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Life Hacks

37 Unique Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

From saving valuable time in our day to day routines, to helping us conserve energy on projects that will be rather tedious, life hacks are seemingly magical. Life hacks are incredibly useful in terms of saving money and simply making everyday living more practical.

These real life “cheat codes” are easy to execute, cost-friendly to re-create and even easier to enjoy. You will be thrilled by being able to save yourself time and having the luxury of devoting your attention to projects that matter most.

Here are 37 different life hacks that will save you precious time and eliminate unnecessary stress!

Never Spill While Boiling Water Again

If you spend enough time in the kitchen, you will end up familiarizing yourself with cooking on the stovetop. Stovetop cooking can be a great way to throw together a quick meal. Unfortunately, if you get distracted while boiling your water you can end up with a mess on your hands! 

To limit your exposure to messy spills from water boiling over, get in the habit of keeping a wooden spoon handy! When you step away from your boiling water, merely lay the spoon across the top of the pot. The spoon will prevent the water from overflowing while you work on other parts of your meal!

The Newest Innovation In Security

Crime is going up just about everywhere, so it’s important to have security cameras. Some of the barriers I have faced with security cameras are they are expensive, some require monthly plans, usually a hard or complicated installation i.e. having to hardwire the cameras or stick them up and having them fall down a lot, and frequent dead batteries.

The Keilini LightBulb Security camera is one product that took care of all my previous security camera issues. It’s super easy to install – just screw it into any standard light bulb plug. Keilini LightBulb generates power from the already wired lightbulb socket, so no dead batteries. It’s affordable and has all the features of other security cameras – bright light, pan/tilt/zoom, 360-degree rotation, two-way audio, alarm feature, and full-color night vision.

The app for Keilini security camera is available for both Android and iPhone. It’s super easy to use and is so sleek. They are currently offering 50% off through this link.

Smelly Room Be Gone

College dorm rooms. Hotels. We have all endured a situation of sorts where an unpleasant scent has greeted us in temporary living quarters. Perhaps your roommate feels as though you are a personal maid.

On the other hand, you may have been lucky enough to be placed in an older model room on an extended stay. Even luckier for you, there are no scent aids anywhere in sight. No matter the reason, dealing with a smelly situation can be annoying and uncomfortable.

Easy fix? More than likely, you will have dryer sheets on hand. (Most hotels can even provide them.) Simply take a dryer sheet and tape it over the AC unit. If you need to use more than one, simply tape a few of them on evenly. When you turn the AC unit on, you will be instantly greeted with a fresh scent. A few minutes of this and your smelly room will be transformed into the closest thing to a bouquet of flowers.

Stop Sleeping in a Cluster of Gross Bacteria With These Germ Destroying Sheets

Did you know that sheets that haven’t been washed in one week have 3 million particles of bacteria per square inch? That’s 17,442 more then a toilet seat. Your sheets are literally crawling and saturated with bacteria and germs.

And where do you think this swamp of bacteria is going when you lay down? That’s right, it’s seeping into your skin and you’re breathing them in all night when you sleep.

It you are throughly grossed out (you should be), then you should consider sheets that use silver ions to kill bacteria. Miracle Sheets is one of the best reviewed brands that contains these bacteria destroying ions. These sheets kill 99.9% of bacteria, are temperature regulating and are super soft.

Miracle sheets are made of all-natural silver that kills bacteria by connecting to the bacteria through positive charge ions and then destroys the bacteria from the inside-out before they can reproduce. Basic sheets are a breeding ground for dust and bacteria, but Miracle Sheets stops bacteria in its tracks.

I love when I can put hygienic and luxury in the same sentence and these sheets earned both those words. Killing the bacteria makes Miracle Sheets:

  • Better for your skin (no bacteria clogging up your pores causing breakouts)
  • Reduce the risk for fungal and bacterial infections (dirty sheets can cause jock itch or worse)
  • Cleaner (less laundry)
  • Odor Free
  • Low Maintenance

And on top of that Miracle Sheets are:

  • so so soft and comfortable
  • cooling and moisture-wicking

Try Miracle Sheets risk-free and we’ll even throw in a discount. Here’s to happy, cool, and clean nights.

Disappearing Ink 

Although we are often grateful for receiving a much-needed item at a discounted rate or free, accepting the condition of the item is not always easy. One item that occasionally suffers from having a previous owner: the book. Books are the epitome of essential study tools. They teach us the how’s and why’s of life with their varying lengths and subject matters. An issue that often accompanies a book that has been used is highlighter stains.

The previous owner obviously enjoyed the book, selecting key phrases and statements that may have resonated with them. Unfortunately, your views may not be the same, and you may way to highlight completely different sections in your own fashion. Highlighters are not equipped with erasers, so removing the highlighter stain seems impossible – until now.

If you wish to rid yourself of old highlighter marks, use lemon juice! Apply the lemon juice to the stain using a cotton swab. The highlighter ink will disappear!

Stay Connected With The Power Of The Sun 

Ever wonder how some people go on weeks long camping trips, completely off the grid and away from electricity, but still take millions of photos with their phone? 

We will let you in on their secret — a solar charged power bank! Currently the best in the industry is the Solvolt Charger. Designed in San Francisco, it is a super durable power bank that has a solar panel (uses solar photovoltaic modules) and can charge two devices at once.

Solvolt Charger is waterproof, shock proof, easy to use, lightweight, small and a must-have travel accessory. It is perfect for:

  • Camping
  • Road Trips
  • Beach Days
  • Hunting
  • Hiking 
  • Travel

Solvolt is so easy to use and also has a built-in LED flashlight. Fully charged devices with the power of the sun – now that’s extraordinary. Currently 50% off.

