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25 Fitness Tips That EVERY Gym Enthusiast Needs to Know

Every great journey begins with a single solitary step. In the fitness world, we begin our journey toward health and wellness in earnest when we begin putting in the work. As many newcomers to the world of exercise have come to realize, simply working hard will not always lead to direct and effective results. Do you feel like you are hitting your limits, spinning your tires, or otherwise stalling out with your fitness progress?

To enjoy a more successful journey toward your fitness resolutions, consider incorporating 25 of these secret fitness tips that every gym enthusiast needs to know!

1. Work Your Way Up the Weights

Getting into shape through exercise and fitness requires an understanding of the journey along the way. You don’t start your weight lifting journey by going straight for the heaviest deadlift you can handle. Instead, slowly work your way up in weight until you are failing at roughly 30 to 40 seconds into your set.

The process described above is known as time under tension and is ideal for stimulating muscle growth.

2. Figure Out What Works For Your Body Type

You have probably read a thousand of those success stories that talk about trying every fad diet & every fad workout and having no results UNTIL that one thing. It’s true, all our bodies are built different and what works for your best friend, might not work for you. Korescale is a scale that uses biometric sensors to break-down your BMI, body fat, muscle mass, and body water, so you can see where you are hitting plateaus and how to get past them. Plus it’s just a really great scale for checking your weight in general. Currently 50% off through the end of the week – click here.

3. You CAN’T Outwork a Bad Diet

Spend more than five minutes with any personal trainer in the world and you will quickly learn the importance of dieting. Food isn’t just what fuels our body, it is what our body needs for us to reach all of our goals. A balanced meal consisting of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats can contribute toward success in the weight room and in life.

4. Purchase A Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you are trying to gain muscle or burn fat, a heart rate monitor can be a tool of expediency. Heart rate monitors can be used with mobile fitness trackers to track and analyze the intensity of your workout routine. Keeping your heart rate in the right range can lead to more productive fitness sessions. 

Use a fitness tracker and heart rate monitor combined to maximize the impact of your effort at the gym! Our favorite is KoreTrak because it’s affordable, but also has all the functions of something fancier – like an Apple Watch. Koretrak monitors heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, tracks steps, tracks calories, text message alerts, missed calls, find your phone, and time / weather / location. Click here for a KoreTrak Discount Code.

5. Target A Wide Range of Motion in the Gym

Did you know the best way to get the most out of your workout is by targeting exercises with a full range of motion? It’s true! When you target exercises with a wider range of motion, your muscles are forced to do more work per rep. This effort leads to more muscle tissue breaking down by the end of the workout, thus leading to more gains!

6. Relax And Let Your Muscles Recover

As your workout, your muscles strain and pull apart. Your body recovers from this by “refusing” the fibers and making them bigger and strong – hence the term – building your muscles. It’s important to allow your body recovery time. Hydration, stretching, a warm bath, and massage are all great ways to speed up recovery. Two products we like that can help with any pain + speed up recovery are NeckRelax and Kaydia Patch

Neck Relax makes a great product that helps you loosen and relax your body hands-free. You strain your neck more then you think when lifting and moving – clenching your jaw, etc. They are running a special for 50% off here.

Kaydia Patch we actually wear while doing cardio and when recovering. It’s a patch with nano technology that targets pain. It’s reusable and helps you keep a clean regiment (no pain pills), but without suffering through recovery days. They are also running a discount this time of year – click here for the discount code.

7. Get Comfortable With Exhaustion During Workouts

Endurance training focuses on total effort during a concentrated period of time. The goal here is to completely exhaust our muscles, so we have to prepare for exhaustion from the get-go. Pullups, pushups, squats, and rows are all great lifts to really push ourselves while defining our endurance capabilities.

8. Get In The Groove

Seriously, pump those jams. Research has shown that listening to music while working out can put you in a better mood, make you workout longer, AND increase you stamina. Since most newer phones don’t have a headphone jacks, it’s time you went wireless. DangoBuds are our pick for quality, affordability and style. Discount available here.

9. Strength Comes From Your Lower Body

If we really want to find results in the gym then we are going to have to attack our lower body with compound lifts. Compound lifts like squats, hip sleds, and deadlifts all do a great job of targeting stubborn fat. Additionally, your lower body is where the majority of your strength comes from and these exercises will prove it!

