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Best Gifts For The Holiday Season

We searched the internet and found the best items of 2020. This year has had some unique challenges, but a few inventors have rose to the occasion to create items that will make you day-to-day so much better. Whether it’s disinfecting surfaces, beating the heat wave, or simply keeping your phone charged – these products have the solutions!

Check them out, learn more, and purchase for yourself or as a gift before the discounts expire!

15. StarScope – Get Close & Take Your Photos To The Next Level

GIFT TO: Nature-lovers, hikers, birdwatchers

The Starscope Monocular is a telescope lens that takes amazing photos. It’s military-grade magnification let’s you see for 50 miles or more and take amazing photos. If you have any nature-loving friends, they will be ecstatic about this gift.


  • High Quality
  • Takes magnificent photos (clear and crisp)
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof, Fogproof, and Scratch Resistant
  • Currently 50% off

14. Power Pod – Portable Phone Charger

GIFT TO: Family Members / Teenagers

Have that one family member whose phone always runs out of battery from watching too much TikTok? Or are you just wondered your kid’s phone battery will die and they won’t be able to get ahold of you. Then the PowerPod should be on your wish list this year.


  • Small, portable charger
  • Provides hours of instant power
  • Fits on your keychain
  • Compatible with both Android and Apple devices
  • Charges your phone quickly on-the-go
  • Provides peace of mind

Check out their current specials, I know a lot of people who have bought these for their whole families so they never have to deal with the “my phone died” drama.

13. Mobile Klean – Portable UV Light Sanitizer

GIFT TO: Everyone

During these times (and especially in winter), anyone could benefit from a UV light sanitizer. We personally like Mobile Klean because of it’s quality and they usually offer a discount.


  • Kills bacteria on commonly used surfaces easily
  • Same UV technology that is used in hospitals
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Keeps your loved ones healthy and safe
  • Currently offering 50% discount

12. ClipperPro – Make Nail Cutting Easy At Any Age

GIFT TO: Parents & Grandparents

Clipping my nails is not my favorite thing to do, but I know for my grandma, who lives alone, it’s a major feat (pun intended). Although not the most glamorous gift, ClipperPro will truly be appreciated and is so thoughtful. ClipperPro has a swivel head for better positioning, better control, and easier cutting. ClipperPro puts your hand in a more natural position when cutting which helps with arthritic joints. It also helps if you have to be extra careful cutting your nails due to diabetes. 


  • High-quality, precision nail cutting tool
  • Designed by surgeons
  • Little force is needed
  • Puts your hand in a more natural position for easy cutting
  • Currently 50% off through this link

11. NeckRelax – Relieve Neck Pain The Easy Way

GIFT TO: Hard worker (dad, mom, husband, wife)

Neck pain is a problem that impacts millions of people. Both physical labor and sitting at a computer all day can cause severe neck pain. NeckRelax is a fantastic gift for the neck pain complainer in the family.


  • It’s small and comfortable
  • Has deep infrared heat to help relax the tissues and help with circulation
  • Different massage modes for specific uses
  • Electro-Frequency massages target specific muscles
  • Currently offering a discount

10. Koretrak – The Fitness Tracker Big Brands Don’t Want You To Know About

GIFT TO: Siblings / Parents (It’s fun to get a little fitness rivalry going if you gift this to multiple family members or friends)

The title says it all. Koretrak is the fitness trackers that big brands don’t want you to know about. Why? Because it has all the functionality of $300 smart watches, at a fraction of the cost. Koretrak is able to offer a superior smart watch at an affordable price because they strip away all branding/advertising. 


  • Same functionality as more expensive smartwatches
  • Biometric Technology (real-time): Heart Rate, Blood pressure, Blood Oxygen Level, Built-In Fitness Apps, Track Steps, Track Distance, Track Calories Burned, And more
  • Smartwatch Connectivity: Text message alerts, Missed Calls, Find Your Phone, Time, Weather, Location, Easy Set-Up
  • 50% off discount

Learn More About Koretrak

9. Action Hero 4K Camera Digital Perfection On The Go

GIFT TO: Action Junkie (where does he get all that energy?!?!)

My girlfriend recently gifts me the Action Hero 4K camera, so I have first-hand knowledge of how great a gift this is. I had never heard of this brand, but it was easy to set-up and off I went on my bike to record a spin around the city. That was 3 months ago and I was truly stunned by my test footage and continue to be so impressed by this camera.