Vinegar Fixes Eggs

If you are a fan of eating boiled eggs, you are familiar with the frustration of dealing with a slightly cracked egg. Peeling them can be even more of a headache. Perhaps you want to enjoy them for breakfast. You could be making them as an accompaniment to your cobb salad. Whatever the case, you probably will not enjoy them as much if they are deformed.

Simple solution to this age-old problem? Add a little vinegar to the pot of water while it is boiling. This common ingredient will prevent the seeping of the egg whites. The addition of vinegar will also make the process of peeling your eggs much easier. You will save yourself plenty a’ dozen with this technique, as well as time that would be spent struggling to peel them. This life hack is a definite win-win!

Easily Clean Plaque Off Your Teeth From The Comfort Of Your Home

Every time I go to the dentist for a cleaning, they want to do x-rays and sometimes suggest fillings. I have dental insurance, but it only covers the cleaning and everything else is exorbitantly expensive. It’s my least favorite trip of the year!

I was so happy when my friend introduced me to the Ortho Rinse Pick. It’s a revolutionary oral hygiene tool that effectively removes plaque from hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. It’s specially designed to gently, but effectively clean plaque and bacteria from your teeth. The Ortho Rinse Pick uses micro-vibrations to gently break down the plaque on your teeth, leaving them feeling super clean.

Removing plaque is so important because it can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and even heart disease. I love that I don’t have to visit the dentist to feel like my teeth are taken care of. I’m also kind of obsessed with picking the plaque off, it’s so satisfying to get my teeth perfectly clean.

Give the Ortho Rinse Pick a try for 50% off. You will be happy with your brighter, healthier smile!

How to Light Hard-to-Reach Candle Wicks

We all love an alluringly scented candle! From providing aromatherapy with soothing scents of jasmine or lavender, to completely changing the ambience of a room with undertones of amber or vanilla musk, their usefulness is seemingly endless. They provide a sense of comfort during the holidays, filling our homes with scents of pumpkin spice, apple, or mint as we enjoy the precious time with family.

Only issue here? The wicks of your favorite three wick candle have become hard to reach, making the candle hard to light! In this particular case, as in most instances, you do not happen to have a candle lighter. No point in wasting your investment and ridding yourself of a perfectly good, halfway used candle.

Easy method for lighting candle wicks that are nearly impossible to reach without burning yourself? Use a spaghetti stick! The lengthy stick will burn slow enough for you to light the unreachable wicks without burning your fingers. 

Start At The Bottom For All Over Body Relief

The feet are often considered the foundation of the body. They directly effect almost all parts of your body – your back, neck, hips, etc. So when you are suffering from pain in these areas, looks to your feet for a fix.

MindInsole is a shoe insole that massages your feet as you walk. These insoles use magnetic technology and acupressure to relieve pain throughout your body. MindInsole has 402 acupressure points and 5 magnets. A lot of research went into the exact size and placement of these acupoints to provide major pain relief.

Feet are so important to our health and happiness. Just walking on MindInsole’s for 30-40 minutes a day drastically decreased wearers aches and pains.

Grab a pair today for 50% off.

Speaking of Eggs, Simply Separate the Yolks ‘Eggs-actly’ Like This!

Whether you know your way around the kitchen or not, you know that different recipes call for different various ingredients. While some recipes, like fluffy butterscotch meringue tarts and creamy coconut macaroons, call for the popular egg white, some recipes, such as a deliciously palatable linguini with carbonara, make the egg yolk the star of the show.

As you know, nature naturally attaches the egg white and yolk together, and separating the two on your own without making a mess seems practically impossible. In most cases, you only need the separation for one recipe, making the purchase of separate egg whites and yolks unnecessary. 

Easiest way to separate your egg yolk from the egg white without painting your kitchen yellow? Use a water bottle! Squeeze and empty water bottle and place the mouth at the top of a cracked egg. When you release some of your grip, the bottle will serve as a vacuum and gently suck the egg yolk apart from the egg white. You can then squeeze the bottle again to release the yolk into a separate bowl!

The Most Satisfying Ear Wax Hack!

Millions of people suffer from tinnitus, ear infections and hearing issues. What they don’t realize is that a lot of the time ear wax build-up is what is causing their everyday issues. Ear wax can become incredibly compacted in the small tunnels of your ear and cause all sorts of problems.

What’s worst, is that the majority of people use Q-Tips to try and fix the problem. Q-tips were invented way back in 1923 and doctors are always warning about the dangers of using them — they can puncture ear drums, cause hearing loss, push wax further in and make it so hard and compact that sometimes surgery is required to remove it.

After much trouble with my ears, and shouting WHAT to my husband everyday due to hearing loss, I was determined to find something better then a Q-tip to help clear my ear canals. That’s when I stumbled on the most satisfying (and gross) ear wax hack — the Tvidler!

Tvidler is an innovative tool that goes safely in your ear, breaks up the compacted ear wax and pulls it out. It has a soft corkscrew tip that easy gets all the ear wax out of your ears. It’s short, super soft, causes no damage, and boy does it work! 

The first time I used it, I was disgusted by the sheer amount of gunk I pulled out of my ears. I now use it regularly, so my build-up doesn’t get as out of control as it once was. My tinnitus cleared up and I can hear so much better. It’s reusable and very affordable. I highly recommend this body hack!

We’ve partnered with the developers of this innovative product to provide our readers with an exclusive 50% off deal.