10. So Nice, We Listed It Twice – RECOVERY

Recovery really can’t be overstated. It is SO important to give your body time to heal and build. We recommend cardio or resistance training on your recovery days so you stay in the routine of working out, but also make sure you apply a muscle pain relief product and get some massages in.

We asked our resident fitness guru, Steve, what his two recovery secrets are and he said Muscle Care and LaidBack.

MuscleCare is a roll-on pain reliever for muscles. “It’s my secret weapon, most people buy a drugstore brand of pain reliever, but Muscle Care is the real deal. It works fast and actually smells good” said Steve.

LaidBack,” Steve said with a smile and a glance at his feet, “Is a foot massager that provides all over body relief.” Steve is actually using LaidBack as we speak, I didn’t even notice. He says its great for in the office and his body is so tense after a hard workout that LaidBack really helps loosen him up. Currently on sale here.

11. Meal Preparation Is the KEY to Success

The easiest way to ruin a great workout is by eating a bad meal. Limit your exposure to impulse purchases and junk food by preparing your meals ahead of time. Pick a day of the week to prepare and freeze all of your meals and you’ll never go without!

12. Low Impact, High Resistance Training Yields BIG results

Resistance bands are great for low impact, high resistance training. They help you maintain muscle mass and improve flexibility and endurance, while putting low-strain on your body. KoreTense makes some nice resistance bands and they usually have a deal on the package of 5 bands, straps, bag, etc. We like to use the resistance bands on the days we don’t make it to the gym.

13. Map Out Your Fitness Journey

Before you pick up your first weight or book your first personal training session, take some time to clarify your goals. What are you looking to accomplish? Do you want to trim fat? Build muscle? Improve your cardiovascular endurance? Specific goals will require specific workouts, diets, and supplements. Don’t waste your effort by working in the wrong direction!

14. Take Care Of Your Knees

As Baz Luhrmann says in his advice filled song, “Be kind to your knees, youll miss them when they’re gone.” Exercise can be killer on the knees. They take a lot of the impact, especially when running, fortunately knee braces can both protect them and alleviate any knee pain. Circa Knee was invented by a chronic knee pain sufferer – it’s comfortable and let’s us take workouts to the next level knowing that our knees are protected.

15. Learn Which Supplements Work Best For You

Depending on who you talk to, fitness supplements are either the best things or the worst things to ever happen to the fitness world. While there are countless fitness supplements on the market, there are a few that we would prioritize. Creatine is an ideal muscle-building supplement when used properly. BCAAs also help stimulate quicker muscle recovery. 

Talk to your personal trainer to clarify your goals while discussing the supplements that might work best for you.

16. Master the Art of Proper Hydration

Did you know that a majority of the country walks around dehydrated during the average day? It’s true, far too few of us actually drink enough water to meet our hydration needs and this problem is amplified in the fitness world. Drink enough water to ensure the health of your GI tract so that nutrients are properly absorbed. Active fitness enthusiasts should aim for roughly one gall of water a day.

17. Find Your Motivation and Make It Count

When we work on any hard task, it can help to have a motivation to call upon when we begin to struggle. Motivation can take many different forms in the fitness world. Some of us are motivated by a desire to live healthier while others want to sculpt an aesthetically pleasing body. No matter your goals, find what motivates you, and stick to it when times are tough!

18. Lock Down Your Portion Control

Learn to eat with purpose by paying attention to how your portions look on your plate. Chicken, meat, and fish should stick to portions the size of your palm. Pasta should be portioned out roughly to the size of your fist. In order to promote healthier portion control, consider utilizing smaller bowls or plates to help.

19. Adjust Your Rest Periods For Different Lifts

Taking a break during a hard routine is normal. Taking an extended break during your lift can end up causing you harm. Stick to around 45 seconds at most between sets because this will best help you to improve your endurance. As you begin lifting heavier weights, you can start extending your rest periods.

20. Master Your Form Before Lifting Heavier Weights

While it is always fun to lift heavy weights, we really need to make sure that our form is in place before doing so. Workout with a trainer or a friend so that you can get feedback on your form. Proper form while lifting can help prevent injuries while also more accurately targeting muscle groups during your lift.

21. Carefully Incorporate Cardio Depending On Goals

If your goal is to lose weight and cut down on fat, ramp up your cardio and make sure that you are staying hydrated. If your goal is to gain muscle, then you really need to limit your exposure to cardiovascular training. For strength training, make sure to incorporate a light jog or some time on the treadmill a few times during the week. 