  • Fantastic high-def sports camera
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Records stunning video and audio
  • Fast load
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful battery
  • Built-In WiFi
  • They are currently running a special.

8. Miracle Sheets – Luxury and Hygiene

GIFT TO: Your partner (that way you benefit too)

Another not so glamorous, but practical and need gift. Germ destroying Miracle Sheets (and they also reduce night sweats!) Did you know that sheets that haven’t been washed in one week have 3 million particles of bacteria per square inch? That’s 17,442 more then a toilet seat. Your sheets are literally crawling and saturated with bacteria and germs. You can drop this knowledge bomb as your excited spouse opens this gift!


  • Made with silver ions that kill 99.9% of bacteria
  • Hygienic and Luxury
  • Cooling and moisture-wicking
  • So so soft and comfortable
  • Cleaner (less laundry)
  • Odor Free
  • Low Maintenance
  • On Sale

7. SuperBoost – Fix Your Slow, Annoying Wifi Issues

GIFT TO: The Video Gamer or Binge Watcher

SuperBoost is a hand-sized gizmo that plugs into a wall outlet in a home and automatically hooks up to a person’s wireless internet. With dual-antennas and a built-in speed of 300 Mbps, the SuperBoost helps to increase a home’s wireless speed and makes it much more consistent – when used correctly, it can handle the demands of five or more full-speed streams in one house. 


  • Increases wireless speeds immensely
  • Low Cost (one time payment vs. monthly to internet provider)
  • No more buffering
  • Great for homes with multiple internet users

6. BarxBuddy – Control Your Dog’s Bark With This Innovative Product

GIFT TO: Dog-owners / Your Neighbor With The Annoying Dog

BarxBuddy is a great gift for a new dog owner or someone who has had a dog for awhile and can’t seem to get their barking under control. Now that most of us are working from home, dog barking during a conference call can be very distracting.


  • Effective in stopping barking
  • Non harmful (emits high-pitch frequencies that stop your dog from barking)
  • Quiet to humans (you won’t hear the noise)
  • Also helps with other behaviors like chewing
  • Discounted

5. MindInSole Start At The Bottom For All Over Body Relief

GIFT TO: Family member with aches and pains

The feet are often considered the foundation of the body. They directly effect almost all parts of your body – your back, neck, hips, etc. So when you are suffering from pain in these areas, looks to your feet for a fix. MindInsole is a shoe insole that massages your feet as you walk.


Feet are so important to our health and happiness. Just walking on MindInsole’s for 30-40 minutes a day drastically decreased wearers aches and pains.

4. Sleep Connection – Get A Better Night’s Sleep

GIFT TO: Your Partner

Ok, Sleep Connection it’s more of a gift to yourself so you can stop that snoring! But your partner will also benefit because this device is so much easier then a CPAP machine and they will wake up with more energy (snoring is draining).


  • Affordable, Comfortable, Incredibly Easy To Use
  • Watch-like device that detects snoring by using cutting-edge biosensors
  • Wristband sends out a very gentle electrical pulse that does not wake you, but instead causes you to reposition and end your snoring.
  • Discount Referral Code Link

3. KoreTense Resistance Bands – Keep Your Muscles as Toned

GIFT TO: Anyone Whose Looking To Get In Shape From Home

High-quality KoreTense Bands operate on the age-old concept of resistance training. Simply tie the anchor to your wall or a door and pull against them to build your muscles.


  • Adaptability – Easy for arm and leg exercises
  • Can focus on hard-to-reach core muscles
  • Increase core strength quickly
  • Running An Exclusive Deal

2. InfinitKloudNever Lose Any Data

GIFT TO: Data Junkie

Anybody who has ever owned a computer, tablet, or smartphone has experienced data loss at some time or another. InfinitiKloud is swappable between PC, Mac, and Android devices and uses cloud-based proprietary software to access and store your data. When you buy one of these devices, you set up an account for a certain level of storage and then place the items that you want on your private cloud that is accessible only with your InfinitiKloud.


  • Complete Storage Safety
  • Data Protection
  • Lots of Space to Store All Your Photos, Files, Etc.
  • Access From Any of Your Devices
  • 50% Discount for New Customers

1. Blaux Air Conditioner – The Mini AC For The Chronically Warm

GIFT TO: The guy in a shorts during the winter

Blaux personal air conditioner is a cooling unit that is small enough to fit on your desk. Is there one family member who always complains about being hot? Well this is the gift for them.


  • Blasts out powerful and refreshing air
  • Compact, but high quality
  • Easy to set up

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