Clean That Ceiling Fan the Easy Way

Nobody enjoys looking up and being greeted by dirt and dust circulating overhead on ceiling fan blades. Whether tidying up for guests, participating in spring cleaning, or simple keeping up with the house maintenance, this annoying hiccup plagues us constantly. People with allergies or asthma are affected even more so by this nuisance. Since ceiling fans are hard to reach, they are often left neglected and uncleaned.

Easiest way to rid yourself of the dirt and grime without worrying about it falling and hitting you in the face as you clean? Use a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fans until absolutely necessary. When using this method to clean, the debris will be trapped inside of the pillowcase, making clean up quick, simple, and painless.

Any life hack that costs absolutely nothing and makes the process of cleaning easier and faster is undoubtedly worth a try!

Finally – A Worthwhile Laundry Innovation 

Have you ever wondered if there was the equivalent of dryer balls, except for your wash? You know, something that can be used over and over and eliminate the cost and inconvenience of laundry detergent (not to mention the weight of those jugs or liquid or pods!) I learned about an item that does just that – Laundry Masher.

It’s a sphere (kind of looks like a pineapple to me), that you throw in your wash to replace detergent. Laundry Masher contains specially-made nano silver infused ceramic beads in the center of the sphere. These ceramic beads are engineered to react with the water and deep clean your clothes. 

You just throw it in with your laundry and it gets to work — and it’s reusable up to 200 times. Getting rid of the cost of detergent makes this a no-brainer switch, but it also has these additional benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic – no harsh chemicals making it safe for people with allergies
  • Works with any style washing machine
  • Cleans clothes & kills bad smells
  • Leaves clothes smelling fresh (but not too perfumey)
  • Save $$$
  • Reusable 200 times
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Currently on special here

A Wrinkle in Time No More

Of course, nobody enjoys pulling clothing from the dryer with thousands of wrinkles. Of course, slight wrinkles are to be expected, but some items are retrieved resembling crinkled paper. The ironing process for these types of garments can be a nightmare. Not only is it time consuming, but if done incorrectly, the clothing might end up looking worse than it did before! Even if you are a professional at ironing, you can still benefit from saving yourself the time and hassle of trying to manage stubborn clothes.

Simple way to combat wrinkles? Use ice cubes or a wet cloth! Simple throw either of the two into your next load of laundry before it dries. This process works like a charm for your light clothing in a matter of ten minutes! Your heavier clothing may still have a few wrinkles, but ironing will be extremely easier with faster completion. This life hack will definitely come in handy when you have forgotten to iron and need a quick wrinkle buster. 

A Good Knife – The Single Most Important Kitchen Tool

This is one of those life tips that once you experience, you will continue to tell your friends about it’s importance — a good knife for cooking is a game-changer. In college I loved to cook and I always used a paring knife to cut everything, I was so naive. When I moved into my new house, I was gifted a Huusk Japanese knife and my home-cooking enjoyment and results increased ten-fold.

Since then, I have tried other knives, but I remain a Huusk loyalist. It’s got all the obvious things to look for in a knife:

  • Quality (made from Japanese stainless steel)
  • Longevity (crafted with traditional blacksmithing techniques)
  • Extra Sharp (the thinnest of thin cuts)
  • Precise (hits the mark)

But I think what keeps me reaching for Huusk over other knives is the addition of the curved blade and comfortable grip. The hole towards the bottom of the blade is unique and allows for more control and balance as I cut.

Huusk is currently running a 50% off special, which makes this an incredible buy.

Move Hanging Clothes with Ease

Take a brief moment and think of all the frustrations of moving day. Labeling boxes. Transporting furniture. Securing china and silverware. Signing forms. Working yourself beyond exhaustion and maintaining life with the family all the while. Moving from one place to another is an arduous process that can take weeks. 

Packing clothes can be a nightmare as well. From trying to keep your business attire separate from your casual garments, to securing your shoes and accessories, moving your wardrobe, especially closeted items, can be an utter pain. Taking your clothes off hangers, folding them, and securing both the hangers and the clothing takes precious time.

Easy way to transport your hanging clothes without having to lose the hanger? Garbage bags! Gather about 15 hanging garments, place them inside of a garbage bag while still hanging, and tie the yellow garbage bag ties around the part of the hanger left outside of the bag. This easy cost-friendly method will make transporting hanging clothes ten times easier, as well as serve as a temporary jumbo garment bag of sorts!

Protect Your Knees

Do you know a lot of people who have had knee replacement surgery? Hopefully you aren’t one of them. But even if you are, you can start protecting your new knee now with CircaKnee.

CircaKnee is a knee sleeve that helps alleviate chronic knee pain. It’s thin enough to go under pants, and provides stabilization, joint support, shock absorption, and eliminates knee pain.

40% off while supplies last – click here.

Double Down on Sandwich Bags

Sandwich bags are possibly the best thing since sliced bread. (And quite the accompaniment to it!) They transport our lunches and snacks daily, often without much thought about their creation process.

Since 1957, families across the nation have packed lunch after lunch for school, work, and travels. The packed lunch is still extremely common to this day. If you have a large family, keeping trying to keep sandwich bags stocked can be a nightmare. Even if you have the funds to maintain your needs, running through the bags quickly can still be an issue. If you happen to need snack bags, purchasing two different bag sizes can be redundant.

Easy way to create snack bags and cut back on the cost? Simply use a hot knife to cut your plastic sandwich bag in half! The heat from the knife will cause the edges of both bags to cauterize, leaving you with two perfect snack bags!

