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Your Own Personal Masseuse, For a Fraction of the Price

Have you ever destroyed a muscle knot? It’s like popping a pimple, you can  feel all the pressure dissipate and that area of your body feels incredible after. It can be addicting, because it feels good immediately and for a long time after.

The problem is, most massagers don’t use the right technology to destroy muscle knots. They just kind of hover on top of the knot and push it around. The only way I could get rid of knots before was to go to an expensive massage therapist. Then I discovered KorePulse.

I guess I should have been searching for a muscle recovery massager – which is what KorePulse is. KorePulse is the most advanced massage tool ever made and uses vibration therapy. The waves of vibrations from KorePulse break up the knots in your muscle tissue and increase circulation. There are 4 vibration settings, so KorePulse can decimate even the hardest of knots.

KorePulse can be used anywhere on your body that needs muscle recovery. Just place it in the tight muscle area and roll it back & forth against the floor or a wall. 

KorePulse is about the size and weight of a baseball so it’s easy to carry around. It has a rechargeable battery and lasts a long time when charged.

Feel your neck and trapeziums right now, tense right? Then they could benefit from the KorePulse. Purchase now through this link, and a discount code for 50% off will automatically be applied at checkout.