22. Change Your Workout Routine to Inspire Results

When you walk into a fitness center, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the many machines and weights available to you. There is a reason why gyms have so many pieces of equipment and it is because change is IMPORTANT! Change up your fitness routine to prevent boredom while maximizing your results. Your body can get used to a certain routine and that can lead to diminishing results. Changing up your routine often can keep things fresh and fruitful!

23. Find a Workout Partner to Hold You Accountable

Everything is more fun when it is done with a friend and exercise is no exception. While we understand how fun it is to lift alone, working out with a partner can be a powerful motivator. Not only will you have a friend to encourage your growth, but you will have someone to monitor your form, hold you accountable, and inspire your journey. Of course, you will offer the same thing to them!

24. Workout When It Works Best For Your Schedule

Going through college, I knew that the only time I could get a lift in was after class at night. Instead of trying to jam in an early morning lift when I knew I’d be tired, I scheduled post-class workouts. Make sure that you are always scheduling your workout routines around YOU. There is nothing wrong with waking up early or going to bed late, just fit it into your schedule and the results will come!

25. Track Your Journey Via Photographs

Whether you are trying to gain weight or trim stubborn belly fat, make sure to monitor your entire journey through photographs. Now, people might mock the fitness mirror selfie but we personally love it. These photos will work as both a reminder and a source of motivation as you push forward in your journey. 

Small changes are hard to notice, but photographic evidence is impossible to deny. Enjoy your journey, track your progress, and become the fitness enthusiast you’ve always yearned after!

Fitness Related Products We Recommend

  • KoreTrak Fitness Monitor to track your vitals and reach your fitness goals
  • KoreTense Resistance Bands for low impact resistance training that can be done at home
  • Neck Relax for neck pain recovery and all over body relief and relaxation
  • Kaydia Patch for nano technology pain relief on targeted muscles
  • Circa Knee for knee joint protection 
  • DangoBuds for powering up yourself workout by
  • listening to your favorite tunes (wirelessly!)
  • KoreScale for tracking not just your weight, but the break-down of BMI, water weight, and muscle mass.
  • LaidBack to massage your feet and relieve all over body tension during recovery
  • Muscle Care to rub on your sore muscles


The Most Expensive High Schools In The United States, Ranked

Shannon Jackson



We all know just how expensive college can get, with high tuition, dorm fees, books, and living costs. Most parents spend the first 18 years of their children’s life saving up for the high expenses of college. However, sometimes parents may have to dip into these savings a little early with some highly sought after high schools. 

Today, we’ll look at some of the most expensive high schools in the U.S and see what makes them so desirable. The tuition on #1 is mind-blowing.

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Use Mindfulness Methods to Cope with Holidays’ Uncertainty and Stress

Renee Yates



The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has stunned the entire world. The deadly virus has affected millions across the world in terms of health, business, and economy. Numerous research studies have highlighted the effects of stress on people in the cold winter season. 

However, 2020 is different because there is more stress due to Covid-19. People can’t go out for shopping, share Thanksgiving dinners, or celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. There are several ways to cope with stress and anxiety, but practicing mindfulness is the best method to let go of the past and future. 

Mindfulness allows you to recharge your brain and fully present in the moment. It helps fight depression, anxiety, and stress. At the same, mindfulness can help you cope with the uncertainty that usually occurs during the holiday season. Here are a few mindful ways to cope with tension and stress throughout the holiday season. Read on!

A Balanced Diet 

Food is the central point of any event or celebration, but the holiday season is incomplete without delicious recipes and dishes. It is a great time to enjoy your food traditions. However, unhealthy diets can affect you both physically and mentally. So, make sure you choose the right type of food that you enjoy and benefit your overall wellbeing. 

Studies show that the presentation of good food can enhance your eating experience. According to Dan Ariely, an experienced social psychologist, a good presentation of coffee can upscale its taste. Some people say that their coffee tastes more delicious when it is presented in fancy containers instead of paper cups. 

Likewise, it is crucial to eat and drink wisely. Slow chewing allows your stomach to digest the food properly. You will also experience the flavor, texture, and smell if you take time with each bite. 

Eat healthy food items, such as veggies and fruits because they are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can detoxify your body and increase blood flow to the brain. Eventually, you will have less stress and anxiety. 