Incorporating a few of these life hacks into your everyday life will make living that much easier. You will be able to execute these normal tasks quickly and with a new-found confidence. You can also try them without having to worry about breaking the bank as you will already have most of the items needed on hand. Test out your DIY skills and make your life easier by giving a few of these life hacks a try today!

No More Mosquitos Ruining Your Night

This is probably one of our favorite hacks because it gets rid of something thats tries to destroy summer – the mosquito. The constant biting, itching, buzzing is enough to drive you inside on even the most gorgeous of summer nights.

Fortunately, we found something that works to get rid of them. The Buzz-B-Gone is an insect assassin. It uses a special UV light that attracts the mosquitos and then it delivers a powerful zap to kill them on impact. It’s simple, but genius.

Other pro’s of the Buzz-B-Gone are it’s pet and family safe (no chemicals needed), it’s lightweight (but powerful!), it’s quiet, and it’s easy to clean (a little gross, but so satisfying)

As one happy and itch-free user commented – “Works like a gem! We had a wedding in the Northwoods and none of our guests reported getting bitten. It’s fantastic!”

Buzz-B-Gone is selling like crazy, but we secured a 50% off promotion. Buy direct from their website here.

Trashcan Clean-Up Made Simple

Garbage disposal – one of our least favorite aspects of cleaning. From its collection, to its displeasing smell, chances are you are not a fan of dealing with trash.

Imagine this momentarily. You have finally mustered up the courage to take the next smelly batch of garbage outside. You gather the garbage bag quickly, securing the ends and forcefully lifting it from the garbage bin. You are overwhelmed by the scent of fermenting food, and you look inside the bin to see a pool of juices festering at the bottom of the can. Not only do you have to discard the garbage, but now you must participate in the tedious task of cleaning the trashcan!

Easy, free way to prevent food juices from collecting at the bottom of your garbage bin? Line it with newspaper! This way, if your garbage bag happens to leak while it sits, the liquid is absorbed, making cleanup less of a strenuous task.

Get Up Close – Take Your Photos To The Next Level

Make your photography friends jealous with beautiful photos of nature for just a fraction of the cost on equipment that they have spent. The Starscope Monocular is a telescope lens that takes amazing photos.

Starscope Monocular is smartphone compatible, lightweight, and high quality. It’s also waterproof, fogproof, and scratch resistant – perfect for all outdoor activities.

It has military-grade magnification and let’s you see for 50 miles or more. It contains the most advanced miniature telescope and it zooms for clear, crisp vision — see every feather on that hawk flying above or capture the fall colors in magnificent photos.

You’ll want the Starscope Monocular in your backpack on your next hike. As one user remarked, “After my hike, I reviewed the photos I took and couldn’t believe the details captured. I felt like I was back in the woods again, near the creek watching the baby ducklings swim by.”

Since we know perfect hiking weather is here, we wanted to extend a 50% off offer to you for the StarScope Monocular.

The Key to Less Stress

Chances are, at some point in your life you have either told someone, or been told, that you are not the “keeper of keys.” Even if you are not familiar with those exact words, the definition is fitting. Being the wearer of many hats comes with much responsibility. Keeping track of various keys on one key ring can be quite the headache. Business building and office keys. Storage keys. Car keys. House keys. Having to fumble through a ring full of seemingly identical keys to simply open a door is ridiculously tedious and almost like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

If you have tons of keys, professionally customizing each one may not be an option. An easy way to tell your keys apart in the future? Use various vibrant fingernail polishes on the bow of each key. Your keys will have a different color at the top, making it way easier to quickly differentiate between them. Use this method to save money on key customizations and key guards. 

Make Nail Cutting Easy At Any Age

I’m always astonished by how quickly my nails grow. Clipping my nails is not my favorite thing to do, but I know for my grandma, who lives alone, it’s a major feat (pun intended).

I’ve brought a few different styles of toenail clippers to her to try to help her make nail clipping a more tolerable experience. Her favorite one I brought is call ClipperPro.

ClipperPro was designed by surgeons and is a high-quality, precision nail cutting tool. 

ClipperPro has a swivel head for better positioning, better control, and easier cutting. ClipperPro puts your hand in a more natural position when cutting which helps with arthritic joints. It also helps if you have to be extra careful cutting your nails due to diabetes. 

You have the ability to apply pressure with more then just your thumb and index finger, which is helpful even though little force is needed to clip with the ClipperPro.

So if you have back problems, arthritis, or just want an easier nail clipping experience for yourself or family – check out the ClipperPro which is currently 50% off through this link.

Taco-‘bout Genius!

Tacos are a yummy delight! Bursting with bold flavors of various tantalizing spices, like cumin, smoked paprika, and chili powder, along with the refreshing taste of veggies, such as fresh lettuce and tomato, the taco is simply irresistible and easily a household staple.

We construct our tacos with loving care, handling them like little works of art. Issue here? When stuffing a crunchy taco to capacity, you have probably noticed that the taco rarely stays upright. You may be accustomed to laying your crunchy creation to the side by now, but unfortunately that does not take away the frustration of having to scoop the ingredients back into the shell before every bite. You may have even resorted to simply crushing the shell and making a taco salad instead. Still, nothing quite matches the joy of enjoying a taco whole.

Solution? Use fork prongs to keep your taco upright! Position the crunchy taco so that the fork’s two middle prongs sit in the middle of the taco at the very bottom. The outer two prongs will hold the shell upright and in place! 

