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31 Unique Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Get A Spotless Clean Without A Toilet Brush

A dirty toilet is coated in bacteria and viruses that can leap onto surrounding surfaces with every flush. They then live on these surfaces for up to a week. Cleaning your toilet is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of illness or infection, which is why this next hack is a favorite!

I hate cleaning my toilets by hand — It makes me gag, and the gross toilet brush coated in dust in the corner also makes me gag. I was very excited to read about a toilet foam cleaner that you simply pour in your toilet, watch it foam up, and work the grit off the toilet and then flush. It’s called Splash Foaming Cleaner and I ordered it right away.

Splash Foaming Cleaner really worked for me. It left my toilets sparkling and it even removed the hard water stains. It’s a powder that reacts with the water for a deep foam clean. You can also mix Splash Foaming Cleaner with a little water to create a paste and scrub all surfaces in the bathroom (including fixtures). It’s also environmentally friendly.

I’m thrilled that I can quickly clean my toilet without getting my hands dirty. I make sure to use Splash Foaming Cleaner at least once a week to keep bacteria and germs away. Splash Foaming Cleaner is currently on special for 50% off.