob the Cat — bestselling books, movies
  • Iowa library cat Dewey — bestselling books, movie
  • Mexican mayoral candidate Morris the Cat — 100,000 Facebook likes
  • 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate Limberbutt McCubbins — multiple national print, radio, and tv stories

Dr. Leon the Cat’s Legal Career

Back to Leon’s story — some of Brazil’s best legal minds set to work figuring out how to make Leon’s situation less tenuous. What better way than to make his position official? They hired him as a greeter, later promoted him to “Dr Leon, the lawyer,” and gave him his own employee badge and appropriately formal attire including suits, waistcoats and ties. Clothes make the man, especially in the case of lawyers, and so clothes also make the cat. It also silenced the stray cat complaints — nothing like that around here, they said, just us lawyers.

New Challenges and Creative Solutions: You’re Hired, Cat!

Leon the Siamese was hired by the law firm and once again, a stray cat was on his way to becoming famous. If you call over 40,000 followers on Instagram (dr_leon_advogato) famous, that is. While some stray cats still prefer to live lives of quiet anonymity once they find a forever home, clearly felines have the option of jumping onto the world’s stage if they prefer.

Cats in Positions of Power Worldwide

Leon holds to another internet cat tradition: holding court with his followers and sharing his opinions and experiences online. Cats seem to have their own social media thing going, of which he is now part — for example, Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) at the Prime Minister’s Residence in London has 329,000 Twitter followers, many of them cats themselves. Larry’s been “tweeting” for over eight years, as human residents of Number 10 come and go.

Lawyers Recognize the Power of the Cat

If any visitors to the Brazilian bar association still question the presence of a well-dressed, credentialed cat among the workers, it’s clear that the problem lies with their inability to keep up with the times. Cats are a political, legal and economic force to be reckoned with, and generally good company at the office as well as at home.

Flexing Cat Muscles for Change

Leon’s coworkers couldn’t really see their way to adding even more cats to the staff, but they used their lawyering powers for good in this area. They set out to create an NGO, a charity organization, to help find homes for other stray cats in the region. As Leon’s fame spread, they knew that the number of people who wanted to help would expand and they wanted to be ready. And so the story of Dr Leon the lawyer cat continues to write itself and benefit the stray cats of Brazil.

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Five Cyclists Rescue A Deer As He Struggles To Free Himself From Dangerous Floodwaters

Kevin Wells



This bike ride was supposed to offer a chance to take a closer look at the scenery. Instead, these riders received the scare of a lifetime. These cyclists saw a deer that was in distress and they did not hesitate to help out. The animal was trapped inside a body of water. Unfortunately, the deer did not have the ability to free themselves from this difficult situation. 

At the time, Spain was experiencing a sizable amount of heavy rainfall. This caused flooding to take place and left the deer in this story in dire straits. The floodwaters had risen to the point where the deer was unable to extricate themselves. If not for these helpful rescuers, we shudder to think of what might have happened next. 

The kind and gentle souls who stop to help animals deserve all of our love and consideration. The cyclists were passing through Huéscar and this rural area had been hit particularly hard by the floodwaters. The deer was trying their very best to escape. The waters had caused the ledge to become slick. The deer was unable to successfully grip the rocks and pull themselves out of the waters. 

If not for these cyclists, the deer would have been in a much more challenging position. Animal rescues do not always take place in a timely manner. The cyclists knew that the deer was going to drown, though. They could not allow the animal to suffer like this. That’s why they stopped and started to assist them. In order to provide the deer with the necessary leverage, they tugged on the antlers.

The deer definitely appreciated the support that they were able to receive. We cannot even begin to imagine the level of fear that this animal was experiencing at the time. Their life was likely flashing before their eyes. That’s what makes this story such a special one. These cyclists went above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of an animal that they had never met before in their lives.

If only everyone could be this kind and thoughtful when they came across animals in need, the world would be a much better place. We wish that stories like this one were more common, that is for sure. The cyclists worked very hard to make sure that the deer was okay, even risking their own life and limb in the process. By the time the deer was rescued, one of the cyclists had been sent tumbling to the ground.

The cyclist was okay, however. The deer was also no worse for the wear. The deer was able to walk away from the incident relatively unscathed and the cyclists continued onward with their trip. It is the sort of rescue that has to be seen to be believed, though. If you are anything like us, you are definitely going to want to check out this one for yourself as soon as possible.

We cannot get enough of this clip. The bravery that the cyclists displayed during this pressure situation is exemplary. Hopefully, other readers are inspired to take the same sort of measures when they find an animal who is experiencing any form of distress. These brave people prove that not all heroes are equipped with capes.

Sometimes, heroes are normal folks just like you and me. That’s what makes this story worth sharing. This is a level of persistence that you simply do not see every day. Be sure to take a closer look at this video clip, so that you can learn more about the amazing events that took place on this fateful day in Spain. 

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