Power In The Palm Of Your Hand – Portable Phone Charger

This life hack goes out to all the Type A personalities reading. Get the PowerPod and if your phone battery is ever about to die at a critical moment, you will know you are prepared with a small, portable charger that provides hours of instant power.

PowerPod is a breakthrough in battery technology. If fits on your keychain, is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, and charges your phone quickly on-the-go.

It’s so nice and convenient to have on hand. Even if you don’t use it for months, the peace of mind it provides is priceless.

Check out their current specials, I know a lot of people who have bought these for their whole families so they never have to deal with the “my phone died” drama.

Easy Keyboard Fix 

Our computers in most cases are attached to our livelihood. We use them day in and day out to complete business assignments, help our children with their studies, and for sheer join and entertainment. As normal wear and tear takes its toll on your computer, you may notice its accessories start to malfunction. The mouse may become hard to maneuver. The keyboard’s keys may start to stick. The device may work slower than normal.

Of course, some issues are easier to fix than others. By now, you have either had to use or have owned a keyboard with broken legs. You may not be able to afford investing in a new one. Perhaps you just have not gotten around replacing it. Luckily, this gadget will not need a cast for the process.

For a simple solution to fixing broken keyboard legs, simply use binder clips in place of them! The binder clips fold in the same fashion as keyboard legs, will conveniently fit in place with no hassle, and are cost-friendly!

Get A Spotless Clean Without A Toilet Brush

A dirty toilet is coated in bacteria and viruses that can leap onto surrounding surfaces with every flush. They then live on these surfaces for up to a week. Cleaning your toilet is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of illness or infection, which is why this next hack is a favorite!

I hate cleaning my toilets by hand — It makes me gag, and the gross toilet brush coated in dust in the corner also makes me gag. I was very excited to read about a toilet foam cleaner that you simply pour in your toilet, watch it foam up, and work the grit off the toilet and then flush. It’s called Splash Foaming Cleaner and I ordered it right away.

Splash Foaming Cleaner really worked for me. It left my toilets sparkling and it even removed the hard water stains. It’s a powder that reacts with the water for a deep foam clean. You can also mix Splash Foaming Cleaner with a little water to create a paste and scrub all surfaces in the bathroom (including fixtures). It’s also environmentally friendly.

I’m thrilled that I can quickly clean my toilet without getting my hands dirty. I make sure to use Splash Foaming Cleaner at least once a week to keep bacteria and germs away. Splash Foaming Cleaner is currently on special for 50% off.

Cash Hidden in Plain Sight

Purses and wallets were invented with convenience in mind. Even still, situations arise where you may not want to carry your wallet or keep your purse on you. For example, when at the beach or the pool, your belongings are often gathered close-by at poolside or on a beach towel. When heading to the dance floor, you may decide to leave your purse at your table, safeguarded or close and in view.

Unfortunately, a thief only needs a brief second to identify their next target. Simple way to store your cash and throw sticky-fingered perps off?

Use an empty stick of lip balm or sunscreen to hide your money! A long nail will easily remove any lip balm residue beforehand, and carrying a small tube is easier than struggling with a bulky wallet or purse. Also, if left lying around for some reason, it will be the last thing on someone’s mind to steal!

The Easiest Way To Melt Belly Fat

In our modern day lives, one of the most frustrating things is how easy it can be to gain weight. And then even more frustrating is how hard it is to lose that extra gained weight. It can seem like nothing you try ever actually works.

The good news is that there is in fact a new, revolutionary product that can help you burn away that stubborn body fat. The media is just starting to get wind of it, and already there are doctors and celebrities that are raving about the success they are seeing. This new product is called SlimTone Keto and is for those of us looking to lose weight, add energy to our daily lives, and live a better life. SlimTone Keto promotes fat burning, helps with fat loss, and supports your metabolism.

This powerful new fat burning ketone called BHB produces an instant fat burning solution, naturally. The key is putting your body into a state of ketosis which will result in increased energy and weight loss. Being in a state of ketosis tells your body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs. The only problem is getting into a state of ketosis can be very difficult, and can take weeks to accomplish.

However, thousands of people have discovered SlimTone Keto and its ability to help get you into ketosis much easier and much quicker. Thousands of people are already losing as much as 1lb per day using this 100% all-natural product And it works great for both men and women. SlimTone Keto is offering a great 30-day trial, but due to an extremely high demand is only for a very limited time. Try yours today by clicking here!

Stemming Made Berry Easy

There is nothing more satisfying than the taste of a sweet, juicy strawberry! (Unless you happen to be allergic of course.) Besides being incredibly delicious, their versatility is unmatched. You can choose to eat them alone, plain or refrigerated and sprinkled with sugar. You can enjoy them inside of a loaf of warm, buttery, freshly baked strawberry banana bread. You can relish in their greatness over an ooey, gooey, fluffy strawberry cinnamon roll covered with a sticky cream cheese frosting to die for. You might decide to start your day with a taste of magic and dress up your pancakes or waffles with them. You might even be health-conscious and decide to include them in a refreshing salad.

No matter how you enjoy your strawberry, chances are you don’t enjoy stemming them. Pulling and tugging at the top of the strawberry rarely produces the desired result with one try unfortunately. Easy way to accomplish this feat and spend more time actually enjoying the strawberry? Simply stick a straw in the bottom! When it comes protruding out of the top, the calyx will be attached, leaving you with nothin’ but berry at the bottom!

Your Own Personal Masseuse, For a Fraction of the Price

Have you ever destroyed a muscle knot? It’s like popping a pimple, you can  feel all the pressure dissipate and that area of your body feels incredible after. It can be addicting, because it feels good immediately and for a long time after.