Listen to Relaxing Music 

People enjoy the holiday season with the music they love. Listen to the music that demonstrates your religious, cultural, and societal norms. Many evolutionary psychologists say that early human beings developed music for enjoyment and calmness purposes. 

According to Steven Pinker, a psychologist, music is an auditory cheesecake, a byproduct of natural selection. Most psychologists believe that early human played and used music to strengthen bonds within their tribes.  

A growing body of research evidence shows that music can help reduce anxiety and stress. Some studies show that music increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure levels. Not only does music improve balance, but it also boosts your brain’s plasticity. 

Recent studies have highlighted that music produces emotional effects on your brain and allows you to feel energized, calm, joyful, nostalgic, reflective, and stress-free. It is important to choose music that helps you to get rid of the hustle and bustle in your mind. Create a list of songs that soothes your mind and tranquil your heart.  

Explore Nature 

The holiday season is full of stress and anxiety of many people. Many people miss the pre-Covid-19 world where everyone could go outside and enjoy. Although urban life has its own mental implications, the pre-Covid-19 era was still better than the uncertain times of today. 

Exploring Nature is one of the best ways to cope with your mental stress. A recent research study showed that spending time in Nature, especially in trees for about 15 minutes can help reduce negative thoughts, anxiety, confusion, and depressive symptoms. On the other hand, people who live in urban areas experience more stress. 

Another research study highlighted that people who look up t tall trees for one minute had induced feelings of generosity and calmness. The participants of the study also reported that this practice had lowered their selfish behavior.

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Looking For Happiness? Studies Show It Might Come From Hydration!





According to a report by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, & Medicine, the average adequate intake for water is roughly 3.7 liters for men and around 2.7 liters for women. Obviously, these requirements may change based upon our body composition and day-to-day rigors, but that is a solid foundation to begin your water consumption. When we drink the appropriate amount of water, we know that our skin can become clearer and our organs can function better. However, did you also know that the amount of water you drink might have a direct impact on how happy you are in general?

A poll conducted by the team at OnePoll was performed in conjunction with Bosch Home Appliances to explore hydration, water intake, and its many impacts on our wellbeing. According to the report, the study found that nearly 40% of respondents would drink at least six or more glasses of water every single day. In doing so, these poll responders claimed that they strongly agreed that hydration was playing a beneficial role in an increase in their happiness. The study went on to theorize that refreshments, such as a glass of water or fresh juice, could help us wake up feeling more refreshed, less exhausted, and more ready to tackle the day.

As the study performed by OnePoll progressed, one thing became abundantly clear: people associated their water intake with success and happiness. Individuals who drank at least six glasses of water per day were far more likely to describe themselves as ‘successful’ and ‘least likely’ to be late on their way to the office. These numbers were almost directly polarized by individuals who reported significantly less water intake throughout the day. Those who reported drinking less than six glasses often described themselves as ‘struggling to wake up’ or ‘feeling exhausted’ at random times during the week.

While the study by OnePoll with Bosch Home Appliances was far from conclusive, it gave us a direct look into how our relationship to water can change the perspective we have on our own health. Those that did not keep up with their water intake were less optimistic overall. What does this actually mean and can any truth be gleaned from the is study? Those who drank plenty of water found themselves happier while also more satisfied and confident with their efforts.

Other factors that may impact how much water you should consume per day will vary based upon where you live, what you eat, how active you are, and your overall health. Extensive studies in China have found that avoiding water for up to 36 hours can have a direct and noticeable impact on attention, memory, reaction speed, focus, and overall levels of fatigue. According to studies within the U.S. healthcare system, nearly 75% of adult Americans walk around chronically dehydrated, subsisting on just 2.5 cups of water per day while over-consuming other, less healthy beverages.

One of the best ways to ensure proper water consumption is by incorporating a filtered water bottle into your day-to-day routine. Simply refilling a reusable water bottle multiple times per day can have a direct impact on your health, happiness, and energy levels.

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Veteran Father With PTSD Treated By Son’s Life-Changing Tech Development!

Kevin Wells



When Patrick Skluzacek went overseas to serve in Iraq on behalf of the United States Military, he returned home as a changed man. His son, Tyler Skluzacek, knew his father as an outgoing man brimming with joy and ready to laugh. The man that returned was not quite the same, instead consumed by memories of his time in places like Fallujah.