The problem is, most massagers don’t use the right technology to destroy muscle knots. They just kind of hover on top of the knot and push it around. The only way I could get rid of knots before was to go to an expensive massage therapist. Then I discovered KorePulse.

I guess I should have been searching for a muscle recovery massager – which is what KorePulse is. KorePulse is the most advanced massage tool ever made and uses vibration therapy. The waves of vibrations from KorePulse break up the knots in your muscle tissue and increase circulation. There are 4 vibration settings, so KorePulse can decimate even the hardest of knots.

KorePulse can be used anywhere on your body that needs muscle recovery. Just place it in the tight muscle area and roll it back & forth against the floor or a wall. 

KorePulse is about the size and weight of a baseball so it’s easy to carry around. It has a rechargeable battery and lasts a long time when charged.

Feel your neck and trapeziums right now, tense right? Then they could benefit from the KorePulse. Purchase now through this link, and a discount code for 50% off will automatically be applied at checkout.

Say Goodbye to Terrible Tape

Where would we be without the lifesaver known as tape? Let’s face it – some of us would attempt to fix anything with tape if possible! We use it to hang our children’s cute creations on the fridge. We tape reminders around our desks and homes in some cases. We use electrical tape to help us with our wiring woes. Some use therapeutic tape to help with disabilities or injuries. Some use grip tape for their tennis rackets or drumsticks. Double sided tape gives us front and back sticky stability. Masking tape assists us with our painting projects. The convenience of tape is obviously inarguable.

The only major issue that we tend to have with tape is that it sticks to itself. Peeling the starting piece of tape off the roll can become increasingly difficult as the grade of tape strengthens. In this case, preparing the tape for use can take longer than the actual project. Scratching too deeply can ruin the tape. To fix this problem, simply stick a paper clip at the end! Peeling your tape will become an issue of the past. 

A Pillow That Positions You For A Better Night’s Sleep

Do you have neck or back pain? Has it been a while since you have slept 8 hours straight without waking up? The problem might be your pillow.

Sure, one of the pillow’s main functions is to provide comfort, but what people often don’t realize is that a pillow’s most important job is to keep your upper body in alignment during sleep to relieve pressure on the rest of your body.

If you don’t have a properly shaped pillow, then your spine will be absorbing uneven pressure and causing back pain, neck pain, and disrupted sleep. Yikes!

Derila pillow was designed with your spine and body alignment in mind. The pillow is very comfortable, but the engineers also put an immense amount of research and testing into its shape and materials. They designed a pillow that allows your body to be optimally positioned to alleviate pain and lead to a better night’s sleep

Derila pillow is perfectly shaped to keep your head, neck, back, shoulders, and spine aligned so that your body’s pressure is evenly distributed. It works for both side sleepers and back sleepers and helps you sleep longer and deeper stretches.

If you are waking up stiff, then trying a different pillow could be the answer. Try Derila pillow for 50% Off.

Perfect Pancakes 

One of breakfast’s most notable staples is the fluffy pancake. Also known as flapjacks, griddle cakes, hot cakes, and even Johnnycakes, these light and airy delicacies flawlessly accompany just about any breakfast dish. These battered, buttery luxuries can be enjoyed with butter and your favorite flavor of syrup, whether you prefer the popular maple and brown sugar variation, a different flavor like blueberry or strawberry, or with whipped cream and sliced fresh fruits.

Only obvious issue here? Pancakes are not as fun to make as they are to eat. Devising a method for fixing the right amount of batter can be difficult and often results in creating an even bigger mess. Leave the spoon and extra clean-up.

Make your pancakes the easy way by simply putting the batter in an old ketchup bottle. (Cleaned, of course. We cannot imagine the result if not!) This way, you can easily measure each pancake with no splatter.

Photobomb No More

Just hearing the word ‘vacation’ usually brings a smile to our faces. We simply cannot wait for an excuse to indulge in a getaway. Exploring foreign lands, whether near and simply unfamiliar, or far, gives us the opportunity to discover unseen vistas and meet beautiful people. Chances are, while on your last vacation, you took plenty of pictures. What better way to remember picturesque views and intriguing findings than to take a photo?

You have probably noticed that one of the issues with taking pictures while visiting frequently traveled destinations is that other tourists will make a cameo in your photos. Unless you are lucky enough to catch a landmark on a slow day, other people will undoubtedly be in your photographs. Get rid of those other pesky tourists without hiring someone to do it! Save yourself a pretty penny and use Photoshop to remove people from your photos with the following easy steps:

  1. With a camera on a tripod, or using a timer on your phone’s camera, take the same picture repeatedly every 10 seconds until you have 15 frames.
  2. Open Photoshop, then go to File > Scripts > Statistics. Choose “median” and select the pictures.
  3. Photoshop will identify what is different in each photograph and remove them! You will be left with only your beautiful background.

Fix Your Flip-Flop Flop

If you are a sandal wearer, chances are you have your favorite pair of flip-flops. We all have a favorite pair of shoes that we will never disown. They may have been through the ringer and back, but for some reason we find comfort in them. Flip-flops are usually extremely comfortable, and often when one of the shoes breaks, parting ways can be painful. Perhaps the shoe is out of season or no longer in stock. You would rather convince yourself that you will fix it rather than throw it away. Of course, some shoes can only be repaired with the assistance of a professional.

Luckily for you, fixing a flip-flop is even easier than counting to 3. Save yourself the headache of getting rid of your broken flip-flop by fixing it with a plastic bread clip! Simply stick the tongue of the shoe back through the hole and attach the clip to the bottom to hold it in place. Genius, right?

Easy Way to Cut the Cake 

Savory sweet treats. Some of the most beautiful concoctions to come from our kitchens are desserts. From soft and fluffy cakes baked to perfection with their sky-high layers of irresistible goodness, to warm and fluffy pies filled with rich decadence, these creamy creations are the apples of our eyes. Chewy, rich dessert bars, varying from sinfully sweet strawberry cream cheese, the familiar favorite chocolate, and light and lovely lemon. The famous Hershey sundae pie, seemingly perfect with its satisfying layers of creamy cocoa. Just how satisfying would dinner be without being accompanied by the occasional dessert?

Something that these desserts have in-common? They can all be extremely difficult to cut. We have all encountered a scenario where a perfectly good dessert lost appeal by being improperly cut or served. To solve this problem, simple use dental floss when cutting desserts. Make sure it happens to be unflavored, though. An unwarranted minty taste might damage your dessert more than a lacking presentation!  

Keep Those Chips Fresh

Snacking is easily one of America’s favorite past-times. We begin our obsession with treats early in life, rewarded with sweetness and spending our summers munching and crunching as children. The enjoyment of goodies luckily has no age range. As adults, we even have the option of taking the health-conscious route. Unfortunately, if not stored properly, the shelf life of potato chips and other snacks is not necessarily as satisfying as their consumption.

Bagged cereals and chips often come unrolled, leaving the opportunity for air to wreak havoc to their freshness. Nothing brings an end to your fun snacking endeavors quite as quickly as the taste of staleness. If you are short of a chip clip and want to make sure that your bagged goodies maintain their freshness, simply use the clip from a broken plastic pants hanger! This method handles the job cost-effectively, and one hanger conveniently will provide you with two clips. 

No More Hammer Hurt

With the popularity of social media, DIY projects are taking the world by storm. People are taking matters into their own hands, opting to complete projects in the comfort of their own homes rather than hiring the assistance of a professional for a problem that can literally be fixed in-house. You-Tube and Pinterest are flooded with advice and footage of various projects made easy, breaking complex projects down into easily understood terms.

Many of the featured projects, as well as common home décor projects of our own, require the use of a hammer and nail. We try to hammer with precision and speed, which in most cases, one or the other goes lacking. Unfortunately, usually our fingers pay the price!

Easy way to hammer a nail without having to worry about striking yourself accidentally? Use a clothespin to hold the nail in place! The clothespin will absorb any misplaced strikes, allowing you to complete your project safely, fingers intact. 

Renovating Alone? Do This Tin Foil Trick

Door frames and doors are victims of a lot of wear and tear. A paint touch-up can really elevate the first impression of your house. The worst part of painting is the prep. You might be tempted to remove your door knobs so they don’t get paint on them, but since it’s recommended to wait at least 6 hours until paint is dry to put them back on, we prefer this hack if home alone.

If home alone and you don’t want your doors unlocked for hours on end, wrap the door knob in tin foil to avoid getting paint drips on it. Simply remove the tin foil when the paint is dry and you will have a pristine door knob and will have avoided the security risk of having your doors unlocked.

Forever Fly 

We all have our favorite, and not-so-favorite, pair of jeans. For decades, we have flaunted our daring denims with various colors and styles. In the 70s, bellbottoms led the way for fashion icons. The 80s brought about skinny leg styles and “mom jeans,” ripped and stone-washed for an added flair of sorts. Flared jeans rocked the 90s, loose and wide-legged.

No matter how you prefer your denim, its influence and constant transformation has contributed to its long-standing placement in the forefront of fashion. Jeans are timeless, and as we have learned to expect, normal wear and tear on them usually produces the same result: the sliding zipper. We have all been embarrassed one time or another for being caught in public with the undone fly.

Easiest way to fix your fly and keep it from coming down ever again? Simply attach a key ring at the end of the zipper! This way, when you zip your pants up, you can place the key ring around the button, securing the zipper in the process.  This economical fix ensures you will never have to worry about unwanted exposure!

No Mess No Stress BBQ

The backyard barbeque – one of our favorite aspects of summertime. From piping hot grilled dogs, bursting with flavor, to irresistibly seasoned steaks, juicy and dripping with deliciousness, the taste of grilled food is simply unmatched.

Of course, we all love attending a good ol’-fashioned barbeque, but most of us aren’t necessarily fans of hosting them. The responsibility of securing and preparing food, entertaining guests, and the clean-up afterwards can turn a joyous occasion into a nightmare.

Simple way to serve condiments and cut back on the process of hours of dishwashing? Use a muffin tin! A muffin tin can easily serve as a holder for your dressings, such as pickles, chopped onion, mayonnaise, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, and relish. Muffin tins can hold anywhere from 6 to 12 different condiments and can be easily covered when not in use. Save yourself from washing dozens of ramekins with this simple life hack. 

Easy Way to Find Luggage

You have just had experienced the most amazing vacation of your life and successfully made it through your six-hour long flight. You have finally made it off the plane and now you want nothing more than to go home and relax in your own bed. Now it is time your absolute favorite part of traveling – finding your luggage.

Even when other travelers have luggage that has a different appearance than yours, finding your luggage can still be a headache, especially when you have more than one piece. Who has time to inspect suitcase after suitcase, only to be disappointed when you still have not been able to locate your own?

Best way to solve this problem? Tie a bright-colored piece of fabric, or even a decorated bandana, to your luggage. This way, even if someone else happens to have the same type of luggage that you own, your fabric will be a key factor in being able knowing the difference. 