Chronic memories would prevent Patrick from sleeping, and instead throwing himself around while breaking out in heavy sweat. The vivid nightmares were unbearable and the manifesting case of PTSD was breaking the life Patrick had built. It would get so bad that Patrick would watch as his marriage fell apart, his career crash and burn, and the relationship he had with his loved ones change.

According to a report published by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the story that we just unveiled surrounding Patrick is far from isolated. More than 52% of soldiers who see combat end up with some level of post-traumatic stress disorder, leading often to nightmares, broken relationships, and much worse. This number compares to roughly 3% of an average sampling of the civilian population, which goes to show just how much stress and pressure soldiers have to face.

While many of these veterans end up facing their nightmares alone, some savvy individuals are working to make a change for everyone. Patrick’s son, Tyler, would attend Macalester College in Saint Paul where he would begin learning about computer hacking and program development. During his years in school, he would learn to develop mobile applications, focusing largely on assisting those with PTSD.

Through his work at an on-campus job, Tyler was able to raise a sizable amount of money to fund a trip to Washington. He wanted to compete in a hackathon competition to showcase a smartwatch he had developed. Tyler had conceptualized a smartwatch that helped detect night terrors based on measurements like physical movement and elevated heart rate. The goal of the watch was to read this data and pulse a stimulus that helped the individual in question to pull from REM sleep before they were affected.

In order to win the competition, however, Tyler would need to test the smartwatch on someone willing to be his guinea pig. Enter dad. Tyler said of using his father as a client, “I was terrified.” Tyler would go on to explain that he was nervous about tracking so much data that it felt akin to ‘having a baby.’

Despite his nerves, Tyler and Patrick would work together around-the-calendar to develop the algorithm and hardware necessary to complete the task. Tyler cited the closeness he felt toward his father as a key motivator in the successful development of the device. Patrick remarked upon the first time he noticed the watch working, “It was night and day.” Patrick would go on to describe those moments as ‘little miracles’. After dealing with PTSD on his own for near a decade, Patrick had finally found a source of relief to the night terrors that had otherwise been a constant.

While it would be easy to temper expectations with such a small sample size, progress has exploded in the intervening time since the smartwatch’s inception. The Food and Drug Administration has already approved the application to function with Apple Watch. The V.A. is also getting in on the action by supplying the application through its prescription services for individuals who request it.

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State-of-the-art Clinic For Remote Australian Village Through Anonymous Donation

Renee Yates



Australia is a country known for its beaches, deserts, exquisite cities and of course The Outback. It has a population of 25 million people who mostly live around cities as most of the land is deserted. Australia is filled with lots of diverse wildlife, beautiful landscape, architecture, scenery and a very rich history that make it a very beautiful country.

It came as a surprise to the residents of the remote town of Innamincka, with its population of just 44 people when a generous donor donated a state-of-the-art medical clinic. Innamincka is more than 1,000 km away from the closest city, so it was pretty shocking for them to receive such a donation from an anonymous donor. The town is best known for being a location Burke and Wills passed through during their journey from South Australia to the North before tragically passing away. Innamincka sits on the Cooper Creek which is their biggest travel attraction for visitors as well as The Outback loop.

While we have seen many examples of different countries across the world getting donations for medical clinics to help their people, this one stands out because of the extremely small population of the town, the location and the fact that the donor remained anonymous. Before this clinic was put in place, the town was serviced by the Royal Flying Doctor Service but the opening of a medical clinic gave the people of Innamincka even better services.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service, while doing a good job for the town, could only do so much seeing as it wasn’t based in Innamincka and lacked a wide range of services. Officials say the clinic provided a range of new health services such as dental and mental services. Planes come in weekly bringing in health officials to assist with the needs of the people of the town. A general practitioner comes in to do normal checkups such as examinations. They also bring mental workers as they claim it is essential during this time with an ongoing pandemic. The clinic also offers dental services with dentists coming in on a weekly basis as well.

The opening of the clinic was very vital to the town because it is also a place that people travel through a lot and it gives them the additional confidence knowing there are these basic services available to them if anything were to go wrong. People can now travel through the outback knowing there will be a clinic available to aid their needs. It also gives the people of Innamincka more confidence and the ability to feel even less remote since they don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get these basic services.

Officials say the woman who made the donation wishes to remain anonymous but she is someone that most people in the town know and have met. Whoever this woman might be, the people of Innamincka are very grateful that she made such a donation and have given them a peace of mind during these trying times.

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