Fog-Free Mirrors

You are soundly asleep in bed and you jolt awake, glancing at your alarm clock in horror. To your dismay, you realize that you are late. You jump out of bed frantically, rushing to start your daily routine. You speed through your shower, silently hoping that traffic is not as hectic this morning. You hop of the shower quickly, only to be met with another obstacle. Your bathroom mirror is now foggy.

You have two options at this point. You could wipe the fog off, leaving your mirror smeared, or you could alter your already off-course routine. (Even if you are not in a hurry and have the time to wait for the fog to clear, chances are it will still be an inconvenience.)

Simple way to ensure a fogless after-shower mirror? Car wax! Before your next shower, use a small amount, let it dry, then use a soft cloth to buff. 

WD40 Is Incredible – Here Is Another Use For It

Looking for a quick and easy solution to fix a leaky faucet? Look no further! WD-40 can be your lifesaver in this situation. With just a few sprays, you can stop that annoying drip, drip, drip sound in no time. Simply turn off the water supply, apply a small amount of WD-40 to the faucet’s O-ring or any visible moving parts, wait a few minutes for it to penetrate, and wipe away any excess with a clean cloth. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have a leak-free faucet and peace of mind. Don’t let a leaky faucet drive you crazy any longer – give this life hack a try and see the results for yourself!

Germless Legos

Children seem to invent new ways to create messes. They live their fun, adorable lives in an innocent, care-free fashion, leaving adults to solve their issues. As children often do, they make friends, inviting them over to play with their toys. They play outside and indoors, riding bikes freely, then heading inside to play video games or build Legos. As your children play innocently with other children, touching hands as they exchange in play, one thing is for certain: germs are being exchanged as well. Your children’s toys, whether visible or not, tend to carry dirt and grime. Simply using disinfectant spray or wipes may not be totally effective at times.

For an easy way to clean your child’s waterproof toys, such as Legos, all you need is a laundry bag and your dishwasher! Gather the toys into the laundry bag, place them inside of the dishwasher, and begin a cycle as normal. Before the drying cycle starts, remove the toys, and let them air dry. Use this method for other items, such as dish brushes and seashells, as well.

Furniture Restored – Worry No More

Speaking of playful children, our kids often decorate household items that do not necessarily need a makeover. Picasso paintings are scribbled on our walls, marker markings left on our refrigerators, and spilled paint gives our carpets an added touch of horror. Children also absolutely love stickers, and unfortunately for us, they miraculously end up on our furniture! Your child may have received a sticker for a perfect paper, and magically, said sticker transfers from the paper, to your child’s forehead, to your favorite coffee table. Simply peeling the sticker off is a no-go. Remnants are often left behind, seemingly impossible to fully remove.

Luckily, there is a method for removing stickers from your furniture. All you need is a putty knife and a hair dryer! The hot air from the hair dryer softens the adhesive and the putty knife then lifts the stickers with ease. Older stickers may be slightly harder to remove, but the trick will eventually work!

Remove Paint Stains from Carpet

Speaking of spilled paint, carpet stains are easily some of the most notoriously stubborn messes. The most delicate of liquids can stain our carpets and the process of stain removal can be costly. You have the option of renting a carpet cleaner from a nearby retailer or hiring a company to professionally clean your carpet for you. Both options can be painful for your pockets.

An easy way for you to remove stubborn paint stains from your carpet on your own is with denatured alcohol! Simply use a cloth and scrub the stain with the denatured alcohol until the stain disappears. You must remember to use a cloth that is similar, if not identical, to the carpet in color, as some of the ink from the rag may transfer over as well. The denatured alcohol is cost-friendly in comparison to other options and make the process of stain removal quick and easy.

Traveling? Grab A Crayon For Your Wallet

If you have a wallet in your back pocket or your front pocket, chances are it will get squished at some point — especially when traveling. We tend to be sitting for longer and in more crammed situations when traveling and the cards and documents inside your wallet will feel the squeeze.

To make sure your wallet keeps its form and to protect your valuables, place a crayon on one side of your wallet. This trick is wonderful at preventing everything from getting crunched and it also helps prevent pick-pocketing. A non-flexible wallet is much harder to discreetly extract from someones pants.

Put That Lint to Use

Speaking of dryers, who would have ever thought that you could put your dryer lint to use? That’s right, your dryer lint can actually serve a purpose other than occupying your trash can. Have you ever been in a situation where starting a fire was a major pain? Perhaps you were stuck fiddling around with the fireplace instead of being able to enjoy a family gathering.

Of course, you know that to properly start a fire, you need tinder, kindling, and fuel. Tinder is responsible for starting the fire. The kindling, usually smaller sticks, helps the new flame grow, and the logs obviously fuel the fire. You can use your old dryer lint as kindling for your fireplace! Simply gather the old lint inside of old toilet paper tubes. These useful tubes will light quickly and painlessly, starting your fire even sooner with free items that you already happen to have on hand!

Place A Plastic Water Bottle On Your Tire

Sometimes you don’t have a ton of options for where to park and you might have to park somewhere less then ideal. If you are alone and find yourself parking somewhere seedy, then try this hack. Place an empty water bottle on your tire.

When you come back out to your car, if the water bottle has moved from the tire, you will know that your car has been jostled in some way. Someone trying to open the doors or getting in, or worse, someone hiding underneath your car waiting to slash your achilles heel. Eek! In all honesty, you are probably better off just carry mace and checking your surroundings.

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